Open Letter To House Democrats

18 June 2019

Dear Representative ____________________________,

Today I read an article in the New York Times that said many democratic members of Congress believe impeachment is not what their constituents want.  I beg to differ.  In May, polls showed that 60% of democrats favoured impeachment, and a bit later, in early June, polls showed that 76% favour impeachment.  I am certainly among those who do.  If you claim your constituents overwhelmingly do not favour impeachment, and if 76% of democrats do favour it, then I’m unclear as to who you think your constituents are.

I understand that even if impeached by the House of Representatives, there is no possibility that the Senate will vote to try, convict, and remove Trump from office.  I further understand that he is likely to become even more unstable than he already is if the impeachment process is begun.  And, I also understand that at this juncture, you likely do not have the support of enough republicans in the House to gain a 2/3 vote for impeachment.  However …

If you begin the impeachment process, you will be able to pursue your inquiries and investigations that now seem dead in the water because of Trump’s obfuscation and cover-ups.  If you do your job properly, there can be no doubt that you will be able to build a case for impeachment, for Special Counsel Robert Mueller already did most of that work for you.  Starting with the obstruction of justice incidences that Mueller laid out, if you follow those leads, verify and confirm what you must, then I believe that you will be able to convince enough of your republican compadres that impeachment is the only recourse.

There are a few things I would like you to consider.  The first is that if Donald Trump is not held accountable for his crimes … and make no mistake, he has committed crimes against the citizens of this nation by both his actions and his inactions … then future presidents will feel they have carte blanche to act in a similar manner without reprisal.  This is an untenable situation and undermines the very foundation of our government.

Another thing to consider is next years’ election.  If Trump is successfully impeached in the House, even though not convicted in the Senate, his reputation will nonetheless be tarnished, hopefully to the point that he will not stand a chance of winning the election.  However, if he is not held accountable for his actions, his base will applaud, he will gloat, and quite possibly his base will actually expand.  Another untenable situation.

Along those same lines, you all worked hard last year to gain a democratic majority in the House.  It is my opinion that you will be putting that majority at risk by your inaction, for whether you believe it or not, the majority of democrats do want to see Trump held accountable, and the mechanism for doing that is impeachment.  If you fail to impeach, if you do not even try, I think you will lose many democratic voters who are disappointed and disgusted.  I, for one, feel very unrepresented at the moment, and I think you will find that I am far from being alone in this.

If you still believe that impeachment is not popular among your constituents, then get out there and talk to them.  Hold town hall meetings in your districts, talk to people, ask them what they think.  And I’m not saying talk only to the doctors and lawyers, the wealthy 1% of your constituents, but come down to our level, talk to people like me, my neighbors.  Talk to the average Joes in your district.  If you fail to do this, you may not be sitting in your office in the Capitol two years from now, and we may no longer have a participatory government.  Think about it.


Jill Dennison, citizen, taxpayer, voter

27 thoughts on “Open Letter To House Democrats

  1. America only loses by not impeaching the diabolical oneder. “One,” un”der” the law, cannot be above it. But the present course of inaction says President Bully cannot be stopped. Just like a schoolyard bully, everyone is afraid of him, even the teachers and administrators. How can anyone live with themselves? Oh, yeah, they’re all getting richer every day. Why would they want to stop that?

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  2. Jill, this is more than a Democrat issue or Republican issue. It is an American issue. If we do not begin proceedings, we are clearly saying the US president is above the law. This person has not only obstructed justice, he and his team have been in discussions about government matters with foreign agents, and he has defamed our institutions and our relationships with allies. The US has a credibility problem because our president is not trustworthy.

    I continue to make GOP Senators aware of the stances of Republicans for the Rule of Law, GOP Congressman Justin Amash and 1,000+ former federal prosecutors. What will it take? I am not a huge fan of Mike Pence, but he is far more rational, truthful and law-biding than his boss. We are a Republic, not a kingdom. It is time to start the process to remind the regal incumbent of that fact. Keith

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    • Oh, I know it is not only a democrat or republican issue, but my letter is addressed to democrats in the House, because they are the ones who can start impeachment. True, the republicans could, but … what are the odds? None. The thing about Pelosi and the democrats in the House is they seem to me to be putting their own political future above the well-being of the nation. I fully understand the reticence, but … the longer we wait, the more cocksure Trump becomes and the more likely he is to do something truly destructive. My opinion, anyway.

      Yes, we are a republic, in name at least, but in reality? Are we still? Some days I have to wonder. Sigh.


      • Jill, well done. I posted a letter I sent to about ten Democrat Senators. I called and sent the email to about seventeen Republican Senators. Talking to t staff of the Senators, they consistently tell me they are getting a lot of calls similar to mine. Getting McConnell to allow a vote on a bipartisan election security bill is critical as well. McConnell does not want to hurt someone’s tender little feelings insinuating he had help in 2016. Keith

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        • Wow … you have been one busy beaver! 👍👍
          It is a statement of what our government has turned into that people like McConnell and others have to go out of their way to “protect” the so-called president from news that might upset him. Sad. 😉


  3. Hello Jill. Great wording and way to make your point. I hope your letter changes minds. I am very worried in the drop of enthusiasm in the Democratic party. We are losing the newer voters we gained in 2018. They expected the Democrats to hold tRump accountable, and well it has not happened yet. If the courts hurry up we may get some information before the next election but time is against us and not our friend. The Democrats are looking weak and powerless. Not a way to build excitement. We need that younger voter, we need the passion and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi do not inspire it. Hugs

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    • I very much doubt that my letter will change any minds, but … I had to try. The waning enthusiasm for the democrats is due, I think, to a number of things. First, the fence-sitting on the impeachment issue. But also, the House has been so caught up in the investigations, Trump’s obfuscation, the impeachment question, that they have done almost nothing. The bills they have passed are dying a quick death in the Senate. There is a lack of consensus and some back-biting and sniping that isn’t winning anybody any brownie points. I fear that the pot is too full of 2020 candidates, manyof whom are very good, have excellent platforms, but the market, so to speak, is over-saturated. Not good. Hugs!

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  4. The thing is, Trump will use whatever Dems decide to do, to his advantage. If they don’t impeach, he’ll tell his base, ‘See, I did nothing wrong…they decided not to impeach me.’ And if they do impeach him, he’ll be the whiny snowflake we all know him to be. But, to your point, it doesn’t matter. He must be impeached. Put it all out there for the American people. It will certainly tarnish his reputation and be a stain on his presidency. If the people reelect him? Ughhhhh….I don’t want to go there. Bottom line: forget the politics….do what’s right!!

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    • Well, if they don’t start the impeachment proceedings, then you’re right, he will taunt and gloat and proclaim that it was because he is innocent. If they do start the process, he will go off the wall, he will rant and rave about ‘crooked democrats’ and make life a living hell, but the upside there is those times are the times that the GOP start taking a closer look and asking themselves if we can really afford to have a madman at the helm. No, not the Mitch McConnells and the Jim Jordans, but the less radical republicans in Congress begin seeing the unravelling and realizing that their futures are tied to this raving lunatic. We’ve seen it before … several republicans distanced themselves after his heinous remarks after Charlottesville. I think to act is the lesser of two evils, for to fail to act is … simply unacceptable and will likely lead to a second term for him, and quite likely a republican majority in the House again come 2021. I shudder!

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      • And in somewhat related news….I saw Hope Hicks today on the TV. Dressed immaculately. Looking like a supermodel. On her way to uh…what? Testify? Behind closed doors? I hear that Trump’s ‘minder’ attorneys are right there, pretty much preventing her from answering just about everything. Why is this charade not on TV? Once again, Dems are so timid on this. All this stuff is away from the public. But, we’ve been told that there WILL be transcripts. Who cares? Especially when nothing is being answered, of substance anyway. I’ve been shaking my head continuously for the past two hours…..It’s starting to hurt!! LOL

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        • I was reading about the Hope Hicks fiasco, or rather total waste of time, earlier this evening. If this isn’t obstruction, for Pete’s sake, then what is??? Apropos of nothing, I believed at the time and still believe that Hope Hicks and Donald Trump were engaging in a bit of “afternoon delight”. Transcripts, shmranscipts … as you say, who cares? There is nothing to learn, no truth and honesty. I am so beyond fed up. I will advise you, though … stop shaking your head. I shook mine so much that something came loose and now somedays I cannot even remember my name! 🙃

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  5. Very disheartening to see the Dems pull such a Repub argument out of their asses about what the “people” want without talking to all the people. But I guess they are all politicians… Are you sending the letter??

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    • It is disheartening. I do understand why it’s such a tough decision, but as long as he is not held accountable for past actions, his misbehaviour will only escalate in the future. Oh yes, I already sent the letter to a few, and plan to send it to more this week! Not, mind you, that I expect it to do any good, but … we must try, yes?

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  6. And no use looking surprised when Trump declares he doesn’t think it necessary to have elections for a while since he’s decided to stay on as everybody loves him. Of course all the extra money he’s pumped in to the forces, with more to come, means they will back him. Welcome to Trumpworld Senators and Representatives, you might as well go home, he doesn’t need you now.

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    • Thanks Colette! I doubt it could raise enough signatures to do any more good than just sending it to select members of Congress. I cannot remember what the threshold is, but it’s something like 15,000 signatures required before Congress has to even look at it.

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