Open Letter to Members of Congress


26 May 2019

Dear Representative/Senator,

In the last single week, a mere seven days, Donald Trump has trampled our Constitution and made a mockery of the office of president multiple times.  Let me note just a few …

  • He has bypassed Congress in order to sell military weapons to Saudi Arabia, a nation who has been attacking Yemen for more than three years, killing more than 10,000 people, mostly civilians, and pushing millions more to the brink of starvation. Both chambers of Congress voted on a bill to end U.S. military support to Saudi Arabia in April, but Trump vetoed the bill.  Now, he chooses to illegally continue sending arms to the Saudis with which they will kill more innocent people.  His rationale is to claim, falsely, that there is an ‘emergency’ with Iran.  There is not, though not for lack of trying on his part, but facts do not seem to matter.  He continues to pander to strongman Mohammad bin Salman, despite the fact that bin Salman ordered the brutal murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a fact that seems not to bother Trump in the least.

  • He has delegated to Attorney General William P. Barr the authority to access and declassify the intelligence community’s most closely held secrets as Barr investigates the investigators who tried to stop Russian penetration of the Trump campaign. Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous?  First, it is well-documented that the Russians did interfere in our 2016 election and why would we not want an investigation?  I don’t know about you, but I expect to have a fair and honest election where my vote is properly tallied, and where I have not been fed falsehoods.  We did not have a fair and honest election in 2016, and Trump is well aware of that.  Second, and perhaps most importantly, the de-classifying of national security information puts this nation at risk, and it risks blowing the cover of the men and women who have risked their lives in service to this country.  Even Donald Trump does not have that right.

  • He has threatened a private citizen, intimidating former White House counsel Don McGahn with the sole purpose of keeping him from testifying before the House Judicial Committee that is investigating already-proven cases of obstruction of justice by Trump. He is stopping Congress, a separate and equal branch of the United States government, from doing their job.

  • He has given notice that as long as the various committees in Congress are investigating his corrupt activities, he will not work with Congress on any legislation, such as infrastructure. In other words, he has stated in no uncertain terms that he will not do his job, but instead will jaunt off to Japan for a round of golf!  At our expense!

  • He has viciously attacked the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, referring to her as “crazy Nancy”, saying she is “a mess”, and falsely claiming that she does not know how to do her job (she has decades more experience than he and a significantly higher I.Q.), and he even assisted in spreading a digitally manipulated video of Ms. Pelosi that attempts to make her appear intoxicated. Is this how we expect a president to behave???  Is this the behaviour of an adult???  No, it is not!

  • He has claimed, with ZERO evidence, that a number of people including former FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, President Barack Obama, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch are guilty of treason, and further that they “deserve to be executed”. No evidence, only the wild imaginings of a lunatic, and he speaks of execution.  Does this not bother you?  Frankly, it sends chills up my spine.  This is the United States, not Saudi Arabia, not Russia, not Turkey!

These are only a few of Trump’s abhorrent behaviours in the past week.  The purpose of my letter is to inform you that as a citizen, a taxpayer, and a voter, I want Donald Trump removed from office by whatever means is most expedient.  This is not, or at least should not be, a partisan issue, but one of national security.  This nation has become seriously imperiled ever since he took office, but just in the past month, he has done terrible things that threaten both our national security and the very basis for our freedom, the U.S. Constitution.  If you continue to pussyfoot about him, if you continue to allow him to break the law and turn the Oval Office into a three-ring circus, I and others will do everything in our power to see that you are not re-elected when your term is up, and I will campaign vigorously to ensure that the public knows you are naught but a Trump boot-licker.

Now go, Representative/Senator, do your job … act like a human being, act like you have courage and a conscience.  Help rid this nation of the pimple that is festering on its hindside!


Jill Dennison – Citizen, Taxpayer, Voter

56 thoughts on “Open Letter to Members of Congress

  1. Jill you have exercised your current right as a US citizen. This has been a right given and handed down over the decades, centuries and cannot be taken from you.
    Whether the recipient(s) will do anything about it, or even take notice is another matter.
    At the end of the day this current episode on USA history can only be settled during the 2020 presidential election. Whatever folk may say about why they are not going to vote, will come down to the same thing they are offering tacit support for the winner even if they didn’t like the winner.
    This is not a time not to vote in the USA. If you are physically able to get out there and vote, vote. If for some reason you are being prevented from voting raise hell about it.
    Now is the time when both side should not be taking votes for granted and now is not the time to sit back and not care.
    In those ballot boxes will rest the fate of every person in the USA

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    • You know I fully agree with you! As election day draws nearer, I plan to focus more heavily on that … how and why it is so important for everyone to vote. I think, though, that if I start too soon, by the time it’s imperative for people to listen, it will have become just so much noise and people will have stopped listening. Meanwhile, though, I shall keep raising my voice and shining a light on the abominations of the current regime in hopes that the more of it people see, the more disgusted they will become. Then again … perhaps I am only venting to hear myself vent. Who knows? 🤷

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  2. Like I said, you have the right to your opinion. Enjoy today, the day we honor those who gave their lives so that even the folks like you can say what you do. I thank God that we finally after eight years of one of the most corrupt administrations in history we have a President who truly honors the gifts this country has given him. Amen.


      • The underlying unstated hope … namely that you think it might make any particle of difference. (But as an A-grade closet-optimist myself I truly admire your spirit.)

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        • I have always known that what I write likely doesn’t make a ‘particle of difference’, but I keep trying, in hopes of making a few people at least listen to another point of view. And, I have succeeded a few times, albeit in very small ways. I live with my conscience, and I couldn’t sleep at nights if I simply did as so many do and spent my days posting pictures of food on Facebook.

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          • There was a Zen parable to the effect that “a huge forest fire was blazing, so the tiny sparrow flew down to the lake, scooped up a beakful of water, flew over the vast conflagration spat it out. He did this again, and again, and again …
            … until eventually he fell exhausted into the holocaust (and was utterly consumed in an instant).

            Mock on, mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau;
            Mock on, mock on; ’tis all in vain!
            You throw the sand against the wind,
            And the wind blows it back again …

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  4. Using my usual disclaimer, I’m not an American, I find it interesting that some Americans would cry wolf at Russia for meddling in a US election when America does this world wide and endlessly but with much more force de frappe, i.e., using their CIA and military “advisors” when economic sanctions aren’t fast enough and don’t starve enough people. Come on, Jill, what do you think Venezuela is all about? Isn’t “regime change” a much more drastic and murderous process than a simple manipulation in guaranteeing an election will go your way? Remember Lybia, “We came, we saw, he died!”? America is all about making war to ensure corporate profits. America will do whatever it takes to ensure corporate profits. America will commit hari-kari to ensure corporate profits. Donald Trump, the true American president by his stated ways, is all about corporate profit and that is what his base “base” loves about him. He remains in power because both of your “Houses” are in total cahoots with corporate profits, some of which they have a guarantee will line their own pockets. Find someone to give your members of Congress more money in bribes than they get from lobbyists and they will turf out Trump… to replace him with something likely worse. America has been sowing the wind for decades and no surprise it is now reaping the whirlwind. Perhaps it is more appropriate to say it has sown dragons’ teeth and can no longer control their spartoi…

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    • I don’t deny that much of what you say is true, however it wasn’t the point I was trying to make. The only point of my letter was that we have the most corrupt president we have ever had, that he is a ‘clear and present danger’ not only to the U.S., but also to the entire globe, and that he ought to be removed from office before he starts WWIII. I’m not blind to the sometimes heinous activities and meddling of the U.S. into other nations’ affairs, but right this moment, they are not my main concern. My main concern is getting a madman who has a ‘nuclear button’ out of the Oval Office. Sigh. Good to see you, Sha’Tara.


      • I know that Jill and in that context you’re doing a fantastic job. But the two problems are intertwined inextricably with the greatest being those 900 global military bases and the necessary evil that oozes from those. Trump holds power not from the people but from the military, banking and corporate planetary predation. Obama danced to the same puppet masters. Trump wasn’t change but a continuation. Whatever comes next will be continuation, likely worse. You have to bring down the empire if you want to accomplish something meaningful Jill.

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        • Sigh. If I had the first notion how to do that, I would happily do so, but … where does one start. I had a similar conversation with rawgod not long ago, and he suggested going into stores and smashing all their merchandise on the ground. I could do that, but it would likely be my last hurrah, for I’d be in that place with the jackets with really long sleeves thereafter. 😉


          • rawgod’s suggestion was likely tongue-in-cheek. As an ex-activist myself, I realize more than ever that using anger-driver violence is exactly what the System wants for it gives them the green light for more oppression and suppression of our ‘rights’. I know we, as individuals, cannot bring down the empire, I was just making a point. The key I think is to keep our cool and focus on doing “good” in our own way. When I seek change I change myself. Less judgment, more compassion… always and forever more. I’ve been seen as a selfish bitch for promoting individual self empowerment but it’s a great misunderstanding. We’ve done the collective forced change and it has always boomeranged. But if we all think compassion and act compassionately to all and sundry, including our enemies when identified as such (not speaking of figureheads but of individuals who have declared themselves personal enemies for any reason) then what seems insignificant to ‘out there’ is greatly significant and self-empowering to the individual. Who can know what such a change can be used for in an individual given the ‘right’ set of conditions? But there has to be ‘impeccability’ so that no matter what the world or System says and does, one rests on one’s own integrity. Think Martin Luther King Jr. and currently, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. Their enemies want them dead because they dared break the rules of order, or imposed silence, by exposing war crimes the ruling military elites do not want people to know about or think about.

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            • I like what you say, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. The phrase ‘easier said than done’, of course, comes to mind, especially when you speak of acting compassionately toward our ‘enemies’, but I know you are right, and it’s a worthy goal. MLK was a perfect example. Thanks for much food for thought, Sha’Tara.


  5. I don’t know who your representative and senators are, but I presume they are Republicans. If so, it is probable they support Trump’s obvious intentions to mold the U.S. into an authoritarian/totalitarian state like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey – the leaders of which (Putin, bin Salman, and Erdogan) he greatly admires.

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    • I’m “lucky” enough to have Rep. Warren Davidson, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, as my representative. And yes, i know his intent and I have made it part of my daily ritual to be a thorn in his side!

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘In the last single week, a mere seven days, Drumpf has trampled our Constitution and made a mockery of the office of president multiple times. Let me note just a few …’ … if you want to know, please, read the full post!! TY …

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  7. The lack of actual evidence is outstanding. You do have the right to your opinion, fortunately, that is all you have. As for Nancy, she knows she can tell bald face lies and is immune from prosecution. Just as you can. However, I do find you amusing. Hope you enjoy Pres. Trump’s second term.

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    • The lack of actual evidence is outstanding. Yes. That’s true. Especially since Trump has effectively blocked any attempts to reveal that evidence.

      And the question remains … if his hands are so lilly-white, why does he feel the need to continue to throw hissy-fits whenever someone asks for information? Protecting one’s privacy is one thing, but when you put yourself in the public eye as POTUS, you have effectively ruled out your role as a private citizen.

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    • And you have the right to be a non-caring human only interested in your own greed and selfishness, but that will not get you anywhere except with those who believe as you do. I would hate to see you suddenly lose your retirement funds to some embezzling asshole who figures he can spend your money better than you can. That would be such a tragedy.
      But don’t worry, no one will ever do that… until they do…

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      • Thanks rawgod! Seem to be a lot of people who defend Trump, even though his policies will hurt them as much as the rest of us. I think it boils down to a lack of understanding how government functions and how Trump is destroying the foundation of our government. Seems like they would at least make an effort to understand, but they don’t.


    • If the lack of actual evidence is outstanding, it’s because Trump is doing everything he can to keep evidence from coming to light. However, I do find you amusing. Hope you are enjoying the Democrats winning back Congress in the Nov. 2018 election.

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        • My pleasure, Jill — and thank you for your “perfect response” (I would’ve done a “Like” to all your responses, but, as usual, the “Like” button isn’t working for me on comments to your posts, and I don’t have the technological wherewithal to address the problem).

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          • Thank you! Another reader couldn’t get the ‘reblog’ button to work, but others were able to … like you, I haven’t the techno-skills, and doubt it would help anyway, for I think it’s something that WordPress will have to address. Let me know if it continues and I’ll contact them this week.


    • Actually, I go to great lengths to fact check what I write, but I find that in this day of “alternative facts” as Kellyanne described it, many people find a way to simply push actual facts aside. Thanks for dropping by.


  8. Jill, this is well written. I hope you send it to various legislators. While I send emails, this may be worthy of a stamped letter. It would be great if your newspaper printed this. You are on the side of the angels. Keith

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    • Thank you, Keith! I was planning to email it, but perhaps you’re right and a ‘snail’ mail would be better. I shall also send it to the local papers. Did you see the comments that came in after yours did? Just curious on your take.


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