Snarky Snippets From The Bouncing Mind

Good Sunday morning, my friends!  I haven’t unleashed my snarky side for several days now, and it’s bubbling over.  So, what better way to start Sunday than with a few snarky snippets?

Election security?

While Mitch McConnell continues to refuse to even allow the Senate to consider election security bills that have passed the House already for fear it would upset the tender feelings of Trump, there are some positive things happening in the area of election security.  Tentatively.

The intelligence community (IC) is picking up slack where the Senate is falling down on the job.  Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats has installed a new czar to oversee election security efforts on a large-scale basis.  His choice is Shelby Pierson, an intelligence veteran.  According to Coats …

“Election security is an enduring challenge and a top priority for the IC. In order to build on our successful approach to the 2018 elections, the IC must properly align its resources to bring the strongest level of support to this critical issue. There is no one more qualified to serve as the very first election threats executive than Shelby Pierson, whose knowledge and experience make her the right person to lead this critical mission.”

It’s good to know that somebody in our federal government ‘has our back’… but wait.  You will note that in the first paragraph, I added “tentatively”.  There’s a reason for that.  See, Donald Trump doesn’t want to talk about election security, doesn’t want to hear about it.  Why?  Because, it was the very lack of adequate election security that enabled him to be placed, albeit not elected, into office.  The proven Russian interference, without which it is highly unlikely he would be sitting in the Oval Office today, is a sore spot, a blow to his ego.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said she was told to keep any efforts at election security “below his level”.  Never mind that when it comes to the security of the nation, his personal feelings ought not to matter … everyone in his administration is so scared shitless of him that they will go to great lengths to hide things from him. trump tantrum

Consider this … earlier this month, it was reported that no less than five people in Trump’s administration said (anonymously, of course) that he is eager to tell Dan Coats to “hit the road, Jack!”  If that should happen, then all bets on election security are off.  This wouldn’t be the first time Coats has butted heads with Trump.  He has been critical of Trump’s relationship (bromance?) with Russia’s Vladimir Putin (who hasn’t?) and he told a Senate panel that North Korea is unlikely to be willing to give up their nuclear weapons, contrary to Trump’s claims and his relationship (another bromance?) with Kim Jong-un.  We now know that Coats was right, Trump was wrong, but that does put Coats in an awkward position.

Speculation is that Trump is considering replacing Coats with Fred Fleitz, former chief of staff to National Security Advisor John Bolton.  Fleitz met with Trump recently, and has made no secret that he would like to scale back the Office of the Director of National Security significantly.  If that happens … there can be no doubt that election security will become the lowest of all priorities, if it doesn’t fall off the bottom of the priority list altogether.

Partisan … straws???

You’ve heard, unless you’ve been living on a desert island without communication for the last few years, about the effort among environmentalists to reduce and eventually cease the use of single-use plastics, right?  Plastic straws are one of the worst culprits, for they are so numerous, they do not decompose or biodegrade, therefore they stay in landfills, or worse yet end up in oceans, and unlike some other plastics, there is a relatively simple solution … good old-fashioned paper straws!  But guess what, folks?

Paper straws are ‘liberal’, read democratic, and therefore plastic straws are republicans!  Who decided this?  Well, none other than Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale.


Brad Parscale

“I’m so over paper straws, and I’m sure you are too. Much like most liberal ideas, paper straws don’t work and they fall apart instantly. That’s why we just launched our latest product – Official Trump Straws. Now you can finally be free from liberal paper straws that fall apart within minutes and ruin your drink.”

Um … I remember the 1950s, before the advent of plastic straws, when all we had were paper straws and they worked very well, thank you.  However, if there is anyone reading this who really wants to make sure they are getting bona fide republican straws, you can head on over to the Donald Trump campaign store (yes, there really is such a thing … where do you think people get all those ugly red hats?) and pick up a 10-pack of reusable plastic straws, which are red and emblazoned with “TRUMP” in silver, for a mere $15. trump-straw-2What a deal, eh … $1.50 for one lousy straw that … who could put something in their mouth with that word on it???  Oh, and shipping takes two weeks.  Meanwhile, try explaining to your grandchildren why your use of a plastic straw was more important than their life.  Oh, and one other thing … there is yet a third option … you can pick the cup up, bring it to your lips, tilt it a little bit, and drink without any straw!  What a novel idea, yes?

“We will do our best to go on without him …”

Trump was scheduled to attend the 110th annual national convention of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) this weekend.  Historically, presidents of both parties have spoken and attended a Q&A session at the annual meeting of the oldest civil rights organization in the United States.  As a candidate in 2016, he declined an invitation to attend.  Trump declined to attend the convention in 2017 … no reason given.  But this year, he had accepted the invitation … until he found out about the Q&A session.

“I very much wanted to go, but we had a date. The date got changed and unfortunately they wanted to do it in the form of a question and answer.”

The date was set far in advance and did not change.  Nor did the format, but he thought he would just give a speech and leave.  In light of his recent racist tirade that is largely dominating the media these days, he was apparently afraid to face questions by a civil rights group.

Wendell Anthony, the NAACP Detroit Branch President, said …

“He blew an opportunity quite frankly, but we will do our best to go on without him.”

Dripping sarcasm … I love it!  He continued …

“There is a format; every candidate has said that he or she would be glad to participate in. It’s beyond us as to why that would be of some discomfort for the president. We are American citizens. We have a right to question our presidents and ask the leader of the free world what our future will be.”

Absolutely.  If Trump wishes to continue playing ‘president’, then he must play by the rules of the game … oh wait … for him, there are no rules, right?  Take heart, however, for intelligent people who know how to speak and have something of importance to say will be there:  Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Stacey Abrams, Rashida Talib and Bernie Sanders, to name a few.  Who needs Trump anyway?

The interesting thing is that this wasn’t widely published in the media.  I only saw it on BET’s website and a local Detroit station.  Puzzling.  Muzzled?  Chicken?

Well, that’s your daily dose of snark for this Sunday … now go have some fun, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

49 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets From The Bouncing Mind

    • I did check out your blog and also followed. You are definitely a very ambitious young lady and you will go far in life, I think! I especially loved your ‘lifelong goal’ on your “About” page! I, too, am a lover of all critters!


  1. Of course tRumpsky begged off the NAACP Convention! He’s downright AFRAID of answering questions DIRECTLY put to him by in-the-flesh individual citizens. He’s much more comfortable TWEETING his insults and vitriol. Besides, these people aren’t white.

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    • Exactly! He knew he would be getting questions that he couldn’t answer about his tirade against Ilhan Omar and the others. He wanted to just treat it as a campaign rally and give a speech, then leave. I almost choked a day or so ago when I read that he said black people love him! I wish he had gone to the NAACP convention so he could have seen just how much they love him.

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  2. Thanks, Jill. Just a flashback from decades ago. We had no trash pickup nor landfills. The trash we produced, we also had to dispose of….and no, it was not dumped in somebody else’s backyard or along the roadside. Before it was fashionable, we recycled. Gee, how old fashioned is that?

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    • Heh heh … yep … I remember burning paper trash in a bin in the backyard every few days, and selling back glass bottles to the store for a few pennies each. Funny story to tell you about the burning of trash in the back yard. One time my mother-in-law, whom I loved dearly, and she was a funny, kind lady … her grandson was living with her at the time, and she found a pack of marijuana in his room when she was putting his clothes away. Well, she was determined to get rid of that, so she decided to burn it with the trash that evening. And she was going to stand right over it and make SURE it all burned up! She was high as a kite by the time she was done from inhaling the smoke!!!

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  3. Republicans will endanger wildlife and the very planet we all live on because their hate is more important to them than anything else. How pathetic these people are.
    The quiet in the media about the NAACP convention speaks loudly. I saw nothing in the news. We know the republicans in Congress, either agree with trump or are afraid to speak up because they care for nothing but winning re-election.
    This is all a classic good versus evil that has played out many times in history. Usually good ultimately wins, but not always. I truly fear for this time around.

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    • It seems, regarding the environment, that the republicans are extremely short-sighted, for as you say, they seem to care more about their hate, their guns, and controlling people than the future of the planet. And I’m still puzzling over the NAACP thing … normally, that would have been headline news, but as I said, I saw it only on the BET website and the Detroit local paper. Something funny there. You’re right … good doesn’t always win. I think that long-term it does, but the thing is that given climate change and the ravages to our planet, we cannot afford to wait for the long-term. There may not be another 50-100 years to wait for people to wake up.


  4. The rules which people from all sides have tirelessly defended over all these years are now being turned into a moveable feast of unfair limits on our lives. Well that’s the message. The worry is that enough people buy into this myth to allow for power grabs in these badly divided times. Here in the UK Boris threatens to shutdown Parliament if it stops him having his way with Brexit. This is what happens when Numpties get to play as Leaders.

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    • You are absolutely right … the biggest concern is that far too many people are falling for the “populist” platform, not stopping to think, just jumping right on the bandwagon. You’ve got Boris, we’ve got Trump, Brazil has Bolsonaro, and I suspect a year or two from now there will be even more. Boris & Trump are two peas in a pod … they even buy their hair from the same online retailer, I do believe!

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  5. Good morning, Jill. Please forgive me for being as blunt as I am about to be, but somebody has to tell the truth, and none of Trump’s pathetic followers will allow me to say this on their wishy-washy blogs where they talk and rant and accuse centrists and leftists of everything under the sun, then refuse to publish comments that dispute their far right-wing rhetoric…
    Donald J. Trump loves getting blowjobs, but he even moreso loves giving blowjobs to men more powerful than he. He thinks swallowing their testosterone will improve his own, making him somehow more manly, a real impossibility! What he needs to do is to grow a pair of balls of his own, instead of eating the sperm of those who have more testosterone in one sperm than he can have in billions of his own scraggly swimmers! His sperm are not winners, they are whiners! Just look at the personalities of the “children” he has fathered…


    • Why am I so bitter? It is because I read the blogs of his followers, pets, sicko-phants and psycho-phants who spread his elephant lies and his assinine demands for respect, and then do not allow comments on their blogs–no rebuttal–or they moderate such comments out of existence, no matter how much I tone down my replies to make them understandable to anyone with a kindergarten level of education. This seems to be when they drop out of school because what they need is not an education, but the credit cards of their parents so they can buy their own fake-nipple soothers and the greedy judges who will slap their wrists when they follow in their fathers’ and mothers’ loophole-burrowing wormholes which turn into black holes swallowing all their crimes and making charges disappear!
      Am I being too sarcastic yet? I don’t think that is possible!


      • One thing I have been reading about is poor Donnie-Boy not getting any respect from SJWs and those anti-republicans who so dominate them with their PC words and phrases, and the respect they show for someone like black past-POTUS Barack Obama, even though Mr. Obama has never asked , or demanded, for anyone to respect him.
        They do not seem to understand that respect must be freely-given to be real, that it cannot be demanded by any Recep, Mohammed, or Kim Jong-un who lies, cheats, murders, or inherits his way to the Top Office with help from the Holey Russian Emporer Vladimir Putin or any of their dictator buddies.
        Barack Obama is a superior human being to Donald Trump or any of his ass-kissers. He does not go around hurting others for his amusement, ranting about sending Americans home to countries they were not born in or that they emigrated away from. Obama never jailed children after separating them from their protectors, especially their mothers. Obama did his best to bring the citizens of America together, not divide them along political or racial or religious lines. Donald J. Trump is not even worthy of false respect, for all he is out to do is disrespect friends, allies, or anyone who opposes him, while coddling anyone who does his bidding without question.
        These two men are worlds apart, despite Obama asking for nothing, while Trumpelstiltskin demands everything. There can be no comparison, Trump is not qualified to kiss Mr. Obama’s ass, being as he would only try to bite it.

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        • Another reader, I think it was Jeff, also noted how the trumpians were saying how they had always treated Obama with respect, which is such a blatant lie it makes me want to smack somebody! What Trump AND his followers fail to understand is that respect is earned, and one cannot force or demand respect. Which gives me an idea for a new post. And you are so right … Obama and Trump are as different as night and day, and frankly I don’t even consider Trump a ‘man’, which is why I always put the word in single quotes when I use it in reference to him. I also refuse to use his title with his name, for to me he is not a president.


      • I told you that reading the blogs of his followers would make you sick! But no, you aren’t being too sarcastic, and I do understand your bitterness, your angst. But … I think the points can be made even better if done without vulgarity, for some people are so turned off by that, that they tune out or stop reading altogether.

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    • I woke this morning after less than 2 hours’ sleep, checked the blog on my phone, and saw this comment first thing. I initially took it down, then rolled over and went back to sleep. I put it back up, without any editing, mostly because I don’t like to censor and because you had a point to make. I only wish you had done so without … um … the vulgarity? Please, next time … just a bit of restraint? I can handle it, but I do have some readers who would no doubt be offended by the language. Thanks.

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      • I guess I was in a sort of similar situation when I wrote it, having just woke up in the middle of the night. What I should have done, had I been more with it, was put it in am email to you, but I never thought of it. Truly, though, I did not see it as vulgar, but as speaking in frank language that could not be misunderstood. I did expect you to take it down, for the very reason you gave above, but at the same time I said it the way I saw it. This is how I see the great Trumpeter. He is willing to use any method necessary to make himself a man, because he is nothing but a Hitlerian wimp.
        My apologies, but something things have to be said in a way they cannot be misinterpreted.

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    • Hmmm, can’t approve of your language, but do understand it rg. Frustrations bring out the worst in us, and Trump and his seemingly mindless supporters, are frustrating.

      On another, and entirely different note… Is anyone else here (reading Jill’s blog), suddenly feeling much more negative about the world, politics, climate change, terrorism, etc, than they were last month?
      I am curious, because I have, but not because there has been more stuff (bad enough as it all is), but for no apparent reason?

      I feel so low at the moment (OK, I have things going on, but nothing new) and can’t explain it, except….

      And now we go into conspiracy theory land. 5G mobile networks have been rolled out in major UK cities this month and I am currently in one of them. While most people do not have 5G capable phones, detractors of this new WiFi medium, say that It is detrimental to health.
      We will be bombarded (bodily) by the 5G signals whether we have phones that can use it or not.
      Maybe I am just being silly, but seeing your vitriol (rg) step up a notch, and having just received a two-page long tirade against me on another blog (quite out of order, I might add), it has made me wonder of a weapon has been unleashed to unbalance any sense of diplomacy that we have left.

      I suggest that if we don’t want to implode, we all need to just step back from the bottomless pit of rage we might be stepping into. I don’t think it is a voluntary action. 😔

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      • I have felt negative for awhile. I see history repeating similar to Hitler’s Nazism….will it go that far? Who knows, but there are cult followers of his, that would want just that.

        I have been trying to take the long view of the histories of civilizations and they all rise and then fall. It’s just our turn. We have landed at a bad time in our history and nothing we all say here and feel will make one iota of change. If other people don’t see what’s right before their eyes or like what’s right before their eyes, there is nothing we can do.

        It has to just play out at this point.
        And it’s usually brought about by corruption and authoritarianism taking over. And it’s always been to some degree a world of the rich and powerful and the rest of us.

        The two main differences today are the real power of total destruction from nuclear weapons and the biggest threat of all…climate change. People just think it means hotter weather or worse storms and flooding. They don’t see the ramifications in the food accessibility, upticks in bacteria and disease, more starvation, more killings, loss of clean water etc.

        Either of these will be an end all.

        If man is collectively too stupid or corrupt to change these two threats, then we deserve what we get…not individually, but collectively. And that’s where I get into that it’s something in our DNA that is a built in self destruction code or inability to adapt, that simply makes room for growth of new species.

        I have to look at it his way so I don’t let it effect my life too severely. I certainly care, but there’s not a whole lot I can do, in truth.

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            • Thank you Mary. That is kind. I actually don’t think we know yet what the effects of the 5G millimetre waves will do to us. They are already used in the airport scanners (can see through all layers of clothing).
              Although very short distance, and cannot get through trees (they are removing large trees here because of this), the waves operate differently to the 4G radio waves. They are already used on weapons systems (speed of use), and in some installations. Because these waves are so short, 1,000 metres at best, the transmitters will be everywhere. In lights and common appliances. They are required for driverless cars and, no doubt, AI robots and the Internet of things (your washing machine will order its own washing powder). These millimetre waves are used in crowd contol. They can be projected at an individual (who will then heat up and feel as though their body is burning up). I really don’t know how safe they are. The powers that be seem to tell us everything is OK when in fact it is actually more control over us.

              More info on millimetre waves (used for the 5G rollout).

              We went into town today… (Birmingham UK) and wanted to visit a museum exhibit. My husband was in an irritable mood, so when a woman stopped him, saying an exhibit (the one he wanted to see) wasn’t open, he said “oh bloody hell” and turned around to walk out. Two guys immediately approached (I was still standing there, but my husband was already out of the door). The security guys said to me, “go get yourselves a cup of coffee and don’t come back until you’ve got a better attitude. I had done nothing. The exhibit was advertised as opening at 10 am, but the girl said it wasn’t open until 11 am, and then suggested that I make a donation to something I wasn’t even going to see. None of that was called for, but this is what I mean… I am noticing stuff that just shouldn’t be happening. 5G went live in Birmingham on 3rd July. I won’t be here for a long time, and I can’t wait to go. I just don’t feel happy. I have been here many times, and never felt like this before. (It is a tourist city).

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              • I just checked my area. I’m in Fla. There is no 5G here yet, but it will come to the Miami area soon and Verizon will be the first to offer it.

                When you consider all the other dangerous things we live with like Roundup in our food, processed food, skeptical clean water, micro plastics already inside us etc., this is just one more thing, perhaps.

                Fortunately I’m older and don’t have tons of time left, but I feel for the younger generations.

                Remember there was something in Cuba at the American Embassy that made people dizzy and more. And they never found out why or at least told anyone.

                So much is kept from us peons, that I wouldn’t put anything past the powers that be in the corporate and political worlds of power and money. We truly have no control… I go out to eat with friends, have some wine, paint a little, garden a little and read and enjoy my home. What more can I ask for?

                I care, I vote, I voice my opinions, but mostly just to like minded people because the others won’t listen.

                Article you sent is interesting…time will tell, I suppose.

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              • I did a quick-and-dirty search into the whole 5G thing, and found some fairly convincing arguments both pro and con. I will dig deeper when time permits, but while I’m not convinced, I also cannot discredit the theory. Sigh. Too few hours in a day, too much “stuff” to dig through.

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                • Interesting article, Mary. We have moved a little way outside the center of Birmingham and are actually moored only a few hundred yards from a high security Prison today. I feel totally different and much less fraught. My husband is not irritable. We are moored in a predominantly low income, black (people) area of the sprawling metropolitan suburbs, yet I feel much happier here than in the built up glitzy glass of the affluent city. I am sure that 5g has not been installed in this section of the city yet. My dull headache and stiff muscles have subsided. I think we all have to be aware of our surroundings, moods, and reactions… They may start changing in subtle ways with the use of new weapons designed to full us. As for sonic activities… Many cetacean beaching might well be due to the sonic testing going on in the ocean. We live in insideous times.

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      • My mood is sometimes entirely bleak, but typically for a reason that I can identify, usually something to do with Trump or one of his minions. I find that closing the laptop and giving myself an hour just to read (something non-political) helps immensely. I also had a significant personal loss last month that took a toll. As to the 5G thing, I have no idea how that could be, haven’t read about it, because I don’t even know what my 4G is for! So, I can’t speak with any degree of intelligence on that and will remain silent. 😉

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      • Hi Colette. I am sorry you found my language over the top, but it was a choice in the end. I woke up at 3:00 AM in a mood, but once I finished part one of my rant , I sat bavk and considered what I had written. If nothing else it was a challenge to Trump and his internet spies to come out of hiding. But it was more than that. Trump is a 10-letter word I did not use in my rant but implied mightily in all meanings of the word. In comparison to how he wants the world to see him, and how the world does see him, there is no doubt he is one of the ugliest, most inhuman “men” alive.
        Scottie, if you read this particular set of comments, I am not trying to be disrespectful to you or anyone else who has non-majority sexual drives, though I do hope you will tell me if I have gone too far ( I have had many LGBTQ2S friends and acquaintances in life, but none I could consult before I published part one of my comments.

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        • I wasn’t offended by your language rg (I am an adult), but it seemed more of an angry tirade than anything meaningful. I think we all know how Trump seeks power. What we can’t explain is why so many other people are showing up with the same vile, sociopathic traits.

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          • Anger is the last thing I was feeling when I wrote those messages, THOUGH ANGER WAS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO CREATE. Maybe I was still dreaming when I wrote those words, but they were based more on a vision of clarity than anything else. Listening to the Thoughtless Wonder, and reading the blogs of those who treat him like their newest god, I wanted to piss everyone off to the point of action.
            Alternatively, I wanted to piss off those of his followers to do something crazy to show the world what they are capable of. WE CANNOT LET THESE PEOPLE WIN!
            And the longer we sit and discuss instead of act, the stronger and braver they are getting. As with the world’s environment, there is a point of no return. I am very afraid that point is getting too close to redirect it. I see fear, I feel fear.
            I AM SCARED!!!

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