The “Bromance” Heats Up?

Yesterday, Donald Trump called his bro-buddy Vladimir Putin and … offered to help him with the wildfires that are burning in Siberia!  Yes, it is true … the plonker who thinks raking the forest is the way to prevent fires, offered to send resources, both human and equipment (rakes, perhaps?), halfway across the globe to help our adversary!  Now, mind you I have no desire to see portions of the earth burnt to a crisp, but there are so many things wrong with this scenario that I don’t know where to begin.trump-putin-phone-732356The “Embassy of Russia in the USA” put out the following release:

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump this evening at the American side’s initiative.

The US President offered help in putting out wildfires in Siberia.

The President of Russia expressed sincere gratitude for the kind attention and the offer of help and assistance. Vladimir Putin said he will accept the offer if it becomes necessary. He also told his American colleague that a powerful group of aircraft had been formed in Siberia to fight the wildfires. According to the Emergencies Ministry, solutions have been found to problems with the refuelling and deployment of airplanes and helicopters.

The President of Russia regards the US President’s offer as a sign that it is possible that full-scale bilateral relations will be restored in the future.

The presidents of Russia and the United States agreed to continue contacts in the form of telephone conversations as well as personal meetings.

Trump-Putin-toonSounds pretty chummy, yes?  And … um … please forgive my suspicious nature, but isn’t there an election coming up in about 15 months, and didn’t ol’ Vlad help Trump get elected last time, and isn’t Trump in need of some help this time?  Let that sink in, but meanwhile …

Remember last year when California was experiencing some of the worst wildfires in its history?  Trump blamed the state for the fires, saying it was “bad environmental laws” and “gross mismanagement of the forests” that had caused the fires, and threatened to stop sending federal money to the state unless it fixed its forest-management methods, pronto.  Said the expert on forest fires …

“You’ve got to take care of the floors. You know the floors of the forests, it’s very important.”

And he claimed to have had a conversation with the President of Finland …

“He called it a forest nation, and they spend a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things, and they don’t have any problems.”

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto disputed this conversation, but that didn’t deter Trump, who knows more about everything than anyone else.

And remember his unconscionable complaints about having to provide assistance to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico:

“Puerto Rico got far more money than Texas & Florida combined, yet their government can’t do anything right. The place is a mess.”

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated U.S. territory, and the people who live there are U.S. citizens, yet Trump is more willing, nay eager … to help put out fires in sparsely populated Russian Siberia than save lives of U.S. citizens.Trump-Putin-SamOur neighbors to the north have been battling wildfires in Alberta and Ontario, Canada, for several months this year, the fires are still burning, and has Trump proffered assistance even one single time?  I think not.  Similar fires are burning in Alaska (which is one of the fifty “United” states) and the Arctic, but has Trump offered assistance to either?  I think not.

And finally, consider this.  Trump has done as much as anybody, more than most, to cause those wildfires he’s so concerned about.  The fires are a result of July’s record-breaking European heatwave, which is a result of the climate change that Trump has denied, has called a Chinese hoax.  Donald Trump had it in his power to address the issue of climate change, to enhance the regulations that were already in place on the fossil fuel and auto industries, but instead he trashed every single environmental regulation.  The U.S. puts out more carbon emissions, CO2, per capita than any other nation on the globe.  But, instead of addressing climate change with any degree of conscience or maturity, he added to the problem in order to help his rich capitalist buddies.  Instead of being so happy that Trump offered assistance, Putin should be furious that Trump, in fact, is adding fuel to the fire.

I have to wonder … if the fires were in the UK, France, or Mexico, all of whom are U.S. allies, would Trump be offering help?  Think about it.

32 thoughts on “The “Bromance” Heats Up?

  1. you know, if I remember my history correctly, we were allies with Russia at one time, maybe it was before world war 2?

    I seem to remember president Obama, 2 or three weeks before the 2016 election saying that it would be impossible for the Russians to compromise our elections because the process is so decentralized.

    funny how things change when the person they hate is elected isn’t it?

    Trump impeded the investigation for sure and it makes you wonder what he was hiding but in this country, there is still the notion of innocent until proven guilty and everyone knows that collusion wasn’t definitively proven. If we start assuming people are guilty until they are proven innocent, like with a certain supreme court judge recently, then we lost one of the characteristics of our country which makes is fundamentally different from most others in the world.

    I know this is all very unpopular to say and you guys are all rolling your eyes at me saying “there he goes playing devil’s advocate again, but if you take nothing else from my comment, consider what I said about innocent until proven guilty. Think about that.

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    • All good points, but there are two key unique points to be made, First, having read the Mueller report and a hearing from Mueller, the president could be charged witg attempting to obstruct justice and lying to an investigator. Several folks on the president’s team went to jail for lying to the investigators.

      Second, I do not buy into that a sitting president cannot be charged. No one is above the law. Since they won’t, I believe, as do the Republicans for the Rule of Law, over 1,000 former federal prosecutors and former GOP Congressman Justiin Amash (who read the Mueller report) that enough evidence exists for inpeachment proceedings to begin. And, I believe the GOP legislators need to check their tribal badges and take this seriously. You are right, he should be deemed innocent until proven guilty, But sadly, the person with the most money and power tends to get away things, which is frustrating. Keith

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      • Thanks, Keith! As always, I’m late to the party, and I really appreciate your response to Scott! I added a bit, since interestingly I had just finished answering the same question to Paul, an Australian friend who didn’t understand what Russia had to gain by interfering in our elections.

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    • Well, Scott … officially Russia is considered an ally, you are right there. But, do you have friends you wouldn’t turn your back on? Russia is an ally in name only. Putin has made no secret that he hopes to form a new Soviet-style empire, and Trump is part of the key to that. He would have been devastated if Hillary Clinton, who actually understood international relations, as well as Russia and the former Soviet Union, had become president, so he decided to work to ensure she didn’t … no matter who ran against her. Then, he likely couldn’t believe his luck when Trump was the republican candidate, for he already had some leverage there. He had some ‘dirt’ on Trump, and Trump was financially indebted to Russian banks. PLUS … Trump’s ignorance would make him easy to manipulate. Lift sanctions? Sure, no problem. Turn a blind eye to human rights violations? What violations? Trump was, in fact, so willing to be used, to believe Putin over his own security advisors, that Putin realized he had struck paydirt. He had a tool, a puppet, who would do his bidding. So, yes, technically Russia is an ally, but not a friend. Any nation who would interfere with the very foundation of our government as Putin has, cannot be considered anything but an adversary. In my opinion, anyway. Hugs!

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  2. Just to clear the air (a bit), Western Canada and western border states (at least) have a history of sharing firefighters and equipment. We had a number of Montanans here to help us fight our fires, as well as Idahons, Californians, Oreganians, Washingtonians, and Coloradans, but Trump had nothing to do with that. We also had firefighters from Mexico and a couple hundred from South Africa. It’s all about sharing for the common good.
    Now, I personally do not mind any country helping out another country when it comes to disasters, it helps to build a global community, which I am all for.
    But to do it without providing similar help to your own citizens, that is unconscionable. It is a proverbial slap in the face. Trump needs to be drawn and quartered, so different parts of his body can be sent to allies and enemies alike.

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    • Ahhhh … I wasn’t aware of that! Thanks for “clearing the air”, and now if only your own air would soon be cleared of the smoke. I’m with you … I would have difficulty flat-out refusing help to fight fires, preserve flora and fauna, but as you say … he has refused or threatened to refuse far too many of the very people who believe in his bluster, and I suspect an ulterior motive behind his offer. I’m cool with having him drawn and quartered! Which part would you guys like?

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      • I would say his heart, but he doesn’t have one. I’ll settle for his middle finger…
        Speaking of fauna, a new problem has developed due to the wildfire. Prepare your kleenexes. Bears were able to avoid the fire, but now they have nothing to eat. Two bears wandered into town the other day looking for food. They are now food themselves, but I don’t know for who. Probably maggots. The town by-law officer figured he could not wait for help to come, so he decided to kill them (so he could go home to sleep, probably, he is a lazy person) instead. The mayor backed him up, saying it was done for public safety. I say bullshit, but who am I?
        Just to make matters worse, a city in British Columbia went one step further. Why the bears wandered into town no one knows, but a mother and her two cubs were looking into garbage cans, and the police shot all three. Pardon me, “euthanized” the whole damn family. There’s more: three citizens were arrested for disturbing the peace for trying to stop the “euthanization”! I have not heard what the judge said yet. What is this world coming to?
        Trump always has ulterior motives. He is trying to score points with his mentor. The part that kills me is he wasn’t even asked to help, he offered out of the goodness of the American people’s deficit. How generous of him!

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        • 😢 I don’t know whether I am more broken-hearted or furious … a combination of both. What, you ask, is this world coming to? One where people are selfish, arrogant and greedy. A friend told me not too long ago that “god put everything on this earth for our pleasure …” and luckily she said this in a comment on Facebook, because if she had said it in person, I would be sitting in a jail cell right now. But that is the mentality that has people shooting bears, when the bears are starving and only hoping to find food. 😥

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          • I tried to be furious, but I didn’t have the energy. There seems to be no end to humanity’s belief the world is their playground, and nothing matters but those humans who reflect the personality of the group they belong to. ALL ELSE IS EVIL!
            What fury there is loses its intensity because it is pervasive and neverending. There isn’t a moment of peace to regenerate our resources. Your Good People posts come close, but they are like drops of rain in an ocean, they don’t change the quality of the water. The ocean is too polluted.
            (I don’t mean this as a criticism, I honour you for even trying. But the bad so outweighs the good it pours right in after the good and washes it away in seconds, at least that is my experience these days. Maybe next week things will change, but I somehow doubt it…) LuL.

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            • I know that more often than not these days, it seems the bad far outweighs the good. I still, however, believe that the opposite is true, but the bad is just magnified so many times in the news that it’s easy to believe all of humanity is … inhumane. Sigh. I share your lack of energy … but I cannot just give up … it’s not in my nature … I’m a scrapper. Sigh. LuL

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                • Nope. a) I don’t like guns and don’t own one. b) if I DID own a gun, there hasn’t been a bullet made yet that would reach from here to Alberta. c) If I ever think you might be thinking of giving up, I know how to get in touch with Gail, and I will have her smack you upside the head with a wet dishrag, then hug you and remind you why you must stick around.


  3. Jill, your last paragraph speaks volumes. Had he been offered our help to other countries, had he not been condescending to Puerto Rico, had he offered help to Sri Lanka or Europe with their flooding, etc., then his offer would appear more sincere. To me, it looks needy. Keith

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  4. Hello Jill. You ask great questions and pointed out the hypocrisy of this situation. I wonder if tRump still wants to get his name on some buildings in Russia or if he is trying to keep the pee tape from come out. Or is he looking for a new home when he gets voted out of office and looking at prison time? The thing that gets me is he is not even trying to hide it anymore? Does he think he has gotten away with it so much he really is a king or dictator? He is above the laws and can do anything he wishes? But it seems his double dealing and damage to the US / US allies is so in your face It really makes me wonder what I am missing. Hugs

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    • Oh Scottie! Didn’t you see Putin’s comment in Jill’s post? Sheesh! Don’t be naïve! It’s all about “international relations!”

      The President of Russia regards the US President’s offer as a sign that it is possible that full-scale bilateral relations will be restored in the future.

      Ahhhh yes. Undoubtedly that’s what was behind tRumpsky’s offer of help!

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    • Thanks Scottie!!! Heh heh … Trump’s lifetime goal is to have his name carved in gold on the planet in letters so big that they can be seen from the International Space Station … yeah, his ego is THAT big!

      No, he isn’t trying to hide it anymore. Why, you ask? Because … he has tested the waters, so to speak, and found that the sycophants he has put into key positions, most notably William Barr, are able to protect him from almost anything, and thus he feels empowered, emboldened, invulnerable. The test now is … can we prove otherwise? Can we force Congress to be sterner, can/will the courts prove to him that “yes, Donnie, there ARE limits”? You’re not missing anything … but we are teetering on an edge here … if he is re-elected next year, all bets are off and we will have bought ourselves a dictator. And THAT is what Mitchell McConnell wants to see, for I believe he has been promised something under the new dictatorship. And others.

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      • Hello Jill. Now he brags he interfered in the case against Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, first demanding he be released from the brig he was being held in , talking constantly about how he thought Eddie Gallagher shouldn’t have been charged, and now demanding the rescinding of awards to the prosecutors in the case. So now to get or keep medals / awards you must please the dear leader instead of doing a great job. Hugs

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        • Scottie, I saw last night and again this morning on the news the Navy Seals have a problem of corruption. A former Seal noted that it used to be a few bad apples, but now it has spoiled the bunch. That is a sad indictment of an elite unit. The Catholic Church is still learning the lesson that when an incumbent dishonors an entity, action must be taken. The Seals must do the same. Keith

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          • Hello Keith. I agree. I think they were trying to do so until the orange dear leader interfered. tRump gave the highest civilian award to a person who wrote a good book about him. Now if you want promotion, awards , and commendations you have please the supreme leader. I hate and and it angers me. Hugs

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        • Yeah, I read that yesterday and wanted to punch something. Personally, from what I’ve seen of Gallagher, I suspect his “not guilty” verdict was in error. So, Trump thinks Gallagher is a fine person, he thinks A$AP Rocky is a fine person, but he slams a civil rights hero and congressman — Elijah Cummings. Such a jerk. Sigh. Hugs!

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