A Scrapbook Of Life In America: Excerpts From The Pro-Gun Forums

Just over a week ago, I re-blogged a post by Greg, aka Ohio Realist, over at On the Fence Voters. It was the initial post of their new project on the issue of guns and the tragic gun culture in the U.S. Today, I share with you the second post in the project, a plethora of excuses for the fact that there is almost zero regulation on guns in this country. We have a problem … a huge problem … and the key to solving that problem is awareness. Please take a look at these pictures and read the words. The U.S. doesn’t lead the world in much these days, but we certainly do lead in gun fatalities, and once you see this post, you’ll understand why. Thank you, Greg and Jeff, for keeping this issue in the limelight … great work!

On The Fence Voters

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untitled-23untitled-24untitled-25untitled-56.jpguntitled-6untitled-33untitled-50Price Of Freedom 2

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12 thoughts on “A Scrapbook Of Life In America: Excerpts From The Pro-Gun Forums

  1. Just think how different the world would be in your countries forefathers had a fascination with Lego rather than guns. I’m literally sick of hearing the price of ….is worth paying. Wonder if the people saying that would be so keen if they were the ones who had been shot ….

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    • Oh that brings such a delightful picture to mind! Everyone sitting around creating with Lego in their spare time! What a wonderful world it would be! But alas, we have a gun culture that borders on insanity, and I don’t see it changing as long as the politicians are in the pockets of the gun lobby (NRA). Sigh.


  2. Whoa !!! I almost had to give up there. I haven’t read so much stupidity, so much BS in years, starting with the very first one Bad Guys shooting people is the price of freedom.. Well, since you don’t get good guys shooting people maybe we should make sure there are only good people left.Who needs gun control laws then, These morons only have to check that a healthy proportion of gun owners agree with some form of gun control., doesn’t say much for the rest of them

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    • I know, for I felt the same. And that is the reaction that Greg is hoping for … to bombard the senses with the utter insanity of it, to wake people up to the horrors of our gun culture in this country. You are right … last I checked, a year or so ago, it was around 85% of the entire country wanted stricture gun regulations. But the NRA, acting on behalf of the gun manufacturers, buys members of Congress like you and I might buy bananas, and until that is stopped, we will never have any serious form of gun regulation. Sigh.

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        • Unfortunately, campaign finance reform is just about as unpopular in Congress as is gun regulation. We were well on our way to limiting the monetary influence that corporations and lobbyists could exert on politicians until 2010 when the Supreme Court ruled that the rules violated the 1st Amendment’s right to free speech in what’s known as the ‘Citizens United’ ruling. Ponder on that one for a bit. Sigh. And now, just the mention of overturning Citizens United sends republicans into fits of fear and rage.

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          • The argument would be, why should one old scrote with a million dollars to give be able to have a bigger say that the normal voter. Stopping that is ensuring equal rights of free speech to all despite their wealth. Also if you vote someone in as they express the same ideas as you, how do you deal with them voting against your interests just after they receive a million towards campaign funds from the person whose ideas they now promote.
            One day these people may decide to sell groups of you as slave labour because no-one took the time to see which Saudi Prince is paying their bribes.

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            • You make perfectly sound points, and you gave me an idea that ties in with another project-in-progress … stay tuned. You’re right, our votes all count equally (well, no they really don’t, due to gerrymandered districts, but let’s say that in theory they do), but once a politician is elected, if the right lobbyists have filled his campaign coffers, he is then rather indebted and may well act against the interests of those who voted him into office. And at that point, there isn’t really a thing we can do about it until next election. I have long advocated for a system where all donations go into a pot, matched dollar-for-dollar by the government, but then divided equally among candidates, or at least by, say, those candidates who are polling higher than maybe 5%, maybe 10%. No private donations allowed, monitored closely the the FEC. But, I am called a socialist and sneered at whenever I propose that.

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