♫ Lady In Red ♫

I just hopped out of the shower … yeah, yeah, I know that not everybody showers at 1:30 in the morning, but I am, um, unique and my schedule doesn’t mesh well with the bulk of society.  Anyway, if you’ll allow me to finish … where was I … oh yeah, the shower.  I had just finished writing my ‘good people’ post and was trying to think of what song I wanted to play tonight, and two songs came to mind:  Midnight Train to Georgia, and Lady in Red.  I checked, and found I had played Midnight Train in late October, so that left me with Lady in Red.  About that time, Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin popped into my head.  You can see why my mind is sometimes rather messy and goes bouncing off on its own.  Anyway, if you looked at the title of this post, you can see that I settled on Lady in Red.

Quite honestly, I could not remember who sang this song, only that I liked it.  Turns out, it is both written and sung by British-Irish singer-songwriter Chris de Burgh.  Released in June 1986, the song was responsible for introducing de Burgh’s music to a mainstream audience worldwide.

According to de Burgh, he started writing this song about his wife Diane, after an argument, but he was having a hard time finishing it. Part of the problem was that he needed a title: he didn’t want to use The Way You Look Tonight, because there there was already a song with that name. As de Burgh tells it, five months later he saw Diane, wearing red, across a crowded nightclub, which gave him the idea for the title. On the British TV series This Is Your Life, de Burgh said that the song was inspired by the memory of when he first saw Diane, and how men so often cannot even remember what their wives were wearing when they first met. On his website, he said the song was not specifically about Diane, but about appreciating the most important people in our lives, who we often take for granted; how we often fail to notice what attracted us to another person in the first place. In this account, he was already married to Diane but didn’t realize it was her when he spotted her across the room.

Chris de Burgh was born in Buenos Aires but moved with his family to Ireland when his diplomat father retired. He and Diane had two sons and a daughter named Rosanna Davison (Chris uses his mother’s maiden name for showbiz – his real name is Chris Davison) who was chosen Miss Ireland, 2003 and went on to win the Miss World pageant.

Just out of curiosity … have any of you heard of a group called Korn?  Keith?  I’ll ‘splain in the next music post.

The Lady in Red
Chris de Burgh

I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight
I’ve never seen you shine so bright
I’ve never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance
They’re looking for a little romance, given half a chance
And I have never seen that dress you’re wearing
Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes
I have been blind

The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek
There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me
It’s where I want to be
But I hardly know this beauty by my side
I’ll never forget the way you look tonight

I’ve never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did tonight
I’ve never seen you shine so bright, you were amazing
I’ve never seen so many people want to be there by your side
And when you turned to me and smiled, it took my breath away
And I have never had such a feeling
Such a feeling of complete and utter love, as I do tonight

The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek
There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me
It’s where I want to be
But I hardly know this beauty by my side
I’ll never forget the way you look tonight

I never will forget the way you look tonight
The lady in red, the lady in red
The lady in red, my lady in red

I love you

Songwriters: Chris De Burgh
The Lady in Red lyrics © BMG Rights Management

21 thoughts on “♫ Lady In Red ♫

  1. Jill, my previous reply was actually in response to rawgod’s comment, but instead of appearing next-in-line after rawgod’s comment, at first it didn’t ‘take,’ and then turned up four comments down the road. WordPress certainly works in mysterious ways, praise the Lord.

    In any case, I’d never heard of the LADY IN RED you posted, and though I don’t particularly care for it, neither am I all that crazy about the clip I posted because it’s simply not a great song, and the way it’s performed in the 9 1/2 minute film clip is a bit silly and overblown.

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    • WordPress is indeed mucked up these days! I scheduled a post for 3:00 p.m., and I checked in here at 3:03, and it said the post already had 24 ‘likes’! No way! Somehow it had picked up the ‘likes’ from a previous post and applied them to that one.

      I agree that the length of that video was excessive and in truth, I did not watch all the way to the end. And, I’m sorry you didn’t like the “Lady in Red”, but I will try to find something to please you tomorrow. 🙂


    • Heh heh … NOT Korn, that’s for sure! Definitely not my taste! My friend Herb, who is a musician with much darker tastes than mine, often sends me music to listen to, and when he does he usually prefaces it with “You won’t like this, but listen to it anyway.” The latest he sent me was Korn. Sometimes it’s Nine Inch Nails … and I don’t care for them either. And, you’ll find out at 11:00 a.m. what I had in mind for Thursday … I think you’ll like it. 😉

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  2. “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose….” Oh sorry, Jill, I’ve got Janis on my mind…..”gentle on my mind”….oh shut up Elvis, Jill’s post is about Lady in Red…..yeah, I forgot my morning meds. 😁

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  3. I think it was you (though I may be mistaken) who recently commented that you thought you were older than I. Well, this clip should dispel you of that notion, because I remember another LADY IN RED from the film IN CALIENTE (1935). I’m not quite that old, but as both a fan of old movies and a collector of old records, this is the LADY IN RED that came to my mind when I saw the title of your post:

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  4. If my wife hadn’t died, she’d kill me if I didn’t say I liked this as it was the song we danced to after our wedding. She actually had quite a bit of his music and I found I liked quite a bit of it by the time she’d educated me.

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      • Jill, you’re right to the extent that, once I realized it wasn’t the same LADY IN RED, I wouldn’t have listened to your clip except to compare it with the 1935 LADY IN RED. But I’m not ‘in love with’ the 1935 LADY IN RED either — the rendition in the film clip is overblown (9 1/2 minutes long) and a bit silly, and the song itself isn’t one of the better songs of its era. So, it did bring back memories — but there are many other 1930s songs that would’ve brought back happier memories.

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