Trump And Golf …

Now, we all know how much Trump loves to play golf, right?  He typically has an uber-short attention span, and according to many of his aides and advisors, they must be careful to feed him important information in very small doses.  I recall a time when one of them was trying to walk through the U.S. Constitution (you know … that document he swore to uphold?) with him and by the third article, he got bored and started tweeting!  But, when it comes to hitting a defenseless little white ball around with a stick, he never seems to tire.

Trump once said he was “the best golfer of all the rich people”.  But multiple people have come forward to say that … first of all, he isn’t a very good golfer, and second, he cheats!  Now is that a shocker or what???  The most dishonest ‘man’ we’ve ever had in our government and … GASP … he cheats???  He claims to have won something like 18 championships, but … for some reason, there is no record of such.Trump-golf.gifThere have, in fact, been so many reports of Trump’s cheating that sportswriter Rick Reilly has written a book, Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump.  Reilly has said he would like to challenge Trump to a game, but with some caveats …

“I’ll play him for 100 grand, [with the money going to] either of our charities. But the rule is, we can’t play his course, we can’t use his cheating caddies, and there’s got to be a rule guy with each of us, and I’ll play him all day.”

According to Bryan Marsal, chairman of the coming 2020 Men’s U.S. Open …

“I played with him once. It was a Saturday morning game. We go to the first tee and he couldn’t have been nicer. But then he said, ‘You see those two guys? They cheat. See me? I cheat. And I expect you to cheat because we’re going to beat those two guys today.’… So, yes, it’s true, he’s going to cheat you.”

Not long after becoming president, Trump invited Tiger Woods and two other notable golfers to play with him.  According to one of the players, Fox golf analyst Brad Faxon …

“On this one hole, Donald hits his second and fats it into the water. But he quickly says to me, ‘Hey, throw me another ball; they weren’t looking.’ So, I do. But he fats that one into the water, too. So, he drives up and drops where he should’ve dropped the first time and hits it on the green.”

Says another frequent guest at Trump’s golf games …

golf“I’ve played with him a lot. This one time, I was in the fairway and he was right of the green but a little bit down the hill. He didn’t think anybody was watching, but I was. I saw him make a chipping motion from the side of the hill, but no ball came up. Then he walked up the hill, stuck his hand in the hole and pulled a ball out. It must’ve been a ball he had in his hand the whole time.”

And there are more stories, if you care to read them.  But this week, there was a bit of poetic justice.

Apparently, Trump has an account on the U.S. Golf Association system where scores are recorded and maintained.  Par in a round of golf is typically around 72, and Trump has traditionally posted more flattering scores in the 70s and 80s which, as we might guess from the reports of his less-than-honest play, are likely a fabrication.  Well, last week someone obtained access to Trump’s page and posted awful scores of 101, 100, 108 and 102!  Unfortunately, the Association became aware of the faux scores and has removed them.Trump-golf.jpgRemember back on the campaign trail (when isn’t he on the campaign trail?) when he criticized President Obama for playing golf, saying …

“I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.”

Well, he has played at least once a week nearly every week since he’s been in office, on average 4-6 hours at a time, and we are footing the bill.  There is even a website that tracks his golf games, the duration and costs!  Your taxpayer dollars hard at work!

I look at it this way … I don’t care about Trump’s golf scores one whit, but … BUT anybody who will cheat at a game will cheat at anything.  If he cannot even be trusted not to cheat on his friends, how can he be trusted not to cheat on We the People?  Think about it.


31 thoughts on “Trump And Golf …

  1. On the theory that a ‘do nothing’ President is less of a menace than a ‘screw you’ President, America would be better off if Trump spent all his time playing golf, and let the country run itself.

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  2. While the world is raining nuclear ashes, Trump will be cheating at golf. and politics. And government. And he will be cheating himself at life.
    This is what evangelicals accuse atheists of. Not having moral guides we do whatever we please, when we please. We call ourselves atheists despite what christians call us. Trump calls himself a christian despite what we call him. Evangelicals not only do not accuse him of being an immoral atheist, they believe he is a christian, possibly god. Funny how they believe something despite evidence. Usually it takes a lack of evidence for them to believe.

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    • It would seem they are willing to believe whatever suits their purposes at any given moment. Trump is about as ‘godly’ as was Charles Manson, but his base listen to the evangelical leaders who tell them that he is their ‘saviour’, and they believe because … they want to believe, because it makes their lives convenient. Those evangelical leaders like Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson know full well that Trump is a fraud and a crook, but they know how to use him to get what they want, so they pander and pay lip service, and they keep their congregations in line by feeding them a line of b.s. Meanwhile, the rest of us must suffer for their ignorance.


      • And Trumpelstiltskin knows how to use Graham and Robertson to keep him in power. It’s a mutual admiration society. But Trump comes out ahead in the end, in his mind, because he thinks he has the biggest, winningest ego in the world. Little does he know that honour belongs to me, but only my best friends get to see that. He who has to show everyone can never be best, he tries too hard.

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  3. Trump cheats at golf? I’m appalled, although not surprised. Apparently, good sportsmanship was another unlearned lesson. My Mother was an avid golfer, my Father felt it was a waste of a good walk. The only time I remember liking golf was while watching “The Legend of Bagger Vance”. This is a book that I must order today, it might be entertaining and enlightening. “To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.” – P.G. Wodehouse. Thank-you!

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    • I’m sure you were flabbergasted to learn that, eh? 🙃 Yep, sportsmanship, being a team player, all of that was scarce when Trumpie was growing up. His parents sent him to military academy, hoping to tame him somewhat, but he got into trouble there for trying to push a fellow cadet out of a 2nd story window during an argument. As to golf … my dad wanted a boy, got me instead, and tried to turn me into his golfing buddy. A kid with poor eyesight, leg braces, and severe asthma trotted dutifully behind him (no motorized carts back in those days), tolerated his yelling when it took me 20 strokes just to get the ball off the tee, and finally at around age 12-13 I started finding excuses to be gone on Sundays. Never hated anything so much in my life as those Sunday golf games! Now I just find it silly and boring.


  4. Jill. this speaks for itself. As an attorney who worked for him said. Donald Trump lies every day, even about things of no consequence. Cheating at golf is no consequence. Keith

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    • You’re right … it is of no consequence in the grand scheme of things, but speaks volumes about his integrity and trustworthiness. Tell me again … why is this person in the White House?


      • Jill, two additional thoughts. I recall the movie “Goldfinger,” where the antogonist (and owner of the golf club), cheated at golf to beat James Bond. Here we have an owner of several golf clubs cheating to win.

        The other comment is to add the quote under oath of another attorney of Trump’s. “Donald Trump is a racist, a con-artist and a cheat.”


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        • I wonder if there is any area in his life in which Trump is honest? I suspect not, for it seems he lives in a world that is different than ours. Trust is such an important thing, and I have not a shred of trust for Trump.


  5. I can attest that this is true. One of my family members was in the golf business and has played with Trump. He cheats a lot. I look at it this way: He wants the reality he wants, so he cheats and lies to create the appearance that what he wants is true. He does it with golf, and literally every other place in his life, which most unfortunately for us includes the business of running our country.

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    • Thanks for the first-hand validation! To me, a cheater is a cheater is a cheater … I cannot trust someone who would cheat at even the simple, meaningless things like golf or cards, for it is a sign of a dishonest person. Why do we have a dishonest person in the highest position of our government???


    • By all means, pass it along. Yes, my thoughts are that if you’ll cheat in one area, you have no compunction about cheating, period, and therefore will cheat at anything. Same with lying, which goes hand in hand with cheating.


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