India calls out Trump lie

Yesterday, I promised there would be a Part II to my post Open Mouth, Insert Foot, but I had some difficulties and hadn’t written the piece yet. Just as I was about to start it, I saw that our friend Keith had written of the incident with Trump v India, and he has done as fine a job as I could have done, so I figure … why re-invent the wheel, right? Thank you Keith for this post, for shining a light on a problem that many missed this week in light of all the detritus swirling about, and for permission to share your excellent work!


A story that got very little press occurred this week regarding India and Pakistan. It was overshadowed by the Mueller testimony, budget bill and the presidential seal issue, but it was a major faux pas and harmed relations with India, an important ally.

In a HuffPost article by Mary Papenfuss called “India Calls Out Trump Lie That He Was Asked To Mediate Kashmir Conflict,” she spells out what happened.

“President Donald Trump spun a tale in front of reporters Monday that he was personally asked by India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, to mediate the Kashmir conflict with Pakistan.Trump raised the issue during a meeting with Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, in the White House while reporters listened.

‘No such request has been made’by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the U.S. president, said a spokesman for India’s government, despite what Trump claimed.” It should be noted, the White House…

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10 thoughts on “India calls out Trump lie

  1. Don’t forget his need to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Obama won one in 2009, and Trumpelsriltskin actually believes he is better than Obama at anything! If there were prizes for lying, or being a pain in the ass, those he could win. A Peace Prize? Be real, Donnie, you don’t have a peaceful bone in your body…

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  2. I remarked on Keith’s site: ‘Such a stupid thing for Trump to say. The issue of Kashmir is both complex and highly charged, and the thought that anyone concerned with its resolution would ask someone both famously ignorant and incredibly undiplomatic to meddle in it, is beyond ludicrous.’

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    • Thanks Mike. A mediator has to know the subject matter and be diplomatic, two skills that the president chooses not do well. As Rex Tillerson said just two months to a Senate committee about an early meeting with Putin, “Putin out prepared us.” Keith

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    • You are so very right … Trump claims to be the world’s greatest dealmaker, but in truth he has been naught but a conman all his life. He doesn’t understand complex issues in his own nation, let alone foreign affairs, and as you say, the issue of Kashmir is complex and dangerous. I keep thinking how Trump would react if a foreign leader were to tell Trump how to handle some of our issues, say health care or immigration? He’d be ballistic! I was incensed when he stuck his bulbous nose into the affairs of your own country, criticizing Ms. May and saying he told her to go for “no deal” and she didn’t listen to him. He’s a maniac, I tell you!

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