The Question Is … WHY?

It’s a sad state of affairs that I will believe literally anybody over Trump.  The latest?  Trump claimed on Thursday that the U.S. military downed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz.  Why would he lie about that?  But, I think he did lie, for Iran denies that it happened, and has even released video they say proves that it was a lie.  If this had happened three years ago, under President Obama, I would never have questioned it, but whatever Trump says, I find there is usually at least a partial lie.

Why would Iran lie?  Tensions are high between the U.S. and Iran, and Iran would almost certainly be hopping mad and making threats if we had shot down one of their little boys’ toys.  (Needless to say, I have little respect for the use of drones). But I question the reason behind Trump’s lie, for undoubtedly there is an underlying, likely malicious reason.  You may recall that Iran did shoot down one of our drones last month.  Trump claimed it was in international airspace, but it turned out it was, in fact, in Iranian airspace and was spying on Iran.

Iranian leadership have frequently mocked Trump, and we all know that is the one thing that he cannot stand.  Back in May 2018, the speaker of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, said Trump “does not have the mental capacity to deal with issues,” and added that he “only understands the language of force.”  All of which is true, but surely got under Trump’s thin skin.

Ever since, there has been a back-and-forth poking by both parties, and Trump has at times seemed determined to plunge the U.S. into a war with Iran that nobody … nobody in this nation wants.  For the most part, Trump is filled with bluster and a sense that he is the all-important player in this game-that-is-not-a-game, while Iran’s leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, taunts back, but seems to be finding humour in it all.

So, why is Trump trying so hard to provoke Iran, and why did he lie about shooting down the drone?  I don’t know the answers but have a few thoughts on the topic.

First, at the beginning of his term, Trump unconscionably withdrew the U.S. from the Iran nuclear agreement with no reason, for even our own intelligence community agreed that Iran was upholding their end of the deal.  But … it was a deal that had been signed by President Obama, and that was the only reason Trump was so insistent on withdrawing.  He demanded that our European allies also withdraw, and when they didn’t, when they worked collectively to try to salvage the deal even without the help of the U.S., Trump made threats, as he is wont to do.  When our allies didn’t give in to his threats, but largely ignored him and continued trying to preserve the deal for the sake of world peace, he got even angrier and imposed sanctions on Iran.

Last month, then, two oil tankers, one of Japanese registry, the other Norwegian, were attacked in the Gulf of Oman.  Trump & Co. claimed to have video footage showing that Iran was behind the attacks, but the footage was fuzzy and really showed nothing of value.  Plus, the crew of one of the tankers stated emphatically that it was not Iran.  More lies on the part of Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo.  Iran denied culpability and said that Trump was spreading disinformation and warmongering.

Then they shot down our spy drone that was in their airspace, and now Trump claims, sans evidence, to have shot down their drone.  WHY???

A few possibilities come to mind …

First, the red herring theory.  Trump is coming under a great deal of fire from the public lately … not his base, of course, but the majority of us … for a number of things:

  • Conditions at the detention camps where children are being held in captivity, separated from their parents, denied such essentials as medical care, soap, toothbrushes, beds, blankets
  • His outrageously expensive and pointless, not to mention tasteless and insulting parade and “celebration” on July 4th that nearly bankrupted the city of Washington, D.C., and cost the taxpayers a bundle that we couldn’t afford
  • His heinous racist denigration of four members of Congress, all U.S. citizens, whom he told to get out of the country and go back where they came from

No doubt, Trump is eager to stop the bleeding that is a result of all these things (and more).  So … what better way than a red herring … something to distract attention from his domestic screw-ups … than an international “incident”?  Wouldn’t be the first time.

And second … there is a proven theory that when a nation is so divided that it is literally eating itself from within, as the U.S. is doing today, an external threat will bring the two sides together, if only temporarily, to fight the external threat.  If that is the thinking … and it would have come from either Pompeo or Bolton, for Trump hasn’t the intelligence to think of it on his own … then he has two choices:  North Korea or Iran.  Since he still seems to hold tight to the idea that his snow job on Kim Jong-un worked and that they now love each other, despite the fact that his summit failed to produce any tangible results, that leaves Iran.  National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have both had itchy fingers for a long time … decades, in fact … to bomb Iran, to affect a regime change.  They are a well-matched pair of warmongers.

And a third possibility is financial.  War is profitable for arms manufacturers, and some of Trump’s best buddies manufacture arms.  Why do you think he’s trying so hard to sell arms to Saudi Arabia?  He has proposed often enough that we need to build up our supply of arms, but the proposal is not, overall, met with cheers of approval, for we have the largest national debt in our history, and more tanks just doesn’t seem as important to most of us as healthcare and feeding the poor.  But, if we enter a war …

Again, I don’t know what is behind Trump’s taunts, mockery and lies, but these are just the result of my sleepless nights spent thinking, spent pondering on the “why” of it all, and I think there is some thread of logic to these thoughts.  And now, I return you to your Sunday evening activities.

43 thoughts on “The Question Is … WHY?

  1. This remark you made … we have the largest national debt in our history immediately made me compare what’s happening in the U.S. with what tRumpsky has done throughout his life. Spend other people’s money.

    In the meantime, he adds to his own “wealth” by taking advantage of his position as POTUS … I don’t think I need to list the ways for I’m sure you are well aware of his hotels (one “conveniently” located near the White House), golf courses, branded merchandise, etc., etc.

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    • Yes, he is a master at spending other people’s money, and yet, his own net worth would be higher if he had just taken his daddy’s gift and invested it wisely. He has lost more money in business than he has earned, and yet they call him a “successful” businessman.

      Yes, I am well aware of his emoluments … his hotels, his charities, and the rest. I am also well aware how much we have spent to support his golf outings and the secret service personnel that must accompany him, as well as his taking his family, useless lot that they are, on overseas trips! And yet, it is the poor who are considered “leeches” by the republicans! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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      • And now, from what I read this morning, they’re going to end food stamps for 3 million people!!! There’s no other way to say it … they’re heartless bastards! Of course, from their perspective, they’re simply “preventing abuse of a critical safety net program.” Yeah … right.

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  2. I think Mr. T the second is pushing all his boundaries to test how far he can go before his opponents jump up and try to stop him. The little boy is crying “Wolf” as often as he possibly can. He is building up to something, and when it explodes we are going to be shame-faced we did not see it coming. I can see it coming, but i have no idea yet when and where. Or what.
    Could it be a fire in one of the southern border internment centers filled with children who records have conveniently been lost? Or a bomb accidentally launched against Germany, or Israel? Wouldn’t he just love to say some Democrat broke into the White House and unwittingly on purpose pushed the red button sending a nuclear warhead at Ottawa. The target would be so close and the warning would come so late nothing could be saved, especially the Canadian government machine. I mean, why shoot at an enemy when you could destroy so much more by shooting at a friend?
    Just brainstorming, you know…

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    • What’s really funny is that I just commented to Keith that somebody ought to read the story of the little boy who cried ‘wolf’ to Trump several times a day! As they say, great minds think alike.

      I shudder at your thought of perhaps a fire in one of the detention centers, but as I think about it … just please no. 😥

      He wouldn’t, even accidentally, launch a bomb at Israel, for he and Netanyahu are bosom buddies, but another, say Germany, the UK, France … nothing would surprise me. I think his fingers have been itching ever since the day he took office, if not before. I don’t think Canada, for that might actually push the envelope too far. I still think he would like to attack Iran on some fabricated excuse. Sigh. Beam me up, Scotty.

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      • I just don’t trust him anymore, he has proved to the world he is a loose cannon, and capable of anything. As with other things, he has proved himself a sociopath on top of being a psychopath. Living beings are his toys. Greenbacks are his only passion. Nothing else matters.
        I am SORE AFRAID!

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          • Thanks! I don’t usually share my content via comment box, but since you’re anti-trumper’s I thought maybe you’d enjoy this. I wrote this a while ago after Trump withdrew from the climate pact in France.

            Chipmunks skitter across the patio deck,
            As the sun beats down in violent rays
            The air feels thick with the world ablaze
            Seems nature can’t cash a human check

            Destruction lay in the wake of human greed
            With the influential too self-concerned
            For riches more than innocence burned
            An ostrich head in sand knows no creed

            The burden of our neglect won’t rest
            Upon the frail shoulders of our aged
            But the young innocent and outraged
            With time increasingly more pressed

            What is a fat wallet and ignorance worth
            When the world vanished from your con?
            You send sunscreens to those woebegone
            In compensation for this sizzling Earth

            Perhaps with luck, the ignorant will fall to fate,
            Like foolhardy presidents with dead cat toupees,
            Before our children find themselves too late,
            For ambitions to exterminate the human race,
            When hate and greed are leadership traits,
            The world’s falling flat on its orange face.

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  3. Jill, great job. Two comments. The price for lying so much, is not being believed. As you know, the odds are in your favor to believe Trump is lying. As for the evangelical, Peter Wehner, a Christian, has written a book that notes enangelicals blind support for Trump has done more damage to their mission than any atheist group ever could. He says it is hypocrisy to their faith to support a person like Trump. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! Yep, remember the story about the little boy who cried “wolf”? I think perhaps somebody should read that story to Trump … a few times a day! I have to agree with Mr. Wehner … I never gave a minute’s thought to evangelicals until recently, but already I have lost all respect for their ilk. Beam me up, Scotty!

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      • Jill, there is another concern that must be stated. Donald Trump places his targets in physical jeopardy when he lies like he does. As we know from his history, he does not accept accountability for his fanning the flames. If something happens, he will return to norm and weasel out of blame, just like he did with the “send her back” chants.

        Putting other human beings in jeopardy to win an election is not only unbecoming of a leader, but it is also worse than crying fire in a theater. I say this because a Louisiana law enforcement officer said that Omar deserves a bullet. I blame Donald J. Trump for this kind of talk. It is not right and evangelicals know this.


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        • You’re so right … I was stunned when I heard about a law enforcement officer calling for a member of Congress to be shot! Where has the morality gone in this country. Sure, some of the racism was latent, lying under the surface all along, but it might never have gotten to this point if Trump had not signaled that it is okay. I heard that Ilhan Omar has received death threats and her safety is in jeopardy. This is not the way a government is supposed to be run, but we truly have no leader these days.

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  4. Another well thought out piece, Jill. Of course there doesn’t have to be just one motivation to have kick started this unfolding disaster. However, the “distraction” motivation is one we have seen time and again from so many leaders. When they are in trouble at home they rattle the sabre to draw back those who are wavering.

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    • Hey Anne! Got your newsletter today … so sorry about your hard time, but thrilled about your show next month!!!

      Thank you for your kind words! You are right, and I suspect there are a number of things that come into play here. My mistake is assuming that he thinks of the cost of human lives that will result from his stupidity, but then I remember … there is only one life that matters to him, and that is his own. I do think that the ‘red herring’ motivation is part of it, for he is under much heat for his dangerous racist remarks, yet he keeps making them! This morning, he went on another, similar tirade against Rep. Ilhan Omar and the other three. Somebody really needs to sew his lips together! Sigh.

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      • My sick ones are well on the road to recovery ~ thank you for your good wishes. And I am very excited about the exhibition!
        Not only does his mouth need stitching, but his Twitter finger removed too.

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        • Absolutely! Funny, I got banned from Twitter for a day for calling Ann Coulter a ‘bimbo’, but Trump can say anything about anyone and it’s all okay. Sadly, his supporters love his ranting tweets, and this week his approval rating is the highest it’s been in more than two years. A sad statement of our society. Sigh.

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  5. Jill why? The little kid who will do anything to be liked. He needs the attention and admiration to feel alive… and he’s a reality tv “star.” I was driving behind someone with a T 2020 bumper sticker and a couple of other stickers with famous quotes from the previous campaign. It occurred to me that in order for Dems to win back government they will need Hollywood but not just flash stars or concerts. They need someone to create a production. Someone like Spielburg, Howrd, Lucas. DJT has things timed for reactions before or after his rallies, definately when something big is coming trump-like Mueller testimony. I’m sure there is already some disaster or emergency lined up. Yep- Dems need a Hollywood producer to handle the process and take it to the Oscars. Politics as usual with facts and figures don’t work in this climate.🤷‍♀️

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    • You are so right that his ego feeds off of attention, and it is a large ego that needs much fuel. There is, of course, more to it, but that is certainly a part of almost everything he does. I like your idea about a Speilberg production coming out of Hollywood at just the right moment! Now, how do we go about making that happen? Great idea!

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      • Lol! I was thinking in terms of those guys producing and directing the DNC campaign for 2020! The biggest production of their careers. Instead of an Oscar or Golden Globe. The stars get the White House! 😂🤣 Bizarre? Yes, but we’ve been on this ride since the birther movement. 😏

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  6. Hello Jill. Your post is spot on, Grand job. I think we can not discount the religious aspect of this. The US government cabinet is now filled with evangelical Christians. Who do they see as their main enemy in the religious wars? Iran!

    As far as the Iranian position goes, they have done everything under the original treaty they were required to do. Instead of being rewarded, they got slapped with sanctions and a huge disruption to their economy. I would remind everyone of Tom Cotton, one of 47 Senators who wrote to Iran saying ” Don’t agree to a deal with Obama because when a Republican is in charge we will destroy the deal”! That is the truth, if you doubt it look it up. it was illegal but the Republicans did it and never faced any consequences for it. How can any country ever go into a treaty with us again knowing as soon as soon as there is a new President our position will change and the treaty is gone.

    It really angers me that our populous can not see we are doing everything thing we can to destroy the Iranian economy. If anyone did that to the US it would be war and we would cheer it . Yet for the US to drive another country to the brink of desperation is OK? What the living hell are we agreeing to? The US is pushing this against the allies wishes so that tRump can get his deal. He has already said through his people he would take the same deal as long as he can call it the tRump Iranian deal. Same thing he has done with the TPP deal that he claimed to have changed against that horrible Obama deal to his benefit yet it has not been ratified by congress and is not in effect. We are under the same deal. It strangles the mind how he lies. I have to end this comment as I am about to have a melt down. Hugs

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    • I think you have a good point with the religious aspect. Also many of these people are endtimers and might want war, so their little chosen group can go to heaven…their heaven that is all white, heterosexual, Bible thumping and

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    • Thanks Scottie!!! Y’know … I am not religious but try to respect others’ right to believe as they wish, as long as their beliefs don’t hurt anybody and as long as they don’t try to shove their beliefs down my throat. But, in the case of the evangelicals, I don’t think that they actually believe the b.s. they claim to. I think it is a convenient way for them to justify their hatred of “other”, such as LGBT people, Muslims, Jews, and women who wish to have control of their own body. I just find it hard to believe that anybody truly believes all their b.s., and let’s face it … their behaviour is not in any way, shape or form in keeping with the bible they claim is their foundation.

      You’re right … Iran was following the agreement, according to the UN and our own intelligence organizations who were overseeing and inspecting. Trump’s ‘sanctions’ hurt the people of Iran. I may not like some of Iran’s treatment of their people, but it isn’t my country and it’ isn’t my place or right to decide what form of government they should have, nor is it Trump’s or Pompeo’s. As far as I’m concerned, Trump has blood on his hands there, as well as in Syria, and in our own country (kids who have died in detention camps). Bottom line is that Trump has no idea of the long-term ramifications of what he’s doing. Lives will be lost … the world will not soon recover from his foolishness. And still, his followers follow. More and more I find myself just wishing to wake some morning and see the breaking news that he has died. And I’ve never in my life wished death on someone before. Sigh. Hugs, my friend.

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  7. Iran has now confiscated a British flagged tanker (though with a foreign crew) escorting it into an Iranian port before military could catch up with it. This is a direct retaliation for Britain holding an Iranian oil tanker off the coast of Gibraltar (it was later released, asking that Iran not take the oil to Syria). Iran is now flexing its muscles since the word of the West to honour agreements is shown to be false. Trump has set of a chain of reactions that will have dire consequences. This is not a distraction, it is a nightmare. We Brits are feeding into it (Brexit distraction) and ‘Wag the dog’ plan is now in full motion. 😖

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    • Yes, I first heard they took two of your tankers, but now only one? Anyway, as I was just telling David in another comment, between that and the fact that Boris Johnson is almost certainly soon to become your next P.M., it seems likely that Boris will throw his lot in with Trump if Trump starts a war with Iran. The thing that the UK government needs to realize, though, is it was Trump’s escalation of tensions in the Gulf that almost certainly caused Iran to take your tanker to begin with. It is a nightmare, but for Trump, on this side of the pond, it is also a convenient distraction from his racist remarks that have him in hot water with about 60% of the people here. Sigh. What a mess.

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  8. All of your explanations are viable.Trump couldn’t admit that Iraq had downed more of the USA’s hardware than the USA had of their’s. It would seem he’s the loser.I’m certain he is, with his friends trying to provoke a major incident to give him the excuse to declare war. I hope that the signatories to the Nuclear agreement would see this and hold to their end and not support your country in it’s aim to control the oil.

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    • Sigh. I suspect it is some combination of all of the above, and possibly also an attempt to earn brownie points with his good buddy Netanyahu, whom he praised to the hilt on Twitter today. But, the bottom line is that if he starts a war, lives on all sides will be lost, and if nuclear weapons come into play (and I think Trump has been itching to use them since he took office), then the entire world may be aflame. Like you, I hope no other country supports his foolhardiness, but … with Iran seizing your ships this week, and with Boris likely to be your new P.M., I wouldn’t be surprised if your government sides with Trump. Sigh. Bah, humbug.
      Cwtch Mawr

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