Jolly Monday — Shoes ‘n Such

Good Monday morning folks, and welcome to another week!  I hope you had a great weekend and I know you’re eager to get back to the grind today, right?  Um … right?  Hey … where are those cheerful faces and huge smiles?  Well, let’s just see if we can’t find ‘em before you have to head out the door, okay?  You should always start the week with a smile anyway.  So, grab a snack and a cuppa something and prepare to don those smiles!


Shoes, shoes, shoes

Last night I happened across a pair of … shoes. shoes-octopusActually, my daughter found them on Pinterest and showed them to me, and I tucked them away in a corner of my cobwebby mind for this post.  Now, I am not able to find a pair for sale (no no no … I do NOT wish to own a pair, but merely wanted to find out what outrageous price was being charged for them), so I have no idea what they cost, but if it’s more than a dollar, it’s too much.  Who in their right mind would wear such a hideous thing on their feet?  Turns out these “Octopus Tentacle shoes” are the creation of Filipino designer Kermit Tesoro.

Tesoro initially came into prominence through his sophisticated shoes that were used by Lady Gaga in many of her tours. He has used various mediums in his shoes such as wood, plaster, steel, leather, industrial resin, coral, and human bones and teeth, all of which have been inspired from natural environs and things found in specific environments.

“I want to translate people’s deviations into my own creations. It’s like a fashion interpretation of the biological or psychological deviation of a person. I’ve always been driven to create clothing articles based on inner conflicts or the inability to control one’s inner impulses or failure to structure one’s behavior in an orderly way.”

Take a look at some of his other creations …

That last one?  I’m not even sure where one puts one’s foot???  I shall stick with my Reeboks.

Ice cream anyone?

Remember back in the day … there were basically three flavours of ice cream:  chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  Today, there are literally hundreds of flavours.  I don’t get ice cream often, however when I do, my favourite is Graeter’s Raspberry Chocolate Chunk, or else anybody’s Peanut Butter & Chocolate.  Sigh.  Anyway … here in the U.S., Ben and Jerry’s is usually the innovator of strange flavours, and most are a limited time experiment.  But this month, XXI ICE, a company based in Dundalk, Ireland, has the most … unique?  Different?  Yucky … flavour.  Chicken Nugget ice cream.

Mind you, I can tolerate chicken nuggets, though they aren’t my favourite thing to eat, but in ice cream???  Take a look …

I believe I will pass on this one.


In the French primary school of Jules-Ferry in Crets en Belledonne at the foot of the Alps, there are 261 children and 15 sheep registered for classes.  The children will study the usual ‘three Rs’ … Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmatic, while the sheep will study the three Bs … Baaaa-ing, Bleating, and Butting.  They will all study m-ewe-sic together!sheep-education-2Crets en Belledonne is a small town of less than 4,000 people, and in recent years enrollment at the school has declined, prompting the government to tell the school they must cut back on the number of classes they offer.  Since the school offers only 11 classes as it is, any scaling back could pose critical problems in the quality of education. sheep-education.pngIt was at this juncture that the parents in the town put their heads together and came up with a plan … a plan to enroll the sheep, increase the number of students, and maintain the same number of classes.  A brilliant scheme, actually, and as it happens … it actually worked!sheep-children-welcomeEven the local mayor hopped on the bandwagon and officially recognized the sheep as legitimate students of the school.  Among the sheep enrolled in the school are Baa-bete and Saute-Mouton.

MUI – Mowing Under the Influence???

Here’s the question … can you be arrested and charged with a DUI for operating a riding lawnmower while ‘under the influence’ of alcohol?  Well, maybe and maybe not.  Maybe it depends on the circumstances.  But if, while drunkenly mowing your lawn, you hit a police vehicle, then rest assured that you can be charged!

Gary Wayne Anderson of Haines City, Florida, learned this lesson the hard way on a Saturday evening earlier this month.  An officer had parked his cruiser and stepped away momentarily, when he heard a loud crash and turned to see Mr. Anderson on his riding mower.  Damage to the cruiser was minimal, but Anderson volunteered the information that he was drunk!

Anderson, age 68, failed the field sobriety test, and was laughing one minute and being aggressive the next, so the officer took him to the nearest hospital, where his blood-alcohol tested more than three times the legal limit, plus they found evidence of cocaine in his blood.  He blamed the cocaine on the police, saying they planted it there.

And thus is born a new acronym:  MUI – mowing under the influence, or MWI – mowing while intoxicated.  Mr. Anderson, meanwhile, is being held in the Polk County, Florida, jail in lieu of $3,000 bond while his grass grows unfettered.

And, of course, if it’s Monday, there must be cartoons, right?


We certainly cannot wrap up Jolly Monday without our cute animal video …


Okay, folks, well … I suppose it’s time to get this week started.  I hope you all have a wonderful week, and please share those gorgeous smiles you’re wearing now with people who might be in need of one.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

39 thoughts on “Jolly Monday — Shoes ‘n Such

  1. Thanks for the smiles….the animal video is too cute. In the 1970s, stylish me bought a pair of brown and white saddle shoes. My uncle remarked, “I had a pair just like that in college.” (1940s something). I gave those brand new shoes to a friend.

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    • ‘Tis my pleasure to bring you smiles at least once a week, since I bring you ulcers the rest of the week! OH!!! Saddle shoes … the required dress code at the Catholic schools I attended as a child! I remember them well, and NOT with fondness! 😀

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  2. Oh my, is it Monday already? I just got home from work, posh wedding for 140 guests who managed to rack up a $11,000 bar tab, my truck has a flat tire and don’t know what I was thinking when I brought home 30 pieces of Arctic Char left-over from dinner! Sigh. 🙂

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    • Yes, Monday already! Sounds like you had an interesting Sunday, and I hope you have a large freezer for that fish! Too bad I don’t live next door, else I would be happy to help you with the fish overflow 😉 Have a great week!


  3. No tea? I have to drink no tea again? What is this blog coming to? And donut tins? I have to eat do nuttins again? They do nuttin for the waistline. (Okay, I had to imagine the tins, but considering what was coming next, imagination was an “in” thing.) Speaking of imagination, did Tesoro actually imagine Lady Gaga walking in those things before he created them? Or anyone?
    The cop had to use his imagination to come up with a charge like MUI. But he wasn’t the first. I don’t remembr where, but someone was ticketed for driving down the street on a motorized lawnmower under the influence. He was charged with a moving violation.
    Still one more? A guy rolled through a stop sign with a wheelbarrow, in front of a cop. The charge: failing to obey a traffic sign with a wheeled vehicle.
    Why doesn’t Snoopy’s tail wag when he laughs? Every dog in the world wags his tail when he is happy. Or didn’t Mr. Schultz realize that? “Beagles don’t wag tails!” But clams got legs, go figger. Ooooh, I’m going back to sleep. Will watch the videos later…

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    • Aaaarrrgghhh!!! I am SO sorry!!! I completely forgot the tea! Here … have a belated cuppa tea 🍵.

      I think Tesoro must surely be a misogynistic sadist to have invented those shoes. I would break every bone in my body trying to take a single step in them! The one of the guy rolling through a stop sign in a wheelbarrow makes me laugh! Yes, they can come up with some creative charges … if there isn’t a law on the books, they’ll make one fit. I suppose it’s hard to make a dog wag it’s tail in a still cartoon. I’ve never noticed whether he wags it in the Charlie Brown animated specials … I’ll have to watch one soon to see. It should be noted, as I’m sure you already know, that while a dog wagging his tail is a sign of happiness or excitement, a cat wagging its tail has an entirely different meaning! Beware the cat whose tail is twitching or swishing.

      What’s the latest on the fires?


      • As of last advisement, the flames advanced from 10 kms to 3 kms this afternoon. Usually the wind slows or stops at night, but by morning is roaring again. As another funny note, High Level is predicted to be the hottest spot in Canada. We were for sure yesterday, according to TV. And not because of the fire, lol.

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        • When Tecumseh came to us, he had been living with a young dog. He learned to wag his tail when he was happy. Many years later he still does that, wags and purrs. But, if he is not purrinh, watch out. Then he becomes a true cat, or should I say tiger!

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            • He does too. He was Merlin when he came to us, but he didn’t like it. Maybe four months old, when few cats realize they even have a name. We changed it to Tecumseh, and he was answering within days. Smoky, a cat we had since he was two months, took 3 years to learn his name, but now he comes to anyone’s name, even Gail’s or mine. If there is something to be gained, he wants his share.

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              • I always wait until a new kittie has settled in and is comfortable before naming him/her, but when Miss Goose was little she got the honours and we had to change the names of a few. One that we got when she was about 3, she named ‘Mordita’ for no reason that we could ever figure out. Meanest cat I ever knew, and I still believe it was because she hated her name. We eventually re-named her … Pickles … another Natasha choice. We had a rescue we named Smoky once, but he only lived about a year before he died of cancer. Our Ollie is like your Smoky … if anyone speaks, he assumes they are calling him over for the sole purpose of petting him. I do so enjoy their different personalities, though I could do with a bit less of Tiger’s meanness. Last night, Boo sat in the corner facing the wall for a full hour. I went over and petted him and talked to him, but he would not budge. Finally he went upstairs to his blankie and went to sleep. I guess they’re still adjusting to not having the Princess around to pick on.


          • Yeah, but it is stupid. Here we are at 58°N of the equator, where cooler temperatures and permafrost prevail. In the east Canada dips south of the 49th parallel, where warm/hot temperatures prevail. No global warming? Who are the deniers tryin to kid!

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            • Heck yeah … the evidence has been astounding these past few years … wildfires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes the likes of which have not been seen in recorded history, yet they continue to deny. I was talking to a friend not long ago who said, “Aw, the earth has always undergone changes … nothing to worry about but a little blip”. I nearly fell over.


    • I have always said the same person invented high heel shoes for women that invented neckties for men, but these shoes have to have been invented by a sadistic person!!! Glad you enjoyed the post and the animals … animals always bring a smile. 😉

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  4. The octopus shoes are weird! Not only ugly (but I guess “ugly” and “pretty” are very much in the eye of the beholder), but they look dangerous! One of the quickest ways to hurt your ankle, I am sure. Or toppling over backwards … YIKES! – Generally, it is very much Monday here: grey, some tiny wet drops fizzling out of the clouds (or is it high mist?), not very warm. Plus my to-do list is so long I could decorate my study walls with it … and my tooth hurts…. and I am generally not very jolly today …. So …. I hope you have a better one!!! Hugs to you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Indeed, my first thought on seeing the Octopus shoes was “lethal”. However, they were good for some laughs. I’m sorry for your grey, wet day, and especially for your toothache! I can relate to your to-do list, for mine is much the same and still includes much from yesterday that didn’t get done. Sigh. I need more hours in the day, and it sounds like you do too! Are you going to visit your mum when the boys get their school break? Try to have a great week … feel better! Hugs!!!


      • Still grey and rather cool here – but they do promise us sun for the second half of the week. Let’s see. – School holidays are far away … we just had two weeks beginning of May, but the boys’ schools were not in sync (for the first time ever!), so I ended up having one with my oldest, then a week with both, and one week with my youngest. Pfff. – So summer break will only start middle of July! But yes, we will be going to Austria then. Until then, more to-do-lists I guess, but hopefully also some nice things. – Amongst the to-do-thingies: getting some old fuses changed in our house (the whole array is ancient and not really safe anymore – two fuses blew last weekend out of now-where)… so I will be without electricity for half a day later this week. Great. Need to charge my phone and laptop really well before. – And YES, to-do-items tend to creep from one day to the other … nasty little things.;-) Hugs to you!

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        • Oh! I don’t know why I thought your boys were due for a break soon … perhaps it’s the UK kids I was thinking about. That is odd, the way they scheduled the boys’ breaks … rather made it difficult to plan a trip or anything. I think the kids here are getting out for the summer in a week or two … oh joy. There goes the peace and quiet here in da hood! 😉 How is the book coming, by the way? Yep, my to-do list … I just get up each morning and change the date on yesterday’s list. Y’know, it seems to me that 24 hours is shorter now than it used to be. I don’t waste a lot of my time sleeping anymore, so you’d think I could get more done, but instead I seem to always be behind … on everything! Perhaps old age is slowing me down? Have a great rest-of-the-week, my friend!


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