17 thoughts on “Speaks For Itself …

  1. On the north shore in Massachusetts is Wolf Hollow. These animals are no threat to humans, and no wolf has ever eaten a human. Yes, we worry more about our own kind. Thank you, Jill.


    • Agreed. Animals only attack when they feel threatened or are seeking food, for the most part, whereas humans will attack because they are in the mood to, or because they don’t like the colour of your skin, or the way you wear your hair!


  2. A perfect time to offer you another unknown song from the 60s. It isn’t unknown to everyone, obviously, but that doesn’t say much. The Wolf of Velvet Fortune is a song by the Beau Brummels off their 1967 concept album, Triangle. Except for the very last song on the album, which I hope is sarcasm but I have never been sure, because it it too mean to be human, this is one of my favourite albums, and the song one of the best on the album. This one I do sincerely hope you will enjoy, Jill.


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