Break Open Da Piggy Bank …

Last week, Trump traveled to the United Kingdom for a state visit.  I’ve already written about his bizarre, juvenile behaviour and will leave that topic alone for now, but my jaw dropped yesterday morning when, after assessing our family finances and deciding I better wait until next week to order my insulin, I read what Trump’s little jaunt cost We, the Taxpayers.


Junior strutting in his finery

First, consider who went.  Donald and the sour-faced spouse, Melania – the only two who were actually invited.  Then there was Don, the hunter, Junior; the useless duo of Ivanka & Jared; Eric and his potty-mouth wife, Lara; and the usually-unseen Tiffany … I guess she couldn’t pass up a trip to London on our dime.  So … eight principal characters, all of whom, of course, require round-the-clock Secret Service protection.  Then there were about a dozen of his ‘advisors’, though since he never listens to them and they are mostly witless anyway, it’s unclear why they went along.  Among them was America’s #1 bimbo Kellyanne Conway, resident liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders, white supremacist Stephen Miller, and boot-licker Steve Mnuchin as well as his wife.  And to ice the cake, he also brought along some friends, like Chris Ruddy, CEO of the conservative media organization Newsmax.


Could the women have found any uglier dresses???

First, there were the costs to fly Air Force One from Andrews Air Force Base to London … about $2.5 million for the round trip.  The Trump kids did not fly on Air Force One, but whatever they did fly on cost the taxpayer an undisclosed amount, and their Secret Service protection cost even more.  I’m not sure why we are protecting these useless people, but …

Along with people on Air Force One, the presidential limousine and Marine One helicopter were transported, along with a multitude of supporting vehicles and staff. They’re all designed to keep the president safe and away from protesters.  You know … those protestors that Trump claimed he didn’t see?UK-presidential-limNext, there was the cost of Secret Service protection for all the above-named people … while I have searched and cannot find any credible information about the costs of Secret Service protection, there is no doubt whatsoever that it runs into the millions.  Just a weekend jaunt to Mar-a-Lago runs over $1 million.

Then came the accommodations. Trump and part of his entourage stayed at the Qatari-owned Intercontinental Park Lane Hotel, at a cost of approximately $1.3 million.  Other members of the party stayed elsewhere:

  • London Hilton on Park Lane ($339,000)
  • Cumberland Hotel at Cumberland Place ($92,000)
  • Hyatt Regency Churchill hotel ($37,000)



Trump’s suite at Intercontinental Park Lane

While there are many costs that I can find no information about, there was a crowning end to his trip when he detoured for a visit to his golf course in Doonbeg, Ireland.  This extra jaunt cost the taxpayers $3.6 million more than if he had remained in London!  To add insult to injury, he conducted a bit of business while he was there … not U.S. government business, but rather business concerning his golf course, which is part of Trump Enterprises.  No, no conflict of interest here, folks … move along now … see that snake oil salesman just across the street?

And the UK paid a hefty price for the Trump family visit as well.  Contrary to what Trump claims, tens of thousands of protestors were out in force last Tuesday, ensuring that a strong police presence would be required. While I have not heard a final tally, prior to Trump’s visit the estimate for security by Scotland Yard was £40 million, or $50.7 million! UK-protestors.jpgIt should be noted that in 2012, when President Obama traveled to Spain, Trump had nothing but criticism about the cost of the trip …

“The Obama’s Spain vacation cost taxpayers over $476K. They love to spend money.”

A mere fraction of the cost of the Trump family’s London vacation … ah, but that was President Obama, whose skin wasn’t quite the right colour to suit Trump.

No matter what the final figure for this trip is on either side of the Atlantic, the taxpayers of both the United States and the United Kingdom have been royally ripped off.  What did we gain from this trip?  Nothing.  The Trump boys had a lot of fun pub-hopping over in Ireland, Trump had a blast making up stories, claiming that people loved him and that the Queen never had a better time than with him.  And he embarrassed the heck out of this nation by threatening to force our horrendous health care on the Brits, among other things.  Melania, Ivanka, Jared, Junior, Eric, and Tiffany got to see the sights and be treated like royalty. UK-pub

We, the taxpayers?  We got nothing, not even a lousy T-shirt.

London The Baby Blimp June 2019 UK Trump Protesters Funny Shirt

35 thoughts on “Break Open Da Piggy Bank …

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    …. and the bills keep piling on!! … ‘No matter what the final figure for this trip is on either side of the Atlantic, the taxpayers of both the United States and the United Kingdom have been royally ripped off. What did we gain from this trip? Nothing. ‘

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  2. I’m surprised Junior’s girlfriend didn’t tag along. Or maybe they’ve broken up? She is/was probably attracted by his M.O.N.E.Y … certainly not his looks!

    And that “side trip” to the golf course … !!! 😠😠👎

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    • I was surprised by that, too, and perhaps she did but it just wasn’t reported. Or Tiffany’s boyfriend. We have paid for Secret Service to protect her and her boyfriend when they jaunted to Germany and other places in Europe! Did you see David’s comment about the bar tab? I was incensed … not surprised, though.


  3. I want to comment, but can’t think of anything encouraging today…or last week or last year or two years ago. Do I still live in America, land of the free and home of the brave? What are my dead brothers and sisters who died courageously for this country saying today? No, I have nothing to say. The time for words is past. Grab your muskets, black powder and vittles and head for the woods – the revolution is upon us.

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    • Deep breaths, my friend … how ’bout a nice glass of 🍷 . Let’s not add to the nightmare with muskets, but instead let’s arm ourselves with words. Sigh. As to whether we still live in the “land of the free, home of the brave”, I don’t know. They still play the song at baseball games, but it seems rather meaningless these days. I think I’ll have one of those 🍷 too. Cheers 🥂

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  4. Trump comes to the UK all he achieves is opening his big fat mouth once on the NHS then is told by his own folk effectively to shut the frib up on such matters. he backs down and basically shuts the frib up for the rest of the trip.
    Meanwhile he brings the whole crew over so we can see who we can dislike.
    Great PR job Don.
    Meanwhile some poor desperate jerk in the USA tried this one on and nearly every local paper in the UK had a field-day with it

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  5. Jill, there are more than a few puzzling questions.
    – Junior and Eric are supposed to be running the businesses? so why are they involved; the answer is the father likely never really divorced himself from his businesses.

    – I still have major concerns that Jared and Ivanka were never vetted by the Senate as they do not have official jobs – but there they are in all big meetings. More than anything, their involvement is prima facie evidence that the country is being run like a mafia family.

    – I would like to see an annual tally on the travel, security costs for the first family. Is it $500 million, $1 billion or more?


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    • All are good points/questions. There is, according to a couple of pieces I read, considerable room for speculation of conflict of interest or ethical considerations about Don and Eric going, because as you mention, they are supposedly running Trump Enterprises, but like you, I firmly believe Trump has not distanced himself at all. As for Jared and Ivanka … Jared’s security clearance isn’t even legitimate, but was mandated against the better judgment of those who vetted him. AND … his business, it is said, has benefited significantly from his time as an ‘unpaid advisor’ in the White House, as did Ivanka’s, prior to shutting down last year. I’m working on finding the total for his and family’s travel, but so far I find bits and pieces. Also … the number of people being covered by the Secret Service, and at what cost, is one of the things I’m trying to find out. One thing for sure … he is one expensive president to give back so darn little.


  6. The First Grifter Family strikes again. I’ve seen these reports in the media Jill. Any other president doing this stuff would garner massive headlines and heads exploding simultaneously. Yet, with these people, it’s just another pathetic story on top of other pathetic stories. His supporters will say they knew about these potential conflicts of interest etc…and voted for him anyway. They just don’t give a damn. There is literally so much bad stuff, it’s overload for everyone. It’s hard to keep up with it all. But the House Dems need to do it. And they need to do it quickly. Pretty soon it will be 2020, and all will be forgotten. The campaigns will be in full swing. My god…how did we get here?

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    • I keep coming back to the ol’ “What if Obama had done this?”, and you and I both know he would likely have been run out of town on a rail, never to be seen or heard from again. Such a double standard, and yet … the Trump ‘base’ seem to see no problem with it all. The very same ones who constantly, day and night, criticized Obama’s every move, even to the colour of his clothing or his lapel pin. And yet, so many of his supporters are no more wealthy than you and I, but still think it’s okay for him to flit about, jet-setting with his entire brood, to the UK, Saudi Arabia, Mar-a-Lago, or wherever, on our dime. Sigh. I think I’ve outlived this world, for it no longer makes sense to me.

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  7. I understand on the Irish leg the boys downed a few at a local pub and then stood a drink for the house.That would have been a really nice gesture if they hadn’t skipped out without paying their tab.I’m not sure if the Trumps will receive any warmth in future.

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  8. Trump needs to spend lavishly, that is what royalty does, and he so wants to be royalty. Royal shit is what he is, but you cannot tell him that.
    Don’t you have rules about who can go on a trlp, and how much they can spend, etc? If you don’t, you need some. With Trump opening the coffers, future presidents will want to outspend him. Stop it now, while you still can…

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    • Yes, there should be limits on spending. Especially when the outcomes of that spending are little.

      Our Government gives a stipend to the Queen. Admittedly, its a bloody large one, but those properties and land still in Royal Hands, do cost a lot to run. In return, the Royals have a mind numbing number of responsibilities, events and duties to perform. They are not allowed political intervention (except for opinions behind closed doors). The Queen in particular, has a gruelling schedule for someone of her years. We may moan at their Royalness, their privilege, and perhaps at their posh and strict etiquette, but we forget how much they work to create goodwill with other countries who have done business with us entirely because of their patronage. While all this smacks of the bourgeois decadence of power, the alternative of a more socialist nature of equality for everyone, can descend quickly into communism and a world of equal have nots. China has only climbed out of their Cultural Revolution days of punishment and enforced labour in a personally unchosen trade, by recognising that people need some aspirational goals. Take away a person’s rights to succeed and excel (whether monitarily, or just socially) creates drudgery and lack of hope. It creates more leaders who want weaponry.

      We must find middle ground that is neither totally Capitalistic, Nor Communistic. It isn’t easy to do, but certainly is a heck of a lot more fair when it comes to redistributing wealth and helping everyone to at least have good, clean, healthy living standards.

      Certainly, money wasting is criminal. Why does a hotel need to charge several thousand for their best suite for the night? Because it makes top income earners buy a ridiculously overpriced room for one night, because they wish to show off their wealth. That money does filter down to the people who work in the hotel, so there is some redistribution. But when a government leader charges that money back to the taxpayer, it is only robbing Peter, to pay Paul. That is not redistribution of wealth. At the very least, Trump’s family should be paying their own way on the trip to the UK. We Brits didn’t invite them, nor did our political leaders, nor did the Royal family. I think Congress should actually question the whole morality, and legality of such gorging on ‘the public trough.’

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    • Fully agree with you rg. Trump is a show off! He can’t help himself, but he acts like our mad King George of times past. King George was quite mad due to infection with Syphilis. His lavish spending, blatent womanising, and quite mad decisions, all symptoms of his brain being eaten away by disease. I wonder…

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    • I’m not sure there are rules, but certainly there must be guidelines. One government website claims that some of his grown children paid their own way, but not Ivanka and Jared. Still, I’m pretty certain I don’t believe them. Yes, this is a precedent we definitely do NOT need nor want to set.

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  9. It was a waste of money for US tax payers as it became such a family circus. If Trump or his advisory team had consulted with Debretts on etiquette matters, there might have been fewer gaffs. I should also add, that we Brits weren’t exactly up to our usual aplomb either. An invitation to a state banquet is really more of a summons by Her Majesty, than a casual party invite. Therefore, in refusing to attend, Jeremy Corbyn (leader of the opposition Labour Party) and Sadiq Khan (London Mayor) did not offend Trump by the refusal to attend, but rather snubbed and offended the Queen.

    All this stuff costs a ridiculous amount of money, but it is the British people themselves who have voted to keep the monarchy as figurehead to the country. Certainly the Royals act a little more diplomatically than our politicians do.

    There was a need to keep Donald Trump sweet (a difficult task for anyone), so I imagine that the Royal family didn’t kick up a fuss over his entourage of performing offspring and their hangers on, but it would have been seen as a bit tacky. I found it interesting that the Royals were having the guest wing renovated so that the Trump clan could not stay the night. How very convenient, but of course that meant more hotel bills for US tax payers.

    While there is a fair amount of public coverage (such as at the State Banquet), there is also a lot that stays private. I can only imagine the bills that the Trump tons ran up, staying at the best suites in the best hotels around London. Although I did think that Donald and Melania were staying with the US Ambassador. He, apparently, wasn’t having the guest rooms renovated.

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    • My understanding is that the Trump clan was given some sort of lessons in protocol, but of course they chose to ignore most of it. Did you see David’s comment about Junior and Eric skipping out on a huge pub tab? If I claimed Trump as my ‘president’, I would be so ashamed I would jump off a bridge. Fortunately, he is NOT my president, for he represents values that are the polar opposite of my own. Your royals are the epitome of grace & dignity, which makes Trump’s clownish, abhorrent behaviour even more obvious than usual. My advice: don’t invite him back.

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      • I can’t quite get over, skipping out on a pub tab. That is a really offensive thing to do. Brits and the Irish are not particularly forgiving over that sort of thing. Don’t recommend that the boys come back… Might meet with some very strong fists round the back of the pub.

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  10. That is just hideous, Jill. Ripped off is right. But then the U.S. Government under Trump thinks nothing is too good for him and his whole family and closest supporters. It’s too bad we can’t sue and get a big chunk of it back. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • You’re so right … we seem to be left without a voice these days. I wish we could start a movement to convince people to become conscientious tax objectors, claim 20 dependents on our W-4s so that no federal income taxes would be taken from our paychecks. I’m tired of paying for such extravagances as Trump’s useless trip to the UK. Sigh.


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