Donald Trump is playing games with our lives.  Today, in a strictly retaliatory move against Congress and We the People, he played that tired old “executive privilege” card.  Congress had made known earlier this week its intent to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of Congress for failure to answer the subpoenas they were issued by the House Oversight Committee to release certain documents.  Trump threatened that if they did so, he would invoke ‘executive privilege’ on the documents the committee had requested regarding how a citizenship question came to be added to the 2020 census form.  Just a few hours ago, Trump acted on his threat and invoked that ‘executive privilege’ that he has so often used and abused.

Congress has not only a constitutional right, but a constitutional mandate to investigate, to find the truth. That truth is being hidden, kept from Congress, purloined from the public.  This move reeks of dictatorship, of an authoritarian government, one where the ‘man’ at the top considers himself to be a supreme leader, rather than a democratically elected public servant.

Trump’s refusal to allow documents to be released, his threats and bullying key witnesses to keep them from testifying before Congress is nothing less than obstruction of justice.  The Mueller report laid out nearly a dozen proven instances in which Trump had obstructed, or attempted to obstruct, the ongoing investigation. Nothing has changed … he is still obstructing justice and has become even more blatant about it, for nobody and nothing to date has stopped him.  His minions, his boot-lickers both in the cabinet, the White House staff, and in Congress have lied and covered for him, have pointed the finger of blame in every direction except the right one, and thus we now have a dictator who believes that he has the right to hide the truth, to trample the Constitution for his own purposes.

Trump is a ‘fake’ president and is leading this nation down a dark path.  Yes, folks, he most definitely IS guilty of obstruction of justice, as recently as five hours ago!  We the People are being increasingly kept in the dark, being given only the tidbits that Trump wants us to have.  Do you know when was the last time Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a White House Press Briefing?  March 11th … 92 days ago!  More than three months.  During that time, she has been a regular on Fox News, but has disappeared from the legitimate press.  Not, mind you, that she ever told the truth anyway, but still …

As for William Barr and Wilbur Ross … I would like to see them both cited for contempt of Congress and given 24 hours to comply, else be arrested and put in jail just as you or I would be in similar circumstances.  As for Trump … he claims the Mueller report exonerated him.  It did not.  He claims “no collusion, no obstruction”.  He lies … he is guilty of both, but Mueller’s hands were tied, so he tossed the ball to Congress.  Now Trump and Co are trying to tie Congress’ hands.  If that isn’t obstruction, I don’t know what is.

Chris Britt / Illinois Times

R.J. Matson / Roll CallNick Anderson cartoonAdam Zyglis / Buffalo NewsJeff Danziger cartoon

39 thoughts on “OBSTRUCTION!!!

  1. Danziger’s commentary as often is the one which strikes home the hardest.
    There are folk out there riding on The Trump Wagon who are looking for the right time and place to jump off.
    Y’see if this fellow had been astute, he would have tried to reach out at some stage and play ‘The Reagan’ card…..remember how reasonable, friendly and sensible he could sound to folk. But he had to try and bluster and bully and delude himself into thinking the whole USA (300,000,000; 5 time zones) could be treated like it was one of his property developments.
    He has not the character, the smarts nor the judgement to play the long, slow, clever game; the one where the vast majority of the people think ‘Yeah. Y’know. They an’t so bad’ only to wake up one morning to find the constitution junked and think ‘Uh? How the hell did that happen?’ get a bit irate then listen to the leader and shrug a bit thinking ‘Oh well. Maybe they’re right. I mean, they an’t SO bad,’.
    Now that’s how The Real Players do it, and even they run out of energy and ‘smarts’ eventually.
    This one? Ha! A majority of the voting population already knows him from being a crooked, blowhard klutz. He does not have the deep loyalty of the men and women who work the organs of state.
    At some stage, he is going to be pulled down.
    Buy your popcorn concessions now folks

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    • You make a very good point about “playing the Reagan card”. Methinks you have a better grasp on our political history than most of our voters do. It is true that he isn’t particularly intelligent, nor possessed of that great brain he claims, but he seems to have the luck of the Irish in slipping through his own perfidy. I see his carousel spinning faster and faster out of control … and yet … and yet I won’t be surprised if he wins the election (not fairly, but hey … what is a fair election these days?) next year and subjects this nation to complete destruction. The safeguards built into the Constitution are falling, one by one, and … he is there to take advantage. He is there, in fact, with his Bic lighter, determined to set afire the Constitution and take no prisoners. Sigh. Don’t mind me … it’s a mood of the moment.

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      • He’s nothing Jill, nothing. He’s only there because of his ‘court’ and The Unholy Church of Trump. He is the inflated manifestation of their fear and hatred of the opposition.
        Trump is a symptom. If he was that good, he’d have more allies in the world and a groundswell of support in the US….As a person…nothing.

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        • What you say is true … BUT, his ‘court’, his Unholy Church of Trump, is still there and still cheering him on. One would think that by now they would have become disillusioned, but only a handful have, and the rest are still cheering and throwing confetti. Therein lies the problem, one that I have no idea how to fix. Been working for years now to open their eyes, to remove the rose-coloured glasses, blinders and earplugs, but they steadfastly refuse to look or listen.

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    • It is, but then … it might be even shorter if we bury our heads in the sand and ignore what is happening. For my part, I simply cannot ignore it all. Some days I wish I could, while other days I’m glad I cannot. Sigh.


  2. Jill, some Republicans have noted people are trying to paint Trump as the new Nixon. Using a favorite Nixon saying, “let me be perfectly clear.” Nixon was a crook. He ran a burglary ring from the White House and then tried to hide it. Over 20 colleagues went to jail. The GOP has gone after John Dean for being a part of it, but he also testified against Nixon and the news read “who is telling the truth, Nixon or Dean?” Well, the answer was revealed later that Dean was.

    As for Trump, he is actually worse than Nixon. So, far only a half dozen or so have gone to jail, but it is early. He has obstructed justice as did Nixon, but he has done worse with obvious conflict of interests with foreign entities, making money off the presidency, and siding with foreign powers intelligence against that of his own country’s. And, with a little more digging, we would find he has conspired with Russia to get information on his own opponent. Right now, he was a naïve participant in Russian influence, but I believe there is more. Why? Because he cannot keep his stories straight.

    The one advantage Trump has is Fox News and other pseudo-new sycophants cover his fanny. Plus, he has convinced his followers that all critics are lying and that only he tells the truth. That may be the greatest sales job in the history of politics. Keith

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    • I agree that Trump’s role in the Russian interference with our election goes far deeper than we know. I will always believe that he was fully cognizant of the Trump Tower meeting and knew what he hoped would come of it. I suspect we will never know the full extent of his criminal activities, but just what we do know is enough for both impeachment and imprisonment. However, the ‘man’ is Teflon-coated and so long as he can keep all those boot-lickers like Barr, McConnell and others in line, our chances of proving anything are slim-to-nil. His crimes are far beyond the scope of Nixon’s, and what’s even worse, in my book, is that he has contributed nothing positive. Nixon did a heck of a job foreign relations, particularly with China. Nixon was wise in the ways of the world. And Nixon himself established the EPA. While I’m not condoning his criminal activities, they should not erase the positive contributions he has made. Trump has yet to make any, for he is too busy calling people names, destroying our planet, destroying our democratic processes, torching our Constitution, and holding campaign rallies where they still chant “Lock her up”. The fact that he still has a 40% approval rating still floors me. I don’t get it … I just don’t get it!


  3. This, of course, is a worrying trend. It is not a phenomenon unique to the US. The world, despite European-Union, rhetoric, is starting to destabilize. Riots in Hong-Kong, and threats (no matter how veiled) from the Chinese administration towards the people of Hong Kong, and the greater world (over economic trade), are an indicator that the sleeping giant of a World War, maybe on its way. For all our talk of free enterprise, and cross nation cooperation, the drawbriges are being taken up, and arrows staring to appear in the fortress turrets. We are descending rapidly into conflict. The symptom, that is Trumpism, is only the first unsightly boil. The eruptions of festering sores, that is our current political system, reminds us that until the whole thing is addressed, we cannot hope to conquer the disease. 😑

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    • You are, of course, quite correct … the populist movement did not begin nor will it end with Don Trump. He stands out here, because … well, because he is here and making our lives a living hell. But, there are other signs of the movement having reached its tentacles far and wide, from Brexit to the Hong Kong extradition plan that led to the protests. Another World War is definitely brewing, I sense, but it will not end well. Let me clarify, for no wars have ever ‘ended well’, but by this I mean I think it will end with the loss of life as we know it today, for I do not think that the nations with nuclear capability will be able to resist the temptation, especially Trump. His fingers have been itching since before he took office. Sigh.

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  4. Hello Jill. I know you keep up with the news but I want to empathize that tRump is claiming executive privilege over the time before he became president and over private citizens not in the WH or his administration. That takes … something! He seems to think he can now go back in time to before he was president to claim no one can see or talk about what he did back then. Also he is claiming the right to claim privilege over private citizen’s rights to talk to congress or authorities about his actions or the paperwork they may possess. That is seriously overreaching and totally mob boss like. We can say good night to democracy and hello to dictatorship or with his ego, an emperor. Hugs

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    • Sigh. I think I’ve already said good-bye to democracy, my friend. If Congress is unable to stop this runaway train, then it is up to the courts — ultimately the Supreme Court. And frankly, I have little hope there. There are at least 3 justices who will never go against Trump, I think, and … he has even threatened the Court by saying that if they don’t support him, he might have dirt dug up on them in order to encourage their impeachment. Is there anybody honest in our federal government? I have to wonder. I think that we are already living under a dictatorship … we just haven’t realized it yet. Sigh. Hugs, my good friend.

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      • Hello Jill. This is why I am not in favor of Joe Biden. He keeps talking about “good” Republicans, how he thinks as soon as tRump is gone the Republicans will magically work with him on everything ( he seems to have learned nothing from the 8 years of Obama’s presidency ), and he praises some of the worse Republicans like Dick Cheney. I don’t think he understands that kind of compromise and bipartisanship are something from a by gone era. Hugs

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  5. Politics, both sides, have been dirty for decades. Both sides of the impeachment debate have validity. Bottom line for me is that the House must do what we have elected them to do – oversight of the Executive branch. Stop playing chess with an autocrat who does not play by the rules. They must do what the Constitution empowers them to do.

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    • ‘Tis true what you say, but I cannot remember another time that I felt our government was as corrupt as it seems today. It truly feels as if they are burning the Constitution. All the checks and balances, the safeguards that were written into the document to prevent just the situation we have today, are being shoved aside, buried. Yes, I think the time has come for the House, for Speaker Pelosi, to step up to the plate and say “ENOUGH!” Will they? Stay tuned …

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  6. Love the cartoons. Starts to feel from all these miles away that the moment has passed and now it feels like dithering which actually helps him. I hope I’m wrong. Like I hope I was wrong when I said Boris would be PM some time in 2019 then ex PM also in 2019. Sadly looking more likely and would be cataclysmic for the country.

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  7. Maybe Madame Pelosi will see that she must start impeachment to show Trump he can’t get away with much more of this. He seems to think he’s Teflon coated but things will stick if you go after him the right way.

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    • That is my hope, albeit a slim one, I suspect. As long as he has his minions and boot-lickers protecting him every step of the way, he pretty much IS teflon-coated. Our only hope at this point lies in the Supreme Court … let us hope that there is some conscience there. Sigh.

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  8. Jill, quite simply, we must ask ourselves why a president must mask the discussion leading up to the citizenship question. The only logical conclusion is he has something to hide. So, the next question is what are you hiding.

    This question is to help the GOP cheat. My former party has used cheating as an art form to gerry mander and win more seats. Dems have cheated as well as, but as one judge said the GOP has used “surgical precision to gerry mander and put in place Jim Crow-like voter ID law.

    Sadly, it has hurt our democracy as well as their own party as more strident candidates win primaries. Some of these strident folks form the sycophantic base of the US president.

    Call me crazy, but I want rational, even-tempered folks in Congress and state capitols. I want folks who recognize the threat to our democracy the president is. Many former Republicans do. Keith

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    • No doubt the citizenship question is intended to help the GOP cheat … and in this, it makes it seem that they know they could not win fair and square. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it? There are so many reasons why the citizenship question is a bad idea, not the least of which is that districts with a large immigrant population will end up being under-resourced when it comes to the distribution of federal funds. And not to mention that it will only contribute to even worse gerrymandered districts than we already have. I am determined that if the citizenship question is ruled legal and remains on the census forms, I will refuse to answer it, even though I am a citizen. I will encourage everyone to refuse to answer it. Sigh. I agree with you … I want rational, even-tempered people in our government at all levels. I want honest people, people with integrity. People who take their jobs seriously and have a care for the people they are supposed to represent. But, as long as there is money in the election process, I don’t think we are going to see that.


    • Oh how I wish!!! Y’know … I would love to attend one of his rallies and suddenly pull out a banner and start screeching “Lock ‘im up!!!”. I wouldn’t even mind that I would probably be mobbed, beaten, then hauled off to jail! It would be worth it!


  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Sorry but, what the hell can anyone say? I’m so tired of and so over this ASS!! … ‘Today, in a strictly retaliatory move against Congress and We the People, he played that tired old “executive privilege” card. Congress had made known earlier this week its intent to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of Congress for failure to answer the subpoenas they were issued by the House Oversight Committee to release certain documents. Drumpf threatened that if they did so, he would invoke ‘executive privilege’ on the documents the committee had requested regarding how a citizenship question came to be added to the 2020 census form. Just a few hours ago, Drumpf acted on his threat and invoked that ‘executive privilege’ that he has so often used and abused.’

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