Saturday Surprise — Happy Father’s Day

It’s Saturday, folks!!!  The WEEKEND is finally here!  For me, it’s a quiet weekend.  Chris is in Chicago for a band competition, so it’s just me and Miss Goose.  Yesterday … we did nothing useful.  We both went for a walk, she took out the trash, I tidied the kitchen, and we snacked on whatever is residing in the fridge that isn’t covered in green fuzz.  Who knows what today will bring?  I definitely have to at least do a load or two of laundry, but beyond that … probably not much!  Sunday is Father’s Day, so before I forget, I want to wish all you dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day!!!

And thus ends another Saturday Surprise!  Have a great weekend, my friends!weekend

21 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Happy Father’s Day

  1. Since I wouldn’t be a father if not for my wife,
    I share this day with her….as I have my life.

    I didn’t start this as a poem, as it has turned out to be….
    For better or worse, I stuck with it — like my wife stuck with me.

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    • What a wonderful way you have of stating things! Your wife is lucky, and obviously you are too. You guys might be one of those couples that lasts into eternity! Did you see Hugh’s comment? 57 years!!! And I barely made it 15.

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        • 51 years!!! Amazing! You may have seen Hugh’s comment that he is celebrating 57 years! It warms my heart to hear of people staying together so long, for I know that it requires much patience, caring and love to make it work. Thumbs up to you and your wife!


          • Thank you, Jill.
            Out of curiosity, I checked the origin of “Thumbs up” and found that it originally meant just the opposite of what we think it means. In ancient Rome, when a defeated gladiator looked toward the crowd for support, he wouldn’t want to see “Thumbs up!” because that would be a signal for the victor to finish him off! Thankfully, whenever my wife and I sparred in public, no one ever gave her a “Thumbs up!” to finish me off, and thus I have lived all these years to fight another day.

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    • Thanks, but I don’t know where the idea that I was taking a weekend off came from! But, since you are offering a glass of … beer? … and music, I’ll take it. In truth, I am listening to a tornado siren piercing my eardrums, trying to write tomorrow’s second post, and munching on popcorn while sipping Cream Sherry. Not a bad combination, though I could have lived without the tornado siren!

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    • I would have, but it wasn’t really a night off … I spent about 3 hours trying and failing to come up with an actual fun post, and finally gave up. Sleeping? What’s that? Sigh. My email probably explains.


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