Mitch McConnell: Enemy of the People

Senator Mitch McConnell has gone too far, has far overstepped his bounds.  In fact, it would seem that there are no limits, no boundaries to what McConnell believes is within his rights.

There is hard, irrefutable, fact-based evidence that the Russians interfered in numerous ways with our 2016 election, likely the only reason we have a madman in the Oval Office today.  Set aside for the moment the issue of how involved Donald Trump’s campaign was with the Russian efforts, for while that is important, today I wish to address something else. mcconnell-2Our intelligence agencies have warned that the Russians are already up to their shenanigans in an effort to do a repeat performance in 2020.  Even Trump’s butt-kissing Attorney General Barr has said that conditions still exist that would allow this scenario to repeat in 2020.  FBI Director Christopher Wray and Robert Mueller have warned that if we do nothing, the 2020 election will be compromised.

Last year, a bill with bipartisan support in the Senate, the Secure Elections Act, that would have …

  • Promoted better information sharing about cybersecurity threats
  • Funded improvements to state election systems and processes through federal grants
  • Established a bug bounty program to uncover new vulnerabilities in election systems

Not enough, but a darn good start.  The bill was squelched just 90 minutes before it was set to be heard on August 22nd.  We now know who squelched it … Mitch McConnell.  Today, there are three bills in the Senate that address election security:

  • Protecting the Right to Independent and Democratic Elections (PRIDE) Act
  • Protecting American Votes and Elections (PAVE) Act
  • Honest Ads Act, which would give online political ads the same disclosure requirements as political ads on television and other media

All three were introduced last year and re-introduced this year after the 115th Congress failed to act.  And, it looks as if the 116th will also fail to act, all because of one man:  Mitch McConnell.mcconnell-1Last week, it came to light from another senator, Roy Blunt of Missouri, that McConnell has made it quite clear that he will not allow the Senate to consider any election security bills.  Process that for a minute.  One man … one single man has the power to ensure that we will have an election, perhaps the most important election in our lifetimes, that completely lacks integrity.

His reason appears to be that any talk of the 2016 Russian interference upsets Donald Trump, and McConnell, among others, lacks the courage, the guts, to stand up to Trump and do the right thing.  How does such a wimp get elected to the Senate to begin with, let alone stay there for thirty-four years?  Mitch is 77 years of age … he’s well past his prime and is another of those old, bigoted white men that we need to purge from Congress!

This is the third time in a week that I have heard of people doing the wrong thing for the sole purpose of protecting Don Trump’s fragile ego.  Wake up, people!  Don Trump is 72 years old, not two.  If he couldn’t take the heat, he should have stayed out of the kitchen!

There is but one republican in all of Congress who I can respect, who has courage, who is not attached by puppet strings to Donald Trump, and that is Justin Amash.  But again, that is a story for another day.

I don’t know about you folks, but I am livid at the thought that an elected official, one who has been taking taxpayer money for 34 years now, would so blatantly act against the best interests of every single person in this nation in order to keep Trump happy, for everyone knows that if you make Trump angry, he will call you names.

Consider for a moment the results of the Russian interference in 2016.  We ended up with the most corrupt president the nation has ever seen.  A madman, a warmonger, a fool who acts first and thinks later, if he thinks at all.  And now, according to McConnell, we may well end up stuck with him for at least another four years, just because Mitch wishes to stay in the good graces of that same fool?  Not only that, but quite possibly the interference will filter down to congressional elections also, and it may be that he who gets the most votes … loses.

We’ve heard a lot about ‘obstruction of justice’ lately … is what McConnell is doing not also obstruction of justice?  He is, after all, keeping Congress from doing their job and denying the people of this nation, the people who pay his salary, the right to a fair and unfettered election.

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  1. Residing in a state which is a neighbor to Kentucky, I’ve long been aware what a hypocrite McConnell is — but then, it’s hard to think of a GOP Senator/Congressman (except Justin Amash) who isn’t.


    • I, too, live in a state neighboring Kentucky … Ohio. Just a li’l river separates us. 😉 I find it sad that we are so divided, democrat vs republican, liberal vs conservative … and there seems to be no bridge where we can even meet halfway. Sigh.


  2. Enemy of the people indeed. This man needs to go. I see where his approval rating in Ky is like 30% or so. But, if he runs again do we really think the folks down there will kick his butt out? You live close Jill….what do you think? Has Amy Mcgrath announced that she’s running? Damn, she would be so awesome!

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    • I have a couple of friends in Kentucky, and while Mitch’s approval rating there is very low now, I would not be surprised if he comes back for another term. Why? Because I am told by those friends that he plays dirty pool and eliminates his competition in one way or another, by hook or by crook. Nobody likes him, but … he wins elections anyway. Believe it or not, McConnell is ranked as the LEAST popular senator in the nation! However, Kentucky is one of the states where Trump has the highest rating. Sigh. WHY??? Speculation is that McGrath will run, but no, she hasn’t thrown her hat in the ring yet. Yes, I think she would make an awesome member of either chamber of Congress, and she did almost win a House seat last year. I think the residency thing was her downfall. Fingers crossed!

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      • He’s 77 years old. Time to hang it up Mitch!! You’re right though. I bet he does run. And he’ll probably win. I just don’t get it. What is wrong with this people? The guy wreaks of corruption. I guess it just doesn’t matter to a certain group of voters. So disappointed in our country….

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        • I think he has already announced that he will run. Sheesh … I’m 10 years younger than he is, and I’m too tired to want to work that hard. I guess he is worried that somebody fair and honest might replace him. Yes, I am disappointed in our country too, and frankly, if I had the wherewithal, I’d be gone tomorrow.

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  3. McConnell acts as if he believes that should the cheeto be impeached, his OWN collusion will be seen…IMO, by ignoring or obstructing the congress in this manner he is showing his own guilt.

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I can’t stomach Mitch, the Turtle anymore … not before, least of all now!! … ‘Sen. Mitch McConnell has gone too far, has far overstepped his bounds. In fact, it would seem that there are no limits, no boundaries to what McConnell believes is within his rights.’ #VoteHimOut … Kentucky!!

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  5. I see Mitch McConnell as a bit like our ‘Michael Gove,’ although Gove does not have the kind of power the McConnell does. Both though, kow tow to the whims of whoever is in charge and take up the position of official ‘boot licker,’ in order to keep their own position of power in tact. These are the kind of people that you don’t want to see in power because they will sell their own grandmother just to get her gold teeth.
    Government needs more honourable people, and they are sorely missing these days.

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    • McConnell has been in Congress 34 years, and if you ask yourself why the good people of Kentucky keep sending him back, they will tell you that he doesn’t play fair, but plays dirty pool to eliminate his opponents. Honourable people apparently don’t run for office in the republican party. They are largely funded by the NRA, so that might explain part of it.

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  6. Jill, I find Mitch McConnell (as well as the retired Harry Reid) as emblematic of the dysfunction of Congress. I would not call him an enemy of the people, as that turns off the very people that need to hear the message.

    McConnell cannot go to the bathroom without it being political. When not in power, he will rail against the very thing he does when he is in power. I find that hypocritical.

    Your example of his not calling a vote to secure elections leads me to an important why question? One of the potential reasons scares me – does he believe it will help the GOP win more seats and the Presidency ? His history would suggest yes. Just today, I read how there is now a direct link to the Census citizenship question and enabling GOP election success.

    Having seen unconstitutional gerrymandering and voter ID laws up close in NC, leaving the back door open to election hackers is just one more step in an illicit process.

    Why are we not doing more? We may not like the answers. Keith

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    • You are right … I should not have called him ‘enemy of the people’. I was angry when I wrote the post, and after a bit of sleep, I woke to the realization that it wasn’t the best strategy, but of course by then the post had been out for several hours and it was too late. You’re right, too, that McConnell and Reid are both poster boys for why we need term limits.

      I fully believe that part of his reason for refusing to consider any bills on election security is to give the republicans a better chance next year. It speaks volumes that they have to rely on trickery, don’t you think? But the bigger point, of course, is that this cannot be allowed! And yet, I don’t know how to stop it. What will it take to make the republicans in Congress remember to whom they owe their loyalty?


      • So, true. They need to focus on doing the right tbing, not the politically best thing. I detest to see the news focius more on who wins ot loses on an issur. How about focusing more on does this help people, country or planet?

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  7. If nothing else, it is certainly obstructing the right to a free and democratic vote by only the people who have the right to vote, which is an American. But McConnell seems to think he is the defender of any nation’s right to partake in the election of America’s governing bodies. Like Trump, he believes cheating is an American way of life, making all Americans complicit in running flawed elections.
    Alberta is soon to find out how far a politician can go to make sure they win an election. I know I have talked about it before, but now-Premier of the Province of Alberta conspired to win the UCP party leadership, thus making himself eligible to become Premier. Everyone knows it, but whether it is provable in a court of law is another matter. He does not deserve to be Premier of Oak Island, let alone a province of 6 million people.
    This is exactly where Trump stands today, protectedby McConnell. He cheated, he should not be allowed to be POTUS, yet he is.
    What kind of government is that?
    And what kind of people vote for a known cheater! Russian collaborators!

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    • For a time, I thought we had cornered the market on corrupt politicians, but between Ford and Kenney, you guys have your share. It seems to be a global disease. What kind of people vote for a cheater? Ignorant people who don’t bother to educate themselves on the issues or the stance of the candidates. Sigh. There is a saying that “ignorance is bliss” … perhaps it is for the ignorant person, but it sure as hell isn’t for those of us left to suffer the consequences of that person’s ignorance.


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