Trump’s Travels ‘Toons

Trump traveled to the UK for an official state visit this week, and much to nobody’s surprise, he disgraced and humiliated us just as we knew he would.  Delusional as always, he came away thinking the crowds of protestors were adoring fans and that “everybody loves” him in the UK.  The cartoonists had a slightly different take on it.  Let’s take a look …

His staff tried to prepare him for the visit …


Apparently he tuned it all out, for ….

Trump-UK-3Trump-UK-4Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump gets a royal giftTrump-UK-6Trump-UK-7Trump-UK-8Trump UK visit


And with signs like these, it is unimaginable that he still believes he is loved on the other side of the pond …


And those were actually some of the … um … shall we say less vulgar signs!  🤣

52 thoughts on “Trump’s Travels ‘Toons

    • My favourite was the one with the hazmat team disinfecting the Queen’s hands after she shook hands with him. I’ve always thought that I would feel dirty and need a few hot showers if I ever had to shake hands with him.


    • I have been trying to keep up with the Brexit news, and admittedly it doesn’t look good. Question: do you think there will be a new referendum vote, and if so, how do you think it will come out? Hang in, my friend.


      • It’s probably the only way out of this mess but the conservatives are marching to Farage’s beat of impaling themselves on a hard Brexit and Corbyn has always wanted us out really (but at least he recognises the madness of going without a bit of common sense). The hope is the Liberals get us some tracking but ultimately it’s there fault that Cameron was given the chance to crash the economy.

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        • My thoughts are that to call for a new referendum would be as controversial and divisive as our House calling for Trump’s impeachment. The situation in both countries is grim, both exacerbated by the likes of Farage and Trump-supporters. I really thought Farage was washed up a few years ago. It’s like what they say about a bad penny … keeps turning back up.

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  1. Well, at least Brits took full opportunity to mock the clown.
    I don’t know how to say this, but our comedy shows are still taking the *iss out of your Illustrious leader. We feel so sorry for Americans. And don’t be too sure about that big trade deal either. Brexit has not happened yet, and the seams are falling apart on our political puppets. Will take a blooming miracle to make it work at this point.

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    • I have to add… This is one of Trump’s tweets from just a few hours ago…

      “For all of the money we are spending, NASA should NOT be talking about going to the Moon – We did that 50 years ago. They should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, including Mars (of which the Moon is a part), Defense and Science!”

      I am sorry, put your POTUS doesn’t even know where the moon is located. Mr Bone Spurs is as dumb as they come. How can this twit be left running the country?

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    • I’m concerned about Brexit. The prolonged impasse could potentially be very damaging economically and politically not just in the U.K. but also in a larger context. It seems that Britain is as torn over its relationship with the E.U. as America is torn over Trump with no resolution in sight for either nation. Endless quagmires are open invitations to extremism.

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      • Yes, I am concerned about Brexit too. I think what looked like a simple withdrawal has morphed into a monster, ravaged by political bullying, simply horrendous lying, and deliberate exploitation. The UK is looking very lonely on the political map these days. But we are Brits… We have a strong upper lip. We will not cry for our mistakes. We will just pick up the pieces, glue them back together, and carry on.

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        • To be honest, Brits generally don’t like extremism. The reason for the current mess is that Corbyn is too extreme for traditional centre left Labour supporters. Boris Johnson is too extreme for Centre right Tories. I think we will see a fragmentation of the political vote should there be another election called before the Brexit deadline.

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          • Folks, I am pulling for you, but the absolute worst option per financial and business experts is a hard Brexit. It is not a surprise that Trump favors a hard Brexit.

            I understand the reasons for the Brexit vote, but I hope the Brits do another vote and decide to remain. The financial future looks brighter as part of the EU, in my view. But, I don’t live there, so my opinion means nada. Keith

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            • That sounds sensible Keith. But I watched a 2 hr documentary following the European side of the Brexit Negotiations. ‘Storyville’s Brexit: Behind Closed Doors,’ followed Europe’s Cheif negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt through the process which made painful watching for Brits. The TV program was shown after our supposed leaving date of March 29th, strategically, just before the EU elections. It shows a hard-line Verhofstaadt swearing about the Prime Minister, and generally rubbishing our negotiators and generally laughing at Britain. His staff constantly made jokes about Brits, telling us to just F**k Off, and that their negotiating plan is to just get rid of us ‘Colonialists.’
              If people think we can stay in the EU now (with any sort of negotiating power), I think they will be disappointed. We will slide to the bottom of the pile in Europe (where they have already put us in the Euro vision Song Contest for many years). The only thing they want from us, is our money to pay for the huge cost of keeping the Union together.
              I regret our silly move to take on the powerful European Union. They have Soviet Union tactics and control every country under their auspices. No one gets away.

              Our major political parties are generally stumbling over Brexit, knowing full well that Europe will not reopen negotiations. Any new Conservative Tory leader will fair no better than Theresa May. As for Jeremy Corbyn, the Centre Left Labour Party will only do well if he steps down. Only younger voters like him. They do not have the historical context of the rise of Jeremy Corbyn in their view of the current political world. He is a communist by nature and so is his Shadow Chancellor, John McDonell. They are dangerous political usurpers. Most of the traditional Labour candidates quit when he took power. His new cabinet were all back bench no names.

              As for Sadiq Khan, recently slandered by Trump as a ‘Stone Cold Loser,’ is no angel either. His notoriety comes from his days as a lawyer defending one of the accused in the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers.

              We must not lose sight of the fact that politics is a ‘dirty game.’ The players don’t play nice, nor are they completely honest with ordinary voters. This is the reason for the huge divide in the UK. The older public have some historical context of the dirty games played and the young do not, still naive and trusting of the process Am I jaded? You Bet! I can’t find a single party that I like or trust!

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              • Thanks for the added color commentary. The best for our two countries is to sweep out the old guard and let people who don’t have a historical power base have a chance. While the US president is not old guard, he has shown how not to govern and treat allies and trading partners. So, he can go with the McConnells, Corbyns, Johnsons, Farages. We need some folks who will bring honor to the positions they hold. I would love a boringly competent bridge builder as president, not one whose pictures behind the news presenter makes me ask “what has he done now?” Keith

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    • I’m thrilled that your comedy shows aren’t letting it go! In fact, give me the name of one of them, for I would love to check out a clip or two. You know how I feel … he deserves every bit of the mockery he gets.

      I try not to opine too much regarding Brexit, for I have good friends on both sides of the issue and I wouldn’t offend any of them by choice. I will say, though, that with Trump in office, no nation will likely get a fair trade deal with the U.S. Unfortunately, if Brexit does become a fait accompli, you guys may end up settling for a deal with Trump that isn’t in your best interests, and I do NOT wish to see that happen. As long as you are a part of the EU, it seems that you have more bargaining power and can thumb your nose at Trump. Sigh. The world is in such a mess …

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  2. His supporters never see these signs because all they ever read is tRumpsky’s tweets so when he talks about how “loved” he is, they believe him. I suppose the old saying has some merit … ignorance is bliss.

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