Good News/Bad News

The good news is I’ve got my re-blog button back, and I am told that my ability to re-blog other’s posts has been restored as well, though I haven’t tested that yet.  Apparently during the muck-up the other night, WordPress installed some plug-ins, unbeknownst to me, and they were interfering with several things.

The bad news is that to fix the problem, WordPress had to restore my blog to a point before the troubles started, which was June 30th, so all my posts from yesterday and today are …

Image result for gone

As well as comments, etc., etc.  WordPress had me export the data to a file, which I did, then she reset my blog, but when I imported the data, an error occurred, and after working for 3 hours to get it resolved, I finally gave up.  So … I can recreate those posts, but I’m not sure I have the energy left to do so.  I may re-create “Killing Children”, for that was an important one, but I’m not sure yet.

I shall start fresh tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience … hopefully this is the end of this nightmare.  Sigh.

36 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. Sorry to hear WP “happiness engineers” at work again. Can never understand why they can’t leave well enough alone, every upgrade leads to chaos. Cross fingers all your wonderful post get restored and try not to lose too much sleep over it. Cheers.


  2. Oh how all this reminds me of what I’ve been going through with my transference of records from an old version of Quickbooks to the latest one! It’s truly been a nightmare!

    Over the weekend, I decided to quit trying to move files from the old to the new and essentially “start over.” (Sound familiar?) There are times when I guess that’s all we can do … *sigh*

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    • Oh I feel your pain, Nan!!! I have used Quickbooks for decades, and remember well doing exactly what your doing one time that they came out with an upgrade. Lesson learned … I stick with my old version and ignore their upgrades! Part of the value of using such a program is the historical data, but if you lose that, you might just as well be using an Excel spreadsheet! Yes … sigh.


    • I want to change my WordPress template, but have reluctantly decided not to mess around, at least for now. It all seems just a bit messy. WordPress used to allow a trial or preview of how a new template might look with your own blog dara, but that seems to be gone. To switch live, and then find it does not compute is dangerous, because that’s where lots of stuff drops out if you switch back. I found the block editor, equally unpredictable, as I only have my phone to work from. 😑

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  3. Oh dear Jill. That sounds really bad. I access from the Word App on my phone for most followed blogs, but it is not good enough to create them, so must load the Web page.
    On my App, your comments disappeared again, but your posts appear in my reader.
    On the Web page, I can see the missing post… I followed ‘With Love from Greece’ because her writing spoke to me. Thanks.

    I would suggest (if you want to check what others see), either signing out or using a totally different browser to enter your into the URL… Then you can check the site from the public viewpoint. You know best how it is supposed to work.

    I am just glad that I haven’t lost you all together. You are the prod I need sometimes when I want to retreat and take all my thoughts with me away from social media. I hope you don’t give up on your blog. We all support each other in this space… Popping in and out as time permits. The perspectives that it brings is so much more refreshing than listening to media with slanted agendas. It is the personal touch with a real person’s thoughts that brings greater awareness of how we all matter. Nowhere else does this occur. The rest is a collaboration of fake and real news. Propaganda designed for mass effect. We can rise above that in blog space, for as long as freedom of speech remains, at least. ❤️

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    • First off, thank you so much for your kind words, my friend. I’m not planning to give up blogging … I sometimes get frustrated, but this blog is a huge part of my life, and frankly I have made so many wonderful friends … I would be lonely without you guys!

      With Love From Greece is a delightful young woman with a huge heart of gold. I haven’t seen any posts by her for … oh, probably at least a year now, so I’m guessing she has given it up. Last I heard, she was engaged to be married.

      Good idea about logging in on a different browser. I usually use my daughter’s computer when I want to see how you guys are seeing my post, but it would be easier to do it from my own. As of today, everything seems to be working properly and back as it should be, so I’m satisfied. Poor Roger, though, has had enough and is closing down his blog and planning to start anew in a week or so.


  4. I do not know how to interpret this, but if I go to my followed accounts, and hit your name, it takes me to your index page, and all your posts are there. Not only that, but at least for now, I can access them complete with comments and replies.
    It you need anything, just let me know, and I will copy it back to you. But because it is there, where it should be, perhaps it is just a matter of time…

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  5. Odd…if I look at my notifications where someone has either liked or commented on one of my comments, everything is there…all you posts..all days.
    But when I go to my reader or followed sites, it only goes back one day. It use to go back for days…
    Now this is from a follower point of view, not the blogger yourself…

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