Killing Children

There are so many horrors on my radar right now that it is literally jammed.  Where to start?  Okay, let’s begin somewhere …

I had seen a snippet or two, here and there, but usually while I was deep into research for another post, and I bookmarked a couple of them to look at later, then promptly forgot … predictable, when I have so many different things on such a small mind, yes?  Anyway, earlier today I received an email from my dear friend Cheryl, and in it she mentioned her frustration that her church had put together many kits containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and other personal care items to be donated to the migrant children being held in captivity, but that Customs and Border “Protection” would not accept them!  This triggered the memory of those articles I had bookmarked, so I went back and did a bit of digging (one needs a long-handled shovel to dig through the memory banks in my head or in the file labeled ‘notes’ on my laptop!)

On June 24th, the Texas Tribune reported …

On Sunday, Austin Savage and five of his friends huddled into an SUV and went to an El Paso Target, loading up on diapers, wipes, soaps and toys.

About $340 later, the group headed to a Border Patrol facility holding migrant children in nearby Clint with the goal of donating their goods. Savage said he and his friends had read an article from The New York Times detailing chaos, sickness and filth in the overcrowded facility, and they wanted to help.

But when they arrived, they found that the lobby was closed. The few Border Patrol agents — Savage said there were between eight and 10 of them — moving in and out of a parking facility ignored them.

For a while, the group stood there dumbfounded about what to do next. Ultimately, they decided to pack up and head home. Savage said he wasn’t completely surprised by the rejection; before he left, the group spotted a discarded plastic bag near the lobby door holding toothpaste and soap that had a note attached to it: “I heard y’all need soap + toothpaste for kids.”

04 Diapers Toys Donations Detention Center Clint AM TT.jpgA slew of other sympathetic people, advocacy groups and lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle have expressed a desire to lend a hand to the kids housed in the facilities. But after purchasing items like toys, soap, toothbrushes, diapers and medicine — especially as news reports circulate of facilities having drinking water that tastes like bleach and sick children without enough clothing — they’ve been met with a common message: No donations are being accepted.

Say WHAT???

Last week, I wrote a post titled Cruel and Inhumane  about the conditions these poor children … CHILDREN … are living in.  Washington Post writer Eugene Robinson wrote an opinion piece that went into even greater detail  .  These children are given a piece of f**king tin foil for a blanket, have no toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and in some cases no diapers.  They are suffering from illness, cold, and malnutrition.  They are CHILDREN, and they are being treated worse than prisoners of war would be treated under the Geneva Convention!!!

Our government cannot be bothered to spend a few thousand dollars for the comfort and health of these children, but they can spend millions or more on an ego trip for Damnold Trump to “honour himself” on the Fourth of July???  And on top of it all, they will not allow those of us who have a conscience, those of us who feel compassion toward these children, who understand that they are every bit as valuable as our own children … we are not allowed to donate such necessities of life as soap to these poor children???

The friend I mentioned above writes a blog, Impromptu Promptlings, and she did an excellent rant about this last evening.  Please take a minute to read it, to let her add her voice to the fury of my own.

When you go to bed tonight, ponder on something.  Ask yourself what kind of country you are living in.  You get up each morning, proceed through your daily routine … the view outside your window likely looks much the same as it did three years ago.  But it isn’t the same.  This isn’t the same country.  This is a country that respects an over-bloated megalomaniac far more than it respects the lives of children.  This is a nation that supports an agency of the federal government that is murdering children … yes, I said murdering.  They are sick, they are not given proper hygiene, they are not given proper nutrition, and they are lacking the love of their parents that is so essential to the health and well-being, to the development of children.

Ask yourself, as you lie awake pondering this, what can we do?  How can we stop this madness?  Oh sure, there is an election in 16 months, and we can vote the madman out of office … maybe … but how many more children will die before then?  Six children that we know of have already died of abuse or neglect in the concentration camps … and yes, they ARE concentration camps by any definition of the word.  How many more must die?  How can we stop this utter insanity?  Think about it.  Get mad.  Let’s figure this out, folks, for those little kids are counting on somebody to help them.

43 thoughts on “Killing Children

  1. Sometimes we have to go a long way around to arrive at the destination we want.
    And of course there is the ballot box. At least the US of eh? can be grateful for that, yes?
    Perhaps next time around more people will get off their backsides and make use of that little thing called the vote?


  2. Thank you for calling attention to this horrible injustice. I wondered if anyone has followed up to find out why the donations are not being accepted and more importantly, how they can be accepted. So I googled it and was not surprised that it appears to be some sort of bureaucratic BS. Apparently there are members of congress working to amend the suspected Antideficiency Act to allow for outside donations. I worked for many years in a system where government bureaucracy interfered with helping people. After 30 years it about drove me crazy and I had to get out.

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    • Thank you for sharing that article! I had not followed up on it, but am glad to know others are. Still … I am incensed at the whole idea of holding children hostage as if they were some sort of criminals, away from their parents, in horrendous conditions. Were it in my power, I would shut down those camps and work day and night to reunite those kids with their parents. Sigh. It is said that some will never be reunited because the U.S. government did not keep good records and have no idea where the parents even are. Sigh. I understand why you needed to get out of your situation … that you did it for 30 years, is to your credit. Hugs!


  3. Jill… thank you for this heartfelt post. It’s also horrible that this is the kind of news we’ve come to expect. It will be hard to vote #45 out of office when those in charge have done zero to prevent the same illicit things and hacking that let him squat in the Oval Office. The future is a frightening place to contemplate. Again, thank you for your words. Hugs.

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    • Thank you for visiting! Sadly, my blog is much darker in nature than yours, but as you know, it’s the state of the world these days. I know I cannot save the world, but I try to shine a spotlight on the abuses in our society, our government, and hope to wake a few people up. The detention of the children at the southern border is a humanitarian crisis and yet, many people just shrug their shoulders and turn a blind eye, go back to their kids’ soccer game or their backyard bbq. Sigh. Hugs!!!

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    • Hey Michael! Good to see you! The latest is that a team of doctors is trying to demand access to the camps, for conditions are said to be quite bad, and one of those who died could have been saved with adequate medical treatment. It’s only a matter of time, I think, before there are more deaths. It makes me so angry that this nation is treating children like that, and that half the people in this country simply shrug their shoulders and turn a blind eye.

      Have a great weekend, my friend!

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  4. P.s. Jill – Have you watched “The Great Hack” on Netflix yet??? Oh my god. You really should! It’s all about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. How they were responsible for getting the Brexit votes and Trump votes for 2016, by manipulating people’s psychology through Facebook! It’s really messed up. I’m writing a blog post about it now and I’ve deleted my Facebook over night.

    Crazy world we live in!

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  5. Hey Jill, as you may know I’ve been following you for a while now. I do a segment on my blog on a weekly basis where I interview an author or a blogger through email maybe 6 questions or so. Would you like to participate? I’ve been varying my authors but I haven’t tried anyone who blogs politically yet. You’re the only one I follow! Would love to hear what you say 🙂 Feel free to check out the others on my blog, it’s called “Behind the Author”.

    Here was the latest, but it’s basically just dissecting how the author gets to where they are and what they’ve learned along the way. Plus some other interesting tidbits. As an aspiring writer and blogger this stuff is very interesting to me and I think to a lot of other people as well.

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  6. Thanks for your post (and comment thread). Hate, once unleashed against any group, is already wrong — and it’s impossible to know precisely the path it will take on it’s way to destroying everything good in every human heart — unless it’s stopped.

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    • I fear that today there is more hate than at any time in my lifetime, anyway. I came of age during the Civil Rights movement, and even then I didn’t feel the hatred we see dividing this nation today. And it isn’t only here, but in Europe as well, though I do think the hate here is worse. I cannot even imagine what it will take to heal what I refer to as “The Great Divide” in this nation.

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  7. I predict that immigration will be the deciding issue in the 2020 election. The Democrat who can best galvanize public toward their cause will win the election. Who might that be?

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  8. Jill, I am sorry you lost some posts. I have a few blank comments to those ghosts now in my summary. I am having a very hard time witnessing those who are rationalizing this maltreatment of kids and adults. Jesus is weeping while Putin is laughing. This ego-maniacal person who is the in the White House has made this problem worse. The reason we don’t have a bipartisan fix is the Speaker in the House John Boehner refused to take up the bipartisan bill of 2013. That was the third bipartisan effort and was the most promising. In his mind, he did not want to further infuriate his Freedom Caucus, but the real reason was not solving the problem would be to the GOP advantage. That led to the DACA Executive Decision by Obama.

    Scroll forward to the winter of 2018 and the current president agreed to a bipartisan measure in the morning of $25 billion of a wall to enact DACA protection and few other things. By the afternoon, he reneged on the deal as the Freedom Caucus members got in his ear asking him to be more demanding. This shows that Trump’s word means nothing and never has. It also shows how easily swayed he can be.

    It should be noted immigration is complex and deserves thoughtful deliberation, which is why the 2013 Senate Bill had some merit. Now, mind you the Dems are at fault too, for making this political over the years, but for the most part this president has made a recurring problem far worse with his rhetoric and decisions.

    Yet, I am tired of the parade of sycophants who are loaded up with sandpaper to sand away this issue on the president’s behalf. There is not enough sandpaper to sand away that we are treating these people inhumanely.


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    • I agree with you on all counts. You are so right that Trump’s word has as much value as what’s in my ashtray. The most recent incident being the citizenship question on the census form. Took him less than 24 hours to do a 180° turnaround.

      The Freedom Caucus needs to be abolished … they are unyielding, unwilling to compromise and have no business existing in our Congress. My own representative, as you know, is a member. Earlier today he posted on Twitter about the “great economy” and I slammed him with a reminder of the children on the southern border crying themselves to sleep tonight, cold, hungry, and missing their parents. This is not who we are! Or, at least, I didn’t think it was. Like you, those who can rationalize this or turn a blind eye … it simply disgusts me. These are childrent, and every day that passes, they are becoming more damaged, both physically and emotionally.

      Yes, immigration is complex just like health care. Remember when Trump said something ala “Who knew health care was so complex?” Jerk. How the heck did someone so ignorant get into the Oval Office? As far as I’m concerned, I hope he chokes on a chicken bone at his ego-campaign-rally tomorrow (today), for he has blood on his hands just as surely as if he had shot those six children who died with a gun himself. I think he has created a situation that is going to be very difficult to resolve, and I don’t think anybody in his administration has the intelligence or desire to work on a resolution. Meanwhile, how many more children must die?

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      • Jill, you should know many Fortune 500 companies are forewarning their shareholders that 2Q results are going to miss expectations. Trump has taken credit for an economy that is 120 consecutive months strong – he has only been president for 29 months. Yet, he and his advisors are laying blame on the Fed and Congress for rhe pending fall.

        Presidents get too much credit and blame for the economy, but the headwinds he has created with trade beefs, travel bans, along with fading tailwinds with the tax law change are adding to the global softening. Buffett said early on if this president is going to beat on his chest for the stock market, he needs to take the hear for its fall.


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        • It’s sad that I’m almost hoping for a downturn in the economy, as I am sick and tired of hearing him crow and take credit for that which … he did nothing to earn! I am eager to see how he spins it when it does begin to reverse … will he blame Obama? Or Hillary? Or, perhaps he will blame the media? Sigh. Thing is that, at one time I thought his base would wake up when the economy took a downward swing and it began hitting them where it hurts … in the wallet. But now, I’m convinced they could all become homeless and starving and they would still say he is “making America great”.

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          • Jill, as I mentioned above, he started blaming the Fed last fall when the market turned south. This was said by one of the authors of the books about Trump. He believes the stock market is the economy, so he will do whatever he can to prop up. The underlying economy is softening, even with June’s job numbers, which likely reflect summer employment. There will be more than a few companies missing their 2Q earnings numbers later this month. Tariffs have played a role to hasten the softening, but it was happening anyway as the recovery is 120 months old and the tax reduction is wearing off on companies (it is not a surprise, companies to an recurring tax break and only invested short term – with buy backs, bonuses, and some equipment – but less in recurring salary increases.

            The US president was taught by Roy Cohn to not apologize for anything. That means not accepting blame. That also traces to not recognizing a failure in the first place. Trump is doing his best to not recognize the horrific treatment of human beings in border custody. And, if you don’t admit a problem, you cannot fix it. All of these things go back to his fragile ego. He cannot take criticism and never has been able to do so.


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  9. The plan maybe just to eradicate us! It certainly seems that way.
    The French Revolution will seem tame stuff soon. People do not lose their freedoms quietly. And there are more of us than them. Conciousness is shifting on this planet rapidly. It may be too late to change, but if it is, we are going to see the awful reality of that scenario soon.
    The rustlings of disquiet and despair are growing louder. Trump is quite deaf to them, but those that can hear, let them listen, because the war drums are starting to pound and we will all suffer the consequences.

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    • It is interesting that the uber-wealthy seem to have a goal of eradicating us “lower classes”, but do they stop and ask themselves who will build their mansions, their luxury autos, clean those mansions, fly their planes, grow and cook their food, once they have rid the earth of us? I think they are rather short-sighted … I guess that’s what greed and a lust for power does … it blinds.

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    • I agree that we face great risk of it getting horribly ugly. It’s been there plenty of times before. That’s why we’ve got to get him out in 2020, by a big margin that he can’t say was rigged and declare it invalid. Then we have to work on that consciousness shift that has been moving in the dark direction, the one that thinks autocracy is cool while they remain its unknowing, brainwashed, corporate-owned pawns.

      I guess NATO doesn’t have an Article 5 (mutual defense if attacked) for a nation attacking itself, huh?

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  10. Hello Jill. The people running this shit show do not see these conditions as a problem, they are doing this by design. The CBP admitted that they have the supplies, they just did not want to give them out. After the reports of how bad it was at that one facility they had moved kids out of and then moved a bunch back in, they invited reports to see the facility. They had stacks of supplies, diapers, clothing for the kids, snacks, toys. They had this stuff but never asked for it nor gave it out to the kids. As one republican congressman said “If they don’t like it they could leave ( meaning be deported ) but they don’t “. Hugs

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    • In truth, I don’t think they see these children as humans, as valuable just as their own children are. Can you imagine how many tears are shed in these ‘facilities’ at bedtime each night. These poor kids must be so scared, feeling so lonely, wondering where their parents are, why they have ‘abandoned’ them? For surely they do not understand why their parents are no longer with them, and must feel that they have done something wrong to deserve being taken from their parents. It simply breaks my heart. And all the while, Trump is planning to spend $92 million on his damned ego-trip July 4th celebration, but he cannot be bothered to think of these poor kids, cannot spend a buck per kid to buy them toothpaste! They are not considered human … and why? Because their skin is brown? Sigh. 😥 Hugs.

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