Saturday Surprise — A Hodgepodge!

I was pondering what to make the theme of this week’s Saturday Surprise, and I really wanted to do a new ‘unique critters’ post, but it seems that I’ve done most of them in previous posts.  I thought about just reprising one of the previous posts because I’m in the mood for critters!  But, that’s a cop out, and so I pushed on in my quest.  And what I have settled on is rather a hodgepodge of this, that, ‘n the other.

Here’s a bit of history that you may not have known …

Notorious Pirate/Pirate hunter Benjamin Hornigold once attacked a ship just to steal all of the crew member’s hats. His men had gotten drunk and lost their hats during a party the night before and decided to board a ship to get replacements.  According to one of the ship’s passengers …

pirate.png“They did us no further injury than the taking most of our hats from us, having got drunk the night before, as they told us, and toss’d theirs overboard.”

July 10th was National Kitten Day … I can’t believe I missed that one!!!  I get a nightly email that tells me what the national days for the next day are, and I almost always at least give it a cursory glance.  But, there have been a few nights of late that I was not in the mood for humour (imagine that!) and just deleted the email, sight unseen.  Apparently the night of July 9th was one such night.

We have 4 litter boxes, one in the upstairs hallway, two in the entry hall downstairs, and one behind the couch specifically for Miss Izzie.  But, I found this as I was trolling about this evening …litter-box-table.jpgIt’s a hidden cat box enclosures from a company called Merry Products:

The easy-to-assemble end table is made to house your cat’s litter box, allowing your pet to access its toilet out of sight. It also reduces the amount of litter that sprays out of the box when your cat sprints away after it poops, making for a cleaner experience for everyone. Not to mention the fact that you can use the shelf and top space as a regular end table.

I dunno … I think I might not be too happy having my coffee right above the litter box.  Still, kind of a cool idea.  Oh, and it’s only $61!

And on the topic of National Kitten Day, here is a really heartwarming video about a kitten who started life on the skids, but … well, just watch!

And in honour of a belated National Kitten Day …cat-eclipse



I found this video earlier this evening, of a man feeding watermelon to a group of turtles.  It may not sound that exciting, but I found it fascinating!  Take a look …

This one gave me a chuckle …tiny-car-meets-squirrel.pngAnd … I know that Jolly Monday and Saturday Surprise are supposed to be entirely free of politics, but … well, I just couldn’t resist this one …


Well, I told you it was a hodge-podge of this, that, and really nuthin’ much, but … such as it is, I hope something made you smile.  Now get on with the weekend!  Have a fun and safe one, my friends!

42 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — A Hodgepodge!

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      • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve heard about the wackiest ones. I remember Hug a Minnesotan day back when I was in college. There were a surprising amount of people from that state who went there at the time and they would be hugged nonstop that day. Funny enough, my dad is also originally from there. Haha! Thanks for linking to that website.

        It seems like part of the purpose of the Internet is to post cute pictures of animals.

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    • I’ve seen a few of those ‘smart’ cars and determined I would never wish to ride in one, for they don’t look much safer than a baby stroller. You’re right … won’t be no stinkin’ dog park built, for most of the dogs don’t want a park anyway! 😉

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  2. Unable to watch the videos (data allowance running out early), but can imagine both are uplifting.

    Super Squirrel went out on patrol
    And saw a car drive, out of control
    He put up his paw
    Not that they saw
    So he destroyed it with a flick, and a roll

    Hooray for fantastic kitties and other animals!

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  3. Hello Jill. I love the turtle feeding also. The size of that fish he was feeding was also interesting. It jumped two turtles to get the fish at one point. I find that amazing. Be well. Hugs

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    • But then you would have to move the table every time you scooped, and we scoop 3 times a day … I don’t really relish the thought of moving a table thrice times a day.

      Yep … ours LOVE days when we get a package and they get to enjoy the box for a bit. In fact, we often have 3 or 4 boxes in the living room just for their pleasure. Izzy, however, likes to destroy them and when I get tired of picking up shredded cardboard, out go the boxes!


      • What does Izzy say about that? When we take Millie’s ripped up boxes from her, she gives us a “Hey, that’s mine!” look.
        What you need is the self-cleaning litterboxes. They worked good for us till the cats learned how to make them run all day long, lol.

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        • Heh heh … Miss Izzy is usually the one who has shredded the boxes, but there is always a replacement waiting in the wings!

          Self-cleaning litterboxes??? I didn’t know such a thing existed! I must look into this … TODAY!


          • The ones we tried had flaws, but did their basic jobs well enough. If they still make them I hope they have improved on them. If they still make them, see if you can get one on a trial basis. If not, only buy one to start if you decide to try it.?

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            • There seem to be at least a hundred different kinds on the market, ranging in price from $18 (doubtful it would be much use) to $500 (um, no thanks … I have bills to pay). I’m figuring the ones in the $150 range might be of some value, but that’s still outside my price range. However, I’m going to look at some of the reviews of the ones in the $30-$40 range and see what they say. Yes, if I decide to try any, I will be buying only 1 to start.


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