An ostrich pulls his head out of the sand

With all the news this week being about Trump’s horrendous behaviour toward certain members of Congress, and his latest attack on asylum seekers, and Kellyanne skipping out on subpoena, you most likely missed a few tidbits. Our friend Keith has dug up one, which brings a bit of positive news, a hope that perhaps the GOP are not quite as united on denying climate change as we’ve been led to believe. Thank you, Keith, for bringing us this news … these are things we need to know that are being missed by the media during this feeding frenzy.


This story should not be newsworthy as it is long overdue, but unfortunately it is. A headline from a USA Today last week proclaimed “Trump ally Lindsey Graham says president should ‘admit climate change is real’.” Senator Graham went on to say per the article:

“‘I’m tired of playing defense on the environment,’Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday as he and other GOP lawmakers announced the formation of the Roosevelt Conservation Caucus, which will ’embrace and promote constructive efforts to resolve conservation and environmental problems.'”

I have written often about addressing climate change. Progress in fighting climate change is happening, but it desperately needs the leverage of the US federal government. Plus, we must alter harmful deregulation to our environment.

Rather than belabor these points, let me say I left the Republican Party about a dozen years ago, in part due to its stance on climate change. My thesis…

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5 thoughts on “An ostrich pulls his head out of the sand

  1. Too many people still playing politics with the climate emergency. We are passed that time. We maybe have no more than 10 years to get on top of the escalating crisis – after that probably too late. Sadly those in power are not up to the job. So Revolution needs to come now. That’s probably got me onto the blacklist….

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    • It’s true that those in power are playing games, and not being responsible. BUT … it’s the people who are driving that, for they don’t want to have to make “inconvenient” changes to their lives. Until the vast majority of the people rise up and loudly declare “We Want Action”, it is in the politician’s selfish interest to continue being thick-headed fools. There are little movements afoot, but they need to all coordinate into a major movement to send a message loud and clear to those who are in positions of power.

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  2. It would be interesting to know whether Senator Graham will now applaud and agree with the Democratic stance on Climate Change and feels his caucus may be able to vote alongside them or whether as a matter of policy he will deride the Democratic efforts. I would like this to be a genuine effort to come on board and get a grip on real climate change problems rather than have this as a half arsed policy intended to look good for the 2020 elections.

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    • Given Graham’s past behaviour, his treatment of his good friend, the late John McCain, and the number of times he has condemned something Trump said or did, only to reverse course the next day, I will be very surprised if he actually works with democrats on this. On the other hand, perhaps he sees that at some point this is going to become an issue where those who denied are seen as fools and is keeping all his options open. It’s hard to say, but hopefully some good will come of this, though I won’t hold my breath.

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