Note To Democrats: It Wasn’t Just Issues That Helped Dems Win In 2018/ Try Black Voter Turnout

I admit that I am still on the fence about whether or not the House of Representatives ought to begin impeachment proceedings. That said, more and more I am leaning toward it, for every day I see more and more damage to this nation being done by the person in the Oval Office. I listen to both sides of the issue, and both sides make a compelling case. Today, I share with you Gronda’s post that makes a compelling case in favour of at the very least opening an impeachment inquiry. What are your thoughts? Many thanks, Gronda, for this enlightening post and for permission to share it.

Gronda Morin

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Dear Democrats, as per the historian Jon Meacham, “If I were in Congress, I’d want to hold Trump impeachment hearings;” and “If you raise the bar for an impeachment inquiry to impossibly high standards, you then lower the bar for what the country will have to tolerate with future lawless presidents.”

According to a new CNN poll,”Democrats are increasingly in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump, with 76 percent saying they support the move.” Ignoring the will of the party’s base of voters is in itself, a risky political calculation.

Our Black brothers and sisters have become an important/ crucial voting bloc for Democratic Party candidates. They also represent a bloc of voters who don’t get why the US House Democrats have failed to at least commence an impeachment inquiry which doesn’t have to result in an actual impeachment vote against President Trump, based on his numerous felonious acts…

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15 thoughts on “Note To Democrats: It Wasn’t Just Issues That Helped Dems Win In 2018/ Try Black Voter Turnout

  1. I agree that if Democrats don’t do their duty to impeach Trump, then why should tgese most fervent opponents believe in the mission of the Democratic Party? Lower turnout would then play right into Trump’s advantage in the upcoming election.

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  2. Jill, from the Mueller report, it is clear the Trump campaign were at least unwitting participants in Russian influence. While they may have also colluded, it truly was not necessary as the Russians were very effective. Sidebar, do not let anyone say it did not affect the outcome – of course it did, as the margin was so small.

    The other Trump obstructed justice and is still so doing. Plus, he a clear and present danger to our democracy, our planet and the Republican Party,

    I say this as the GOP needs to impeach and convict him. The Dems should keep investigating – per Steve Bannon, the story is in Trump’s financial. Trump has consistently lied about financial ties to Russia,


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    • Oh yes, it affected the outcome, and I have very serious doubts that the contributions of Trump and his campaign were ‘unwitting’. Granted, none of the Trumps are the brightest bulbs in the pack and no doubt were easily fooled, but they knew the Russians were working against Hillary and in favour of Trump. Why? That is the million dollar question. My best guess is because Putin saw Trump’s lack of qualifications, saw his ignorance, and figured he could control him, play him like a puppet.

      And yes, Trump is still obstructing justice every day by bullying and intimidating witnesses to keep them from testifying before Congress, by suing to keep documents from being released, and by his rhetoric.

      I definitely agree that he should be impeached … yesterday, if possible. The reason I vacillate is that I’m not sure it wouldn’t play right into Trump’s hand by giving him the wherewithal to play the ‘victim’ card. But, I think it’s time … he is more emboldened the longer we wait. Sigh.


      • Jill, I believe the pressure must be on the GOP leaders. The message is this behavior is unacceptable – what do you plan to do about it? More bad behavior will be unearthed and will occur. That is what scares the crap out of them. Keith

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  3. Bipartisan.
    Either Nancy means something very specific by “bipartisan” in her quote, or that word doesn’t mean what *someone* thinks it means. Here is one: “of, relating to, or involving members of two parties; specifically : marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties.” So how do you get bipartisan *anything* with a party which refuses to cooperate, agree (in good faith) or compromise? And when one party redefines those three words, that does not support their claims, it just supports their scorched earth venality.

    In case no one has noticed, the House is potentially going down the impeachment path as there are investigations going on (that is why the Trump mob is fighting subpoenas) so maybe it doesn’t count until they are actually labelled impeachment hearings. Or 25th hearings.

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    • Committees are anything anyone decides they are. Impeachment proceedings can omly be one thing, someones believe someone else has done something grievously wrong. Until the dems start impeachment proceedings, and calls them impeachment proceedings, Trump has a door out, and I’m sure he recognizes that. Close that door, lock it, and we will know what we knew all along, Trump lies, cheats, and steals. You don’t need to convince all the Republican politicians, and voters, you only need to convince some. Once that is done, and done publicly, Trump will find out his base is built on deserting rats, and he will not recover from losing his symphany of psychophants.

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        • I think it is just as important to start the proceedings, and if you fail, try again. Trump’s followers have to be given the chance to see that people are serious about their anti-hero being the villian. If he is seen to be possibly not impeachable, that adds ammunition to their blindness. “Well, no one thought he was THAT bad, so I guess he wasn’t.” Don’t give them that opportunity!

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