How ‘Bout Some ‘Toons?

I think it’s about time to catch up on a few ‘toons, don’t you?  The political cartoons are one way of measuring which issues are on the minds of the people at any given time.  Today, one of the biggest issues is, not surprisingly, the trade war Trump has engaged in with China and the tariffs that are hurting We the People more than any.


After the recent United Nations report showing that we are in danger of losing one million species from the planet due to our poor stewardship of the environment, climate change and environmental issues once again came to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

environment-1environment-2environment-3Threatened and endangered species

Congress subpoenaed Trump’s tax returns from the Department of Treasury, but of course Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is refusing to honour the subpoena.  Meanwhile, the New York Times released 10 years of Trump’s taxes from 1985 to 1994, showing that in that ten year period, he lost over $1.17 billion … naturally the cartoonists had a field day with that one, as did our friend Don Lemon!

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump the business manfinances-2finances-3

And, of course, we are still dealing with Trump’s blatant and now undeniable obstruction of justice.  The Mueller report cites no less than ten instances where Trump obstructed justice, and he is still doing it today by trying to shut down the congressional oversight committees that are trying to pick up where Mueller’s report left off and determine whether impeachment is the right path.  


And just a few miscellaneous ‘toons to finish up …


24 thoughts on “How ‘Bout Some ‘Toons?

  1. Jeez, your America is such a pot-mess of sick contradictions.
    This cannot and should not go on.
    Mind you, it’s not much better here in England.
    But it’s funny darling Jill, you’d cry if you couldn’t laugh.
    Hugs. ❤❤❤😎

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    • Ah, so true … but sometimes I find I start out laughing and it turns to tears. My country and yours both are rather in a mess at present and I’m not quite sure how either will resolve. Sigh. Hugs! ❤


  2. Did the Donald really lose those amounts of moneys, or did he just say he did in order to deduct every penny off his real income. A con man would do that, don’t you think, make it look like his businesses were failing. And if they were really failing that badly, who was supporting him to be able to stay in business? Someone who was laundering billions of dollars in ill-gotten gains? No one else could afford that.
    But he stayed in business, and conned the major world banks into lending him billions more. I’m betting those losses were paper losses, and not paper money. Just figures typed on a tax return. False figures, as always.
    The banks, I think, got to see the real books.

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    • Well, he declared those losses on his federal tax returns, however he also claims to any who will listen that they were losses on paper only in order to keep from paying any income taxes. So … on the one hand, if the losses were actual, he is a horribly bad businessman and a LOSER! On the other hand, if his losses were manufactured to keep from paying taxes, he is a fraud, a conman, and a thief who cheated We the People out of millions of dollars in taxes. Who, you ask, was supporting his businesses? Well, U.S. banks had begun refusing to lend him any more money, which tells you something in itself. So … he turned to Deutschebank and Russian banks for loans to keep his businesses afloat. That much is already proven fact. Whichever it is, he is dishonest and has NO PLACE in the Oval Office. About now … well, never mind … I don’t want the men in dark glasses beating on my door in the morning. Sigh.


      • Jill, we should not lose sight that Trump has established a story that he built his empire with a loan of $1 million from his father. As The New York Times reported last fall, his father arranged the tax free transfer of $400 million plus, which occurred before he died.

        Any statement made by The Donald must be taken with a grain of salt. The answer to the above comment is both – he lost money (with six bankruptcies) and he accentuated the negative on his tax returns. There is an old saying which is telling – if you are a real estate developer and pay any taxes, you need to fire your CPA. Keith

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        • Quite so … he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I read a year or so ago that if he had only invested what his father gave him, he would be far wealthier today than he is, so it goes without saying that he has been a lousy businessman. And, there is much speculation that his net worth is over-inflated, which is one of the things that might make his tax returns even more interesting.


      • Fear not, dear Jill, they won’t be beating on your door. No one has the time, or fortitude, to read every blog post on the internet. That was just an idle threat to try to make his opponents shut up, which no one has done, and no one has died for.

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