First thoughts on Mueller’s testimony

Yesterday, at long last, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified in a televised session before Congress … for nearly seven hours! I did not watch it, for a) I don’t have 7 hours to spare in any given day, b) I cannot sit and do nothing for more than about 5 minutes, which is why it takes me nearly a week to get through a movie, and c) I knew I could catch the action during and after the fact from a wide variety of sources.

One of those sources is our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters, and he did not disappoint. His take on it is honest, unbiased, clear, and cuts through all the b.s. to wrap it all up into a neat, easily readable, OpEd. My comment on Jeff’s post will give you my opinion of it all. Thank you, Jeff, for writing this with such clarity and saving me 4-5 hours of work! I owe you one!

On The Fence Voters

The marine who received a purple heart for his exemplary service in Vietnam and spent most of his life working for the American people, spoke today. My question is, did the American people listen?

The vast majority of the people in this country has not read the Mueller Report. Anyone expecting to learn a great deal more about the report from Robert Mueller’s testimony today was going to be sorely disappointed. My expectations were low, to begin with, and after watching the nearly seven-hour spectacle, that opinion has not changed.

Based on his nine-minute press conference a few months ago, which culminated in his resignation from the Special Counsel’s office, it wasn’t hard to figure out that if called to testify, he would do so reluctantly, and would not veer from the report in any substantial way. And that’s precisely how it went today.

It was also easy to predict…

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23 thoughts on “First thoughts on Mueller’s testimony

  1. I did not watch Mueller’s testimony, however what i gleamed from the media, both sides claimed victory and politically more divided than ever. Mueller didn’t help with his meek lack of conviction toward Trump’s collusion and obstruction. So we’re back where we started, Pelosi still kissing Trump’s ass and waiting for a sign from heaven to commence impeachment… when it’s politically expedient and safe for her to do so.
    Rob Reiner said it best:

    It is imperative: Congress must start an Impeachment Inquiry. This President colluded with a foreign enemy power to undermine our Democracy. Then Obstructed Justice to cover that up. Period. Speaker Pelosi, with all due respect, NO MORE FUCKING AROUND!

    2:32 PM – Jul 24, 2019


  2. I sat through the first hearing myself. I engaged in some cleaning and missed most of the second one. Cleaning has always been my go-to as a stress reliever, and I managed to scrub an old tub pretty close to a brand new appearance.

    Thanks for the reblog so I was able to read this. Now, I’m off to do some more cleaning because I’m still having after effects from yesterday.

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    • And I thought I was the only person who offset angst with cleaning!!! I fully understand … I sometimes just have to get up and wash windows, dishes, anything physical! Well, at least you now have a clean tub!

      I see that you, also, have written a post about the Mueller hearings … I haven’t yet gotten to it, but it is definitely on my list for either tonight or more likely tomorrow.


      • When my wife and I first started dating, she could tell if I had a bad day at work because I would scrub down the apartment we lived in. I’m sure the people who rented the unit we left thought they had a new stove. There were times I was so stressed out that I scrubbed the entire stove inside and out including the floor underneath. I did the same with the refrigerator there. Reading up on the antics of Mitch McConnell this morning has another cleaning session brewing. 😁

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          • LOL!!! I wish it were. With three kids 10 and under, I can’t keep up with the messes they create. I have yet to figure out how I can clean a room, turn my back, and then it’s worse than when I started when I turn back around.

            We’re doing some reno work so w can sell and upgrade, so now my cleaning is targeted. If I lacked impulse control, I’d be a total drunkard due to McConnell.

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            • I know just what you mean about the room self-destructing in the blink of an eye! I remember when my kids were little a toybox could somehow empty itself onto the floor the second I left the room! Now the kids are grown, but we have 5 cats, so not much better! Somehow pictures on the wall get tilted overnight, plants find their way to the floor …

              I strongly suspect the rate of alcoholism, drug use, and suicides will prove to have increased in this “reign of Trump”. Thumbs up to you for finding a healthier way to manage the angst. This blog is my main outlet these days.


    • That is a great speech by Adam Schiff, Mary. Thanks for sharing it. Certainly, the values that the United States of America forged to separate from the English Colonialist rule by a monarchy that embraced ‘us, and them,’ idealogy, have been undone by Trump. America has lost its way for the moment, but all is not lost. There will be plenty of people to resist Trump’s corrupt reign. I feel his time will end with this term. I don’t know why I feel that, but it won’t be anything to do with impeachment. Fingers crossed. 🤞

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  3. Here in Britain, Robert Mueller’s testimony gained just a few minutes of news coverage. Conclusion, was that once Trump’s term comes to an end, he is open to indictment for obstruction of the investigation into Russian collusion.

    I know an untouchable man in the Finance industry. He is what is known in the industry as a “churner.’ He keeps money constantly moving, and almost unaccountable. He uses other people to carry the can and walks away when they get into trouble (some of them very nice people). He rises up the ranks, moving his company under the wings of corporations and out again, losing his employees as quickly as he hires them. I have not the slightest doubt that he will shake off any lawsuit and will leave a trail of unpaid debts behind him. He, like Trump, seems to walk through the piles of stinking policy, and leave his employees mired in it, while he just changes his shoes and walks on. It is criminal, but the man himself doesn’t commit the crime, just his lack y’s do. He gives them the status of board members, and then turns on them for carrying out his wishes… Hey, it was their signature on the documents, not his.

    Such people cannot be caught. They cannot be punished. They are insideous, unlawful, unconscionable and untouchable. Trump is one of these.

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    • I hope you’re wrong Colette and that there is enough proof to charge Trump himself with collusion with an enemy. I also hope the Charges NY are holding on Charity Fraud and possibly money laundering will stick. I don’t think he trusts anyone else enough to do it for him.I personally would like to see him charged with Treason. I’m greedy.
      Huge Hugs

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      • Colette unfortunately is more right than wrong. Trump has been able to escape needed scrutiny, even surviving six corporate bankruptcies. What has bothered me as how people do the wrong thing to abet this man, then they get burned and he escapes. Two example come to mind. Deutsche Bank has on three occasions violated its own processed and a direct order to not do business to, in fact, do more business with Trump. The saddest part is one part of Deutsche Bank loaned Trump money to pay off another part of Deutsche Bank. The loan is still outstanding.

        The other example is both evangelicals and GOP legislators who have forgotten their ideals and values to support a person who should not be supported. They have sold their souls to the devil to get a few judges and a tax break for wealthy people and free reign to destroy the environment to make money.

        David, I hope you are right, but all I see are people around Trump getting in trouble while he skates. The happiest people in America are those who chose to not work for him. The second happiest are their spouses.


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        • Well said, and you make all good points. I still hope, however, that somehow he pays the price for all he has done and is voted out next year. The democrats, however, are going to have to pull their act together and I don’t see a sign of it happening yet. Sigh.

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      • I hope she is wrong, also, and as I said in my comment to Colette, I firmly believe his day will come, either from “law and justice” or death in one way or another, but there are others out there. The 40% or so who support him will find another. This is why it’s so important that the democrats get their act together, but they aren’t doing it yet …

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      • Fortunately, I have no dealings with the ‘Churner’ since 2005, but I do remember the nice people who fell foul of him. They didn’t deserve their fate.
        But the finance world is quite cut-throat and Trump is a master at cutting throats.

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    • They call Trump “Teflon Don”, but even Teflon eventually loses its non-stick capabilities. I don’t know when or how, but the day will come when Trump pays the price for his dastardly deeds. It may or may not be through the courts and system of ‘justice’, but his Teflon coating will eventually wear thin and no longer be able to protect him. The bigger concern at this point is who will follow him. His demise (figurative or literal, take your pick) will not put an end to the movement that carried him into office, and in fact will likely rally the masses. And the other bigger concern, of course, is that as of today, we effectively have no government … Congress is tied up in knots, the courts are becoming more partisan, and the buffoon in the White House believes he can do whatever he wishes, including state-sanctioned execution, keeping kids in cages, starving poor people to death, etc. Sigh.

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