A Fresh Batch Of Snarky Snippets

Some days just seem to be meant for a fresh batch of cookies snarky snippets, and today is such a day.  The stranger times and people get, the snarkier I seem to feel.  So, fasten your seat belts … or leave them off so you can run away quickly if needs be.

Da Book of Trump???

You may want to get your sick-bags for this one.  Remember Miriam Adelson?  She and her husband Sheldon are friends (aka donors) of Donald Trump and during his 2016 campaign they donated millions to assist in the potential destruction of the United States.  It is estimated that the Adelson’s gave more than $110 million to the GOP during the 2016 election campaign, most going to Trump.  In return, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom last November, for … well … assisting in the destruction of the nation.Trump-AdelsonBut all of that is water either under the bridge, or over the dam, whichever expression you prefer, for today, Miriam Adelson is back in the news, praising Trump and taking it one step further.  She wrote an OpEd piece that was published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, in which she praises Trump …

“We are now at platinum — a miracle of preciousness, radiance, and endurance. And the man who most deserves credit for this is President Donald J. Trump.”


Adelson cited many reasons why she credited Trump with improving relations with Israel, including formally recognizing Jerusalem as the nation’s capital, and declaring the Golan Heights to be Israeli territory, in his view. The withdrawal by the U.S. from a nuclear agreement with Iran was also brought up by Adelson as to why Trump was the best president for Israel. It should be noted that the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement has every likelihood of leading to World War III, but … oh well, as long as Trump and the Adelson’s are happy, right?  But the crowning absurdity of her piece was …

“Would it be too much to pray for a day when the Bible gets a ‘Book of Trump,’ much like it has a ‘Book of Esther’ celebrating the deliverance of the Jews from ancient Persia?”

A ‘Book of Trump’ addendum to the bible.  Think about that one.  Now, I don’t know much at all about the bible, and I realize that it is written by many different men at various times, but … a ‘Book of Trump’???  Surely even the evangelicals must be incensed over that one, right?  Right?  Sigh.  It matters not to me who puts what into the bible, but it does matter to me, should matter to all of us, that this would give Trump the acclaim he seeks to call himself ‘Supreme Leader’, and we would be doomed for the rest of our lifetimes, ‘til somebody knocked him off his golden pedestal.

Some people just got no sense!

He lies … and lies … and lies some more

trump-pinocchioYou’d think I would be used to it by now, wouldn’t you?  But no, I’m not, for I still shook my fist at my laptop’s screen as I looked around for something to throw, all the while feeling rather ill.  Yes, of course this has to do with Donald Trump … was there ever any question?  Well, happens that some of his advisors have determined one area he is not polling high in is the environment.  Sooooo … determined to fix that, Trump gave an hour-long speech on … what a wonderful steward of the environment he has been, and what a great job … nobody has ever …


Trump called himself a protector of public land. Does a ‘protector’, open up public lands to drilling?  Does a protector sign off on the largest rollback of federal land protection in the nation’s history?  He repeatedly cited his desire for clean water, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is rolling back an Obama-era clean-water regulation of pollution in streams and wetlands.

He described himself as a champion of the oceans.  Does the champion of the oceans open up the entire United States coastline to offshore oil and gas drilling?

Does a protector pull out of the Paris Climate Accords that every single nation on the globe has signed, only so that he can de-regulate industries in the U.S., increase carbon emissions, and be accountable to nobody?  Does a person who gives even a little damn about the environment, threaten punishment to those who are attempting to cut back on fossil fuels and turn to renewable energy sources?

Does this fool on the hill realize that the United States is THE LARGEST EMITTER per capita of CO2, the main pollutant that is destroying the air we breath, causing global temperatures to rise, sea temperatures to rise to the point that the arctic ice is melting, causing extreme weather everywhere, and ultimately causing the planet to no longer be inhabitable by any lifeform that requires clean air and potable water.  Donald Trump did not create the current crisis … and make no mistake, it IS a crisis … but he is singlehandedly working to ensure the destruction of the environment such that the Earth will no longer sustain life.  And he brags about his environmental record?  How. Dare. He???  Noted presidential historian, Douglas Brinkley said …

“It is an utter farce for the president to talk about America’s environmental leadership, when he has been a champion of the polluters.”

Damn straight.

Baby Trump on Amazon?

It came to my attention yesterday afternoon that Amazon carries mini-versions of the baby Trump blimp, so of course I had to check it out, right?  ‘Tis true!  They have a variety of the blimps in sizes ranging from 21 inches and upward.  They even had one filled with catnip, so the furry babes can have fun shredding his face!  They have coffee cups, t-shirts, and all sorts of toys and novelties based on the baby trump blimp!  Here are a couple of my favourites …


While that is not all the snarky I have built up, it is all I have time for right now. However, never fear, I shall return!  A promise or a threat?  It’s all in the perception.

32 thoughts on “A Fresh Batch Of Snarky Snippets

    • I liked that one, but my favourite was the “Elect a Clown … Expect a Circus” one! I’m thinking about getting it, actually. Sadly, I fear we may end up waiting longer than 2020 to pop that balloon. 😥


  1. As a friend, if I may speak candidly, I am rather concerned. I know that the current political climate is divisive at best, polarizing at the midpoint and all around unbearable at the worst but do you actually throw things and pound the keyboard? I am worried that this height of crisis is going to have a horrible effect on your health as a person over the long-term. I know one dude who takes a break from all online activity for a month, no social media, not even any news and he says that it recharges him in such a way that he’s able to jump back into things with a new energy and mindset that he didn’t previously have. Now, I’m not saying to take a month off but maybe some time away from the news would help bring you back into balance? hugs.

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    • Trump is horrible at healthcare, heck he’s causing ppl to be sick with anxiety, fear, anger, stress. Taking a newsbreak may be a wonderful idea to save oneself from mental breakdown. Remember, Trump derangement syndrome is very real, I’ve witnessed friends losing their cool, getting triggered whenever the topic of Trump comes up. And there’s news about this windbag everyday! Perhaps our news media should go on a Trump diet, but it’s way too profitable to stop now. I could only imagine the frenzy the closer we get to 2020!
      I keep reminding myself… this too shall pass. *Sigh*

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    • Hey Scott! Thank you for being such a caring friend … you make me smile. I owe you an email, so I’ll respond to your concerns more in-depth when I write to you this evening, okay? Hugs!


  2. Deceit is the new honour. Truth has no currency with fact. Repeat something enough and it will create truth where no truth existed before. Honour they wallet and thy bank account; all else is a breath in the wind–it will poison you in the end. — The Book of Trump. Chapter Lie, Cheat, and Steal Your Way to the Top

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    • The world we live in has become alien to me … I no longer recognize it, though on the surface it looks the same. I have to remind myself that Trump, as obnoxious, ignorant and disgusting as he is, is but a symptom of a larger disease, and it is the people giving him voice that are the real problem. Makes me not like people much.

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        • Sigh. I hate this country. Maybe I’ll just come to Alberta for a visit. BTW … are the wildfires out for the moment? I know I’ve been lax in emailing and commenting the last couple of days … a bit overwhelmed at the moment. LuL


          • I’m no better, Jill. Lax is a much nicer word than lazy. I am lazy.
            The fires are not out, but they are not actively burning in our area. I would love to tell you all is safe so we could get to meet you, but then I would be imitsting your DJT. I cannot do that.
            Five hundred miles south of us, people are experiencing floods like they have not seen in decades. They cannot remember the last day they had no rain. We, on the other hand, cannot remember the ladt time it rained for over a minute st a time. This is our driest spring/ summer in decades. Life is certainly not fair…

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            • No, life is not fair. And I’m told by Suzanne, who lives in India, that there is one area there that is so dry that they will be completely out of water soon. Hang in and keep safe. I’ll email later today, for I am getting caught up … or trying to. Meanwhile, hugs to you, Gail, and the furry babes!


    • You are spot on. The medal used to mean something, was given to people who had done something positive to promote freedom, but in my opinion, once Trump hung it ’round Ms. Adelson’s neck, it became a sham, naught but a political reward.

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  3. ‘The Book of Trump!!!’
    Yeee God’s, we are in trouble!
    The zealots are out in full force.

    I have a very, very bad feeling about where we are headed polically. It is truly getting weird and dangerous out there.
    Has somebody moved the hands of the Doomsday clock?Feels like 20 seconds from midnight. 😔

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  4. Jill, it should be noted the Adelsons own the Las Vegas newspaper and retain a right to edit stories and pieces they do not like.

    As for the US president, his genius has been to convince his followers that every other news source should not be trusted and only he should be believed. This skids were greased before he ran for office with Fox News saying mainstream news is biased, but he saw an opportunity to con people. This former Democrat ran as a Republican with this in mind. It goes back to Mark Twain’s comment “It is easier to fool someone, than to convince him he has been fooled.” Keith

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    • I meant to mention that in the post, but I forgot. I was not even able to read her entire OpEd in the Vegas paper, for it gave me the first few lines and wanted me to subscribe to finish reading it. Not worth the effort or money, so I just took what I could find from other outlets. I have zero respect for the Adelsons.

      Mark Twain’s quote is so very apt. I wouldn’t have thought so a decade ago, but today … sigh.


  5. A “BOOK of TRUMP”?????? Dear Lord…. say it isn’t so! A madman at the helm and no one to stop him! Where are the superheroes, when you need one? I keep waiting….. for that one thing ….that will bring him down , but he remains unaccountable and to my astonishment,
    even more empowered! 😱

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    • I know, my friend. And there surely is that “one thing” that will spell the death of the Reign of Trump, but I don’t know what or when. It seems that his behaviour is becoming more and more widely accepted as people are becoming increasingly inured to it all. That’s why I try to keep it in the limelight … not to depress people, but to remind them of the atrocities being committed by the jerk-in-chief. Hugs!!! ❤


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