Bad People Doing Bad Things …

red circleLook at the circle above.  What colour do you see?  What?  Red?  No, I call that blue … definitely blue.  You still claim it’s red?  Then you will not be allowed to speak about the colour of the circle, for your view does not match my own, and thus is wrong.

Dr. Rod Schoonover was a senior intelligence analyst with the U.S. State Department and is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.  Last week, Dr. Schoonover left the employ of the State Department.  Why?  Because he is a scientist.  Because he looked at that circle and called it red, even though Donald Trump and his administration warned him to say it was blue.  And then, Trump taped his mouth so he couldn’t say it was red.  And Dr. Schoonover decided he had enough and resigned his position.Rod SchoonoverDr. Schoonover was invited to speak before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on June 5th about the security risks the United States faces because of climate change.  The Trump administration, according to leaked internal memos, tried to force Dr. Schoonover to change his prepared speech, but the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research refused and ultimately he was allowed to speak before the committee.  However, when it came time to publish his written testimony, the administration blocked it.

Why? Because it did not match the Trump administration’s views.  According to Myron Ebell, who was once considered to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before Trump settled on Scott Pruitt, Trump’s re-election campaign consultants told him …

“We have polling showing that you need to stress your environmental accomplishments and not start controversial things that will get you bad press, like going after climate science.”

Let that one sink in for a minute, folks.

Policy decisions and governance are now being mandated by Donald Trump’s campaign for next year’s election.  Not the welfare of the country and its people, not our safety and well-being, but what will play well in the rallies, what his ‘base’ wants to hear, what will give him the best chance to spend an additional four years destroying our nation, our lives.

One of the statements White House officials objected to was this observation:

“Absent extensive mitigating factors or events, we see few plausible future scenarios where significant — possibly catastrophic — harm does not arise from the compounded effects of climate change.”

On Monday, July 8th, Trump did, in fact, give a speech where he stated that his White House was working “harder than many previous administrations” on the issue of the environment, adding: “Maybe almost all of them.”

Given that he has spent his entire two-and-a-half years in office destroying environmental regulations, pulling out of the Paris climate accord, encouraging the fossil fuel industry, destroying wildlife protections, opening federal lands to drilling and mining, environmentalists’ jaws dropped when they heard his speech.  We shouldn’t be surprised … the man has yet to speak an honest word!

The environment and climate change should not be … should not be an issue of partisan politics!  And yet … it is.  According to a recent survey, 81% of Democrats said climate change was “very important,” compared with more than the 56% of independents and a measly 26% of Republicans.  Yo Republicans!!!  Wake up and remove your head from your arse!!!  You are killing us!

Daniel Q. Greenwood, Trump’s deputy assistant in the White House office of legislative affairs, said that Schoonover’s written testimony was unacceptable because …

“The testimony still has serious concerns with internal components and focuses heavily on the science. Because it doesn’t reflect the coordinated IC position, or the administration’s position, there is no way this can be cleared ahead of the hearing.”

It focuses too heavily on the science???  And it doesn’t reflect the administration’s position. Apparently, Dr. Schoonover didn’t read the republican’s bible that states, “Ye shall put forth no facts, but only whatever fantasy his Trumpship wishes on any given day”.

You can see and download the .pdf file of Dr. Schoonover’s written assessment, with comments and suggested changes written by Trump lackeys.  It is said that most of the comments came from William Happer, a ‘theoretical physicist’ and White House adviser on the National Security Council who denies the established scientific consensus on global warming.  Certainly that makes him uniquely qualified to edit a scientific document on climate change, doesn’t it?

Wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, droughts, melting ice caps, algae blooms, a declining bee population … all far in excess of what has been the normal range.  Where I live, we have had “air quality alerts” every day for the past two weeks, and today for the first time ever, I received an “excessive heat warning”.  This coming weekend, I will not be able to leave my house because the temperatures are expected to be around the 100° (F) mark (38° C), and I cannot survive in such.  I have lived in this general area since 1987 and have never once seen temps reach 100°.  In fact, as a rule, I can count on my fingers the number of days the temps are over 90°.

Bottom line — climate science is unpopular with Trump’s base, and there is an election in just over 15 months, so the entire planet must be doomed to the whims and vagaries of an uneducated group of people who like Donald Trump because he says there is no such thing as climate change … and oh yeah, besides that he’s gonna build a damn wall and have Mexico pay for it.

31 thoughts on “Bad People Doing Bad Things …

  1. This was a GREAT post, Jill. You have a way above-average knack for putting your thoughts into words … along with saying exactly what many of us are thinking. The only problem I see is you’re preaching to the choir. And your exposure is limited. You really need to be on some newspaper’s editorial staff!

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    • Thank you so much, Nan!!! You gave me a big smile with that! And yes, I’m always preaching to the choir, or as Hugh says, “spitting in the wind”, but I keep hoping that somehow perhaps just one person who is willing to open their mind a tiny bit will read something I write and change his/her mind. I don’t feel like going back into the work force after all these years, otherwise I might just try for that editorial job!

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  2. Despite Trump’s July 8th “America’s Environmental Leadership” speech (mostly, if not completely, less than factual), it should be clear to any informed person that this administration has no intention of addressing the critical implications of Climate Change. As a matter of fact, there was no mention of Climate Change from Trump amidst his list of accomplishments. The EPA is a joke, although totally devoid of humor…unless gallows humor is your preference. Therefore, citizens of this country must take responsibility and action before it is too late, and it is fast becoming too late! There are many worthy organizations that one can support when one cannot physically go forth and take action. May I suggest the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as a good source for climate activism information. Also the NRCD Action Fund a 501(c)(4), which is an affiliated but separate organization with the mission of building political support for advancing the goals of NRDC that are limited by certain legal restrictions as it is a 501(c)(3). Thank-you!

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    • Thank you for the valuable information! I actually do get emails from the NRDC, so at some point I must have signed up for them, though with my rusty ol’ memory, I don’t remember doing so. Thanks again!


      • It was nice to see Senator Lindsey Graham call out the president to admit climate change is real. He said he was tired of being defensive. He is part of a Roosevelt Conservation Caucus which is hopefully more than window dressing. Fortunately, good things are happening by states, cities, innovators in spite of the president. Keith

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        • Indeed it was good to see, but I am reserving judgment until I see results from the Roosevelt Conservation Caucus, and until I see Lindsey Graham stand up to Trump & McConnell when it comes time to pass meaningful legislation. But, I do give credit where credit is due, and it took courage for Graham to speak up.


  3. Thanks for pointing this out Jill. Awesome work as usual. This Party. This President. I hope to holy hell that after 2020, the Republican Party as we know it, will no longer exist. It’s my hope. I know it’s asking a lot. A complete thrashing at the polls is the only way this has any chance of happening. Landslide, popular vote and electorally. Hell, even then it might not be enough. After the Nazi rally last night, how can the American people put up with this crap anymore?

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    • Thanks Jeff! I honestly cannot predict what will happen to the GOP if … IF … the democrats beat Trump next year. I rather doubt a thrashing or a landslide … I think it’s going to be an uphill battle, especially given all the steps, as you outlined in your latest post, that the republicans are taking to rig the election. But, the one thing I do think is that getting rid of Trump is only a step … I don’t think it will solve the problem. Sigh. I have heard much about that rally … the mentality of those who would even attend such an event disgusts and sickens me. Sigh.

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  4. Aren’t Pence and his mob waiting for the End of Days soonish and I’m sure El Trump was hired to lead the circus parade. it may well be lit up by a variety of things from the climate disaster box. There will be a mighty moaning and groaning as the 1% find out they can’t take their money and if they did it would be worthless.And the shelters they’ve all been secretly building in deregulated parkland for this moment won’t sustain life for very long.The only bonus is that no dictators will survive to make anyone’s life a misery.

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    • Y’know, given that humans are solely responsible for the destruction of the planet, I think they probably deserve what is coming. And I wish I could see the look on Pence’s and the others’ faces when they realize that … dead is dead. There ain’t no beautiful kingdom filled with gold clouds waiting for them. But what does bother me is that they have also doomed all other species to extinction, and for that, I almost wish there was such a place as ‘hell’ for them to go to.

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  5. Jill, it has been crystal clear to this Independent and former Republican voter for some time thaf the current US president is a clear and present danger to our democracy, our planet and the Republican Party. In fact, he has already significantly harmed the GOP. His campaign of racism and xenophobia has officially launched, but the real message is to question the president is un-American. The converse is true.

    Please keep shining a spotlight on this person who as a former Republican judge said this week as she left the GOP due to his racist remarks, Trump is “rotten to the core.” That is a huge indictment which I truly cannot argue against. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith. Yes, it is crystal clear to those of us who aren’t wearing the blinders that seem to accompany the ugly red hats. No worries, my friend, for I will keep shining that spotlight on him and hopefully making him sweat (not that he ever reads my posts, though I do sometimes send them to him on Twitter). Rotten to the core is apt … he is leaving a stench across the nation.

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  6. I can’t even put into words properly how I feel. We are being taken over by the trump cult (which includes the republicans in Congress) and I don’t see a way out. No amount of low life filth he says makes one iota of difference to them. Nothing.

    It’s like some evil spell has been caste over 30/40% of our population. Where will this end? I’m not religious but I feel like the forces of evil are gathering and we are going to see violence and much more.

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    • It is difficult, I admit, to see any light at the end of the tunnel, but I think we cannot afford to give up hope, for if we do, then we stop trying, and if we stop trying, then yes, we are doomed. So, give yourself a break, but then come back with your teeth bared and fists up and let’s do whatever, little though it may be, that we can to stop the bleeding.

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  7. There is something definitely amiss in society, its leadership, and its future. I have the blackest thoughts these days about the conspiracy to let people die.

    Scientists are not allowed to speak on anything that will annihilate the masses of unwanted in the population. Those that do, are swiftly silenced through job loss (forced or actively encouraged), and publically expunged from the collective psyche as ‘ridiculous people.’ The brave amongst them, keep going, but many suffer great depression and despair, both from the devastating knowledge they hold, and from the fact that no one will listen and take action. They find them cast out and thrown on the pile of the ‘unwanted.’
    If this weren’t so damn real, you’d think it was the script from a ‘disaster’ movie.

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    • PS, I have been trying to get environment protective organisations (charities) to look on some research I have been doing on the selling of American forests into the biomass supply chain to Europe and the UK. So far, Friends of the Earth and Biofuel Watch have backed away from it. Politically hot potatoes that involve potentially billions of investment dollars, make people uncomfortable to tackle. And I am one of those people that it is easy to quiet. Low money resources, lack of ability to influence, and ‘nobody’ status, puts me in the realm of those cast to the ‘unwanted’ pile. This is how we all end up disenchanted with the fairness of our political systems. There is nothing truthful out there. We are all being sold into hell.

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      • Indeed … when they say ‘money’ makes the world go ’round, they aren’t kidding. People like us have very small voices … we use them as best we can, but unless we can get tens of thousands to join their voices with ours, it is usually to little or no avail. But, I give you 👍👍 for trying!

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    • It does almost seem like a disaster movie, doesn’t it? Only … even a disaster movie typically has some sort of happy ending, and I don’t see one on the horizon here. Every single day that our ‘leaders’ sit on their thumbs brings us closer to extinction. Frankly, the human species deserves it, for we have caused this, but all the other species will perish as well, and they didn’t deserve it. Sigh.

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  8. Da Bully strikes again! or at least he tried to. Dr. Schoonover refused to go along. Who else will step up and refuse to do the Donald’s lying for him? Anyone? I doubt it!
    What is this hold Trumpelstiltskin has on otherwise intelligent people? Is he a natural hypnotist? Is he the perfect liar? I don’t get it.
    The man is a megalomaniac! He is destroying the human race, and all other life with it. All for money that is NOT trickling down to those on the bottom, but is rather falling rapidly upwards to fill the coffers of those who have no need of it.
    And people cheer him for doing this…

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    • Actually, Schoonover is one of many who left the administration because their integrity and honesty was challenged. The good ones leave, and the useless fools remain. What hold does he have, you ask? No, he isn’t a hypnotist. The hold is, I believe, money & power, coupled with fear of incurring his wrath. They stay for the money, the power, the exposure, and they fear to speak a word against him for he is vengeful and cruel. Red cannot possibly be green, for I like green (dark, pine green) and I do not like red. Red can be purple, which I also don’t like.

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