Jolly (and Joyful) Monday!

Good Monday morning, friends!  It sure seems like Monday rolls around far too quickly these days, don’t you think?  So, how was your weekend?  Mine was okay … I seem to be in a bit of a funk lately that I cannot shake off, but still, the weekend was okay.  Daughter Chris went to a Celtic Festival yesterday, while Goose and I stayed home in the air-conditioning!  Jolly wants to tell you about his special surprise …

jollyJollys girlfriend Joyful

Hi, it’s me, Jolly!  Guess what?  My girlfriend, Joyful, is here today to help with Jolly Monday!  Grannie dared us to go anywhere near the kitchen though, if you remember what happened last, with Joyful’s help, this should be a very Jolly Monday!  Grab a snack from the table (yes, Larry, I remembered your bacon today) and let’s find some fun things to start the week off right.  Jolly!!!  What happened to the coffee???

Cuddling what???

We all know that when you’re a bit down, there’s nothing quite like the warm snuggles from your cat or dog, but who ever heard of cuddling a … COW???cuddling-cows-2Apparently, cow-cuddling has been popular in Europe for some time, but only found its way to the U.S. recently, thanks to Suzanne Vullers, a native of the Netherlands who, along with her husband runs the Mountain Horse Farm.  Mountain Horse Farm is a 33-acre retreat in upstate New York, the center of which is a bed-and-breakfast.

During a recent visit back home to the Netherlands, Vullers said she began hearing about the health benefits and stress relief that came with cuddling cows.cuddling-cows

“Cows have this wonderful quality that when they are processing their food they like to lay down. They become really quiet, and it’s a beautiful opportunity to connect with them. To be honest, we did not know that it was so unknown in the US. A lot of people are familiar with therapy dogs or cats … people don’t associate this with larger animals, like cows.”

Mountain Horse Farm has two cows, Bella and Bonnie, available for snuggling and … it only costs $75 for an hour-long snuggle!  Now, if that’s a bit steep for your tastes, I found another place … Whispering Hope Farm in Gastonia, North Carolina, that only charges $35 an hour for a bovine snuggle!  They have only one cow at present, Bread, whose mother, Butter, died shortly after his birth. (No, I swear, I am not making that up!)cuddling-cows-3

Astronauts on your popcorn, anyone?

As you all know, July 20th marked the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon.  The occasion has been commemorated in a number of ways, but perhaps the most unique was at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

Cincinnati artist Paul Brooke and a team of sculptors created a sculpture of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins … out of butter!butter-sculptureNeil Armstrong saluting the American flag and the famous footprint left on the surface of the moon are also recreated with butter.butter-sculpture-2.jpgAccording to Alexander Balz, one of the artists involved in the project …

“The space suits were a real challenge, to be honest. It’s easy to sculpt things that you know. When you sculpt a human being you memorize it, so this was a challenge.”

I have to wonder how they kept the butter from melting in the 90° temperatures!  But take heart, if you’re worried about what happens to the thousands of pounds of butter used every year. The fair exclusively uses butter that is past its expiration date for the carving and recycles it for use in biodiesel fuel and cosmetics upon the display’s conclusion.

So, um … that new makeup you buy next month might have been a part of Neil’s buttery knee!

A … cake???

Waylon McGuire’s wife Emily had a birthday last week, and he set out to get her a special cake.  Turns out Emily’s favourite thing in the world is when she gets a package from Amazon, so …Amazon-birthday-cakeSweet Dreams Bakery was happy to oblige Mr. McGuire’s request, and for only $50.  Emily was thrilled …

“I laughed so hard. I thought it was a real box at first.”

Signs ‘round the world …

You all know I love funny signs, right?  Well, I found some signs and other things from all ‘round the world that made me chuckle, and hopefully they will bring a smile to your face …













Montreal, Canada


U.S. (go figure)

I came across this a while back, and … somehow it resonated with me.  I’ve been meaning to share it for a couple of weeks now, but I kept forgetting.  I think the thought is a good one to start the week with, don’t you?sea shells with sand as background

Now, to wrap it up today, I have not only one, but two funny animal videos, mainly because the first one is very short and I didn’t want a certain young man to feel cheated, especially since I let him down on Saturday when I skipped over Saturday Surprise.

I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with things to smile about.  And remember to share your smiles … they multiply when you do!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

20 thoughts on “Jolly (and Joyful) Monday!

  1. Namaste, Miss Jill! It’s me, Benjamin! Again! Jolly and Joyful are so funny and so cute! I love the star donut with sprinkles and the juicebox. You need peanut butter for the apple pieces and it’s yummy with bananas too. How did they spill Gem’s coffee? They need to be careful or they will get hurt. I never hugged a cow, did you? Butter is good to eat, I love it. I like the butter cows near the men in that picture. That cake is cool, my Mommy could make that. I know that starfish story! You know I love animal videos, right? They are funny looking cats, that’s a lot of cats to have in your house. I ‘specially love the chipmunk and squirrel video, it’s the bestest ever. We feed peanuts in the shells to the chipmunks, squirrels and birds everyday in Gem’s backyard. Guess what, I have something to tell you! There is a squirrel that has a little bitty tail, I call her Lily Bob-Tail. I thought something bit her tail off, but Gem thinks she was borned like that. I love her so much. Here are lots of kisses and neckbuster hugs for Jolly and Joyful and you too and thank you! Bye!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Namaste, Benjamin!!! I LOVE peanut butter on apple slices, and I’m glad you do too! In fact, I love peanut butter on just about everything! I have no idea how Jolly & Joyful spilled Gem’s coffee, but every time they try to help with the snacks, they make a mess! At least they didn’t set the oven on fire this time! Those cats are called “Sphynx” cats, and they do look funny, because they don’t have any fur! I don’t think they would be much fun to pet, but they were fun to watch. And can you believe we used to have 10 cats? Now we only have five, but that’s still a lot when they all decide to be mischievous at the same time! I knew you would love the squirrel video, and that’s why I picked that one, especially for you! I think it’s great that you feed the squirrels ‘n chipmunks ‘n birds … sometimes they have a hard time finding enough food on their own, and I bet they appreciate the peanuts. Lily Bob-Tail sounds so cute! You should try to take a picture of her sometime. Here are some hugs and kisses for you, because you’re such a wonderful young friend! 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘


  2. Thanks, Jill, the bacon looks yummy. Growing up on Grandpa’s farm, we had a dairy herd. Yes, I named a few of my favorites and hugged them every opportunity I had. (Of course I would not let anyone else see that, they would think I was not a proper farm boy)

    Liked by 1 person

    • If you get clogged arteries from all that bacon, don’t file a lawsuit against me, okay? Awwww … that makes me smile, picturing you hugging the cows. My uncle had a ranch when I was growing up, but his cows were MEAN! I still have a scar on my leg!

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  3. A great selection and the cake set me thinking what would the rest of us choose as a cake. I think a copy of one of my ( many ) tubs of flowers. It wouldn’t need watering or dead heading, though I would be tempted to nibble a fondant flower every time I passed by.

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  4. Wow, very uplifting. I need to go cuddle a cow (they are very social animals and love routine). I was impressed by the parcel cake… Was that label edible I wonder? And the funny signs made me laugh, especially the ‘big spider with red fangs!’ Happy week Jill. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you found it uplifting! I struggled to do “funny” after hearing a certain person-who-shall-not-be-named ranting all weekend long. I wondered the same about the label! No idea. You have a happy week also, my friend! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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