Ignoring Trump

More than once I have said we need to look behind the curtain to see what the ‘man’ in the Oval Office is doing that we are missing. He spews hateful rhetoric, tweets his ignominious prattle while on the potty each morning, and we spend all our time reacting to and dissecting his words. Meanwhile, behind the scenes …

Despite me saying it, I fall into the trap quite often, react to some horrendous, childish rant of his rather than dig deeper for truth. The smoke and mirrors, the shiny objects, are just too easy sometimes. Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has written an excellent piece reminding us all that we need to rise above the mudfest, need not to let ourselves be dragged into the fray, for that is precisely what Trump and his sycophants hope we will do.

Thank you, Jeff, for the timely reminder and for your generous permission to share your words with my readers!

On The Fence Voters

I’m done. Yes, I’m officially done with getting bent out of shape at every racist utterance that comes from this President’s mouth or Twitter feed. How much more evidence do we need that the man is a racist? How many more times will the media fall for this man’s continuing effort to dominate the narrative every single day and distract from the absolute mockery he’s making of our Constitution and democracy? Enough, please.

By no means do I mean to minimize any of the horrific things he’s been saying about specific politicians and other people of note. Whether it’s calling Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district of Baltimore a rat-infested whatever, or telling four Congresswomen of color to go back to where they came from, these are purposeful and hateful comments that deserve condemnation and public ridicule.

But once the condemnation occurs, it’s time to move on. What I’d like to see…

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21 thoughts on “Ignoring Trump

  1. I also know who and what trump is. Don’t need MSNBC, Twitter or FB, CNN or any of the pundits to tell me and thereby don’t need to watch hours on end of news. It’s truly easy to gather within 15 minutes the headlines I need to stay informed. The debates were predictable and also an unnecessary viewing because I will vote Democratic even if Mickey Mouse is the candidate.

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    • I agree … the media is in overkill mode. I thought they all said they had learned a lesson in 2016, but apparently they’ve forgotten the lesson. Like you, I would vote for Attila the Hun over Trump. The debates … I didn’t watch them, but everything I’ve read makes me glad I didn’t, for apparently they have chosen to eat their young! The bickering, the accusations … that’s not helping the cause. I read a headline earlier today that said the republicans watched the debates with interest and were pleased with what they saw! Of course they were. The democratic party needs to present a united front behind a strong and unimpeachable candidate, else all will be lost. So far, I’m not pleased with what I’m seeing.

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        • My thoughts are exactly the same. I like Biden and he’s well-qualified … much more so than many who are in the running. But, I think we are ready for some younger blood. I am disturbed by all the disunity, the in-fighting. What is needed is for the democrats to present a united front, and to get behind a candidate who has no skeletons the republicans can use to wage a smear campaign. Gonna be an ugly 15 months, my friend.

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  2. Thank you for sharing!.. Donald Trump is a typical bully as his courage and strength lies in the loyal people around him and he can use his phone to avoid direct confrontation… there will be two kinds of voters that will vote for him, the minority who agree with his ideology and the majority who will use his ego to fuel their ideology and agenda… 🙂

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein


    • He held a rally last night in my city, and I am so disgusted to read today that some 17,000 supporters cheering and chanting as he denigrated everybody he could think of. I had no idea there were so many racists and bigots in this city. Makes me want to move to … a desert island, another country, deep in a forest … ??? Sadly, the democrats aren’t doing themselves any favours, either, and I am truly beginning to fear he will win next year. Sigh. I’ve always liked that Einstein quote … and so very true.


  3. Dear Jill,
    I just left a comment on Jeff’s blog that may draw a lot of criticism for me. In a way I hope I do. There was purpose in my madness. The bad thing was I said it was you who took me there. This is where I should say, “Jill had absolutely nothing to do with my commemt. The views expressed were completely mine, and had nothing to do with anyone else but me.”
    If I bring any flak on you, please ignore it. You are the medium, I am the messenger.

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    • Heh heh … when I read this this morning, I cringed a bit, rolled my eyes, and then promptly forgot about it, for I was determined to spend the day cleaning this house and save blog work for tonight. So, just now I decided I was brave enough to go check out your comment, and I see that Jeff responded well and you two ended up not killing each other (figuratively), so I breathed a sigh of relief. 😉 LuL


      • I figured Jeff would read it for what it was, a critique. I was afraid others might read it as an attack. I haven’t gotten any other feedback, so I guess I was just being ignored.


    • I would say most western democracies are badly divided right now. Nothing new for countries like Italy or Greece, but for the rest of us we are finding out the perils of democracy right now. Politicians who know how to attract the attention on non-thinkers are winning over politicians who attract the attention of thinkers. The way I see it, it was only a matter of time. Particularly in a two-party system democracy breaks down mighty fast. The USofA is a great example of that, and because of that they set a great or horrible example of how to do this, depending on which side of the line you are on, even in multi-party systems. IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME! That time is now.

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    • Your assessment is spot on! He held a rally last night in my city, and there were reportedly some 17,000 people cheering and chanting. One of them was arrested for beating up a protester. I didn’t know there were that many plonkers in my city! I’m disgusted. Sigh. I fear that the democrats are too busy turning on each other, and recently even turning on Obama, to sort out one candidate who can beat Trump. They need to present a united front and a strong, squeaky-clean candidate, but I don’t see it happening.


  4. Good share Jill.
    There is only one real hard response to this freak of the voting system…. Vote!
    Unless physical or domestic circumstances prevent someone…..Not voting in the 2020 presidential election is not an option, (unless you tacitly wish to support Trump of course).

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    • I’m 100% in agreement … but … I fear there are a couple of things that are going to increase voter apathy next year. One, the Supreme Court refusing to address gerrymandering gave the republicans a major victory for re-districting states in favor of the republican party. Second, the well-publicized fact that Russia and possibly others (Israel) are already propogandizing our election and are intent on interfering in whatever way possible, while Mitch McConnell sits on his thumbs, refusing to even consider legislation to tighten up security. Some people are likely going to say, “Why should I bother … it’s rigged anyway?” Sigh. This is the attitude we must fight, and I’m not sure how.

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      • That Jill is defeatism pure and simple and is not an excuse.
        You go out there, you vote and you make a noise.
        Saying ‘Why bother it is rigged anyway’ is playing right into the Trump puppeteers’ hands.
        Also outside powers trying to influence in one way or another is an old ploy. It happens all the time.
        There is no option. This is a war. If they do not vote one day a nastier, harsher version will come knocking on their doors, and don’t think it couldn’t happen.

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        • That’s true … I’m sure part of the ideology behind not them not doing a damn thing to ensure election security is to make people feel like the election is tainted and their vote will be a waste of their time. Don’t worry, my friend, as we near election day I will be making so much noise that you will be sick of hearing me. Right now, I wish the democrats would pull their act together and unite behind a candidate who can inspire confidence in people. This infighting, eating of their own, isn’t helping anything.

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          • It’s just the usual fussin’ and feathers Jill, once they get settled; they’ll zero in on the Flabmeister…..as long as the Democrat membership stays focused.
            In the meantime…stoke up the snowstorm….let the blizzard of snowflakes fall!

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              • It may well Jill.
                But it does require every adult American to take up arms at the ballot box.
                Do you recall the old typing exercise:
                ‘Now is the time of all good men to come to the aid of the party’ (I never figured that one out)
                I can change that to:
                “Now is the time of all tolerant people to come to the aid of The Nation’

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                • Oh yes, I remember that one well! I was told that it was used because it contains every letter of the alphabet, but … do you see a ‘z’ there? There was another about a lazy fox, or some such … I’ve forgotten it now. Your change is a good one … perhaps we should make it a national motto. But, as you say, our most powerful use of our voice is at the ballot box.

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                  • In a democracy there comes a time of a warning threat to the system and then it is the only way.
                    If that option is not taken up, we move onto the next stage.
                    Civil Strife (Then we’ll see how much backbone the ‘Blood and Soil’ idiots have)


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