Out of the pool

Once again, our friend Keith has been thinking and come up with some ideas that I think have a great deal of merit. Granted, they will likely never see the light of day, but … I surely wish they would. Heck, I’m all for starting a campaign to elect Keith Wilson as the next president of the United States! All in favour? Thank you, Keith, for some excellent thoughts.


I think it is time to fire any politician in Washington who is forgetting why they are there. We could start with the White House incumbent and then take out hundreds of members of Congress in both Houses. I understand fully Congress must investigate and provide oversight over the Executive Branch. That is part of their job and the current incumbent has given them cause to dig further.

Yet, I have this simple idea that leaders of both houses sit down with legislative liaisons from the White House and figure out some things they can pass and sign into law. I think a civilian board could list about a dozen major issues to focus on and say work these out. It should not take a civilian board, but these folks are too beholden to funders to come up with a workable list.

A key reason for not listing the problems…

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19 thoughts on “Out of the pool

  1. This was a good reblog Jill. As always Keith brings the reasoned and mature side of the argument to the table. Imagine Trump trying to take on Keith. (Stock up on the popcorn folks)

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  2. Keith’s echoing words, “We are are a Republic, not Kingdom,” are good reminders that the American people deserve the Caretakers of the constitution to do everything they can for ‘the people!’ They have no right to build dictatorial laws (or encourage waving legal rights of others), based on their own Narcissistic, self serving machinations.

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    • Quite so, but … the safeguards that were built into the Constitution to stop this very thing, are being trampled by those in charge of them. We elect people to represent our interests, to keep this from happening, and then they let us down, they refuse to do what they are hired to do. What next? Riots in the streets? Perhaps. Assassination? One can only hope.

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  3. Thank you for Keith’s post, Jill. I am glad I do not have to deal with American politicians, I would shoot them as trespassers if they knocked on my door. American law allows that, don’t they? I wouldn’t even be home to do it, I would just give Alexis her orders and go on vacation. Oops!

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    • Yeah, they are allowed to knock on doors, and they often do. But y’know what’s funny? They never … NEVER come to my neighborhood, a neighborhood comprised mainly of African-Americans and Middle-Eastern refugees. They go a mile or two north where the doctors, lawyers and such live. I’m not complaining, mind you, for I would be tempted to throw something at them if they did come knocking. But, even more galling are the religious people who do come knocking. I always just say, “sorry, I’m not interested”, and usually they go away peacefully. But last summer there was one who was particularly aggressive and when Chris answered the door (Chris is much more meek than I am) and told the lady she wasn’t interested, the lady started to lecture her, telling her that she wasn’t getting any younger and better be giving her life to God before it’s too late! Chris finally just closed the door on the lady, but personally I would have asked her to wait a minute, then gone and got my handy rolling pin and bashed her face in! I’m so tired of the arrogance of the religious freaks who think it’s their right to try to ‘convert’ the rest of the world! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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