The border crisis: Julian Castro has a plan

There are many ‘hot topics’ on the docket for next year’s election, not the least of which is immigration. The immigration ‘plan’, if there can be said to actually be a plan, of the current administration is a disaster, with lives being lost at our southern border, and human rights violations that three years ago would have been unthinkable. So, where do the candidates stand on immigration? It isn’t something I’ve given a lot of thought to yet, but luckily our friend Jeff over at On The Fence Voters has. He has analyzed the platforms of two of the contenders for the democratic nomination: Julián Castro and Beto O’Rourke. I find his posts on this topic enlightening, and I think you will too. This is the first of the two, and I plan to re-blog the second later this evening. Thank you, Jeff, for these two posts and your permission to share!

On The Fence Voters

To say the Trump administration’s policy on immigration is a disaster, would actually be a compliment. Let’s be honest, the policy is inhumane, chaotic, horrific, and unsustainable. And word this morning that 37 migrant children who had boarded vans last July in the brutal heat of a Texas summer, only to be forced to stay in those vans for up to 39 hours, exemplifies the incompetence we’ve seen when it comes to this issue.

The migrants were on their way to the Port Isabel Detention Center, hoping to reunite with their parents, who had been taken from them when the Trump administration began systematically separating migrant families who crossed the border illegally. Eventually, the children were reunited with the parents, but to endure such hardship is simply a disgrace.

Of course, this situation arose out of Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, which was officially in effect from April 2018 until June…

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8 thoughts on “The border crisis: Julian Castro has a plan

  1. King Trump’s “tough guy” immigration simply does not work and now negatively impacts the state of our economy with his tariff threat. Very simply , I do not accept this tragic man as my President in our country.

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  2. Jill, too many people mistake kindness for weakness, including the president. A leader can be tough, but fair minded and compassionate. I do not see these qualities in a fear monger who uses false bravado.

    Castro has posed informed ideas. Trump has made a recurring concern and made it worse with his rhetoric. We should dust off the the bipartisan Senate bill passed in 2013 and refine it as needed to address DACA, more judges.

    We must remain true to our ideals and recognize we need to grow our young demographic in this country, which has been raised as a concern


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    • I agree with you 100%. Compassion is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength, of being able to care about others, which is something Trump is incapable of. The more he blusters, thinking it makes him sound ‘tough’, the more I see him as weak and ineffectual. Our current immigration ‘policy’ is cruel and abusive … what bothers me most is that his base applauds it. I thought that we, as a nation, were better than this, but I may have been mistaken. Sigh.


      • Jill, a compassionate person does not routinely sue people to avoid paying them causing some to go out of business. A real man does not grab nearby women by their crotch or walk in on unclothed teen girls then brag about his exploits. And, so on. Keith

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  3. “Perhaps the President ought to take a look.” Are we still assuming that trump cares or that he can read? That is a great post and from what I have seen of Castro, I think he’s got a vision. And who better to understand than a Congressman on the front lines in Texas? But truly, should we even give trump the assumption that he is a man who understands the issues and wants a better America for EVERYBODY? I don’t think so.

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