Jolly Monday … sans Jolly

Wha … what?  It … it’s Monday???  Nobody told me!  I thought it was … I dunno what day I thought it was, but … Monday never crossed my mind.  Hold up … have a seat … let me … let me just go get some clothes on, okay?  Um … I’ll be back in a jiffy.


Okay … that’s better … I don’t have much to offer today, but there’s coffee ‘n donuts over on the table … help yourself and then let’s find something to help us start the week off with a laugh, shall we?

coffeetea-2 eggssprinkled donutsjuice boxes

You’re how old???

I came across a story in The Guardian that caused my jaw to drop.  Did you know that in South Korea they tally a person’s age a bit differently than we do?  Every newborn baby turns one on the day they are born and two on the next New Year’s Day.  This means that a baby born say just a few minutes before midnight on December 31st, would be counted as being two-years-old when it was but a few minutes old!

When asked their age by a foreigner, many South Koreans give both their “Korean age” and “international age”.  The system’s origins are unclear. One theory is that turning one year old at birth takes into account time spent in the womb – with nine months rounded up to 12. Others link it to an ancient Asian numerical system that did not have the concept of zero.

Now think about this … if the age for a child to start school is five-years-old, then the kid born on New Year’s Eve is going to have to start school at age three!  Of course, there is a benefit on the other end … you could retire two years earlier!

Where did I leave my brain?

I came across some fun things over at Bored Panda … things that make you think maybe somebody wasn’t thinking too clearly …


Did Brian not ever notice?  I’m not sure who is dingier, Rachel or Brian.



Didn’t they mean the date it was installed?








Where’s da panda?

I came across this brain teaser created by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás last night.  Can you find the panda among the sea of snowmen?  I couldn’t, but I do know where it is, so later today I’ll post the answer in comments.


Is it a horse … or a dog?

Last, but not least, we must have our cute animal video of the week, yes?  We’ve all seen or heard of miniature horses, but this little girl named Martha is said to be the tiniest, fuzziest horse in the world!  Take a look …

I know this is a short Jolly Monday, but frankly Jolly has buried his head under the covers and is refusing to come out … I think he’s missing our young friend Benjamin … and I just can’t do humour so well without my Jolly.  So, let’s wrap up with a few funny ‘toons, and a wish that you have a great week ahead!  Be sure to share your smiles this week, okay?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and the pouting Jolly!




And for our dear friend Hugh …


33 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … sans Jolly

  1. Jill, oh that poor professor. I hope he has a good sense of humor. It reminds me of the day following the one where the professor says a term paper is required, where more than 1/2 drop the course.

    I do love the three little words at the end. Have a great week. Keith

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  2. 😂 oh, dear you made my day. And jolly should be able to come out because your orange head of state “honours” us this week with his presences. Haven’t seen his reaction to the farting baby …. 😁. Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am soooo glad I made your day!!! I haven’t heard if they used the farting baby or the balloon yet, but did you see the way they cut the grass in a place he would see it as his plane landed? I actually chuckled … aloud! You have a great week also, my friend, and … take heart … he’s only there for two more days, whereas we are stuck with him for … who knows how long? 🙋


      • Good morning, I am rather amused so far. Yes I saw the lawn sculptures and some other great demonstrations. They are rather creative when it comes to make their opinion clear on this side of the pond. 😁. Plus I am watching hardly any tv lately so I am blissfully unaware what he is up to 🙋‍♀️. Take heart, he’ll fall over his own ego one day and never get up. Even Hitler only lasted for 12 years….

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            • I don’t think that it is a product of all white men his age, for I know many who are wonderful men. Conversely, I know of a few much younger men who have he same attitude. Now, I do think it is largely a product of white males, but I just don’t think the age thing is a factor. I was surprised to hear your father is the same. Sigh. You just never know what makes a person think the way they do.


              • Well, my father was born just after the war and was very sick as a child. He spent his first year in hospital and you can imagine that a German hospital in those days weren’t good places to be. My granny said he spent some time in a children’s home in the mountains because of his bad health and came back changed so I assume he was abused there in one way or another. But he never allowed himself to acknowledge that. I have no contact with him anymore for my own protection but I think that is the reason that I sometimes can see a hurt child in Trump. But no matter what happened to you in childhood there comes a time when you choose who you want to be and both of them have chosen their paths and have to live with the consequences. 🙋‍♀️🐝


                • A tragic life he led, but you just said the same thing I’ve always said … there comes a point when every person must accept responsibility for their own life. Many of us had abusive childhoods, but we managed to overcome it and turn into productive, compassionate people. Sigh. I am so sorry, though, for the fact that your own childhood must have been less than pleasant as a result of your father’s problems. 🙋 🤗


                  • Thanks for your kind words. It was in parts but he also taught me good things. Even abusive relationships are not just black and white. I am over the rage and grief mostly and just feel pity for him and ppl like him. And yes at one point you choose either consciously or just go with whatever is in your life. Hope you have a great day. 🙋‍♀️🐝


  3. This was a very jolly Monday. No need to apologize!! (I also found the Panda quite quickly, for some reason). But I especially liked the “On The Celling” note on the smoke alarm. And the braille on the steering wheel. Good stuff! Have a great week.

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    • I’m glad you found it so … I felt it wasn’t one of my best, but then I often feel that way. Wow … I think everyone found the panda quicker than I did! Like you, the “On the Ceiling” note was my favourite! And the braille on the steering wheel reminded me of a bumper sticker I used to have … “Blind Driver” 😉 You have a great week too, my friend!


  4. 7th row down, 11th from the left.
    Cute cartoons today, but just a wee bit sexist, don’t you think?
    My father thought he was so funny. He always made my oldest sister answer stupid riddles or she couldn’t leave the house to go on dates with her boyfriend. This was one of the cruelist: Name 3 things who birthdays are celebrated on Jan.1, even if they were born on other days. Knowing how the old fool thought, I slipped her this answer: A thoroughbred race horse, and two Asian women. He was counting on keeping her home that night. I paid for it with my pain later, but at least she got to go out. I had just read about the Asian women in my book of weird facts. The horses I knew from my friend’s father working at the race track. (Female chidren in most Asian countries were not considered people, so tradition had dishonoured them by giving them a group birthday, just like horses.)

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    • How long did it take you … 3 seconds? It took me 10 full minutes of staring at that bloomin’ picture! And yeah … heh heh … I really hadn’t planned it or noticed it, but on reading your comment I went back to look and yeah, except for one, I guess they are just a wee bit sexist. 😊 Leave it to you to notice! I don’t think I would have liked your father very much. Did you find your tea alright?


      • Maybe 4, or 10 even. I just looked for something without a carrot nose. Jumped right out at me.
        Tea was good. Leaves may have been a bit scalded, but that is minor, unless you’re the queen. Or a snob.

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          • Depends on what kind of tea.And what brand. Loose leaves or bags. Paper bags or gauze bags. I NEVER use gauze bags, they destroy the taste of tea. A silver or silver plated tea bell is best.
            Do you like strong flavours or mild flavours? Do you need caffeine or is it bad for you.
            There are a lot of things to consider. Most tea bags are too much for one cup, but not enough for a 3 cup pot. For strong tea steep 5 minutes or more. For weak tea steep 3 minutes or less. Then there afe regular teas, flavoured teas, herbal teas, black teas, green teas, white teas, orange teas. You confused yet? If you are willing to test them, find a good tea shop and see if they will allow you to test different teas. Some will, in hope of gaining a new customer and new friends. Oh, forget instant teas. Yuck.
            Oh, and start without milk or sugars. Milk or cream should only go in strong tea. Sugar (or sweetener) should be added slowly, a bit at a time. It is very easy to add too much.

            I know, at your age it isn’t worth it. Forget it. A good tea is always worth it. I like a blend of white tea and Pu’erh tea. Strong. Just a touch of sugar. Loose leaves only…

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            • My goodness!!! Who knew there was so much to … tea??? Um … there are only two occasions when I drink tea. One is if we are at a restaurant, I will order a glass of unsweetened iced tea with a wedge of either lime or lemon. The other is if it is a very cold night and I have a sore throat, in which case I will pop a Twinings tea pod into my Keurig pot and brew a cup. I know … I know … I’m a big disappointment. 😉


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