Ever notice how sometimes a headline catches your eye and your jaw immediately drops to the ground?  The lunacy, the utter ignorance and stupidity of the human race never ceases to astound me.  A couple of things brought about this head-shaking, eye-rolling, jaw-dropping reaction from me today.  The first …

Proposed Fur Ban in New York Pits Animal Rights Advocates Against Black Ministers

New York City is currently considering a proposal to ban the sale of animal fur.  For the record, and in case there was any doubt, I fully support this proposal!  If nobody can sell the fur, fewer animals will have to die.  Most of you already know that I like animals better than I like people, for the most part.  So, where’s the controversy?

Black ministers have protested the proposed ban on the steps of City Hall, saying that furs are a treasured part of African-American tradition and culture. Hasidic rabbis point to their own tradition of many Hasidic men wearing fur hats on the Sabbath. And fur shop owners and garment manufacturers have raised alarms over the potential loss of jobs and an attack on an industry that has a centuries-rich tradition in New York.

So, let me get this straight … we should encourage the wanton killing of beautiful animals so that fur shop owners can continue to make a profit, so that Hasidic rabbis can buy new fur hats when they wish (take care of the one you have, or wear faux fur!) and so that African-Americans don’t have to be deprived of cultural frou-frous?  Um … probably half of my friends are African-American and I don’t know a single one who actually owns a fur garment.

I can only imagine what the hunters and the NRA will have to say once they hear about this proposal and respond!  Have I mentioned that people are selfish, arrogant and ignorant?

Pat Robertson: God Will Destroy America if Pro-LGBTQ Rights Bill Passes

Well, Pat, you know what?  That’s fine by me, for I don’t think a nation that discriminates against people on any superficial basis should exist, and I damn sure don’t want to live in such a narrow-minded, bigoted nation.

“They always give good names to these things. This is a devastating blow to religious freedom and to the sanctity of America. If you want to bring the judgment of God on this nation, you just keep this stuff up. I was reading in Leviticus where it says because of these things the land ‘will vomit you out.’ Vomit you out. I think God will say, ‘I’ve had it with America if you do this kind of stuff, I’m going to get rid of you as a nation.'”

Pat RobertsonWhat an arrogant, narrow-minded, nasty prick!  Sorry … I try not to be vulgar here, but this ‘person’ has ruffled my feathers and I’m not biting my tongue on this one.

The Equality Act is a bill that would modify existing civil rights legislation to ban discrimination against LGBTQ people in employment, housing, public accommodations, jury service, education, federal programs and credit.  Now would somebody please explain to me just what has Mr. Robertson’s knickers in a wad?  Remember when we had to pass legislation to ensure these very same rights to African-Americans?  It was called the Civil Rights Act.  Why do we keep having to legislate common sense?  Why???  Because of people like Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham who think that their religious beliefs give them the right to take away fair treatment for those of us who do not share their beliefs.

The bill’s sponsor is David Cicilline, a democrat from Rhode Island, who says …

“In most states in this country, a gay couple can be married on Saturday, post their wedding photos to Instagram on Sunday, and lose their jobs or get kicked out of their apartments on Monday just because of who they are.”

Even though the bill is all but guaranteed to pass in the House, it’s fate in the Senate is less certain, and Trump is almost certain to veto it, as he has expressed his opposition already.


Conservative Radio Station Plans To Rebrand As ‘Trump FM’

Yep, you read it right, folks.  And this one isn’t even down in Trump country!  A far-right conservative radio station in Connecticut plans to temporarily rebrand itself as “Trump 103.3” when it converts from an AM station to an FM one.  Like Trump needs his ego stroked even more???

Trump-103The station hosts a number of far-right-wing syndicated programs, including Bill O’Reilly, the NRA’s Dana Loesch, Michael Savage, and the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro.  Full Power Radio, which owns the station, said the goal is to “unite conservatives in Connecticut” and make the state a conservative, Republican-led one.  NOOOOOOOO … we don’t need any more of those!!!  What have these people been smoking???

“There is a real hunger for the truth and ‘Trump 103.3’ will report and uncover statewide waste and corruption that conventional media are afraid to touch.”

Truth???  Oh the irony!

Well, folks, that’s it for now … I’ve got work to do … be back later!

40 thoughts on “OH FOR PETE’S SAKE!!!

  1. I hope it costs M.O.N.E.Y. to rebrand a radio station because tRumpsky isn’t going to be around forever. I mean, he might make it another term … and yes, he might even declare himself “king,” but he ain’t gonna’ live forever. Are these guys going to keep the station call letters “in remembrance”? Oh my. The stupidity. How it burns.

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    • I doubt it costs them much more than a registration fee of maybe a couple hundred bucks. They said it was a temporary change, but I was incensed that they want to turn the state into another republican stronghold. I wonder if Putin is rubbing his hands together in glee? Yes, my friend, it burns. The ignorance in this country today leaves me speechless.


  2. Jill, I’m so proud that my hometown NYC is considering legislation to ban furs. That practice is cruel and antiquated, I mean really, who wears fur nowadays? This ugly tradition is only relevant to the older generation of certain nationalities b/c they believe in honoring tradition. Believe me the younger generation are mostly vegan, not interested in hunting or exploiting animals, and vociferously for animal rights!!!!
    I’m hopeful that people can change, if young ppl stand up for animals and show elders the light. My friend Lada shared a post about a 3 year old kid fighting to save his animal friend from sacrifice.
    Can one boy’s compassion change ages of old habits?
    In Nepal, when people go to Temple, some of them take a goat or chicken to sacrifice. This was Adrian’s first visit to Nepal and first visit to a Temple. When Adrian accidentally spotted a goat being slaughtered, he realized his new animal friend was next in line. Watch what happened next.


  3. Jill, it is sad to see Pat Robertson become a caricature of himself. I am sure he started out many years ago with a sincere faith, but it is quite difficult to take what he says seriously. I recall him saying God waa punishing New Orleans for its wicked ways with Hurricane Katrina. So, using that anaology, does that mean the people of Florida or Missouri are being punished by flooding? Taking it one step further, what does that mean for the 2008 and 2012 GOP conventions which were postponed one day due to hurricanes, one of which was in the hurricane capital of Minnesota? Does that mean God was punishing the GOP?

    As for Trump Radio, don’t we have that now? I try not to listen to what he tweets or says as I don’t trust anything he says. As for the fur coat, if someone wants to wear one, then that is fine, but they need to be prepared for ridicule they will get.

    I feel the same when I see a derogatory car decal or Confederate flag. They have the right to display them, just as I have the right to react differently than they hoped. Keith

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    • I know almost nothing about Robertson in his earlier years, but he surely qualifies as a bigot today. It would seem that he cherry-picks his religion to suit his lifestyle and political views. With a net worth of $100 million, I have a hard time finding a connection between him and the definition of Christianity. Oh, and I’ll add one to your list … the people of California must be the epitome of evil, and the wildfires these past two years were their punishment?

      Yes, I’m like you … if I see the confederate flag or an NRA decal, usually on a pick-up truck, I am as likely as not to give a look that could wither a watermelon on the vine! I find I get mouthier in my advancing age 😉


      • Jill, what many of those flag bearers fail to realize is the banner was used more by the KKK than as a Rebel battle flag. Also, many of those monuments were erected fifty years after the Civil War, with Stone Mountain in Atlanta being completed in the 1970s after the Civil Rights Act and under a renowned racist governor. Keith

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  4. The only way closed minded individuals can promote their ideology, whatever the subject matter, is through “fear”… 🙂

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

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    • I absolutely agree with that. Trump has been fear-mongering since the first day he threw his hat in the ring and said that Mexicans were rapists and criminals. And he’s still doing it, and the masses are still buying into it. Sigh. I’ve always liked that Einstein quote! 😊


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Please, stop and read this!! … Worth your while!! ‘The lunacy, the utter ignorance and stupidity of the human race never ceases to astound me. A couple of things brought about this head-shaking, eye-rolling, jaw-dropping reaction from me today.’

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  6. Just Who does Pat Robertson think created LGBTQ people since he says he believes in God. He may think these people were born “normal” (or his version of it) and that some nasty parents ruined these people when they were young. Honest to goodness, Pat seems to be getting increasingly odd as he ages. Of course, I’ve never followed him enough to know. For that, he’s earned my extremely odd emoji. O_o — Suzanne

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    • I guess, like most of the evangelicals, he cherry-picks what he believes. Far as I’m concerned, though, he’s caught with his pants down on this one, for either “God” created humans or he didn’t, and LGBT people are as human as any. I can’t believe people fall for this b.s.! I love your extremely odd emoji! Very fitting for the circumstances.

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  7. ‘Remember when we had to pass legislation to ensure these very same rights to African-Americans?’ Yes, and these low-life would certainly like to remove those rights again. Pricks? You are being far too kind.

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  8. I’m of mixed mind when it comes to fur trapping. Don’t get me wrong, I abhor the reality, but respect it as a traditional way of life. My brother has trap line rights to two vast regions of south central B.C. wilderness. He also answers calls from government wildlife officials to deal with “nuisance” complaints – beaver dams flooding farm or residential property, cougars threatening rural sub-divisions, coyote hanging around elementary schools or public parks and so on. Humanity displaces nature, disrupts habitat, then cries foul when fur bearing animals show up in backyards. Is it wrong for my brother to remove threats to the community and sell those furs? Yes and no, sigh.

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    • Damn effing right it is wrong!
      Okay, now to calm down, there is no need for hunting, trapping, fishing, or any human action that harms wildlife. We are the ones threatening the existence and well-being of nature, so if they try to defend themselves, who is at fault? If they are hungry because humanity has taken their food sources away from them, does that give us the right to kill them? Who the hell are we to put our outrageous lifestyles ahead of the natural lifestyle of another living being?
      I am as bad as any hunter or trapper. I eat life. It is the way I was brought up. Until science can provide me with food that does not have to be killed I have no choice but to eat life. Nature has no problem with that. Almost every living being on this world eats life to survive.
      But as soon as you start killing things not for survival, but for some unnecessary thing called pleasure, I’m sorry but we don’t need to do it.
      Beaver dam a waterway. Is that reason to kill them? Who owns the land? Humans, because they give someone money to say the land is theirs? The beavers were probably there first, but did anyone pay them for their land?
      You may think these arguments are absurd, but that is the height of arrogance. Humans are not any more important than the bees that pollinate the flowers that give nature its beauty, while providing food for bees. And what do humans do? Steal the honey from the bees, so they can barely survive the winter, if they do survive. For what? So humans can sweeten their food? And end up with diabetes?
      Life is a system, but humanity has removed itself from that system. But when millions of species die because of human folly, can we survive without them? No!
      All life is equally important! And the sooner humans realize this, the better the chance of surviving the destruction we are causing our home. When your brother traps the last beaver, or shoots the last cougar, what is going to happen to nature’s system? It has taken billions of years to develop it, and in 10,000 years humans have pretty much ruined it, for everyone. Yeah, we’re special, SPECIAL FOOLS!

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      • @RW
        I mostly agree with your beliefs, that humans are a product of conditioning and perhaps cultivating higher consciousness may indeed save all of humanity and life on Earth. And it starts with each and every one of us, we have to own up to our mistakes and make a change, no matter how small.
        For instance, I no longer use cars unless it’s an emergency, I use public transportation, or walk or bike. It’s one small change but if enough ppl do the same it would transform our world from depending on fossil fuels.
        If you still eat meat and enjoy the taste, try vegan meat substitutes, legumes and avocados have high protein content. I’m sure you can be creative and cook up interesting dishes with exotic spices, or better yet go raw vegan. Your body will thank you for it!
        Cheers everyone, spread love and compassion! ❤

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      • Lets start with beavers – yes they were there first, but human development invades their domain. Beaver dam blocks water flow in a stream, water rises, eventually flooding access to a sub-division. Or same beavers fall a tree that crashes across the road killing a passenger in vehicle driving home. What then?
        My brother is one of the most honorable people I know. His knowledge of and respect for nature is awe inspiring. He’s an old sole, a practical man who doesn’t kill for sport or thrill. Much as I’m uncomfortable with trapping, I realize what he does is necessary at times to protect human lives. His awareness of the natural world extends far beyond the animal kingdom. I don’t know how he does it but his ability to “witch” for water is legendary. With nothing more than a willow branch in each hand, he walks rural properties in search of best location to dig a well. When willow branches bend to the ground he says dig here – he’s never been wrong. Payment for his services range from “I could use a few of those fence posts discarded beside the road,” to “$3,000, take it or leave it”, depending on his impression of character, sincerity and respect for his craft by those seeking his services.

        With all due respect, please consider the fact this isn’t a black or white debate. The gray area consists of decent people doing the best they can with integrity.

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        • But people still steal land that belongs to nature. Why are human lives worth more than non-human lives? That is what I want to know?
          Do you remember that banned car commercial a number of years back with the Dalai Lama of Tibet driving a car down a road not hitting even any bugs. That is what I want humans to do all over. Respect all life, not just human life. I know this is impractical in our society, but why is it impractical? Because we don’t give a shit about anyone but us. Human life above all. I don’t buy it! Humans do not have to own every bit of land, covering more and more every year. We have the knowledge to build up or down instead of out, and in cities we do that. But as soon as we reach the suburbs, we build out, towns we build out. Everyone wants to own their own plot of land. Why? Because it’s always been done that way. But we only think we own that land. It really belongs to mother nature, and when she reclaims it, whether beaver dams or wildfires, humans get hurt. Big deal. This is telling us we should not be there in the first place.
          Look at the floods down east right now, those people chose to live where floods can be devastating, and now they are fighting nature to keep it. Why not just congregate in houses built above floodwater heights, like they do in Japan, and elsewhere? Nope, can’t do that.
          Well,, now mother nature is fighting back with a new weapon, climate disasters. The problem is, this weapon is liable to wipe out most living beings, because we humans do not share nice. A bear just got killed unnecessarily in Edmonton, because humans shot it out of a tall tree, and gave it so many internal injuries it had to be put out of misery. We don’t respect life. Human life above all other. We effing deserve to die, and I am glad it is us who are killing ourselves, because there is no one else to blame.
          Humans! An evolutionary project gone wrong! Is it too late to learn to share the world with other forms of life, other species? No, it is not. But unless we learn to share, we won’t survive. Nature ALWAYS wins in the end. But this time she too might lose, if all life ends with us!

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    • Yes, that’s always been my thought … most of the species on earth were, from all indications, here long before humans, but some humans believe it is there right to assume that everything on earth, plant and animal life, are here only for the convenience and pleasure of humans. But, it is a tough issue you pose, and I understand the conflict. Sigh. Animals kill only for food or when they perceive a threat, whereas humans kill for sport and for bragging rights. That is what bothers me most.

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      • After WWII, my dad said there were not as many animals in the wild around where we lived to continue hunting them He quit and turned to fishing. He could see that over seventy years ago. Men are the most destructive beings on the face of the Earth. Many can’t be reasoned with and have to be controlled by laws. We certainly don’t need weapons of war except for war. Politics has been lethal for many. —- Suzanne

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        • True … the thinning and extinction of species isn’t a new thing, but has been happening for decades, ever since industrialization. It’s just becoming much more noticeable now, and scientists are finally identifying the causes. But, the big question is … will we stop our destructive ways, even if it means giving up some of our conveniences and pleasures? I have my doubts.

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          • Look to the contractors. Money. Money. Money. It’s the greed mixed with politics. They are destroying habits to build housing or plant money-making crops. I’ve also heard that you can sell anything you can steal. They’re very bold here. Men ride along on motorbikes and snatch gold necklaces off of women in broad daylight. Animals are besieged by poachers in Africa. There’s also still a market for ivory, rhino horns, and all parts of the tiger including the bones. Money. Money. Money. It is truly the root of all evil. —- Suzanne

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            • ‘Tis true that most things boil down to money when all is said and done, but humans are about to find out that money is worthless when the earth cannot produce enough food to eat. My jaw dropped on reading that “Men ride along on motorbikes and snatch gold necklaces off of women in broad daylight.” I just cannot imagine it! Yes, I knew about the killing of elephants, rhinos and other gorgeous animals for parts or for trophy, and I absolutely hate it. I get furious whenever I see a picture of someone “proudly” standing next to the body of a dead animal and I sometimes wish the animal had gotten the human first! Sigh.

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        • Heck we don’t even need wars for that matter. As more ppl awaken to the realization that wars aren’t necessary. Most conflicts in the world are politically motivated, with strong economic incentive to invade and steal another country’s wealth & resources. Just look back in history and analyse the origin of any conflict, very illuminating.


      • I grew up on a farm in rural British Columbia, a family with 5 children and not much money. We drank powdered milk, canned, jammed, pickled, preserved fruit and vegetables from the farm, filled the root cellar with potatoes, carrots, turnips, and in hunting season Dad filled the freezer with venison, elk or bear meat – not for sport or bragging rights, but to feed his family. Nothing went to waste – inedible bits were put through a meat grinder and used as dog food, sinew and gut lining repaired snowshoes, hides were given to local indigenous women who turned them into work gloves.
        Not all humans hunt for sport, the vast majority do so out of necessity.
        Humanity upset the balance of nature, yet expects nature to politely oblige. It is indeed a multi-faceted moral quandary.

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