Just A Few More Snarky Snippets

My friends … I don’t even know where to begin today.  When they say, ‘truth is stranger than fiction’, they aren’t kidding!  Nobody, in their wildest dreams, could have written the script for the madness and mayhem that is the federal government of the ‘United’ States today.

Good grief …

good griefFirst on the agenda is the fact that Trump’s approval rating has climbed.  He still hasn’t hit 50%, but according to the latest Gallup poll, he is at 46%, while according to the FiveThirtyEight aggregate of polls, he has climbed to 42.7, a 1.5% jump since last Thursday.  Why?  The only thing I can figure out is because his base, who largely do not bother to investigate facts, believe him when he says the Mueller report “completely exonerated” him.  It didn’t, and in fact it pointed out at least ten instances where he was guilty of obstruction that would have landed him in jail if he were not president.  But, Trump supporters don’t read the report.  They also don’t question why he is going to so much trouble to keep Mueller, McGahn and others from testifying if he believes he is exonerated.  They don’t ask why he isn’t encouraging those testimonies that would show us mean ol’ liberals just how innocent he is.

What’s even more concerning is that the jump in his approval rating is not necessarily among republicans but rather democrats and independents!  Among Democrats where Trump’s job approval has improved the most month-to-month, just 4% approved of the job he was doing in March compared to 10% who said the same in April. Independents went from 33% job approval for Trump in March to 39% in April.  Now, I don’t put much faith in the numbers of the polls, for each is biased in its own way, but it’s the trend that is relevant.  What the Sam Heck has he said or done that has democrats swaying in his favour?  Anybody?

Can he do that?

President-Elect Donald Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower

Judge Napolitano

Second, let’s talk about freedom of the press, shall we?  Remember a week or so ago Gronda wrote a piece about Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Senior legal analyst for Fox News, who wrote an OpEd whereby he opined that Trump is, in fact, guilty of obstruction of justice and should be charged as such.  Trump, needless to say, was not happy with the man who he once referred to as a “very talented legal mind”.  I made a comment at the time on Gronda’s post that I wondered how long it will be before he is relieved of his duties at Fox.  And now, Trump is hinting at just that just that to happen.

Trump retweeted an obscure Twitter account on Sunday morning …

trump-re-tweetIf Trump were just anybody, one might overlook it and say he was just blowing off some steam.  But, for better or for worse … mostly worse … he is the president of a nation of some 330 million people and thus is to be held to a higher standard than Joe Blow. This one bears watching, my friends, for this is about more than a difference of opinion or a dispute between Trump and the judge … this one may set a precedent in terms of freedom of the press.

And about those pesky subpoenas …

Last Thursday, Trump said he did not believe he would allow former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify to committees in Congress, saying McGahn had already spoken to the special counsel on the Russia probe.

“I would say it’s done. I’ve had him testifying already for 30 hours.”

I am not a lawyer and hesitate to make a proclamation about what can or cannot be done, but I’ve done a bit of research and as best I can tell a private citizen, which McGahn is and Mueller will soon be, does not have to take orders from the ‘man’ in the Oval Office.  Now, if he were being asked to testify about state secrets or the location of nuclear weapons stashes, that would be a different story.  But, McGahn is being asked only to clarify and elucidate his previous testimony before the special counsel.

Trump is also attempting to keep Mueller from testifying.  It was assumed that Mueller would resign from the DOJ in April, and I have no idea why the delay, unless it is for this very reason, to keep him from testifying.

And Attorney General William Barr has both ignored the summons to testify before the House Judiciary Committee last week, and refused to release the unredacted Mueller report as requested by subpoena by the deadline yesterday.

Mick Mulvaney, acting as White House Chief of Staff, said in early April that the democrats would never see Trump’s tax returns.  This was in response to a subpoena for six years’ worth of returns, something that every other president since Reagan has submitted voluntarily.  Then yesterday, Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin refused to allow the Internal Revenue Service to release Trump’s tax returns.


Either Donald Trump wants to be the president or he does not.  He cannot be considered the leader of this nation if he cannot even be held accountable to We the People who are paying his salary.  And before any of you say, “but he doesn’t take a salary” … yes, he does receive a salary.  If he donates it somewhere, that is his choice, but he does receive a salary of $400,000 per year.  As comedian Seth Meyers said, Trump should pay his taxes instead of donating his salary. And what are we getting in return?  Obstruction of justice, corruption extraordinaire, destruction of our environment, an average of twelve blatant lies each day, incited divisiveness of our nation, and a ‘man’ who believes himself to be above the law of the land.

Imagine what would happen if either you or I simply ignored or willfully defied a subpoena? Anybody know how to bake a cake with a saw in it? We do not have a president, folks, we have an autocratic wanna-be dictator who has trampled our Constitution, has trampled our democracy, and is trampling on our lives.

And now that I have managed to raise your blood pressure by at least 30 points, I shall leave you to ponder while I go clean my kitchen.  I had a bit of a cooking mishap this evening and there are grease and rice sticks all over the place!  Ever deep fry rice sticks?  I’ll tell you all about it later.

34 thoughts on “Just A Few More Snarky Snippets

  1. a president is not legally required to release his tax returns to the public. It’s only been done for the last 50 years or so so you have to wonder what happened that presidents decided to do this. As a libertarian, it’s none of my business whether he paid taxes or not.
    taxation is extortion and theft, there is nothing at all voluntary about a domestic terrorist organization taking your hard earned money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWTjCfMf6Dg&feature=em-uploademail

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    • No, not legally required. But, when every other president has done so, it really smells of something rotten being hidden by this particular president. If he has nothing to hide, then why is he hiding it? And yes, Scott, it IS yours and mine business if he paid his taxes or not, for we paid ours, and people are starving in this nation because he didn’t pay his!!!!!!!~~!


  2. I don’t buy into the polls being an accurate read on Trump’s popularity. I just wait for the latest bombshell from him to self destruct as a sign of either his imminent impeachment or resignation.

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  3. Trump’s job approval rating seems overrated and of little importance other than as one tool to gauge what people are thinking at that moment. I am always suspicious of polls as many times one can not be sure who is being questioned, what locations are being included and who is paying for the poll. Then the polls are used for or against whatever purpose best suits different individuals. The only thing that this poll shows me, that is already a given, is that the Democrats had better get their s…t together and come up with one viable candidate that can trump Trump in 2020 with a landslide victory. While they’re at it, they would be wise to hold onto the majority in the House and win one in the Senate too. A Democratic President with a Republican majority Senate led by the likes of McConnell is appalling. If both are Republican majorities, it would be catastrophic! As for what is going on between Congress and Trump…no surprise. The lengthy court battles that most likely will come about will take way too long to be settled to be of any help in the here and now…just as he hopes. Thank-you!

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    • Agreed. As I said, the polls don’t mean squat in terms of the numbers, but since each poll surveys approximately the same audience each week/month, the polls DO show a trend, a pattern. My fear is just what you say … the democrats need to get their act together, need to unify and present a sensible, unified platform, but I’m not seeing it so far. I strongly suspect that they are still licking their wounds from the 2016 loss and haven’t yet gotten their heads back on straight. Sigh. If they don’t find their path in, say, the next 10 months or so … we are doomed.


  4. Have you heard down there that Trump has not actually signed the new Mexico Canada America trade agreement? And the deadline has passed, effectively killing it!
    This was on the news up here for one day, then disappeared suddenly and completely, like it was never spoken. Did someone get their sources screwed up? Or did the media up here get told to shut up or else?
    Just wondering if you have any information from us. Trump did this before when he said he wss going to sign something, then jumped on a plane, and laughed about it. The man is an utter coward, so I’m thinking he did it again… And this won’t be the last time.

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      • Did you notice, Mary, that what they signed was only a directive that the countries were to sign the agreement itself.
        But this wasn’t about the end of the negotiations, the media told us as of the date the agreement had to be signed to make it legal, the American signature spot was still blank.
        But thank you for looking for that news. We were not told up here at that time there was even any controversy. I thought we had an open media up here. Maybe not!

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    • I was aware that it had not yet been signed, but it hasn’t been widely publicized. Frankly, I think that both Trudeau and Obrador better have a team of lawyers look at it with a 5,000x magnifying glass, for Trump is NOT to be trusted. My guess? It will never be signed. I suspect the Canadian media, like our own, is trying not to rock any boats. Beware … look at what he is doing to China this week … well, to China AND to us, for we will suffer his 25% tariffs as well. I wish he would just up and die.


      • Hmmm, haven’t heard what is going on between the US and China lately. Canada is having its own problems with China, stemming from the USA asking us to detain the CFO of Huawei last year. That has got us into a whole heap of trouble, and I think Trump is gloating over it. He doesn’t care that the incident is harming Canada’s trade with China, he engineered the impass, and he is patting himself on the back every time he thinks of it.

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        • Trump has threatened to raise the tariffs on goods imported from China from 10% to 25% in what can only be seen as vengeance, although for what I have no idea. To get his own way in the trade negotiations? To prove that he’s a bully? Anyway, it has hit our own markets in a negative way, and there is sure to be retaliation by China.

          Yes, I haven’t kept on top of the latest, but I did know you guys were having troubles over detaining Wanzhou. Trudeau was between a rock and a hard place on that one, and you’re right … I’m sure Trump is finding humour in it all, for he is an evil man.


          • And how does thus help his followers? His “games” cost Americans more money, or cause them to stop buying things made in China, or elsewhere. Things made in China are produced much more inexpensively than they can be produced in America, because labours laws do not favour Chinese workers. Yet a lot of American companies still charge for those goods as if they were made in America. The American people cannot win in a trade war, though the corporations sure can. Can we say exploitation either way!
            But Trump is god, he can do no wrong.

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            • Yes, his games cost those who can least afford it the most, and … China is promising retaliatory tariffs, which will hurt our own manufacturers. Trump doesn’t understand macro-economics any more than my cats do, and he doesn’t care to learn, just acts on what he calls his “gut”, which is filled with garbage from his eating habits.


  5. Jill, a couple of comments. I think his approval rating increase is more due to the economy not sinking and stock market doing better since the first of the year. Any President gets too much credit and too much blame for the economy. We are over ten years of consecutive months of growth and Trump has only been President 2 1/4 years. The tax cuts added some tailwinds as did stripping away several regulations, but he added headwinds as well which will show up later this year and next – tariffs and trade stubbornness, debt increase, legal and illegal immigration decreases, travel restrictions, and promoting older industries and not enough of new ones.

    I also am interested that several hundreds of federal prosecutors, both Rep and Dem, who signed a letter saying the President would be charged with obstruction if not President. That supports what Judge Napolitano is saying. GOP Senators need to answer a bunch of why questions. By the way, see if you can find Kevin Siers’ cartoon in The Charlotte Observer today about the material used in Trump’s wall.


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    • You are quite right that presidents are given too much credit or blame for the economy. Notice, though, that Trump is perfectly willing to accept credit for not only the economic gains that have happened under his own reign, but those that happened for years before him.

      I saw that about the federal prosecutors … most everyone sees it except Trump and his band of merry supporters. I have come to the conclusion, after hearing Mitch McConnell today say that it’s over and time to put the Mueller report to bed (funny, he didn’t see it that way when it was Bill Clinton), that McConnell is every bit as evil as Trump and is obstructing justice in his own way. I will look for that cartoon!


      • Jill, I wrote today to my two Senators about reestablishing the power of Congress which has been diminished by the regal-minded President. I also said this 60 year old former Republican views the man in the White House as a “clear and present danger to our democracy.” I think that term needs to be harped on with Republican Senators because they know it to be true. Keith

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        • Good for you, my friend! I need to get back into letter-writing mode also. Yes, that term is apt and needs to be said … call a spade a spade. Sure, they know it to be true, even Mitch McConnell knows it to be true, but it is no longer their goal to serve the people or to uphold the Constitution, but rather to further their own self-interest.


  6. Jill…the writing is on the wall…history is repeating. WWII has a lot of lessons to learn, but it appears not many are interested.

    Jerry Falwell Jr. suggests a six year term for trump instead of four…then what after that? With his evil minions often running the show, he can be president until his death…because they will make policy and stack the courts even more.

    Pompeo says god has sent trump to protect Israel…wtf!…but it gets the Jewish vote, I guess.

    Tension is ramped up with China and N Korea…and where will that go?

    Democrats don’t really have an exceptionally strong candidate with charisma and smarts it will take…some good ones, I like, but no one outstanding..and for me, not Biden. Just my personal opinion. They will eat him alive.

    I’m not saying give up and of course, vote and proclaim our views and thoughts, but we are speaking here to the choir…and we will change no one’s mind, unfortunately. And his approval rating will hover at almost half the country, which is obscene. How really stupid can people be!

    Climate change will take care of the situation…eventually, because nothing will be done and nothing will change. There will be some efforts for sure, but it won’t be enough.

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    • The Chinese believe that history is cyclic, and it would seem to be so. We only learn the lessons of history for a generation or two, then the memories fade, the old ones who lived through events die off, and then the lessons must be repeated. It is an endless cycle to which the U.S. is a newcomer, just now getting our first taste of it.

      Yes, I saw Falwell’s idiocy, and Trump dodgedly agreeing. Fortunately, that is about as likely as me growing a pair … of wings and a halo. However, I have no doubt that if Trump can manufacture a “crisis” in the autumn of 2020 that would give him cause to cancel the November election, he would do so. I said this back in 2016, and again many times since.

      My concerns with the Democratic Party and the candidates vying for the nomination next year are that there is no unity, nor a unifying message. There are too many candidates, which will ultimately increase the number of non-voters, there is certain to be bickering and in-fighting by this time next year. And the Party itself is still licking its wounds from its 2016 loss and hasn’t found a way to unify, to present a strong message. At this point, I would say Trump has a very good chance of winning next year, and THAT is what we cannot allow to happen.

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  7. Some people don’t even bother to take their mail from the box in front of there home let alone read a long report. Don’t look for much from them. They have a job and think POTUS is great. Others will believe anything you tell them with a straight face. I’ve seen it happen on TV. I wouldn’t be surprised if many still believed in the tooth fairy. 😦 — Suzanne

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  8. Trump’s approval rating gone up with some Democrats and independents, that’s those silly people who believe that Mueller’s report vindicated him. After all, they heard it from Trump himself didn’t they? Some people just allow their brains to wander a bit too far without an escort.It should by now be blatantly obvious that you don’t take the word of a man that has to go borrow money from Russia and Saudi because banks in the US would not make loans.Where Trump is concerned it’s likely every other word he utters is a lie.Once you’ve done that, start again and keep going until you’re down to just two words. Chances are the one you’re left with is’ My’, and someone whose sentences start with ‘My’ is interested in only one thing, themselves.

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    • Sigh. I just don’t get it … I guess you’re right … some people allow their brains to wander too far without an escort. There are a thousand and one reasons to disavow Trump, and yet his approval rating is going up. I think it will take something so major that it shocks even his hardcore followers, but by then it may be too late. I’m truly beginning to have doubts that our system of justice, our foundation of government, can hold up against a cruel, evil narcissist. Sigh.

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