‘Toons To Brighten Your Sunday …

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I decided that instead of something dark and depressing, I would give you something to chuckle about … ‘TOONS!  Well … now that I think about it, some of these might be a bit dark and depressing … but at least there’s an element of humour in them.

The most crucial issue facing the nation … the globe … today is the environment, and frankly the U.S. is doing damn little to improve it.  Still, the cartoonists find food for the grist mill …

environmentenvironment-2environment-4Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c190708.tifCOLORenvironment-7

Ol’ Jeffrey Epstein, the monster who has committed heinous crimes against women and children, who got off with a slap-on-the-wrist once before, who has long been a close personal friend of another sex abuser who happens to sit in the Oval Office, has once again been arrested for sex-trafficking, and so is back in the news …


Although Trump claimed this week that he is giving up the fight to have a question about citizenship added to the 2020 Census, I suspect we haven’t heard the end of it.  

census-1census-2Trump Census Policye6f3115c63a069634c132d373fa843cdcensus-5

There was never any doubt that Trump would run for re-election in 2020, especially given that he registered to do so on the day of his inauguration in 2017!  


The thing that I find most frightening about the Trump presidency circus is the fact that he believes himself to be above the law, his hand-picked Attorney-General, William Barr, confirms that he is above the law, the Senate allows him to be above the law, and the republicans both in and out of government see nothing wrong with him being above the law …


And I end with a few random ‘toons just for kicks …


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

9 thoughts on “‘Toons To Brighten Your Sunday …

    • Yes, the humour these days has an ominous undertone. Yes, you have a whole lot of company. Sadly, though we thinkers and carers are in the majority, you’d never know it, for the minority are so loud and obnoxious that they suck all the air out of the room.

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  1. Jill, while funny, the toons are sad as well, given there truth. Just today, the person in the White House told the four outspoken female Congress representatives to go back where they came from implying they don’t belong here. Really? He deserves appropriate push back for his racial and ethnic slur. Keith

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    • Yeah, I know … dark humour. Y’know … most all humour seems dark to me these days. Ah yes … I just commented to you in another comment response about that, and I have a post started that includes it. Nancy Pelosi did push back in a tweet of her own, but … we need more than that. We need people like Mitch McConnell to say, “No, this is not right!” And, we need the democrats in Congress to get along and stop bickering among themselves.


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