‘Toons From 4th Of July …

I do not know what the damn fools in my neighborhood think they are celebrating, but they are still putting off loud fireworks at midnight!  Every single time one goes “BOOM”, my heart tries to leave my chest.  My poor kitties have taken up residence under the sofa.  I have a headache, despite 4 ibuprofen.  I’m debating whether to call the cops, or grab my solid wooden rolling pin and go bash some heads.  Next year I’m either leaving the country the first of July, else going camping deep in the forest.  Bah humbug.  That said, I am incapable of writing anything coherent tonight.

So, I was thinking it has been a while since I’ve done a ‘toons post, and with the utter ridiculousness of Trump’s July 4th campaign rally / ego-stroking circus, there must surely be some great, mocking ‘toons out there.  I wasn’t wrong.  I’m sure there will be even more out later today, but for a few Friday morning laughs, check these out!

4 July-1










The baby trump blimp arrived in good time for the festivities, but wasn’t allowed to fly, nor to be anywhere in Trump’s sight.  Turns out, the entire government quakes in their little shoesies at the thought of Trumpie becoming upset.  Le gasp!  But, the blimp nonetheless was there … and it’s on video!

I, for one, did not watch his speech, did not even seek a transcript, nor do I have any intention of doing so at this time.  I know without even being told that he said nothing of relevance, nothing truthful, and nothing that wouldn’t make my blood pressure rise, which I do not need right now.  I’m sure we’ll all hear enough of it on every media outlet later today.  The girls and I ‘celebrated’ Chris’ day off by going out for Chinese, and visiting our local Barnes & Noble.

I shall return this afternoon, hopefully with something of substance.


27 thoughts on “‘Toons From 4th Of July …

  1. As an outsider – I just marvel at the complexity of your system and how it appears to allow so much to go wrong for democracy. lobby groups seem to control your politicians, business seems to make decisions, politicians lack integrity, and the people suffer.

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    • You are spot on in your analysis. Lobbyists and big corporations have our politicians in their pockets, said politicians have a sense of entitlement and believe they owe no allegiance, nothing but lip service and empty promises to those who put them in office and pay their salary, and yes, the people suffer. Under Trump, there is an added danger that the Constitution is being set afire as he tramples one after another legal norms and claims to be “above the law”. I have been angry since his election, but now, for the first time, I am also frightened.

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  2. Hello Jill. I can not stand how willing the people in government positions are will to violate the rights of people and break the laws just to avoid upsetting the dear leader dictator. This alone is a sign we do not have a full and functioning democracy anymore. Hugs

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    • Oh, I fully agree! This isn’t the first time that we’ve suffered because his people were too cowardly to risk upsetting the man. Those who had the cojones to actually stand up to him such as Mattis, Kelly, Tillerson and others, have long since left the administration … they perhaps had too much integrity to stand working for such a liar and cheat. Hugs!

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      • Hello Jill. Good point. I also wonder how long a person could stand to be treated like dirt before they simply say enough I wont take this from you. I wouldn’t last a day around tRump because I wouldn’t tolerate him screaming at me, swearing at me, and berating and belittling me as he is known to do. I remember when he first became president and he and McConnell got into a yelling match on the phone and McConnell told him that he did not work for the president. From what I heard it was months before tRump and McConnell talked again. Yet money and power caused McConnell to do what ever tRump wants. Hugs

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        • No, I wouldn’t last a day with him, either. I wonder how much it cost to change ol’ Mitchie from a Senator to a boot-licker? Not that he’s ever been much of a senator, for it was he who harassed President Obama for 8 years, but still …

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  3. On another note… One about Trump’s signature…

    Graphologists are almost in agreement that this is the bold strokes of a ruthless person. Someone with deep convictions, loyalty to family. But there is coldness, selfcentredness and lack of empathy too. Melania Trump’s signature is almost identical but with long patience, and self-control, and a grasping self-serving quality to it. Most Graphologists are stunned by the similarities.

    I don’t think we are…

    I purposefully avoided listening to Trump’s speech.
    Thank goodness that it’s over!

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    • Hmmm … interesting! I always just saw his signature as that of a not-very-well-educated person who never learned to write properly, but then that could be because I despise him. 🤣 And I don’t recall ever seeing Melania’s signature, but I despise her as well. She is a cold and calculating b**ch.

      I didn’t listen to it, nor read a transcript, but only seized upon that one gaffe because it was all over the media, and I just couldn’t resist. Yes, thank goodness it’s over. Let’s hope by next 4th of July he is nowhere to be seen! Behind bars, in Siberia, or 6 feet under, I really don’t care as long as he’s gone from the White House.

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  4. I saw a bit on the news yesterday, but where the announcer said the parade wzs seen by crowds of thousands, I could only see crowds of hundreds. No one the interviwer talked to was impressed by the Trump Day Parade. One person compared it to the loud rowdy guys you see at any bar no one wants to see. That pretty much sums it up!

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    • I heard somewhere that Trump claimed a crowd of 3.4 million, but the accompanying picture showed maybe a couple hundred at the most. Only Trump supporters attended … the rest of us had better sense. But, apparently some people travelled there and stayed in Trump’s hotel, and he increased his rates a few days before. And he says he isn’t profiting from the office??? HAH!

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  5. Those were good cartoons, Jill. They made me feel better. I read it was raining and the smell at the celebration was like wet socks and porta potties. Ugh. I never watch his speeches. Many aren’t even carried in full by the major news networks anymore. —- Suzanne

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    • Yeah, I believe it rained on his parade, literally, but that didn’t stop him from making a fool of himself. I wonder if he noticed the baby blimp? Heh heh … I was actually hoping for a well-placed lightning bolt, but I hear he was in a bullet-proof glass container, so he probably didn’t get wet. No, I cannot watch his speeches … it is very bad for my health. If I’m interested enough, I will read a transcript, but most often I hear what I need to know from the pundits anyway. Did you escape serious damage from the monsoon?

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      • We’re on a hillside so don’t get damage from the rain. The most damage is in the lower places near two rivers that meet. An old wall fell here and one fell in Mumbai killing some people A dam near Mumbai gave way and people died. There had been warnings for a couple of years to no avail. We were glad to see the rain as the Pune reservoirs were getting low. Chennai is in trouble. Their groundwater will be gone by next year. They’re suffering a drought. The monsoon as so far missed them entirely. —- Suzanne

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        • Too much water in some places, far too little in others. What will the people of Chennai do if their water table isn’t replenished and they run out? Pipe water from elsewhere? That is scary! I’m glad you’re safe, but much of the country seems not to be. Do you ever consider moving back to the States? Not that I would advise it, with the uncertainty of our political situation at the moment, but just curious. Keep safe, my friend!

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          • Sorry, I’m getting to this late. I’m catching up. The government is now sending tanker trains into Chennai with water. They will have to get engineers to come and find the old methods of saving water. The big problem is there are more people all the time moving into the area needing more and more water. The weather is changing and with it the monsoon timings. Indians will have to try and find ways to conserve groundwater. They plant the wrong crops for one thing. In Pune, for now, we have sufficient water. My son says now, in the Age of Trump, is not the time for me to move back to the USA. My money would be the same throwing me into poverty. My children can’t help right now. so I stay put where I can even afford help with cleaning and physical care. Thanks for asking, Jill. —- Suzanne

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            • These are frightening times in so many places. I agree with your son, the U.S. is NOT a good place to be these days, and it sounds like you are content and safe where you are. Frankly, if I had the wherewithal, I would be leaving the U.S. right now, and denouncing my citizenship. It isn’t only Trump, but the fact that so many who I thought were good people are supporting a monster in the White House that I see little hope for sanity returning to this nation in my lifetime. Sigh.

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  6. I purposefully watched nothing either and only saw it rained some.
    I heard some fireworks but all seemed quiet by 1000. It irritates me why people have no respect for noise late at night or for the fear this can put in animals. I can only imagine what the little wild animals think or feel.😢

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    • I know … most people had to work today and were deprived of sleep by the inconsiderate few. One year, the police were called, for fireworks in residential areas are illegal in this state anyway, let alone after midnight. Well, the police showed up, I saw them drive through da hood, and a few minutes later they left, the fireworks resumed. Lot of good calling the police does. I used to have a dog … big done, 110 pounds … and he was petrified of fireworks, would go hide under the bed and whimper like a baby the whole time. 😥

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    • Yes, and in addition to the big one, somebody was even selling small ones, looks like about 10-inch ones, and from the pictures, there were a lot of ’em in circulation! He has no heart … only a dark, infested cavity in his chest where worms crawl around and make more worms.

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