Monday Is For … Being Jolly!

Good Monday morning, friends!  Come in, and welcome!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  Mine?  Meh.  Chris was out of town with her band at a competition in Chicago, so Goose and I just chilled out.  Other than the tornado warnings throughout the night Saturday night, nothing much to report.  I am dying to show you guys the new bumper sticker I got for my van, but … um … it’s slightly political, and the only rule for Jolly Monday is no politics, so I’ll sneak it into this afternoon’s post!  You’ll love it!  Now, grab a bit of a snack and something to drink, and let’s have a chuckle or two!

More money than good sense

Get a load of this one.  A lock of Beethoven’s hair is going on the auction block at Sotheby’s in London and was initially expected to bring between $15,000 and $19,000, however it sold for £35,000, or $44,082.50 USD!  The auctioneer said the hair was given by Beethoven to contemporary Anton Halm as a gift for Halm’s wife.  Say WHAT???  Who gives a lock of their hair to a friend for his wife … who gives a lock of hair to anybody, for that matter.  Apparently, Mr. Halm had previously bought what was supposedly a lock of Beethoven’s hair from a third party at some point, but it turned out to be goat’s hair.

Personally, I think there’s something wrong with anybody who wants a lock of someone else’s hair, except maybe their own child!Beethoven hairThe hair is held together by a genuine silk thread, and is encased in a 19th century glazed oval frame.  That amount of money … for a lock of hair of a dead person, albeit a famous dead person … is further proof, if any were needed, that people with money to burn are people of very little brain.

Name that baby!

Did you have trouble choosing a name for any of your children?  My late ex and I fought over a middle name for our first child, daughter Chris, and thus she has no middle name.  Her first name is Christina, and I wanted her middle name to be ‘Maria’, but Donnie (the late ex) said it sounded too Spanish.  So, we left it for her to choose her own, and she never did.  The next one, a boy, I chose Michael, and Donnie insisted on “Frank” for the middle name, after his favourite uncle.  Never mind that Uncle Frank had made passes at me on multiple occasions!  Then, when the third one came along, I chose Thomas, and Donnie ranted that I had named the first two, this was the last one, and it was his turn, so the poor kid ended up with the name “Clifford William”.  Anyway … to the point …

If you’re having trouble settling on a name for your baby, there is a start up company, Future Perfect, that will do it for you … for a mere $350!  Founded by two moms who met on a playground and bonded over their children’s unique names, the company offers a variety of packages ranging from the $100 “The Riff” package that includes a 15-minute “namestorming” session via phone, to the $350 “The Works” package that features a 15-minute consultation that leads to a list of 10 suggested first names and 10 suggested middle names for the baby.

I repeat what I said in the last piece … some people have a lot more money than common sense.

Climate Change ahead …

You know those digital traffic signs that road crews use to warn of various road conditions ahead?  Well, in Houston, somebody got the idea of hacking one such sign.  The sign originally read “Reduce Speed Now”, but one morning last week, motorists were seeing a variety of messages, including …

  • Global warming at work
  • Warning: Hurricane Human
  • Triassic weather ahead
  • We are the asteroid

sign-hackedPersonally, I think the messages are relevant and timely.  The original message might have been intended to save lives that day, but … the replacement messages might save lives over a much longer term.

Apparently, this is not a new phenomenon, for in North Carolina last month, somebody changed a digital sign to read, “Idiots on bikes”, and in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, an extremely obscene message replaced the original that warned of a detour.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

You just have to see/hear this beautiful, talented young lady play the song …

Isn’t she amazing?

How about a few cartoons to bring a chuckle?


And, what is Jolly Monday without a cute animal video?  I actually came across this one a few weeks ago, put it away for safekeeping, and of course forgot where I put it … rather like the bunch of fresh parsley I lost this weekend.  Anyway, prepare to smile …

jollyAnd that’s a wrap for today, my friends!  Please don’t forget to share those gorgeous smiles I see on your faces … I left a few extras by the door, so feel to grab one on your way out in case you lose yours sometime this week.  Love ‘n Hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!


64 thoughts on “Monday Is For … Being Jolly!

  1. I was thinking you have some slightly loopy people there with an excess of income. Now if any of them would like to invest in a nice bridge…………
    Then I saw the animals and I wonder if it’s something in the water..
    The little girl was really good but I did wish she’d keep still, her choreographer wasn’t very good.

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    • “Slightly” loopy? I’d say full-blown loopy, at the very least. Yep, more money in their pockets than brains in their heads. You have a bridge for sale too? What a coincidence, for so do I!
      I had the same thought about the little girl. Her music was mesmerizing, broken only by the constant need to move in seemingly uncontrolled ways, which was a bit distracting.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I have 79 moons around Jupiter, and a million asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, in case anyone is interested. No rush, plenty for all. Starting at $3,000 US a Sq. Meter Surface Area.

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            • I am sorry to hear that. This is not a good time for you, and I take it nothing has developed yet. My heart goes out to you.
              We, on the other had, had a scare last night at 10:58 our time. A badly written alert sounded like we had been evacuated again. The federal government decided to evacuate all the reserves in the immediate area of High Level, one just a km away. We “citizens” of High Level were not included in that, but we had to double-check to be sure. Did the Feds jump the gun, or did the white gov’t decide to play Russian Roulette with our lives because everyone thought they jumped the gun the first time. It’s that 6 or half-a-dozen question all over again. We can only hope they got it right.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Thanks Jerry … you’re a good friend. I’ll email you about the latest, but probably not ’til morning, for I am on the brink of exhaustion tonight.
                It seems very odd that everyone around you was evacuated by not High Level! I think I would have been tempted to go anyway. Any further news?


                • So far, looking at the map of the fire, and present conditions, things are not as bad as they could be, but they can certainly be a helluva lot better. Unless there is a new fire on a map they are not showing online, it looks like the Feds did call their evacuation before it needed to be called, but hopefully all the evacuated people are safe and being taken good care of. We thought about leaving too, but the map showed no immediate threat. If we are getting all the news we are okay for now. We are monitoring the situation as closely as we can. Depending on how long it takes to put the cats inside carriers, we should be long gone before actual flames come close enough to cause problems. We don’t intend on taking chances with anyone’s lives. The gov’t is not our decision-maker, we are. Time will tell.

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  2. Well, certainly a lot of money wasting going on. I was adding up all our expenses (all those pennies count) and it is quite scary how much more we are spending just to stand still. We live quite frugally. Mind you, we are still only at £18,000 for the whole year (for the two of us). Food and general stuff costs just £6,000 of that. Somehow, I don’t see a lock of hair as an investment.

    As for baby naming… Simplest method is to wait till baby is born and decide what fits best to the personality. What is hard about that?

    Happy Monday… I have avoided all politics for most of the weekend. I might continue… It is such a mess out there in political land. 😉❤️

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    • I name most of our cats (we don’t have any kids, never did) and there are few arguments. Even cats that already have names when they come to us get renamed. I ask them what they call themselves, then try to put it into English. Our present set of cats are named Diabola Blanca, Smoky, Tecumseh, Millicent, and Halverstock. I think you can guess which one Gail named. Maybe I should go into the pet naming business, and charge travelling costs to go meet the boys and girls so that I can meet them first. Cats especially have very unique personalities, and deserve unique names. The names their mothers give them, usually a version of “meow,” are too boring for words. (Their human mothers that is, their real names can get quite complex…)

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    • Given your income, you certainly do live frugally! I am frugal, but my rent and insulin alone would eat up every bit of that. No, a lock of hair is just … plain stupid, if you ask me. As is paying somebody to help you name your baby. Methinks if one cannot even pick a name, perhaps one isn’t quite ready for the challenges of parenthood? Have a great week, my friend! 🤗

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      • We are living off savings rather than any income. As for kitties on boats… Yes, lots of people have them, and dogs too. It works if you are on the boat all year, and don’t move too much. But we aren’t on our boat all year… Three months are usually spent in Thailand. When we are on our boat, it moves (albeit slowly) around the country. We are only allowed 14 days in any one place, and must move on. That can be disorienting for cats. We initially had a small dog, but she was used to free ranging over farmland when we moved onto the boat. We kept losing her, because she kept running away. My husband got fed up and gave her to his ex. She had a very happy life and it was the best decision for her.
        Before, you think my husband is totally heartless, (and he can be very bloody minded at times), he does have his moments. He encountered a man going to a tatty litlle plastic boat, with a couple of carrier bags yesterday. He got chatting and learned a long tale of woe. Car plant shut, man lost his job, no savings, marriage broke up, house had no equity, the wife and daughter got lions share. He couldn’t find another job. Still waiting for redundancy pay and no where to live. No relatives alive, and he had run out of money staying in bed & breakfast lodgings. As someone with no address, no one will give him a job. A guy he knew said he could use the boat (while he was working abroad). But the boat is a dire thing with no comforts. My husband learned that he could go to a youth hostel if he had enough money, so he gave him £40. I would have given him £100 to get him back on his feet, but my husband’s offer was generous (for him) and the man set off, looking a bit happier. I watched as he carefully put some litter in a bin. To look at him, you would never know that he had just hit rock bottom. I was happy that my husband had given him a bit of money to give him a bed for 5 nights until his redundancy money was paid to him.


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