Dorothy Thompson, the Journalist Who Warned the World About Adolf Hitler

Have you ever heard of Dorothy Thompson? I hadn’t either until our blogging-buddy Mary posted a link to another blog that she thought relevant to my topic-of-the-moment, Trump’s racism. Turns out that Ms. Thompson was a quite notable journalist during WWII, and had the distinction of being the first U.S. journalist to be expelled from Germany by Hitler! This post is noteworthy for three reasons: 1) it is fascinating and I learned much that I didn’t already know; 2) it is very well-written; 3) parts of it are chilling, as you will see, when compared to the situation in the U.S. today. Please take a minute to read and think about this post. Thank you, Peter, for permission to share this with my readers!

Life Unscripted

I write for fun, but not everyone has that luxury. A great many people in the world write to earn their living and I have always thought that to be a tough way to go: deadlines are a pain, and I can attest to that after publishing a small journal for a few years. There is this challenge to stay relevant and also inspired enough to write every day are the fabric of nightmares and sleepless nights, but some people excel at it.temerity

I was struck over this past weekend by the brazen cowardice of the U.S. Congress. It astounded me that a sitting president would tell elected members of Congress that they should go back to some country they “came from” and that

seehearspeakThe U.S. Congress

Congress would sit by silent as brass monkeys. Yet… that is what happened.

One word that has largely disappeared from our vocabulary is…

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14 thoughts on “Dorothy Thompson, the Journalist Who Warned the World About Adolf Hitler

  1. Thanks for sharing this link. It is very powerful. We need to heed the beacons. I recall Senator Jim Webb, a Vietnam vet, speaking on the Senate floor regarding the invasion of Iraq. His message was simple and based on experience. He said if we invade Iraq, be prepared to be there for 30 years. That speech was made 17 years ago. Keith

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    • I thought it was powerful, too. The first thing was the reason she was expelled from Germany … I can see Trump expelling someone here for calling him weak, can’t you? I think I remember Webb’s prediction … I remember somebody saying it, but didn’t remember exactly who. And then Trump comes along, says we shouldn’t be in the Middle East, not our problem, and starts poking Iran with toothpicks. I find myself singing that song the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz sang whenever I think of Trump … “… if I only had a brain”.


      • Jill, attack the media and educated. It tickles and saddens me that educated people are called elite. To be frank, by not expanding Medicaid in 14 mostly southern states, the GOP is harming the very voters that elected Trump. The farmers are paying the price of the tariffs and farmer bankruptcies have dramatically increased. These are just two examples of how people can be fooled by fear and distraction. Keith

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        • I’ve always been puzzled by that definition of ‘elite’, also, for I think of elite as upper-crust, snobs. And yes, those are perfect examples of how Trump is hurting the very ones who cheer at his rallies, who blindly follow him. But what puzzles me is how they cannot see it and STILL follow him. I read something by a farmer a week or so ago who was talking about how the tariffs had hurt him, how he didn’t want a handout, just wanted to farm his land and be able to sell his goods, but then he said, “But I’ll still vote for him”. I just don’t get it, Keith. I think something is wrong with people.


          • Jill, I have been saying this for almost ten years, well before Trump entered politics. More than half of the Republican party vote against their economic interests and have no idea they are. That is why Trump chose to run as a Republican rather than a Democrat, which he was for most of his adult life. With Fox, Breitbart and Limbaugh coupled with an African-American president, he saw the ability to leverage this uninformed crowd.

            Medicaid expansion being fought is a good example. It would help rural economies and people, yet it would make Democrats look good. What is funny, the real elite are the ones who benefitted from the tax cut and who have moved jobs overseas for four decades. CEOs and CFOs will always chase cheap labor.

            Yet, his marketing genius has been able to lie to these folks and say all of their problems are due to immigration, overstating a recurring problem and now making it worse with his rhetoric and decisions. Their problems are not due to the predominant reasons of technology improvements and gains and offshoring and outsourcing. The low unemployment which includes higher numbers of part-time workers and gig workers is for one simple reason – companies do not want to provide healthcare (due to its costs) to workers. It is that simple.


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  2. For me this post is quite insulting because today is an important memorial day in Germany, 75 years have passed since 20 July 1944 when the German resistance tried to kill the Nazi dictator who only survived with great luck a bomb attack by officers of the Germsn army at Wolfsschanze in Eastern-Prussia. Afterwards hundreds of Germans (resistant officers and others) were murdered by the Nazis. You see this memorial is important today in Germany! Bye, bye.

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    • There was certainly no insult intended. I was unaware of the significance of this day, else I might have held off on this re-blog. But in truth, my purpose in posting this is not to denigrate Germany or the German people in ANY way, but rather to point out the parallels between Germany at that time, and what I see happening in the U.S. today. I humbly apologize for any insult, for none was intended … I would never purposely offend a valued reader.

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    • Volkstrauertag (German for “people’s day of mourning”) is a commemoration day in Germany two Sundays before the first day of Advent. It commemorates members of the armed forces of all nations and civilians who died in armed conflicts, to include victims of violent oppression. It was first observed in its modern form in 1952.

      I think it’s wonderful that you can participate in a Memorial Day that commemorates so many people who died in conflicts and wars, such as WW I and WWII.

      I cannot understand why you feel offended. I would think you would feel pride and honor for any past people in lineage or just spirit that made such a sacrifice to end tyranny and oppression. And you would naturally know that this evil, that was Nazism, cannot be allowed to surface once again in any country.

      It is our duty to warn people through lectures, journalism or blogs. It is certainly not a slam at good people trying to do the right thing, but the very people who create the problems in the first place.

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  3. Why don’t you talk about US-American history, racism and white suprematism like for instance the Klu-Klux-Clan which was founded in 1865 long time before Hitler was born?!

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