Don’t Tread On Me

Our friend Jeff from On the Fence Voters has written a piece for another publication and has shared a portion of that work in a post on his blog. Jeff lives in Oregon, part of the Pacific Northwest that we tend to think of as being liberal, non-racist, progressive. But beneath the surface, all is not what it seems. There is a growing movement in Northern California and part of Oregon to actually secede from the U.S. and form a 51st state to be called the State of Jefferson. We think of racism as being predominantly in the deep south, but perhaps that is a fallacy, perhaps the south is only more vocal, more obvious about it. Take a look at Jeff’s article, if you will, and give him some feedback. Thanks, Jeff, for permission to share this enlightening piece of work!

On The Fence Voters

A detailed look at a secessionist movement, and Oregon’s progressive utopia

Several months ago I decided that in addition to our blog, I was going to do some freelance writing for other publications. Today, I would like to share an excerpt of an article I did for a print and online magazine called The Culture Crush. Following the excerpt, I will include links to the full article, as well as other links associated with my piece. But first, I need to provide some brief background and context.

As we all know, the election of Donald Trump in 2016 dramatically magnified the already deep divisions we have been experiencing in our country. Since moving to Oregon in 2016, I learned some things about this state that I hadn’t known previously. For one, the state has a deep and troubling history of white nationalism and militias, that date back to the founding…

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Tread On Me

  1. It’s scary to think a bastion of tolerance and that you never notice. I’ve known Texas seek to secede from the Union but never thought of part of a state seceding along with part of another state in order to form a separate state where the sympathies lie the same way. Will the new state be then happy to create a haven for like minded people but that may not welcome people of colour or Spanish Speakers. Orientals except as hired help etc. It’s so hard to tell whaht people will do.

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    • It is scary when you realize that you really don’t know you’re country/state/town at all. We tend to create our own little world and not notice what is happening around us. I have concluded that I am brain-damaged, that there is something missing from my psyche that I simply cannot understand this ‘tribalism’ mentality people seem to have. I, too, apparently live in my own little world where everyone is welcome, where skin colour doesn’t matter. I once thought I was like most people, but more and more I seem to be an anomaly. Sigh.

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