Under The BigTop …

The biggest circus on earth came to town on 20 January 2017, and its cast of characters just keeps expanding.  The latest to put on the clown suit and perform is none other than Steve King, U.S. Representative from Iowa.  Mr. King first came under Filosofa’s watchful eye in March 2017, more than two years ago, when he was awarded the coveted Filosofa’s Idiot of the Week award.    Ever since, he has remained on the radar for one thing or another, the most frequent and troublesome being his blatant and very public racism.  It finally became such an embarrassment to his fellow members of Congress that this past January, Mr. King was stripped of all his committee assignments in Congress.steve-kingThis week, Mr. King hooked up with two other members of this circus, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, aka Diamond and Silk. Diamond and Silk are two African-American women who are ardent and very vocal Trump supporters.  Though they prefer not to be called African-Americans, as Ms. Hardaway explains …

“You ain’t gotta call me African American ’cause I ain’t never been to Africa. You can call me black.”

Diamond-Silk-2So, the thing that brought Mr. King and the dynamic duo together this week was King’s promotion of a new bill he has proposed in the House of Representatives.  The bill, dubbed ‘The Diamond and Silk Act’, aims to punish so-called sanctuary cities by re-directing federal appropriations to homeless people and veterans.  I’m not quite sure why Mr. King even bothered proposing this bill, since it stands almost zero chance of passing in the democrat-controlled House, but perhaps he thought he would win some brownie points with the head clown, Donald Trump, who has been threatening to pull funding from sanctuary cities for as long as I can remember.Diamond-Silk-1So, where do Diamond and Silk fit in?  Apparently, Mr. King who is still fuming over being kicked off of his committees, thought it might help offset his carefully crafted image as a white supremacist if he had a couple of African-Americans by his side, showing support for his heinous legislation.  It was truly more like a circus act than a news conference.  As often as not, when a reporter asked Mr. King a question, Diamond and Silk literally stepped in front of him and answered for him, as he happily handed the microphone over to them.  One example …

A reporter asked the question, “You’ve been stripped of your committee assignments. What makes you think Republican colleagues will even entertain this?”  Diamond turned to King and asked, “Can I answer this?”  King replied with delight, “Sure”.  Diamond then went on a rant about members of Congress living in mansions, the attempt by environmentalists to ban plastic straws, and concluded with …

“So this ain’t about no Steve King. This is about our homeless, our veterans and Americans.”

Okay, but it didn’t even begin to answer the question, did it?  Another reporter asked Diamond and Silk what they thought of King retweeting white supremacists, and the two women went into what was reminiscent of a rehearsed script …

Diamond: What is the definition of white supremacist?

Silk: You don’t know, do you?

Diamond: Why would you talk that?

Silk: I’m tired of you all playing the race card.

Diamond: Stop calling everybody a racist.

Here is the video, which is truly a circus sideshow, complete with the sound of a horse or horses snorting and snuffling in the background, and a man walking down the street with a box covering his head at approximately the 8:00 mark on the left side of the screen.  The only thing missing was the peanut vendor. I recommend you turn on the Closed Captioning, for the street noises tend to drown out Mr. King’s voice, though it would take a small army to drown out Diamond and Silk’s.

It’s comical that Diamond and Silk go on a tirade, saying “We got Americans living on the streets, we got Americans living in tents okay, we have homeless people …”  Diamond and Silk have a reported net worth of approximately $3 million, and yet there is no record of them donating a single penny to any charity to help the homeless, or anybody else for that matter.

Diamond and Silk are a joke.  They have been in hot water more than a few times for such things as calling Hillary Clinton a ‘slave master’, saying she was responsible for Russia acquiring nuclear weapons (which happened 70 years ago when Hillary was two years old) and falsely stating under oath that they hadn’t been paid by the Trump campaign when, in fact, they had.Diamond-SilkAs for Mr. King, he seemed to be more than happy to turn the Q&A over to ‘the girls’ while he rather shrunk behind them.  He knows his bill is not going to see the light of day, and the only reason I can figure for this little street scene at midday is to prove that he can be seen with black people and not don his KKK hood.

circus-2Come on, people!!!  Mr. King is supposed to be a government official, a lawmaker, and he resorts to publicity stunts like this?  We don’t have a damned government any more, we just have one big circus in multiple acts.  We have a bunch of snake oil salesmen like Steve King, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Warren Davidson, William Barr, Betsy DeVos, and so many more!  This … THIS abominable clown convention is NOT what We The People are paying hard-earned tax dollars for!  Get these clowns out of office and let us hire some people who take the job seriously!

Rant over.

31 thoughts on “Under The BigTop …

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘Elect a clown, expect a circus’, they say … ‘THIS abominable clown convention is NOT what We The People are paying hard-earned tax dollars for! Get these clowns out of office and let us hire some people who take the job seriously!’

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  2. Great rant, Jill. Now, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…..Ommmm, ommmm, ommmm. If that doesn’t work, find ENTRY OF THE GLADIATORS on YouTube and picture trump’s cronies marching around the big top naked with trump himself flying from the high trapeze hanging by his petunia wearing only his MAGA cap and singing “we’re off to see the wizard” with sparklers stuck up his fatootie. Feel better now? 😎

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    • I tried the breathing in and out thing, but … it sounded like a freight train rumbling through the house!!! But, when I played Entry of the Gladiators, closed my eyes, and imagined the scene you painted … YES, I feel much better now!!! My favourite part is him “hanging by his petunia”! YES!!!

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  3. Hello Jill. I think King is still stung from being refused a ride on air force one. I don’t know why as tRump is a racist and has defended King before. Maybe he smells bad or eats all the snacks. As for the diamond and silk they remind me of the Log CabinRepublicans, a group that does all it can to work against the LGBTQ+ and kiss Republican ass. Hugs

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  4. Jill, I don’t know who is being used more, but this man should not be representing people in a leadership position. It is that simple. There is a huge difference than being a leader and being in a leadership position. Trump and King are definitely in the latter, not the former.

    I don’t know if you notice this, but when I refer to the man in the White House, I do my best to avoid using the word leader. He is in a leadership position. But, using poor English – he ain’t no leader. Keith

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    • How in heck has King been re-elected EIGHT times now??? Are Iowans really blind and deaf?

      Yes, I notice, and is is just as I always put ‘man’ in quotes when referring to him, and never refer to him by his title. He is not a leader, is only a ‘president’ in name, and is not, in my book, a ‘man’. What he is, I do not know.


  5. We have our own circus going on in the u.k. just now, with its full quota of anti-muslims and anti- Semites … and clowns too. Sending empathy and commiserations.

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    • I didn’t realize you were in the UK! Yes, indeed, you have your own bloody mess over there, and it is driven by the same movement that put Trump into office. Where this all ends, I don’t know, but I have a bad feeling about it. You have my empathy and commiserations as well, my friend. Hugs!

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  6. So the former Idiot of the Week is now trying for the Reformer of the Year award? And his triplet sisters (mentally) are wishing they could do whiteface, only that’s double-racist! “Let the poor people give to charity. Together they have more money than Diamonds and Silk Sheets. OMG, I should be writing speeches for Beto.

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    • Heh heh … I can see you as Beto’s speechwriter now! Yeah, Steve King is … I don’t even know quite the word to describe him, but a grade-A JERK seems to fit the bill, and as for Diamond and Silk, they are traitors in my book. A lot of ’em about these days. Hard to walk for trying to avoid the poop all over the place.


      • D&S are traitors to their black brethren and sistren, but even more they are opportunists taking advantage of their pro-Trump stances to combat the work of pro-black anti-racists. Their claim that racism doesn’t exist gives Trump a whole new set of reasons to take away any progress that has been made to racial equality. While I am sure they are not the only black-on-black racists in the world, they are Trump’s pets to use as he sees fit, and use them he and his party does! They just have no idea…

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        • They are indeed his pets, and another black-on-black racist is Dr. Ben Carson, former neuro-surgeon, and current head of Housing and Urban Development. Mr. Carson has claimed that “poverty is a state of mind” and that ‘slavery was beneficial to Afrikaans.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


          • Yeah, of course slavery was beneficial to white people, who else would have worked so hard to give their white monsters the profits they did, without getting paid but with poor housing, bad food, whips and death. And unwanted loveless pregnancies.
            I always find it amazing children of whitefolk who were not white were still slaves. But if they were white children, born of white mothers, they were angels. Go figger!

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  7. Well that was weird. I tried to go full screen to see the box head man… YouTube opened with a clip of the Johnny Carson show – interview with Robin Williams circa 1991. A more interesting watch than Diamond and Silk…

    I can’t quite understand the switch, but watch the first bit… Robin is politically very funny… And so perfect for eclipsing some of your current circus.

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    • How odd that it switched to that, but I’m rather glad it did, for I had some good laughs watching Robin Williams! He’s smart and hilarious … so hard, watching him there, to believe that he would ultimately commit suicide. 😥 Thanks for sharing the video … I enjoyed it!

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  8. This administration is a total mess. Even the little Friendship Tree from France died on their watch. It was probably worn out by being planted then dug up again to be quarantined for some reason It must have thought, “What’s the use of all this? I’m tired.” 😦 — Suzanne

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    • I hadn’t heard about the friendship tree dying! 😥 On another topic … I read yesterday that it is something like 134 degrees in India! Are you staying cool? I cannot even imagine such heat! Keep safe, my friend.

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      • Thanks, Jill. The highest it went here in the Western Ghats mountains was the low hundreds such as 102 degrees F. We have fans and kept them on high. The temperature is now gradually going down ahead of the coming monsoon. The monsoon proper should reach us in about a week. We’re now getting the pre-monsoon storms and showers. Lower to the east and north of us the temperatures soared. Up north some children died from hyperthermia. Their body temperatures rose and caused functions to gradually shut down. Besides the ones mentioned in the news, there must have been other children and adults who died and weren’t reported. Those already in less than good condition wouldn’t stand a chance. —- Suzanne

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  9. This is hilarious, so much activity! I was back-tracking Box On His Head Guy and got to where he goes and sits on the steps just over whazzerface’s shoulder at 3 minutes (first saw him put box on his head 3:14) and there is a guy with a sign walking past, as well. Box Guy puts box on and off his head a few times before he walks past.
    Amended – this would be hilarious if the foreground crazy people weren’t in a position to mess up people’s lives.

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    • Wow … you are far more observant than I, for I didn’t notice the boxhead guy until the 8:00 mark. I will have to go back and watch from 3:00 to see him. Yeah … sigh … it’s one of those things that would be funny if only it weren’t our reality. Lot of that going around these days, such as when Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she hopes to be remembered for her “transparency and honesty”. 🤣

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