Trump vs The World — Part I

Donald Trump is, as Keith often says, ‘a clear and present danger’ to not only the United States, but to the entire globe.  A few events over the course of the past week exemplify this.

Remember the back and forth back in 2017 between Trump and Kim Jong-un, with Trump playing his usual 5th grade level game of name-calling, referring to Kim as “Little Rocket Man”. Then Kim came back by calling Trump a “Dotard”, and Trump responded by telling Kim that he (Trump) had a “bigger button” and that his button actually worked.  Sigh.  These are supposed leaders of nations, not 10-year-old boys on the playground.  Well, eventually the two resolved their little spat, Kim sent Trump a ‘love letter’ and a bouquet of flowers, they met, kissed and made up, and now all is well … for the moment.

Trump’s latest spat is not likely to be resolved so quickly, for I don’t think that Iran’s leaders are at all likely to ‘kiss and make up’ with Trump.  Frankly, Trump and Trump alone is responsible for the escalation of tensions between the U.S. and Iran.  From 2015 until Trump took office in 2017, the Iran nuclear agreement between a number of European nations, the U.S., and Iran, was working just fine in achieving its goal of keeping Iran from building nuclear arms.  In exchange, the U.S., EU and United Nations lifted many of the previously imposed sanctions that were crippling Iran’s economy.  The agreement was working, Iran opened its doors to the inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the global nuclear watchdog, and by all accounts, Iran was upholding their end of the bargain.

Then in 2017 everything fell apart, thanks to the emotional train wreck named Donald Trump, who vowed to his base that he would undo every single thing that President Barack Obama had done.  Beyond it being an ego-trip for Trump, there can be no discernible reason for him pulling out of the Iran deal, just as there was no discernible reason for him to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.  But, pull out he did, leaving our allies, primarily France, Germany, and the UK to try to salvage the deal as best they could without any help from the U.S.

All of that was bad enough but might not have led to the current escalation of tensions, had Trump not added insult to injury and re-imposed sanctions on Iran, affecting oil exports, banking and shipping.  Not only that, but he threatened … literally threatened our allies if they helped Iran!  Naturally, Iran’s economy has taken a big hit, and what Trump fails to understand or care about is that the people who suffer the most are the people of Iran.  Everyday people, like you, like me.

Last month, two oil tankers were attacked in the Strait of Hormuz.  Without a shred of evidence, Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo immediately blamed Iran.  Pompeo produced a low-quality, highly questionable film clip that he claimed was proof that Iran was the attacker, but even the captain and crew of one of the tankers denied this.  Even Trump’s good friends, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia disagreed with Trump and Pompeo, but Trump would not shut up.  He taunted, name-called, threatened and bullied.

On Thursday, June 20th, Iran shot down an unmanned United States spy drone.  Trump and Pompeo claim the drone was in international airspace, while Iran claims it was in Iranian airspace.  The evidence points to the latter.  But, Trump not being overly intelligent, jumped the gun and ordered air strikes on three Iranian targets.  Ten minutes before the operation was to commence, he called off the air strikes.  He claims that he didn’t wish to cause a loss of life, but rumour has it he listened to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who told him that it would cost him next year’s election if he proceeded with the attacks.  In addition, it is likely that Putin expressed extreme displeasure with Trump’s plan.  Could be a combination of the latter two, but the one thing it damned sure wasn’t was his “concern” for loss of life.  It was estimated that 150 lives would have been lost.  Trump wouldn’t concern himself with 150 U.S. citizens’ lives, let alone 150 Iranian lives!

Given the chaos of the entire operation, President Rouhani said in a statement, “The White House actions mean it is mentally retarded.”  It’s nothing new … Kim Jong-un called Trump “mentally deranged” back before they kissed and made up.  Can anyone argue that his actions in this situation … or any situation he’s dealt with over the past two-and-a-half years … shows any signs of intelligence or sanity?

So, not liking his mental capacity called into question, Trump then threatened to “obliterate” Iran if they so much as looked cross-eyed.

Trump claims he is not looking for war, but from where I sit, it appears that is exactly what he is ‘looking for’.  He says that a war with Iran would not “last very long” nor involve ground troops.  Um … folks … if you believe this, I’ve got a bridge for sale very cheap.  First, he doesn’t understand what he is even saying.  Second, he has told lies far more often than he has told the truth, so why would anybody in their right mind believe him?  He has surrounded himself with two warmongers who have wanted an excuse to bomb Iran for decades, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton.  He has bragged about his “bigger button”.  And frankly, Iran is not North Korea.

A war against Iran would be catastrophic. US forces are nowhere near powerful enough in the region to contemplate a conventional war — still less to cope with a conflict that would, the Iranians have warned, involve pro-Tehran militia in attacks against the US and her allies from Saudi Arabia to Israel and Iraq.

I end where I began … Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the world.  He has limited capacity for understanding international relations and alliances, he lacks any sort of a moral compass or compassion for humanity, and he has not chosen wise advisors, but rather yes-men who will do his bidding.  If we go to war with Iran, it will not be over quickly … remember Afghanistan?  The only way it would be over quickly, and this is the most frightening part of all, is if Trump decides to do the unthinkable and use his “big button”.  Perhaps the world would not need to worry about climate change after that. Think about that one.

29 thoughts on “Trump vs The World — Part I

  1. It seems Trump is similar to a “big button” in that all you have to do is push him at the right moment and he causes destruction. He’s truly a danger and should be taken seriously. I think Bolton, Pompeo, and a couple of the guys from Fox should be notified they will be put right on the front lines of any future war caused by Trump. —- Suzanne

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    • He definitely cannot be said to have an even temperament … not a good thing for any world leader, but especially one with a ‘button’. I think Trump’s kids … ALL of them over the age of 18 … should be notified that they will be required to serve on the front lines in the event of a war caused by their father, especially since he dodged the draft the last time!

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  2. Iran announced today that they are backing away from the deal. They will start stockpiling and enriching uranium. EU and UN negotiators are trying desperately to stop this response. Your stupid POTUS is the most evil man in the world right now. He is no longer keeping the world safe… If this keeps up, the world will move the Doomsday clock beyond the 2 minutes to midnight mark. We haven’t seen times like this since the Cuban missile crisis during the Cold War.

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    • I cannot argue with what you say, and in fact it is what I’ve been saying for a while, but especially the past month or so. He IS evil, but he has placed his bootlickers in all the right places, so nobody will move to restrain him. Personally, I keep hoping for someone to shoot him and put him out of our misery, but all the gun nuts are on his side. 😦

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    • Won’t matter, John. He won’t listen. Can he even hear? He really believes he is King Shit of Poo Pond. If this is how he runs all his businesses, I can see why he has had so many failures. Wage slaves are nothing but puppets, and he is the Stringman. If the Yanks don’t get rid of him now, they never will. His army of pets will nominate him king, but he won’t settle for anything less than god. Thek rest of us aren’t even untouchables!

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    • I wish they would just throw him out of the G20 … he contaminates everything he touches and has no idea what any of it means anyway. Sigh. Yeah, I hear you. It seems like I am saying the same thing over and over … same abominations, just a different day and topic. Sigh.

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  3. He is a danger in so many ways…war, climate change denial, business corruption, promoting racism, spreading hate and lies and religious extremists…

    Did you see that Reddit ended a pro trump site because the pro trump commenters got too violent in calling for violence?

    And all the religious people who think god made him president, I guess, so the end times can come. Hey, as long as it ends abortion and gay marriage, total destruction and massive killings don’t matter.

    And those migrant children…see Melania’s coat.

    Big business…vultures counting their profits.

    Need I go on….we aren’t just fighting trump and his family and thug cronies and corrupt politicians, but the cult base owned and operated by Fox News.

    When ignorance and white entitlement rule, we are lost….

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    • Reminds me of the poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, only changed a bit: “How does he threaten us? Let me count the ways …”

      I did see the Redditt was putting up a warning to people logging onto that site, but I didn’t know they had finally shut it down. And that’s Redditt … not exactly known for propriety and social conscience!

      There are so many utter horrors associated with this regime that it hurts my head to even think about it all. And still, his base barely dwindles. And with the election tampering that is being allowed to continue, the gerrymandering that the Supreme Court only today refused to stop, I am not very hopeful about ousting this dictator next year, either. Sigh.

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  4. Jill, thanks for the shout out. What is interesting is almost all of the agreements he has pulled out of or organizations he has bullied are multi-lateral. He makes the US an outlier in these agreements. What is lost on many, a future-thinking Leader does not tear up agreements that precede him; he or she should approach modifying or updating them. By leaving the agreements, it makes it more difficult for other countries to work with us. A consequence us they will find other options. The Trans Pacific Partnership was not perfect, but it was a mechanism to put pressure on China. After we pulled out, the other ten countries went on without us.

    The US president makes all issues he touches contentious. Why must everything he touch be a fight? Why? That is not leadetship – that is bullying. Keith

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    • Your phrase comes to my mind several times every day, Keith. It is so apt. Yes, he turns everything he touches into a fight, there always has to be a “winner” and at least one “loser”. Everything he does leads to potential dangers, but I fear he is way out of his league where Iran is concerned, and he is leading the world into a scary place. Those who might have guided him to a different path have left, and he is now surrounded only by those who ask “how high?” when he tells them to jump. Sigh.

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      • Jill, agreed. He is out of his league on many things, even those which are supposed to be his wheel house.

        He often brags that his gut instinct is smarter than expert opinions. Setting aside the arrogance of that frequent comment, I am fascinated by the conclusions reached in Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink.” From talking with experts, Gladwell concludes the subconsciois gut instinct is based on significant experience and learning. So, a person who does not like to read (his words), who does not listen very well, who pays attention more when he is buttered up, I do not trust his gut. The one thing his gut is good at is making people buy-in to his marketing schtick. And, that is why he is a clear and present danger. Keith

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        • Hah! His ‘gut instinct’ is so filled with fat from his Big Macs that it is in a coma! I suppose you read Tillerson’s comments on Gronda’s post? It’s like a dyslexic child who you have to spoon feed the information at a rate and level that he can understand! And they criticized Obama??? Sigh. Yep, a clear and present danger … an immediate one, unless I miss my guess.


          • Jill, Obama got crap for golfing too much, for not wearing a flag pin, etc. Where Obama deserved criticism is his comment about keeping your doctor, his red line in Syria and shelving Simpson-Bowles, in my view.

            What the current president does is beyond the pale, be it policy, be it behavior, be it siding with an autocratic leader over his own intelligence people and so on. I go out of my way to not refer to this person as a leader, because he is only in a position of leadership. I go out of my way to not call him a man, because a man is accountable and responsible and does not treat women and others like he owns them or namecall when he is criticzed. I go out of my way to use an uncapitalized “president,” because I feel exactly like JImmy Carter does. When GOP leaders say the Russians influenced our election, but it did not affect the outcome, how can any reasonable person come to that conclusion as he won by around 100,000 in three important states combined?



  5. Any sane General knowing the US is in no danger would make sure Trump gets nowhere near the button. He is clearly a megalomaniac thinking the whole world should obey him but when he leaves his mark on the world you don’t want it to be from nuclear fallout.

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    • All the sane generals have, I’m afraid, left the sinking ship. Mattis was the last best hope for sanity in the administration, and he is gone. All the rest appear to be just ‘yes-men’. I suspect it will be another nation that finally stops Trump, if any have the guts, for We the People have already lost our voices.

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      • Your votes can speak for you in less than 18 months time.At thast time it might be good to tell the armed forces that money will be allocated for pay rises but no large expenditure will be made on weaponry. That money can be put to better use.

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        • Fingers crossed … I don’t think the world can take an additional 4 years of this madman. Indeed, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of better uses for the money we spend upgrading our military …. and largely for no good reason. Sigh.

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  6. The key to understanding Trump is realizing he considers himself the greatest leader in modern history. Delusions of greatness require constant affirmation. In Trump world affirmation stems from ever escalating forays into the realm of preposterous. How much can he get away with? Who draws the line? What’s this? He draws the line? No one has the power to stop him? tRump delights in power – the power to redefine tolerance for absurdity in the name of constitutional freedom. Wake up America!

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    • You have made a very astute assessment. It seems that he simply walks over all who would try to stop him, rather like an army tank. And we have become largely apathetic to it all, we sigh and wring our hands, but we piss around when it comes to taking any action, waiting and hoping that somebody else will. And yes, I am no better than the rest, for I write and rant, but I don’t have any ideas for putting an end to this reign of terror.

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  7. I have been saying all along, rightly or wrongly, Trump wants nuclear war in the Middle East. He came as close as he could before he backed down. First he said he backed down because it might have killed 150 people. Next day, he threatened to kill over 80,000,000 people if Iran did not back down too. Let’s see, he refuses to kill 150 people, but he treatens to kill over 80,000,000. How does that make any sense. He won’t use a grenade, but he will use an atomic bomb? I guess he wants to see the mushroom cloud from American soil. More likely he will see nuclear fallout on American soil. But he can’t see .that, so I guess it isn’t teal.

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    • We have both been saying that, and I have no doubt that he is like a little boy with a new, unwrapped toy who cannot wait to play with it. But … wouldn’t you think somebody would tell him that other countries have nukes too, and that if he lobs one, somebody will lob one back at him? Interestingly, I find my thoughts are along the lines of, if he does fire a nuke at Iran or anybody else, I hope they retaliate in spades, I hope they wipe the U.S. off the map. We have become the arrogant, evil empire and I’m not sure any of us deserve to live. Sigh.

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      • Oh, probably most of you deserve to live, esp the undocumented aliens, lol. No, you taught me that America has good people, so don’t start crapping out on me. But if you say humans don’t deserve to survive, I’m with you all the way. The way we are today, and given time travel, I would go back and shoot the mother of us all. Not out of meanness, but just to give the rest of the world a better chance to live….

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