Just Don’t Answer …

Last week, the Supreme Court did its job.  It told the Trump administration that it would not approve of Trump’s ignominious citizenship question on the 2020 census form, for it is basically a poorly-disguised attempt to discriminate against Hispanics for political gain.  I agreed with that assessment and the Court’s decision, though I did not agree with Chief Justice John Roberts giving Trump lawyers an opportunity to come up with a better ‘rationale’.  In other words, “go think up a more credible lie”.citizenship questionThe Justice Department appeared ready to give up the ghost and sent word that they were conceding and would abide by the decision of the Supreme Court.  But then, apparently Trump threw a royal tantrum, and within hours, the Justice Department was back in the news saying that no, they decided to pursue the matter, and that all lawyers would be required to cancel their Fourth of July plans to spend the day ‘brainstorming’ to come up with that ‘better rationale’.

Apparently, all the king’s lawyers and all the king’s men couldn’t put together a plausible excuse as to why they want to add the loaded citizenship question to the census.  Now here comes the part that should sent chills down your spine.  Trump announced that he is considering an executive order to circumvent the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, the final authority on all legal questions and disputes.  He is considering an executive order to add the citizenship question.  He is considering an executive order, in essence, to say that he, Donald J. Trump, is the only and final law, and that no other laws apply to him.

Think about that one for a minute.

I said long ago that his use of executive orders was not only excessive, but bordered on being illegal.  But, if he chooses to go this route, there is one last option:  Congress can overturn an executive order by passing legislation that invalidates it.  But, of course, there’s the rub.  The Senate is having a “let’s sit on our asses and not pass a damn thing” session, and even in the House, it is doubtful that any such legislation could attain a veto-proof (2/3) majority because the House Freedom Caucus would no doubt vote against any such legislation.

And so, I say to you, my friends … if Trump signs an executive order demanding that a citizenship question be included in next year’s census, then there is no law that applies to Donald Trump.

Think about that one for another minute.

What do you have when a person at the head of government is not constrained one bit by anything … not the legislature, not the highest court in the land?  What you have is not a president, nor a prime minister, what you have is a dictator or a king.  Since Trump has no royal blood, he cannot be a king, and so … Heil Herr Trump.

I urge you, if the question is on the census form next year, to skip over it … DO NOT ANSWER IT!  Most people in the U.S. who are reading this blog are citizens, most born in the U.S., but it doesn’t matter … DO NOT ANSWER THAT QUESTION!  I definitely will not answer it.  I have skipped questions in prior year’s census that I felt were invasive or just flat out none of their damn business, and I absolutely will not answer this one!

31 thoughts on “Just Don’t Answer …

  1. This is clearly a blatant pretext to discriminate against minorities who tend to vote Democrat! If this question on the census becomes a requirement to vote, then Trump can declare all those who skipped/ refuse to answer as an indication that you are not a citizen, and nullify your vote!!
    Then it’s up to you to prove that you are a citizen by providing you tax records, ID, birth certificate, passport etc. Kinda like guilty until proven innocent. They’ll make you jump thru so many bureaucratic hoops, taking days from work to resolve, most ppl would give up and not vote.
    I believe this is the Repubs’ evil nefarious plan to hijack the election and bypass the voting process. Scary.


  2. Segregation is such an ugly word. Anyone who has left their birth country to emigrate and live out their days in the US is a potential target. Donald doesn’t want them. This is a badly disguised plot to split the Nation and toss out the condemned.

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    • It is just that, a poorly concocted excuse to root out the immigrants, and also to gerrymander the districts in favour of republicans even more than they already are. Trump and his ilk fail to realize how much we gain from having people from different countries, different cultures.

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  3. You’re obviously heading for a Police State where the rule of law can be overturned at the whim and words of one man. The border force would be like his personal army since he seems to have caused to be hired every nasty, cruel bigoted person available They will be his blackshirts and their ranks will grow from the police force which has it’s own problems with bigots and those who are willing to murder innocents for their own pleasure.The real pollice force will suffer.

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  4. Jill, what has bothered me most about my former party is the lengths the GOP has gone to suppress opposition in voting and influence. Note both sides have cheated, but what we are witnessing now is a highly orchestrated voter suppression effort. As former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt noted this orchestrated effort is demographic based as a late 1990 study did not like the future of GOP demographics.

    So, we are seeing ALEC sponsored cookie cutter state legislation to push Voter ID laws which sound innocuous, but are Jim Crow like. We see laser-like gerrymandering to gain seats. We see diminished windows of early voting as the opposition votes early more. We see state funded university boards being repopulated by conservatives to squelch progressive research. And, we are seeing a census citizenship question, which again sounds innocent, but whose stated purpose is to suppress completion by families which may have an illegal member(s) or even those with none as they are scared to be visible.

    I truly wish I was making this up. What frighteningly rounds out this picture is the unhealthy embrace of white nationalists. The president can read a unifying speech he did not or could not write all he wants, but he cannot change who is per his long time attorney and fixer under oath, “Donald Trump os racist, he is con artist and he is a cheat.” Keith

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    • One major goal of the Republican Party is to disenfranchise as many minorities and others who are likely to vote democrat, as possible. Gerrymandering, closing polling places, changing hours, restrictive voter ID laws, passing other laws that disenfranchise the elderly and students, and now the citizenship question. Sadly, they have misrepresented what they are doing, and we have people like Scott who believe it is all about keeping illegal immigrants from voting. It has not one bloody thing to do with illegals voting, for they cannot vote anyway! Sigh. I’m so sick and tired of the lies the republicans tell to cover their tracks, and meanwhile, down on the southern border, children are being kept in horrible conditions because not enough people care, because the likes of Rush Limbaugh say it’s good enough for them and they should never have come here. I am sick of them all! The republicans, not the children. 😉 Yes, Donald Trump is everything you say, and even worse. And I’m not above calling his loyal base the same. Sigh.


      • Thanks Jill. The genius of marketing is to make something that sounds or look innocuous, and put all the bad stuff under the hood. As you note, the Voter ID laws sound OK until you dig deeper. NC had their law ruled unconstitutional with the judge saying it was a laser-like law designed to discriminate. We need only recall the highly descriptive words of the Buncombe County GOP leader, who told a “Daily Show” interviewer the Voter ID law was “designed to kick Democrats’ butts.” The interviewer was stunned at his candor, saying “You do realize we are filming this.”

        When I told the bill’s author before it passed that the law was “unconstitutional” and “Jim Crow-like,” he ripped me a new one in an email. Using my age at the time, I said “I am a 55 year-old white man and former Republican. You and I both know what this law is all about.”


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  5. what is so wrong with asking a person a question of fundamental importance as to whether or not that individual is a citizen who has the right to vote or who who is not and doesn’t have that right? The democrats talk a good game about making sure that every voice counts in an election and that every voice matters. The truth is that if an illegal alien casts a vote and doesn’t have the right to do so because he or she is not a citizen of this country, that vote has just canceled out the vote of a citizen of this country. As a result, as usual, the democrats are just blowing smoke up the asses of the American people with all their rhetoric about wanting fair and equal elections because it’s all a sham. If someone is a citizen and doesn’t have anything to hide, why should he or she be worried about the question? Think about that for a minute.

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    • Hi Scott, long time little talk.
      This question is not about voting, it is about finding people Trump wants to get rid of. He doesn’t ask them on their tax forms if they are illegal, he will take everyone’s money, legal or not. But he does not want to give any of that tax money back to them in the way of services. The only service he wants to send them is ICE agents, to throw them out of “his” country.
      How many illegal aliens do you think show up at the polls anyway? Do you not need some kind of legal ID to be able to vote? How many illegal aliens have legal IDs. And what if a few did actually succeed in voting? How many legal voters are turned away from voting stations? How many are prevented from voting by gerrymandered voting regions? Or any of the other ways republican states have to interfere with the voting process? Do you really think the way elections are run in the United States are fair and equitable?
      They are as fair and as equitable as your justice system is, one set of laws for whites (particularly rich whites), and another set of laws for non-whites (especially poor non-whites).
      The democrats are not saying let everyone vote including illegal aliens (at least not tjat I know of), but they are saying let everyone who is eligible to vote have the opportunity to vote. Republicacans are the ones interfering with a free voting system.

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      • Hi rawgod. I’ve been okay, just returning from a trip to see the family in Florida. My sister-in-law said that it did her heart good to see me. The loss of her husband is still so overwhelming for her and we hope to fly her and her kid up to our house next summer for a while.

        You make some good points about the inequity of some of our systems but I’d like to add to that the notion that some people have regarding the requirement for legal id for voting. They believe that this is just another form of voter suppression and this argument has never made sense to me since you need an id to do so many things in this country anyway from driving a car to purchasing alcohol, etc. so it seems that the oppression argument from this perspective falls apart rather quickly. Now, having polling places close early and not making them available in areas where it would be otherwise difficult to vote is definitely a form of disenfranchisement and as a person with a disability who, if I didn’t have a sighted wife, transportation would be arduous at best, I can certainly understand and appreciate that point of view.

        It’s sad when there is one standard for some people and another for others and that in itself is something that will undoubtedly exist as long as the human condition is a part of the equation. People will continue to have their prejudices, tribal mindsets, identity politics, etc. and the best we can hope to do is to be as nonjudgmental towards others and try to influence people to do and be the same by way of our actions of love and kindness to our neighbors and children.

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      • Hello Scott, what you say has some merit. It is well known in a few super-liberal states, ie Cali, Oregon, non-citizens can get drivers license and other official forms of gov’t ID, they then register with fake SS #s and can vote illegally.
        But that is the exception rather than rule, Trump is using this as an excuse to target ALL minorities from voting legally. IT would be burdensome for citizens to prove they are legit in order to vote, most simply give up and not vote at all. The census question is a sham, another pretext to manipulate the vote count along with gerrymandering and other restrictive voter ID laws.
        We must fight this or any of our votes could potentially be nullified on a whim by the Führer. *Sigh*


    • First: It may sound innocuous, but legal experts and civil rights groups say such a question would suppress the response rates of immigrants fearing deportation, thus systematically under-representing the number of non-citizens living in the country. This will impact voting rights and the distribution of billions of dollars in federal funding. By asking this question, states will not have accurate representation and individuals in impacted communities will lose out on state and federal funding for health care, education, and infrastructure.

      Second: State legislatures use Census data to redraw their Congressional maps every 10 years. Think gerrymandering. You have a district that has 200,000 people, but because it is a community that has a high immigrant population, the census reports half that many. Redraw the maps, and that district gets only half the representation in the electoral college as it should have.

      Immigrants cannot vote anyway, unless they become citizens, in which case they do and should have all the rights accorded to citizens. The census doesn’t determine who can vote, and even sans the citizenship question, no immigrants will be able to register to vote. Adding the citizenship question to the census for is blatantly discriminatory and an attempt to further gerrymander districts in favour of the Republican Party. It’s not about having something to hide, Scott. I have nothing to hide, but I will refuse to answer the citizenship question if it appears. Did you know the citizenship question used to be on the form, but was taken off after 1950, except for a test sample during a few years since. It has too much potential to be used to skew the results.

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    • I’m with you. I have never in my life felt such white-hot rage toward a person. I truly believe that if I had the wherewithal, I could eradicate him without losing sleep. Sad thing is, that rage hurts only us. Sigh.

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  6. History repeats itself because humans are vain, stupid and often vile creatures. This is a fact that all good people must accept and face if we are to stand a chance against the darkness that is attempting to rise up and make a run for control yet again. Recognizing something for what it is does not make anyone bad or just like that which they long to turn away from. Like a bad child, it is begging for attention and the tantrums are only going to get bigger, louder and more ciolent until someone sees the Naked Emperor. How much destruction do we have to suffer this time before good people find their voices and come out of their safe hidey holes to forget about their piles of useless cash and realize this struggle is for the survival of our very planet, our world so lovingly created by each and every living thing that dares to dream? 😞

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  7. Do you think Trump will get his way? As you write … he’d be above the law.
    As a matter of principle I’d have to leave the country! It’ll be quite the spot for me!

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    • I think the odds are better than even that he will push for this one, and none will have the cojones to stand up to him. I wouldn’t blame you for leaving, but as you say, you have compelling reasons to stay. Tough spot, and frankly, if he is re-elected, I plan to seriously consider leaving. Sigh.

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      • which country would you go to? Whichever one it is, I imagine it’ll be quite the wait time and process to apply for citizenship. I’m guessing you’d go for dual citizenship rather than give up one for another as eventually the orange man will be out of office.

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        • I would likely try for the UK, and if not accepted there, I would simply jump off a cliff. I cannot live under these circumstances in this country for another 5 or more years. But as to the question of citizenship … the only reason I might consider keeping my U.S. citizenship would be for my Social Security, for I would need money to live on. But frankly, I wrote a letter one night last week denouncing my citizenship from the U.S. Obviously, I cannot send it to anybody at the moment, but it is written. I no longer care to be affiliated with this country of people who claim to be good people, but turn a blind eye to the way children are being treated at the border. Sigh. Hugs, Scott.


    • No no no … don’t do that, for then they can fine you. Fill out what seems logical, but don’t answer the citizenship question. They could still try to fine you, but my hope is we get enough people convinced to disregard it that they would have to hire additional staff in the thousands to figure it all out. And even if they did try to fine you, you could just say, “Oops … didn’t see it … sorry ’bout your luck”, and then move on. You’re like me, they can’t collect the fine, so let them stew over it if they wish. I just hope we can convince most of the thinkers in the nation to go along with it.

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