♫ Serenade To A Sweet Lady ♫

I must admit to having let the ball drop on this one.  Back in November, rawgod noted that I hadn’t played any instrumentals and asked if I would consider this song, Serenade to a Sweet Lady, for a quiet Sunday.  I listened to it for the first time, liked it, and told him that yes, I would like to play it.  And then, I promptly forgot.  My oversight is doubly embarrassing, since he asked me to consider it his dedication to me!  And still I forgot.  I am old and losing my memory.  Anyway, moving on …

This song by Eric Burdon & The Animals was never released as a single, but only on their album Every One of Us, released in 1968.

Every One of Us was the second of three albums released by the band in the United States in that year (the album was not released in the United Kingdom). The single from the album was White Houses, which charted in the United States and Canada. The album was described by reviewer Bruce Eder of Allmusic as “a good psychedelic blues album, filled with excellent musicianship.”

Thank you, rawgod, for both the suggestion and the dedication.  😊

9 thoughts on “♫ Serenade To A Sweet Lady ♫

  1. This is quite an elegant delicate instrumental, thx so much for sharing! And much thxs to RG for recommending it, excellent pick for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


    • No, she doesn’t, though I have been trying to talk her into starting one, and even said I would help her, but so far she is resisting. I think maybe next fall, when Benjamin starts school, we could talk her into it, for she is a wealth of fun and interesting information and I think she would do well with a blog.


  2. There are those times when an instrumental fills the need to simply feel the music without the noise of voices. Today is such a one. Once again, rawgod has provided an excellent suggestion. As for your memory, perhaps it went with my mind…”I’ve not lost my mind; I just misplaced it. Half of it wandered off and the other half went to look for it.” – Unknown. Thank-you, rawgod and Jill!

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  3. Thank you, again, Jill. No need to be embarrassed, or to apologize. I don’t know for sure, but I think this is the only instrumental any Animals formation ever recorded. I find it so utterly relaxing, because it is in such sharp contrast to the next track on the album. It almost “knocks you off the box!”
    You indeed are a very Sweet Lady.

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