Snarky Snippets or Mini Rants?

I warn you, I am in a very foul mood tonight, and these snarky snippets are likely more like mini-rants.

Those Trumpians are real winners, eh?

We have heard of Trump’s … er, shall we say dislike … for Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota, and those of us with any sense see his tirades for what they are … the juvenile, racist rantings of an ignorant fool.  But here’s something to give you a chuckle.


Danielle Stella

The pro-Trump person who was hoping to vie for Representative Omar’s congressional seat in 2020 is named Danielle Stella, a 31-year-old special education teacher.  Ms. Stella is a supporter of QAnon, the conspiracy theory group, if that tells you anything.  Well … turns out that twice this year, she has been arrested for shoplifting!

In January, she stole 279 items valued at $2,327.97 from a Target store in Edina, Minnesota, and in April she was accused of stealing “tick spray and other items” from a Cub Foods grocery store.  What a fine, upstanding citizen, eh?  She may be a thief, but … it won’t matter to republicans who will prefer her over Ms. Omar because why?  Because her skin is white, because her parents are of European ancestry, and that is all that matters to the vast majority of republicans today.

Oh yeah, and while Stella is busy referring to Ms. Omar as a “witch” and a “criminal”, she herself had a DUI in 2009, along with a charge of fleeing from the police!  A fine lot they are.  Their “leader” has been a criminal since he was old enough to walk, and the followers figure it’s okay for them to steal from a Target store because they are privileged and … white.

And on a related note, some jerk named Chris McDonald is calling for Representative Omar to have her citizenship revoked and be charged with treason.  My response to him is that he should have his license to be a part of the human race revoked.  (I warned you I was in a bad mood)

Another winner, friend of da trumpeter …


Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein … you all remember him, right?  The abhorrent sex trafficker who seems to somehow believe himself to be above the law?  Oh, that’s right … that’s a given among those in Trump’s “circle of wealth”.  Anyway, the first news I saw yesterday morning was that he was found unconscious in his jail cell with marks on his neck that seemed to indicate a failed suicide attempt.

Funny, though … it wasn’t big news, was more or less swept under the carpet.  Wonder why?  Oh yeah, that “wealthy privilege” thing again, the same thing that enabled him back in 2008 to serve his 13-month sentence in an unlocked cell, to which he only returned at night, spending his days “working” at his own company, hobnobbing with rich associates, etc.

Later in the day yesterday, it was finally reported that Epstein claims to have been beaten up, although he apparently had no cuts or bruises on his face.  And, he has been placed on suicide watch.  Given the number of young lives he has ruined, I think they should give him a good sharp knife with his supper and let him have at it.  Assuming that he did attempt to strangle himself, wouldn’t that indicate that he likely figures he’s going down for a long time this time, most likely without that VIP treatment he received last time?

Hey!  Where’s ours?

Human-rights-wealthy.JPGOn Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) levied a $5 billion fine on social media giant Facebook for taking liberties with our privacy – our personal information, including our phone numbers.  Okay, fine, but it seems not to have really fazed the company, for there was barely a blip in the value of their stock, and by Wednesday it was at an all-time high.  Now, why do you think investors didn’t lose confidence when informed of the fine?  Largely because this is the 21st century, the age of electronic spying, and it barely raises an eyebrow anymore.  This is the age of a wealthy madman in the White House and crimes among the wealthy are given mostly a wink-wink and not much more.  After all, those big corporations that pay no taxes are “trickling down” all that money to we the little folk, right?  WRONG!!!

But the thing that galls me the most about this is that the FTC is fining Facebook, Facebook will presumably pay the FTC, an agency of our federal government, but … where is ours?  WE were the ones whose information was misused, sold to advertisers who now bombard our phones with robocalls day and night.  WE are the ones who suffered … where is our share of that $5 billion?  Instead, it will go into the federal coffers so that Donald can play a few extra rounds of golf, eat another steak or two on our dime, and Junior or Ivanka can travel halfway around the globe when I can barely afford a trip to the grocery store!end-of-worldFor the record, Facebook’s revenue last year was $56 billion.  That’s $56,000,000,000.  And do you know what they paid in taxes?  Put it this way … thanks to Trump’s donor tax cut in 2017, Facebook’s effective tax rate dropped from 43% in 2017 to 16% in 2018.  There is doubt whether they actually paid any, and I don’t have time to research it, but I do know that in 2013, they actually received a refund!

I want a slice of that $5 billion they are paying to the FTC!

Okay, enough of my ranting for tonight.  Go find something pleasant to read.  I recommend my friend Anne Lawson’s Art blog to bring you a bit of peace to counteract my snark.

24 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets or Mini Rants?

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  2. The only question I have….. is why, all of a sudden, is Jeffery Epstein, linked to Trump? I don’t recall any of his private jet logs listing Trump. Now Bill Clinton is on those logs( 20+)….. seems to me he’s Bill’s buddy. I just sit in the middle and watch both sides lose their collective minds over all this, when one is no better than the other. If you want to believe that we have a sex abuser as President, you better remember that we’ve already had one for 8 years.

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    • Both Trump and Clinton have been linked to Epstein for some time. Neither president would be accused of being a choir boy. It was at one of Epstein parties where a 13 year old girl later accused Trump of alleged rape. She was deemed less than credible by the press, but she was allowed to have an information sharing court date set for December, 2016 (in other words the judge denied Trump’s attotneys request to throw out the case). The court date was canceled when the now woman was threatened or paid off. Mind you, this is all alleged, but she met Trump at one of Epstein’s parties. Plus, Trump and Epstein had a calendar party with twenty-eight women with only the two of them.

      Clinton is a philanderer, as is Trump. And, Trump has admitted to sexual misconduct on three occasions noting what he has been accused of by about twenty women – groping, walking in on dressing beauty pageant candidates including teens. Plus, he has a new rape allegation from a more credible witness. I fully understand this an allegation.

      So, please do not be believe the current president when he says he did not commit sexual misconduct. He is not known for being truthful.

      As an independent and former GOP voter, I did not vote for either Clinton or Trump. Character and accountability matters. Jill, please forgive me for stepping in here. And. I apologize for my matter-of-fact tone. Keith

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    • Sorry … I hadn’t had time to respond to comments until this evening, but I see that Keith has answered your question, so no need for me to. And, if you don’t believe him … Google it … there are plenty of pictures and stories about it all.


  3. Jill, so the logic of some Trump supporters is we should revoke the citizenship of an elected official who is critical of a president, when we don’t live up to our ideals, and those who let money guide their decision-making. But, to be contrarian, isn’t that how Donald Trump got elected? The America he wanted to make great again had real, overblown, embellished and even made up problems.

    So, what is the key difference? Isn’t he a white Christian (in name) male and she a brown-skinned Muslim women with a non-Anglo-Saxon name? Could that be a differentiator? Could a Trump supporters’ rights matter more than a dark-skinned Muslim women’s rights?


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    • PS – Jill, your “Where’s Ours?” cartoon is in-line with my post today of “My rights are more inportant than yours.” You and Hugh left great quotes thereto in your comments that we should put on banners and march behind. Keith

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    • You seem to have a grasp on it … bottom line is they want a lily-white, Christian nation and it seems will stop at nothing to get it. That in itself would be bad enough, but they are in the minority, and yet because of gerrymandering, disenfranchisement efforts, etc., they have a louder voice than we do.


      • Jill, what is a puzzler in all of this, is who said WASPs had a corner on the market of good ideas? A country cannot shrink to greatness. Restricting the country to a smaller stream of ideas, limiting opportunities for people to travel here, retrenching from global leadership and making trade difficult, makes people and countries consider other options. If Steve Jobs’ natural parents had not immigrated from Syria, if African-American Vivien Thomas had not helped pioneer open heart surgery on babies, if the Tuskeegee Airmen had not provide air cover for WWII bombers, if a gay English man had been prevented from breaking the Nazi enigma code, America would be a much different place. Keith


  4. No wonder you are feeling angry and snarky, Jill. These people are appalling, and are heartened by Trump’s words and deeds. I am glad that my blog is an antidote. Thanks for the share. 😘

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    • Yes, the people who support him are the biggest problem, for even once he is gone, they and their attitudes will still be with us, and they will find another who is equally abominable. Thanks for bringing your beautiful art to the world, for giving us respite from this dark world. 🤗

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  5. Another brilliant look into the world of the most deviant and pathetic of our society!
    Love the cross on Danielle Stella! Thank you for being the voice of reason! I welcome your Snarky Snippets! When will we wake up …. from this nightmare?

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    • Thank YOU for putting up with my walks on the dark side. Yes, I noticed her cross and her cheerleader smile … and I called her a name I won’t repeat here. I’m not sure when we will wake up, but I sure do wish it would be soon! I’m tired of all this … every day some new abomination.


  6. Well, well, well another Ranted Snark or Snarked Rant from you.I don’t know where you find all these hideous people.Surely someone with a criminal record won’t be eligible to stand as a Representative? Mind you maybe she’ll be inside prison by 2020 as I’m sure these shops will be sick of being targeted by her.
    Well done

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    • Unfortunately, I don’t have to look far … they just seem to drop into my lap. One wouldn’t think she would be able to run, or to be taken seriously as a candidate, but … in this, the era of trump? Who knows? Thanks David.

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  7. Dear Jill,

    Please stop snarking… I much prefer your rants!
    I have “wondered” for decades where all the “fine money” goes when we the people are injured in various ways. It never goes to us, to help us recover from being wronged. Does it get earmarked for special projects for us? Is it even counted as income for our governments? Or does it just disappear down some government rabbit hole that winds and twines until it disappears into some politician’s pocketbook? I’ve never trusted government rabbit holes, there seems to always be a back door out only the rabbit knows about, and we the people are not even tortoises…
    On your first point, didn’t you notice how Ms Stella is so innocently cute, sporting her catholic cross (that she probably shoplifted) so proudly. Whiich leads me to wonder what all these catholic priests do with the information they get direct from people like Ms Stella during confession? Oh, you stole another item from a store today. Another 7 Hail Marys! Oh you ran over poor Johnny while escaping from the police because you were drunk. 8 Hail Marys this time! You’re a serial killer? Ten Hail Marys for each notch on your gun! Ya’ll come back next month. Ya hear!

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    • Good points all. I hadn’t ever given a whole lot of thought to where the money goes, and not too long ago I received a check from Amazon for some class action suit that I hadn’t joined and knew nothing about. But this one caught my eye and made me wonder what gives the FTC the right to collect money on our behalf, when we were the ones wronged, but not a word about restitution.

      Yes, I noticed her little cheerleader look AND the cross. Then I read that she thinks it’s unfair that her crimes are coming out now, and she still plans to run for Congress and I was full-bore furious. I even called her a few things that I won’t repeat here!

      It seems I rant more and more these days … can you imagine what it will be like by the time the election rolls around next November?


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