The Playground Bully Strikes Again …

The headline in the New York Times

British Ambassador to U.S. Resigns After Leak Enrages Trump

The condensed version is that Britain’s ambassador to the U.S., Sir Kim Darroch, had included in some of his memos, less than flattering words about Trump & Co.  What exactly did he say?  He described Trump as inept, insecure, and incompetent.  All true.  He said that Trump’s administration is uniquely dysfunctional.  Again, true.  According to the UK’s The Mail, Sir Kim …

  • Describes bitter conflicts within Trump’s White House – verified by his own sources – as ‘knife fights’;
  • Warns that Trump could have been indebted to ‘dodgy Russians’;
  • Claims the President’s economic policies could wreck the world trade system;
  • Says the scandal-hit Presidency could ‘crash and burn’ and that ‘we could be at the beginning of a downward spiral… that leads to disgrace and downfall’;
  • Voices fears that Trump could still attack Iran.

Every single one of those things is a true statement of fact.  Call a spade a spade.  He also said …

“We don’t really believe this Administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept.”

Again, every single word in that statement is fact-based … the truth.  One of the duties of an ambassador is to keep his own nation’s leaders informed about the situation in their host country.  That was what Sir Kim Darroch was doing – his job.  He was informing his government about the chaos and ineptitude that now defines the U.S. government.  He did not leak those memos, but somebody else did, no doubt with the intent of stirring the cauldron, and that is exactly what happened.  My best guess is that it was an associate of either Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage who leaked the documents, but that is for the UK intelligence agencies to determine.

It should be noted, however, that shortly after the 2016 election, two months before Trump was to take office, he suggested that the UK send Nigel Farage as their ambassador to the U.S.  He was promptly informed that he doesn’t get to choose who he would like as UK’s ambassador to the U.S.

In a statement, the British Foreign Office, upholding Sir Kim’s position said …

“The British public would expect our ambassadors to provide ministers with an honest, unvarnished assessment of the politics in their country. Their views are not necessarily the views of ministers or indeed the government. But we pay them to be candid. Just as the U.S. ambassador here will send back his reading of Westminster politics and personalities.”

Donald Trump can dish out the insults hour after hour on Twitter, day after day.  Not a day has gone by during his term in office that he wasn’t calling some perceived enemy nasty names.  But … like the playground bully, he can dish it out, but cannot take it.  He is extremely thin-skinned and flies into a rage at the slightest hint of disapproval.  And predictably, that is exactly what he did.

He described the ambassador as “wacky,” a “very stupid guy” and a “pompous fool,” and called Prime Minister Theresa May “foolish” for ignoring his advice on Brexit.  Wow, such maturity, eh?  And then Trump said that he would no longer “deal” with Sir Kim.  Trump, never running out of nasty things to say, then continued, via a series of unhinged Twitter messages …

“The wacky ambassador that the UK foisted upon the United States is not someone we are thrilled with, a very stupid guy. He should speak to his country, and Prime Minister May, about their failed Brexit negotiation, and not be upset with my criticism of how badly it was handled. I told her how to do that deal, but she went her own foolish way – was unable to get it done. A disaster! I don’t know the ambassador but have been told he is a pompous fool. Tell him the USA now has the best economy and military anywhere in the world, by far and they are both only getting bigger, better and stronger.”

Let that one sink in for a minute.  The ‘man’ who has failed this nation in every single foreign policy aspect thus far, “told” the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom how to handle a situation about which he is even more clueless than my cat.  A buffoonish, playground mentality is running this ship, folks … and there is an iceberg dead ahead.

Unfortunately, Boris Johnson, one of two candidates in the running to become the next Prime Minister later this month, pandered to Trump rather than supporting Sir Kim.  As one writer for The Guardian aptly said …

“The national interest would hardly be served by Her Majesty’s chief representative in Washington sending back sanitised and euphemistic dispatches. Governments rely upon thorough, honest and frank information and advice from their diplomats.  If the memos are unusually strong stuff, that is because the US administration is a wholly abnormal one. Indeed, the ambassador’s verdict of a dysfunctional, faction-riven and inept White House is not only blindingly obvious to any observer but looks decidedly diplomatic when set beside some of the accounts which have emerged from the leaky Trump administration itself. There are multiple reports of senior figures describing him as an idiot, a moron or unhinged.”

It is the opinion of this writer that Donald Trump has made yet another serious faux pas, another in a long string of foreign policy blunders that are putting us on a collision course.  Such juvenile behaviour coming from the ‘man’ who sits in the highest seat in government is inexcusable and unacceptable.  There is no doubt that he has single-handedly driven a wedge in US – UK relations, even if his buddy Boris does become the next Prime Minister.  I call on Nancy Pelosi to stop waiting for some perfect moment and open an impeachment inquiry NOW, before the United States has no friends left, and is left with only a warmonger whose itchy finger is moving closer and closer to the button.

38 thoughts on “The Playground Bully Strikes Again …

  1. Every day….This is not normal…this is not normal. I keep repeating it to myself, and every day, he reminds us of this fact. Democrats…..please…can you take some steroids or something? This is beyond The Twilight Zone!!! Do something!!!

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    • Sigh. I know, my friend. Do you know of Amy Siskind? She started a list back when Trump first took office of all the things that were not normal. I cannot remember at the moment how many she noted in the first year, but it was in the thousands, as best I recall. No, this is not normal, at least by our standards. My fear is that it has become the “new normal”, complete with its ‘alternative dictionary’ written by none other than bimbo Kellyanne Conway. I am puzzled by the democrats at the moment, and certainly by Nancy Pelosi. Sigh. What wouldn’t I give to waken in the morning and find this was all just a terrible nightmare?


  2. It’s been proven time and time again that tRumpsky considers himself the ultimate source of knowledge on how to run “the world.” Not just the U.S., but any and all countries that have any dealings with the U.S (and most likely the rest of them as well). Surely his experience as a TV star and financial manipulator are qualifications enough. Surely.

    Just for the record, I completely agree with Sir Kim’s assessment.

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    • He doesn’t understand the whole Brexit issue … just knows it is a populist notion just as is his own platform. He doesn’t understand a bloomin’ thing, just knows that he likes Nigel Farage, who is another first-class idiot. So, Trump opens mouth, inserts foot, and makes another mucky mess for someone else to clean up. But this time, he has set back US-UK relations by decades and put us in a very dangerous position. And yeah, I agree with every word Sir Kim said. Sigh. Can we get rid of Trump and keep Darroch?


  3. Jill, thanks for writing this. Once again, the US president attacks the people and not the issues. Yet, what is interesting is Darroch is a well-respected advisor unlike what Trump described. His own staff has attened parties at Darroch’s residence and are part of the sources for his opinions he shared with his boss. Again, the crime is the leak, not what he said. He is paid for his diplomacy and frankness. Whether one agrees with what he said, does not alter that fact it is his job to share what he thinks. Like you, I agree with everything he says.

    The other interesting issue is this reveals exactly who Boris Johnson is. He is very similar to Trump in stirring the pot, then denying he did while still holding the spoon. The Brits will be ill-served with Johnson as PM, just as America is ill-served by the White House occupant. If the UK wants to be the US lap dog, putting Johnson and Farage in positions of power will do that.

    Trump manages by fear. There is a book coming out which notes after 300 interviews, many Republicans in Congress both detest Trump and fear him. Self-preservation overrides courage. Johnson is already starting out on the wrong foot.


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    • You are so right … it shows Boris Johnson for what he is, but then none of that is surprising, for I have long felt that Boris was a somewhat more intelligent version of Trump. I have a niggling feeling about the leaker … I still think it may ultimately be traced back to Nigel Farage. I do hope the Brits are able to find who it is and he pays the price for the damage he has done. I have heard nothing but positive things about Sir Kim, and hear that he was well-respected on both sides of the partisan aisle.

      I think, based on what I hear from my UK friends, most know that Boris Johnson would be a huge mistake, but just as we knew Trump would be a huge mistake, they may be outgunned by those who erroneously believe he is “one of them”. We know how well that worked out for us, yes?

      If you’re talking about “American Carnage” by Tim Alberta, I have already pre-ordered it!


      • I think it would have been interesting to see Savid Javid reach the top two candidates. I think he has fought against racism and adversity all his life. Someone who has experienced the knocks of life, but still risen through the ranks against all the odds, shows great integrity, level headedness and inclusivity for a nation split on everything.

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  4. So Kim Darroch has done the honourable thing since his position is untenable now.He resigned. Shouldn’t Trump also resign as a more senior figure than Sir Kim but who conducts his foreign policy via Tweet.. Everybody has World leaders they don’t care for but I’ve never come across a more ignorant, more stupid and more inept leader than Trump who is the most obnoxious of all. Whether on purpose or not, Trump has damaged relation between our two countries as he has with France, Germany, Mexico,Canada and China.He’ll be hard put to find an ally acceptable to his country though probably his base would accept Russia.

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    • Certainly I cannot argue with what you say … he has undone decades of diplomacy. From everything I have read, Sir Kim was well-respected by everyone, both republican and democrat, in Washington. I would be willing to bet that every diplomat who has ever had to deal with Trump has said much the same as he did, most probably said even worse things about Trump. Sure, he should be forced to resign … he should have been forced to resign within a month of taking office when he first set this nation on a path of destruction. But he won’t. He will have to either die, or be dragged out of the White House. Either one is fine by me, and the sooner the better. For my part, and most of us with any sense at all, I apologize sincerely to Sir Kim Darroch for the abominable manner in which he was treated by Bozo-in-chief. Sigh.

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  5. This particular incident is having far reaching consequences in the UK.
    Boris Johnson made a serious mistake in not backing up Sir Kim… and has seriously damaged his campaign. He tried to backtrack, saying he had great respect for Darroch, but it didn’t fly, and his colleagues are turning on him. Even the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, had respectful words to say about Darroch, a man with impeccable integrity and diplomacy. Here in the UK, analysts are saying there hasn’t been a rift like this since the Brits tried to enrol Americans in the Crimean war against Russia in the 1850’s. One diplomat said that in his 37 years of service, nothing like this has ever happened to upset the American-British relationship until now. There are always leaks. Most leaders deal with them quietly and see it as insider information (helps them to know thine friend and thine enemy), but Trump has just taken this information and made diplomacy between Britain and the US impossible. He has seriously damaged relations and it will not be resolved quickly. Sir Kim resigned because (as a man of integrity), he takes responsibility and realises that he cannot now do his job. It leaves Britain without an ear to hear American policy, and that my US friends is what leads to cold wars. This isn’t just ineptitude on the part of your president, it is gross misconduct. Your President has just ‘shot his Canon over Britain’s Bows…’ It is seen as aggression and we are on our guard now!

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    • I know, my friend. I was reading about Johnson & Corbyn and the other buffoon, Farage this morning, their comments, etc. I was also reading that Darroch was widely respected by both republicans and democrats in Washington. You are right … Trump has undone decades of diplomacy, has damaged a close alliance and all for what? Because his bloody ego took a hit. 😥


      • It may not change Boris Johnson’s lead in the vote for Prime Minister as many party members will have already sent their mail votes in before this incident, but it proves that he can be a little short on making a considered response, before sticking his foot in his mouth, a bit like Trump. Buffoons. 🤬

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        • Colette, Johnson showed his true stripes. When a man of integrity is accountable and does the right thing, it shines a spotlight on those who are neither and are unfamiliar with doing the right thing. I have been reading the Mueller Report and it documents the US president’s inability to tell the truth. Johnson is the same. Keith

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  6. The truth hurts, and it hurts el dumbpo more than it does anyone else, because he is so sensitive. Having such a man in power breeds wtong action. He reacts, he does not pro-act (Is there such a word?) “When the button is pushed there’s no running away, there’ll be no one to save with the world in a grave!” — P.F. Sloan, Eve of Destruction.

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    • Such a thin-skinned “person” in such a position of responsibility is ludicrous, but try telling that to a republican. Yep, I do believe we’re on the Eve of Destruction, particularly since as a whole, we seem to have decided to ignore the science behind climate change and go on living our hedonistic little lives. Sigh.


      • If only we were young now, with all the energy and arrogance of youth. We could fight on the front lines, instead of from the rear. Although I was a serious rebel in the 60s, I was still an introvert, not a leader type. Now that I could lead, I cannot. Bummer!

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        • If only, indeed! I have always been an introvert, never comfortable in crowds, and that hasn’t changed. Sigh. That’s why my activism is limited to my writing (and the bumper stickers on my van), while Gronda is out marching, wearing a pink knitted hat, and carrying a sign. Bummer, indeed!


            • Ahhh … I had forgotten you ruffled her feathers a bit. I’m sure she’s put that in the past by now. Her brother died recently, and she has had a very difficult time of it. Anyway, yes, I’m proud of her too … she’s a good person. And so are you.


              • I hope I am, but lately I am being called a bunch of things by a lot of people on other sites. I’m not about to change for them, unless I think I need changing, So far they haven’t convinced me…

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                • Rg, I think you are a radical spirit trapped inside an aging body. You need to find some ways to mellow that disgust and bitterness with a world that you can no longer fight. (Or you may explode 🤯). I do feel your rage in your words sometimes. It will only hurt you my friend. I would not like to see you self-destruct. People like you, with a real sense of what is just, are so few in the world. 🤗

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                  • Thank you, Colette, but I don’t know if that is possible. I have always lived on the edges of society, ever since I was 16. Due to my health problems I can no longer do that. Not that I partake of much society, but people in real life make me sick with their petty hatreds and stupid actions. I think you feel this too.
                    Many people I have met on the internet are more like me, maybe not in my radicalism, but at least in their worldviews. But, as much as I hate to say this, not enough. I know very little of what I did in this world has had any effect on the world, if any at all, but I have been trying. To now have to watch it go backwards in my senior years hurts more than most people know. And all I can do is make commentary, because I cannot focus enough to write anything long.
                    I am responsible for the state of my health, which is robbing me of my life purpose. I did not treat my body well as a child, youth, or young adult. Now all those chickens are coming home to roost. I need to be a rooster, but I cannot be anymore. I am not in a good place. My apologies to the world.

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                    • Don’t apologise rg, be kind to yourself. I see a lot of people in equally frustrated positions, even those that you would think were in much greater positions of power. There are forces running against us, and they have done much harm in making us self-destruct. Just know, that nothing that you have done in life, is wasted. Every second has counted… There will be others to take up the fight behind you. You haven’t lost, you have just grown weary, frustrated and physically frail. You need to know that you have stood strong like a growing tree, but that you can now allow yourself the wisdom of slowing down and letting the other saplings take over the forest. You and I will become moss covered and invisible, but we are still here, supporting that growth. Be well my friend. 😊❤️🤗

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                    • You don’t owe the world any apologies, my friend, but it sounds to me like you are getting seriously depressed, and that worries me. Most of us make only small differences in the world and truly touch only a few lives, but one of the lives you have touched is mine, and when you are unhappy, so am I. LuL

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                    • To both you fine ladies, my little speech was from the “raw” me. The very deep down spirit inside, trying to relate to the physical world around me, around you. Know that both of you sustain me. T.hat spiritual part will survive me in my next incarnation, wherever it might be. It will have chances to do things this incarnation could not. My present life was more about learning, though it birthed my need to help change things. The spirit in me understands that. I am not depressed in the way the ego can get depressed, or even the mind, although it can sound that way. But I do need a rest, and in my typical way, I cannot rest when there is a job that needs doing. Please do not fear I will intentionally go away, I won’t. Life is too important to me.

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                    • I understand, for I often feel similar, as you already know. But I’m glad to hear you say that life is still important to you … I was worried for a minute. Hugs, my dear friend.


                • I don’t much worry about what other people think, for I’ve had a lot of years to fine-tune my views and thoughts, and I’m pretty comfortable with who I am, as I think you are with who you are.


  7. He does make himself look even more of an idiot every time he does that. Just demonstrating the truth of the leaked reports, really.

    I see they’ve let you back on twatter, now. Did you have to promise to be good?

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    • He does, and he’s too bloomin’ stupid to realize it … and the people around him are too scared of him to tell him the truth, but rather tell him what they think he wants to hear.

      Yep, they let me come back after I stood in a corner on my head for 24 hours and cut off my right arm! Actually, I just took the post down … Ann Coulter isn’t worth losing my own rights over. I’ll get my chance to make my points. 🙂

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