From Bad To Worse …

Grayson Fritts is a detective with the Knox County (Tennessee) Sheriff’s Office. Grayson FrittsMr. Fritts is also the pastor at the All Scripture Baptist Church.  On the church’s website

“A person will only burn in their lust toward the same gender if they have been given over to a reprobate or rejected mind. God said homosexuality should be punished with the death penalty, as set forth in Leviticus 20:13. No homosexual will be allowed to attend or join All Scripture Baptist Church.”

My jaw dropped, and my chest hurt … hot tears of rage … what sort of “religion” is this???

This is a clip from his June 2nd ‘sermon’ …

He goes on to say that “That’s the problem with law enforcement nowadays. They are chasing around cookie thieves, when the real animals are on floats rolling down Gay Street.” He also called for the government to send a riot team to a Pride parade scheduled for June 22 in Knoxville. He said LGBT people should be arrested, tried, and if convicted, executed.

The thought of a person like this influencing people, especially young children, makes one shudder, but even worse is the fact that until this month, until the fallout and outrage over his sermon, he was a member of law enforcement is beyond belief.

Fritts is no longer with the Knox Country Sheriff’s Department … he asked for early retirement after his sermon went viral.  Sheriff Tom Spangler issued a statement Wednesday afternoon, after the Knoxville News Sentinel first reported about the Fritts’ sermon, that Fritts asked to take a county buyout offer. Spangler said he agreed, and Fritts is on paid sick leave until it takes effect July 19.  But wait … why should he be getting paid sick leave?

In addition, district attorney, Charme P. Allen, said in a statement …

“When any potential witness in a criminal proceeding expresses an opinion of hatred and or bias toward a class of citizens, I am ethically bound to explore that witness’ credibility. Accordingly, I am reviewing all pending cases involving Mr. Fritts to scrutinize them for any potential bias.”

Okay, fine, wonderful, but … Fritts is still the pastor at that church, still spreading vile hatred against members of the community, still calling for LGBT people to be put to death.  How can this be allowed?  Yes, I know we have the 1st Amendment, and I am a great supporter of that amendment.  But, we also have laws against inciting violence … laws that seem to rarely be enforced these days.  Imagine children growing up listening to the crap he is preaching.  Fritts has four children of his own, unfortunately for the world, and I can only imagine the sort of adults they will grow into.Fritts-familyBut you know what’s really scary?  There are more of these “preachers” out there saying the same thing Fritts is saying, warping the minds of people, inciting violence against innocent people.  It is reminiscent of the days of KKK rallies … the only difference is that the potential victims are different … LGBT people instead of black people.

I close with a few thoughts here.  Why can people not learn to “live and let live”?  If you don’t want to associate with gay or trans people, fine, then don’t.  But for Pete’s sake why would you want to kill them?  Why are people determined to do away with all of us who don’t fit the mold that Mr. Fritts came from … white, straight, Christian?  I don’t fit that mold, and frankly the majority of people in the world don’t.  It’s the same with most of the social issues today … abortion, for instance.  If you don’t choose to have an abortion, fine.  But don’t take away my right to decide what is best for me.  Life is so much nicer if we just accept people as they are, and not try to fit them all into a cookie-cutter society.  I am sickened, literally sickened by Mr. Fritts and his ilk.  He is a dangerous sort, and he is a symbol of the biggest evil in the world today … extreme bigotry.  I’ve always been told that Christianity is all about love and acceptance … what Mr. Fritts is preaching is hate and violence.

39 thoughts on “From Bad To Worse …

  1. Hello Jill. Grand post, and so many correct comments. I have been following the NIFB “make America straight again” conference here in Florida, which preaches as this gent does. I think the reason they have such raving hate for LGBTQ is we by existing make a mockery of their beliefs. They must insist being LGBTQ is a choice and that it is a horrible bad one for if we are born this way and they preach their god makes every human, if follows he made us. If he made us…, well it eats at their world view and their control of others. You never hear them express this violent actions against shellfish eaters, adulterers, or any other sin, only the LGBTQ. They also preach a hard line male control of females, and insisting on their view of gender roles. But they save their rage for gay people and transgender. However if they ever get the power they are demanding ( and their churches are growing ) after they get rid of us, they will come for others that don’t believe as they do. They preach no compromise, give no quarter, one of their preachers at the conference hope there would be aggressive demonstrators so he could shoot them and claim to be standing his ground. He doesn’t under stand the law here but he feels it would give him the chance to shoot gays and claim he felt threatened. Yes in my view they are inciting violence as you say. Anyway I still think we threaten the foundation of their world view, their religion, so we must be destroy. Hugs

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    • You make some very astute observations, particularly regarding why these people have to hate the LGBT community in order to preserve their own beliefs. I had not heard of NIFB, so I did a bit of checking … these are scary people!!! I did read about that one who said he hoped there would be violence at their rally in Florida, because Florida has the Stand Your Ground Law (I always think of Trayvon Martin when I hear that) and that way he could shoot him some gay people. How thoroughly disgusting! And yet … these are some of the same people who turn a blind eye to the fact that Trump has had three wives, cheated on all three, and is a sexual abuser of young girls. What rock did these fools slither out from under? Hugs.

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    • Since I am not a Christian, I find it all rather confusing. Christians say they are about love and forgiveness, acceptance, etc., but then they denigrate others who are not just like them. Perhaps I define ‘love’ and ‘acceptance’ differently. Sigh. But this guy … this detective/pastor … his ilk cannot possibly belong to any legitimate religion!


  2. all of the “Christians” that spew hate as does this man have forgotten the most important teachings of the “faith”……that is the 2nd covenant with God through following the teachings of the Christos replaces the FIRST Abrahamic covenant. The Old Testament “rules” do not need to be followed at all if one is a true follower of the Way.
    i wish that blasted Bible that is used to teach hatred was simply cut in half..the Old Testament really needs to go.

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    • When religion is used as an instrument of hate, it seems to me that it has defeated its own purpose. In every single religion that I am aware of, it is the case that those who follow it believe theirs is the only right way, and the rest of us must be condemned. Christianity is no exception, and this is why many decades ago, I realized that I want no part of any religion. I can be a decent human being, care about others, etc., without having to believe in any set of religious tenets.

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    • What he’s preaching is that ancient Sharia Law from the Old Testament. It’s a wonder he hasn’t tried to stone people. He needs to make a closer study of the New Testament. Even the Jews, as far as I know, no longer follow the ancient Sharia Law. The Moslems like those in Saudi Arabia follow those ancient religious laws but not the Jews anymore, and certainly not true Christians. His poor children. I notice his wife is dressed all in black. I wonder if he preaches all women should dress like that. 😦 — Suzanne

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      • I know several families of refugees who live on my street, and they don’t even practice Sharia law, in fact that is partly why they left their native countries. Yes, I noted that about his wife, too … the subserviant little missus, I imagine, staying home making babies, keeping the house, and going dutifully to listen to her husband preach hate every Sunday. Shudder.

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Sorry to say … but may he burn in the fires of hell because of his hate, bigotry and intransigence!! … KEEP YOUR HATEFUL CHURCH, MAN!! … ‘“A person will only burn in their lust toward the same gender if they have been given over to a reprobate or rejected mind. God said homosexuality should be punished with the death penalty, as set forth in Leviticus 20:13. No homosexual will be allowed to attend or join All Scripture Baptist Church.”

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    • That pastor is, in my mind, not even human if he would execute another human for simply being who they are. But, here’s a question to ponder: If the highest official in law enforcement is the president, and if that person is above the law, then how can those below him be expected to obey and enforce the law? I’ll join you in that *Sigh*

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      • Precisely, a leader must lead by example, one of the golden rules. Bullying for power is temporary at best, it cannot last due to it’s self destructive behavior. Fascist dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Trump will only leave behind destruction and negative legacy. Their cult of personality is an illusion. When will ppl ever learn?!


  4. This is not about all religious people, but it is about some. If their god was real, there would be no ignoring the fact, and all would believe. But all do not believe. In fact, more than 1/2 the people in the world do not belive in the Abrahamic god. That worries those who think everyone must believe. Non-believers mean their belief is questionaable. The more people who believe, the stronger they feel. They cannot stand to feel weak. Whether they convince more people to believe, or whether they kill the non-believers, either option is agreeable.
    Some people believe it is their god’s command to “go forth and multiply.” Have kids, bring them up christian, or kill those who cannot produce children (LBGTQ2S). Increase their numbers, or decrease others. Any win is a win.
    Too bad it will never work for them, no matter how hard they try. That god does not exist. And they cannot change anything, no matter how hard they try.

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  5. Proof positive that Religion is back to it’s dangerous ways of deciding it should translate the word of God to suit themselves as a power trip with themselves making a name fighting modern day evils. Modern Day- Hardly and yet they were never treated as the Pastors suggest they should be. There’s always a target group for people to focus on as the ‘evil’. If the mainstream church don’t denounce these roaches then they may be nailed to the wall too in the backlash. Intolerance has no place in the world for non crimes.

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    • I am coming to the conclusion that religion itself is the root of all evil, for how many wars have been started in the name of religion throughout history? How many people have been executed because of religious persecution? I thought … I mean, this is, after all, the 21st century … I thought we had grown smarter, come to realize that it is not anyone’s place to dictate to others how to live or what to believe. I thought … well, foolish, foolish me for thinking, eh? I hoped, I guess, that we had become better than this. Obviously I was wrong. I am just … disillusioned with the entire human race, though I know there are more good people than bad. But, the good ones remain silent in the face of the evil perpetrated by the likes of Mr. Fritts. Sigh. You are right … in my world, at least, and I think in yours too, there is no room for intolerance.
      Cwtch Mawr

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  6. I am a Christian, but not one of his kind. In honing in on Leviticus, he has forgotten the 10 commandments, especially “Love your neighbor” and “Thou shall not kill.” This man is not a Christian. He is someone who hides behind it and skews the words of the bible due to his own fear and hate. Too many like him have taken Christianity hostage, using it for the sin of their own hearts. Disgusting.

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    • Well said. As a similar feeling Christian to you, I feel these ministers are overlooking a key rule that is called Golden. I have witnessed too many children whose parents no longer speak with them because they are LGBTQ. This estrangement in the name of a narrow-minded view of religion breaks my heart. Keith

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    • While I am not a Christian, your words are what I would expect to hear from a Christian, based on what I know of the religion. Mr. Fritts’ words definitely do NOT fit the image I have of a true Christian. Thanks for your opinion … I’m glad not all Christians think like this abomination of a man.

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  7. Nothing new here, that brand of Christianity has been preaching this hatred for centuries ever since the extreme fundamentalist movement took hold late 1700s thru 1900s. Only difference now is that social media makes us privy to the rants coming from the pulpit. Just like the radical elements of Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism, they will self-implode with their vitriol.

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    • It is horrible! It is no different, in my book, than Hitler condemning the Jews! Or the deep South condemning black people! Sigh. Why … do we never learn? This sickens me and makes me so very sad. Some days I just hate people, y’know?

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  8. Jill, this takes my greatest pet peeve and makes it worse that he is also a sheriff. Bigotry from the pulpit is a dereliction of duty. Coming out of a sheriff’s mouth means he needs to resign that office immediately. It is one thing to dishonor the teachings of Jesus in God’s house, but to betray the faith of the public is criminal. Keith

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  9. This, along with critical thinking and logic, are exactly why I’m not perversion and true evil of people who claim to be Christian and the so called moderate or liberal Christians who say next to nothing about someone like this. They are complicit as well. They should be screaming preaching just how wrong and evil this attitude is, but they don’t.

    I believe the Methodist Church, which I use to think of as moderate mainstream, just made a decision that stated homosexuality was wrong and a sin and they are against gay marriage.

    What is wrong with our world so full of hate and judging. Look no further than religion! It sickens me.

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    • Once any religion becomes politicized, it is weaponized against humanity. The concept of religion has always been about control, one group of insiders controlling the masses for their own benefit. To be truly religious, one must have control over one’s self, thru thought, deed, compassion, love. And for God’s sake Pastor Fritts, leave the rest of us out of your madness. You are neither spiritual or lawful!

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    • I fully agree, and in fact I initially ended this piece with “And need you ask why I shun religion?”, but I feared it would offend some who I consider friends, so I took that line out. It is my observation that EVERY religion engages in discrimination in one form or fashion, and I long since decided that I have no room in my life, in my heart, for bigotry and arrogance. I accept people for who they are, and if I judge at all, I do so based on an individual’s actions, not on who he is, the colour of his skin, gender identity, religion, hair colour, or anything else.

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  10. I’m surprised this idiot didn’t fracture his hand the way he was banging on that pulpet of his. I heard children in the room too, I don’t know if those were his kids or not but maybe his kids will have the sense to not be like their dad. It does happen so you never know.

    I totally agree that he should not get any sick leave pay at all and that he has no business representing God. I’m pretty familiar with the bible, perhaps not as much with the old testament as the new but I believe it was Jesus who said the old covenant has passed away or words to that effect.

    I believe that people have the right to say what they want but with that right comes a great deal of responsibility, especially if you’re a person of influence in your community.

    bottom line: this dude’s message is reprehensible.

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    • I thought the same about his hand, but since I am close to deaf, I didn’t hear the children. Between us, we make a good pair, don’t we? Yes, that is what I have long said about freedom of speech … or anything else, for that matter. There is always an accompanying responsibility, and to me, if you shirk that responsibility, then you lose the freedom. This guy is a grade-A jerk and has no right to be influencing people’s minds, especially children. What the heck makes people so arrogant??? Hugs Scott!

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