Official Book Launch

I have BIG news! Our friend Roger, aka Heroically Bad Writer, aka Woebegone But Hopeful, has just published the second book in his series, “Of Patchwork Warriors:  The Precipice Dominions”!

Volume II picks up where Volume I left off, and according to the author … “Arketre (Flaxi) and Karlyn (Kitlin) have been making the best of diversion into a North Eastern princedom, sort of where Estonia is; they are having something of an extended working honeymoon. Trelli is settled in somewhere which might be Italy learning to cope with her powers under the tutelage of the Devoteds a very strong and tight group of women. Although separated three are soon together again wrapped up in a confusion of hidden agendas and one invasion.”

Curiosity piqued yet? Head on over to Amazon, or read Roger’s post here to find out how to get a free copy! And be sure to give Roger a big “congratulations”, for he has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this book.

Thanks Roger!!!

34 thoughts on “Official Book Launch

  1. Aww, thanks Jill.
    All I rely on now is Amazon to do the business… says everything is OK, but you never know with computer things (Skynet is out there, it can’t fool me)

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    • No problem….PDFs (or pud-huffs) as they are called in our house are available to anyone I know (Once a 1960s garage band mentality…always a 1960s garage band mentality)

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      • Pud-huffs? That’s certainly inventive. Or creative! I generally assign sounds to most whatever–those-things-are-called ( my memory fails me again) but PDFs I never even tried…

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          • Uh oh! You folks talk to your laptops? Isn’t that a sign of something, Roger? Old age, or no friends, or something like that… Or were you meaning you were protecting your laptops somewhow, putting addresses on them in case you lost them? (Another sign of something: senility, perhaps?)

            Sorry, sir, I just could not help myself! I don’t get so many good openings as that anymore…

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            • Yep! We talk to our laptops. Something wrong with that? You gotta watch out for those sneaky things y’know…..We’ve seen all the Terminator films (Not a happy experience )….We know Skynet is out there.
              Why by gad sir, I can remember as far back as times when we had sweet rationing, and you could say L.S.D in Britain and people knew you were talkin’ about good ol’ honest hard currency (Pounds, Shillings and Pence…Yes sir, in those days you could spell ‘Pound’ with an ‘L’ and not-British people respected you for it!
              Now, what were we talking about?

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                • Ahhh … but a laptop or a car can be of either gender. One must be attuned, watch for the small telling signs which it is. Kittens are easier … you upend them and simply look. But laptops and cars … one must bond first, then one will know their gender. I had a van once, definitely a male … I named him Joey. He never whined or complained, and even after he and I got smashed up good, he still got me home. Then I had a car, a definite female, Sadie I named her. She was sweet, but got PMS every bloomin’ month!


                  • Muscle cars are probably male, but rel8able A to B cars are female.
                    Please, More Services?
                    Yes, easy to tell a kitten’s sex (unless you’re this know-it-all guy I knew, never got one right, lol), but they look too cute to be hes.

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                    • Oh, I dunno … “hes” can be pretty cute sometimes, when they aren’t being ornery. And by the way, even my vacuum cleaner has a gender … she is a ‘she’, but a tough one … her name is Big Bad Bertha!


                    • Ahhh … yes, as a matter of fact I did drive BBB this afternoon! Monday, got to clean up from the weekend, you know. Um … the sofa … well, about once a month I try to pull it out and vacuum under/behind it, and once a week I move the two chairs in the living room and vacuum under them, but not every time. That would require more energy than I have these days. She is made especially for sucking up kitty hair and does a good job. She is getting up in years, though, and as we’ve discussed before, with a cord frayed in multiple places, and a broken dirt cup, it is about time to replace her. I’m boycotting major purchases these days, though, so I keep nursing her through just a few more months. 😉


                    • Why not just replace the cord? It’s a lot less expensive than replaving BBB. Anyone who knows electricity can do it, if you aren’t sure how. Any good hardware store should have the wire on amlong roll. Just tell them how much you need.

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                    • I wouldn’t trust myself to do it, but your suggestion is good. I may see if Ali knows how. If I took it to a repair shop, they would just talk me into a new one anyway … last time I called a washing machine repairman, he said he could fix it for $400+ dollars, but he could sell me a new one for the same price. ‘Tis their goal in life to sell stuff. Planned obsolescence is the new motto of manufacturers ’round the world.


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