Shared Words … Shared Feelings

I wasn’t going to have an afternoon post today, for I have an overwhelming amount of things I must get done today, but then my friend Herb tagged me on something on Facebook this morning, and as I read it, I realized it sums up what the majority of people in the U.S. are feeling these days.

A Message to Trump Supporters
by Mike Miller

‘A message to all tRump supporters:

When this national nightmare is over….and it WILL be over, hopefully sooner rather than later….and the country is returned to normalcy, order is restored, and patriotism and common sense replaces bigotry, hate and stupidity, don’t expect to regain the stature you once enjoyed as a citizen and return to the society you ransomed to placate your hate. Everything this country once stood for….everything better men and women than you sacrificed their lives to protect and preserve….everything we held dear to our hearts, was cast aside, thrown away, denigrated, defiled, stepped on, ridiculed, and despised by you in order to support the most corrupt, dishonest, fascist traitor to every occupy the people’s house. 

When our free press told you the truth about him, you rallied behind his cries of “fake news” and supported his attack on our free press. 

When fake “chrisitan” religious frauds attempted to hijack religious freedom in order to force feed their own deluded brand of bigotry and hate disguised as “christian values” you stood by and let them stoke your inbred prejudices.

When the same mindset that turned Germany into Nazi Germany in the 1930’s tried to establish a foothold here, you again showed your true colors and instead of quashing it in its tracks, you abandoned the spirit of this country, forgot history, and allowed its hatred and division to seep into our society. 

When healthcare was taken away from the most at-risk of our society, you allowed it to happen.

When children were denied food and healthcare, you supported it.

When innocent African-Americans were murdered by law enforcement, you remained silent, only to finally raise your voices in disgust and hatred when they knelt in protest.

When children were murdered in schools and sane gun legislation was called for, you sided with the gun lobby and decided that the murder of school children was more favorable than sensible gun laws.

When hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens were denied their constitutional and human rights simply because of who they chose to love, you allowed discrimination and hate to overtake your sensibility and relegated them to second-class citizenry, using YOUR “religious freedom” as the rationalization for the hatred you hid behind.

When environmental policies that demanded clean water and clean air were thrown aside in order to coddle to the monetary interests of the polluters, you remained silent.

When policies that assisted the homeless, the elderly, the needy, the hungry, the veterans, the retired, and the sick were systematically nullified and terminated in order to transfer that tax money into the pockets of billionaires, you turned a blind eye to their struggles. 

When children seeking refuge were taken from their parents and housed in cages, instead of outrage you supported the victimization and maltreatment of refugees seeking asylum. 

When the reputation of this country and our commitment to our steadfast allies were trashed in order to appease our most rabid enemies, you supported the traitors who betrayed the country and everything we once stood for. 

In every instance where compassion, civility, sympathy, acceptance, inclusion, humanity, fairness, justice, and respectability were needed, you supported the policies and the people who showed no compassion, no civility, no sympathy, no acceptance, no inclusion, no humanity, no fairness, no justice, and no respectability to anyone whose very existence they disregarded and refused to legitimize. 

So again, when this is finally over, don’t expect to be accepted back into the society of the REAL Americans you stabbed in the back simply to legitimize your own prejudices.

At every turn….at every chance….at every opportunity, when you were called on to support the foundation and pillars that this country was built on, you looked the other way and were willing to support those who were tearing down those pillars and destroying that foundation. You had no qualms about sacrificing this country to justify your own intolerance. When the choice was to support your country and its constitutional guarantees for everyone, or support the traitor who has worked tirelessly to destroy those constitutional guarantees, you chose the corrupt wannabe dictator over the constitution. Please know that there are many of us, this person especially, who truly love this country, and are intelligent enough to see the damage your misguided support of this administration has reaped. I, for one, will NEVER FORGET and NEVER FORGIVE you for the choice you made and what that choice did to this country.’

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26 thoughts on “Shared Words … Shared Feelings

  1. Haunting words!! So true and so very well stated. I agree with all of it. I will never forgive or forget. It’s changed my life, my perceptions and my loyalty!

    Thx dear one for sharing!! 🌺

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  2. Hmmm. I understand, but ‘an eye for an eye’ vitriol is just as dictatorial. Injustice kills our compassion, and sentences us to a life of constant anger and leaves us as victims if we do not forgive. Difficult, I know, but remember, we can all be fooled. The man in the White House is pure evil. His supporters are under a ‘spell!’

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    • Hello colettebytes. I disagree his supporters are under a spell. They know what he stands for and they like it. They have had three years of non-stop view of what his administration is about. They want to do what he does and get away with it like he does. Yes I am saying they are bigots and deplorables. I also think they must take responsibility for their actions. To just forgive or forget what harm they did means they learn nothing and nothing stops them from doing it again. Hugs

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        • Hello colettebytes. I understand that , I really do. However forgiveness normally is part of repentance on the part of the transgressor. The Republicans have shown they have no regret for any of their prior bad acts, and I doubt they will when this is over. As a Republican once told me when I challenged them on the acts against President Obama “Everything is OK as long as we win”! He did not care how they won, only that they won. The Republicans have learned from the past that they can act as badly as they want when they are in power and then demand the Democrats not do what they did and instead treat them “fairly” when the Democrats are in power. As soon as the Republicans are in power again they go back to acting badly in their own interests only. That is why I want to see them acknowledge their wrongs before we sweep what they did under the rug. Hugs

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          • Those that transgress and do not repent are always self-righteous. A former boss and her colleagues never repented when they forced me out of a job because I was a whistle blowing on their nepharious activities. They lied to cover themselves, and I moved on. Five years later, they all got fired, and one went to prison after the cooked books were found. My former boss (a position of much privilege and power), could not find work for a while. Her husband left her along with the kids. She now works in a lowly position as somebody else’s dogsbody.
            I had nothing to do with any of it… I actually did forgive her (to stop my own bitterness). I would not interact with her (people told me that she wanted my contact details).
            I cannot condone non-forgiveness… It took me a long time to do it in the case of my boss. The anger ate at me in the back of my mind and ultimately made me quite ill. Forgiveness brings lightness and relief. Anger towards anyone without remorse, only gets reflected right back at you. It is their last defence before karma takes them down! Hugs Scottie 🤗 The world works much better when we love it. 😍

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          • They will never acknowledge their wrongs. They still have to appeal to the segment in this country that are racists, bigots and religious extremists. That is a 30% group that will never change except through attrition. It’s not a question of forgiveness, but of attrition and time.

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      • I never said anything about forgetting, Scottie. Those supporters have black hearts if they do not see the evil that their leader spreads. A black heart is very easy to tempt with greed and riches, but they must sell their integrity and compassion to get them. Those people will live in their own personal hell without any help from us, after this situation is put right. To forgive, really just takes the burden of anger from our own shoulders. It does nothing to exonerate the guilty. What comes around, goes around. I have very personal experience of it. I saw justice for things that happened to me, but that ‘justice’ was not metered by my hand… They wandered straight into it all on their own. 😉❤️

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  3. Sincere words though I think it the years of hatred are not to continue ad nauseum there will need to be forgiveness at some stage or if not forgiveness then at least tolerance and an agreement to work together. Maybe they will smile to your face while working behind your back, or perhaps the defeat of Trump’s attempted empire will have taught many a lesson. If they still own the Senate and continue to play the same stupid blocking games towards good government then they will need to be hammered out of existence at the polls so no more can ther people be held to ransom.

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    • I agree with you, for no matter how tempting revenge might be, it is counter-productive. However, my best guess is that those who have supported Trump will not “go quietly into that good night”, nor will they be willing to cooperate for the good of the nation, the planet. Based on their current attitudes, I think they will do everything in their power to sabotage efforts to implement a saner government, to address issues of climate change, income inequality, and many others. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think they will go down without a fight. And the other thing is that … they are complicit in the murders of immigrant children, for they not only turned a blind eye to the atrocities in the detention camps, did no even care, but applauded Trump’s actions when he began taking children from their parents and throwing them in cages. They shrugged their shoulders and said, “Oh well, they shouldn’t have come here.” The DIDN’T EVEN CARE! And for that, I think there must ultimately be a price to pay. 😥
      Cwtch Mawr

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        • One cannot simply wear blinders while horrible atrocities are happening all around us. Yes, to forget would be a mistake, just as it would be to forget the Holocaust. If we forget, we repeat the same mistakes over and over. I think we have forgotten too much already. Sigh.

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  4. Jill, this well done. This is why the GOP should lead the impeachment effort. He is a clear and present danger to our democracy, our planet and the Republican party. The planet part is getting scarier, as the largest military is in the hands of a very fragile ego with little regard for diplomacy, history or decorum. If this continues, history will look back on this period when the US ceded its global leadership, I just hope he does not do something stupid, as he has surrounded himself with hawks and he caused the mess in Iran by pulling out of an agreement that the other six parties asked him not to along with the more reasonable defense people who used to be in his cabinet. Keith

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    • You make a number of valid points here. First, it seems to me that if the GOP has a hope for the future, it is to lead the impeachment effort and apologize for its poor judgment in allowing this ‘man’ to ever rise to the Oval Office. And yes, the ‘planet part’ is getting scarier by the day. There is the aspect you refer to … a ‘man’ who has zero comprehension of foreign policy, or how diplomacy works, plus who has a hairpin trigger. But there is also the climate change issue, and he is not only ignoring it, but it would appear that he is trying to hasten the demise of all living things on this earth with his de-regulations, his support of the fossil fuel industries, and his attempts to penalize those who are trying to promote clean energy and environmental regulations at the state level. You mention, as I have done also, how history will reflect on this era, but lately I’ve begun to wonder if there will be anyone left to write that history.

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  5. Hello Jill. This is well written and spot on. However if history is a guide it will be hard to find a large part of his supporters after this is over. When asked if they supported tRump most of them will deny it. So while history will record that tRump had 36 to 38% support of the population very few will admit they agreed with / voted for him. Hugs

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