Only Two Snarky Snippets Today …

Is there no end, you ask, to the snark of the Filosofa?  And the answer is … I don’t think so.  If there is, I haven’t found it yet.  The problem is that I have at least 30 topics backlogged that are snark-inducing and I don’t know where to start.  Okay … let’s start here …

Coward of the county …

Don McGahnI had hoped that former White House counsel Don McGahn had conjones.  I hoped he was a man of honour and integrity.  All indications were that he cared about the letter of the law, for he resigned his position rather than do Trump’s bidding which would have meant breaking the law.  A sign of an honourable man.  But I was wrong. McGahn is just as afraid of Trump as are the rest of his minions.

Legally, since McGahn is a private citizen and no longer employed by the U.S. government, there is nothing Trump or Barr can do to stop McGahn from testifying.  What hold, then, does Trump have?  Well, let me tell you … Trump has made it known in a rather offhand sort of way that if McGahn testified before the House committee, he (Trump) would instruct republicans to cease dealing with McGahn’s law firm, Jones Day.  McGahn’s lawyer said that McGahn would honour Trump’s wishes.  What about the wishes of the citizens of this nation?  What are we, chopped liver?  I was a fool to believe that Don McGahn might put the best interest of the nation, the common good, before his own personal concerns.  Silly me, for believing that anyone who was ever associated with Trump had a backbone or a conscience.

Committee chair Jerry Nadler responded …

“This move is just the latest act of obstruction from the White House that includes its blanket refusal to cooperate with this committee. It is also the latest example of this Administration’s disdain for law.”

Right, Mr. Nadler, so instead of scratching your head, let’s do something this time.  Hold McGahn in contempt, swear out a warrant for his arrest, fine the heck out of him.  DO SOMETHING!!!

Trump, of course, is gloating, saying …

“I think it’s a very important precedent. And the attorneys say that they’re not doing that for me, they’re doing that for the office of the president. So we’re talking about the future.”

Bullshit.  If this is to become the future, then let us simply disband both the executive and legislative branches right now … today … for neither of them is worth a damn at this moment.  We the People are being royally ripped off!

Kris Kobach thinks highly of himself …

kobachYou remember Kris Kobach, right?  Well, perhaps I’ll just briefly refresh your memory, for he has been out of the news for a while now.  Kris Kobach is the former Secretary of State of Kansas who was named the vice chairman of Trump’s short-lived, ignominious ‘Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity’ which was a rather draconian committee attempting to prove that there had been massive voter fraud in the 2016 elections.  The truth was that the only election irregularities were on the part of Trump and his ‘people’, including his Russian buddies.  Kobach demanded that the states turn over all information on all voters, including private information such as address and social security numbers.  Most states flat-out refused, there was no evidence of voter fraud, and the commission simply fell apart.

Kobach has a long history of bigotry and attempted voter suppression techniques, and at one point had called for a “Muslim registry”.  He was also an advisor to good ol’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America’s #1 racist.

Fast forward to today.  Trump is trying to create a new position in his administration that would be titled “Immigration Czar”.  Say WHAT???  We don’t have ‘czars’ in this country!!! Donnie has been hanging out with the Russians too long! The position would be ostensibly to “coordinate immigration policy across government agencies”.  There is no doubt that it would, in reality, be much more than that.  Trump is considering a couple of people for that position, and Kris Kobach is one.  Well, he thinks highly of himself, and he provided the White House with a list of his ‘requirements’ for the job:

  1. Office in the West Wing.
  2. Walk-in privileges with the president.
  3. Assistant to the President rank – at highest pay level for WH senior staff.
  4. Staff of 7 people (2 attorneys, 2 research analysts, 1 scheduler, 1 media person, 1 assistant).
  5. POTUS sits down individually with Czar and the secretaries of Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, Ag, Interior, and Commerce, and tells each of the Secretaries to follow the directives of the Czar without delay, subject to appeal to the President in cases of disagreement.
  6. 24/7 access to either a DHS or DOD jet. Czar must be on the border every week.
  7. Ability to spend weekends in KS with family on way from border back to DC, unless POTUS needs Czar elsewhere.
  8. Security detail if deemed necessary after security review.
  9. Serve as the face of Trump immigration policy – the principal spokesman on television and in the media.
  10. Promise that by November 1, 2019, the president will nominate Kris Kobach to be DHS Secretary, unless Kobach wishes to continue in Czar position.

My jaw had to be picked up from the floor … in fact, I laughed so hard that I had to be picked up from the floor!!!  Who does this yahoo think he is???

A closing note …

Please keep our good friend rawgod and his family in your hearts tonight.  They have had to evacuate their home due to wildfires in Alberta, Canada.  They and the kitties are safe, but don’t know yet whether they will lose their home to the fires. 😢

30 thoughts on “Only Two Snarky Snippets Today …

  1. Oh my..I had t heard about the fires in Alberta. Such a beautiful area. Yes he and his family will be in my thoughts.

    As for McGhan….I was very disappointed in him as a man. I thought he would testify. I can’t believe it is not something else he was threatened with…I mean his law firm would still have business with anyone who is a democrat and not a trumpet.

    The mob is known for all kinds of implied threats to the person as well as family..he just seems too decent otherwise and I’d wouldn’t put anything past trump and his allies.

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    • My understanding is that his law firm caters mainly to republicans, but why on earth anybody would boycott a firm because Trump says to is beyond my comprehension! Perhaps there is more to it … nothing surprises me these days. Sigh.

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  2. Jill, to be frank, not only is McGahn a private citizen, so are Trump’s children, as none were vetted by the Senate and none hold actual jobs. If they are subpoened, if they do not show, they should be held in contempt and be brought in to testify. It matters not who their father or father-in-law is.

    What does not get enough airplay, is Junior agreed to come in voluntarily to speak with Richard Burr’s committee and was a no show twice. So, Burr subpoened his hind end for his rudeness. Sycophants like McConnell and Graham should have stood by Burr, but chose to follow the spineless path. Keith

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    • I hadn’t thought about it, but you’re right … well, about Junior and Eric you are definitely right. I did some digging and found that while Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump supposedly (I’m not very trusting, am I?) do not get paid, they are officially considered ’employees’, so I don’t know how that would play out in the courts. Trump is twisting and poking holes into the rule of law in ways I never would have imagined! Threatening and bullying seem to be the only way he knows how to deal with anyone!


  3. You can bet this Immigration Czar position is serious, but at the same time, it is designed to attract everyone’s attention, so we have to be aware of what else Trump is doing that he is keeping quiet about. Something is going on behind the scenes, I can guarantee that. Being Canadian, I don’t know where to look. I sure hope someone does.

    As for the wildfires near my home, friends, whatever happens is what we will have to deal with. Except for our plants which we had to leave behind, all other living beings in our control are gathered in a safe hotel room 300 kms away. Now we just wait, and hope those fighting the fires stay safe and strong. And thank you all for caring. Jill, thank you.

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  4. LOL, the “Immigration Czar” must be a joke, like he’s rubbing our noses in it. I agree with Gronda, we must start the impeachment process if Trumps’s accounting firm doesn’t comply with Congress’ subpoena. That’s our “in”.
    As for former White House counsel Don McGahn, I’m not surprised in the least. He didn’t wan to deal with the fallout from Trump administration, and lose business. Here’s the latest:

    The White House on Monday cited a Justice Department opinion that McGahn cannot be compelled to testify about his official duties — and, through his legal team, McGahn confirmed that he won’t appear.
    The development prompted an obstinate response late Monday from Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y.: “We are having the hearing tomorrow and we’re expecting Mr. McGahn to show pursuant to the subpoena.”
    The related DOJ memo said McGahn, like other senior advisers to a president, has “immunity” from being compelled to testify about his official duties.
    “This immunity applies to the former White House counsel. Accordingly, Mr. McGahn is not legally required to appear and testify about matters related to his official duties as counsel to the president,” the memo said.
    Napolitano said McGahn is left in an “awkward position” after being truthful with Mueller’s investigators in 30 hours of testimony, but now being directed not to testify.
    “Now the client says ‘don’t say anything.’ You follow the client’s instruction until a court tells you otherwise,” the judge explained, saying Democrats are “dying” to view the full transcript of what McGahn told investigators, but the Justice Department will not release it.

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