Time For ‘Toons!!!

Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right?  It started with getting up late, finding that the kitties had knocked over my flowers and water was everywhere, then trying to quickly get a beef roast into the crock pot for supper took me nearly an hour for some reason.  So, long story short, I am in a time crunch today and thought … what a perfect opportunity to showcase some cartoons!  Political cartoons sometimes make us laugh, sometimes shake our heads, and sometimes make us want to cry, but they say so much with a simple drawing.  So, let’s see how the cartoonists have viewed the past week or two …

Trump does love tariffs.  Too bad he doesn’t understand them.  


One of the biggest issues dividing this nation … one of the few hundred, that is … is guns.  Every time there is a multiple-death shooting as there was in Virginia Beach on May 31st, the debate becomes more vocal, with the gun nuts saying “this isn’t the time to discuss it”, and the rest of us positing that this is exactly the time to discuss it. 


Of course, regardless of political party, the “I-word” is on everybody’s mind these days …


Who can resist poking fun at ol’ 2-faced Lindsey Graham?


And just for kicks …

democracyTom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c190609.tiftoon-1.jpg

Have a great week, folks … remember, humour helps us maintain perspective in these troubled times!

15 thoughts on “Time For ‘Toons!!!

  1. Jill, either the president does not understand tariffs or he is purposefully lying to the American people; there are no other options. On multiple occasions he has said the country he places tariffs on is paying the cost – that is simply untrue so says economists.

    He also is overly concerned with trade deficits and not too concerned with our budget deficit and debt. We are consuming nation, so we buy more stuff from elsewhere.

    As for the silencer, I think the Supreme Court ruled today that a silencer is not protected by the Second Amendment. Let’s hope I read that right.


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    • Agreed … I suspect he truly does not understand how tariffs boomerang and hit the U.S. consumer smack in the head, but it could be that he just doesn’t care. As long as his base believes his falsehood that it is good for them, why should he care?

      Yes, you read the silencer issue right, which gives me hope that despite Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, the court still acts independently, for Trump had ‘advised’ the court against taking up the issue.


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