Kind Hearted Challenge – August Edition

We all know how, of late, kindness, respect, compassion, and the like seem to have gone by the wayside, right. Last night, a blogging friend shared a blog titled “Cyranny’s Cove”, and specifically the post I am about to share. I love the concept … one act of kindness a month. That isn’t too hard, is it? What if everybody in the world followed this … tried hard to bring ‘kindness’ back into our society? Anyway, take a look if you will, and let’s help Cyranny spread the word, okay?

Cyranny's Cove


Happy first day of August, Lovelies!

As you might know, I have been waiting for a while to post this, and I am quite excited to finally launch this new, monthly Kind Hearted Challenge!

What is the Kind Hearted Challenge about?

It is really simple… First of all, it is not a challenge per se, but more an invitation to take a moment and think about doing kind things around you. You don’t have to participate every month, and if you join in, you have all month to complete your mission.

I think that spreading the word out is the best way to get at least a couple of people to think “You know what? That’s really easy, I think I’ll give it a try!” There are so many free, easy acts of kindness that we can do in our everyday life… Things to make other people around us…

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10 thoughts on “Kind Hearted Challenge – August Edition

  1. I shall go and read the blog, but I was stunned yesterday when what was meant as kindness (I had asked an elderly gentleman, if he was ‘alright there?’ carrying his heavy grocery bags up a short hill. I had intended to help him carry them to the bus top he was attempting to reach. I didn’t know him and instead of having a pleasant interchange, I was rebuffed with a stream of verbal abuse. I must have looked like a rabbit caught in headlights, because the tirade was so venemous and everyone at the bus stop just stared at me. I scampered away with my tail between my legs, vowing not to interfere with anyone in future. Isn’t that sad? I have definitely noticed an aggressive change in people. 😔

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    • That is sad … and it makes my blood boil! What have we become? Sigh. In light of the multiple mass shootings over here, I am devastated by those who simply shrug their shoulders, for it didn’t happen to them or one of theirs. Whatever happened to the concept that we are all connected, all a part of the human race? Sigh. I’m sorry about your experience, my friend, but please don’t let it colour your views such that you tune out the world. 😥 Hugs.


      • I doubt I will stop Jill, but honestly, I find the attacks when I am being open and honest, act like a very firm arrow in my heart. The people who appear callous and unconcerned, are just protecting themselves from the hurt… much easier to do that, to walk on by, than to try to help and risk attack on themselves.
        The multiple shooting are so sad. They have become the symptomatic ritual of a sick society. It is a terrible thing, but we keep allowing society to weaponise itself. The results will be deadly in these days of broken morals and lack of respect for each other.


  2. A lovely re-blog! Being of the age that I am, the art of the written by hand and sent via USPS lives on. I have often been saddened that this is becoming, actually has become, a lost art. It seems that in this age of instant and constant communication there is no desire to wait beyond seconds. I treasure the letters and cards from years long gone by and the people that live on within them. The familiar handwriting is dear to me, as a text message could never be. I encouraged (perhaps insisted upon is more accurate) cards with handwritten thank-you notes by my children as opposed to the easier and more timely phone calls. Hallmark owes me a debt of gratitude for that, never mind the holiday cards purchased! Cyrany’s Cove has put forth an excellent Kind Hearted Challenge for the month of August. It may not come as a surprise then that the challenge has already been met by myself. Kindness comes in many forms and this suggestion rewards the recipient and the giver, as kindness always does! Thank-you!

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    • It is, indeed, becoming a lost art. I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually handwrote a letter, but I’m sure it’s been at least 30 years. Nowadays, though, I’m sure people would prefer an email from me, as my writing is not what it used to be, and just writing a line or two in a birthday card is taxing. But I must admit I well remember the joy I used to get when receiving a hand-addressed letter. Cyranny’s idea of one kindness a month is a great one, and I do hope many take part in it. For me, I will write a letter to someone … just not sure who yet, since most of my old friends have abandoned me due to my political leanings 😉

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      • I used to take great joy handwriting long letters to friends and family. And if a thick envelope from a friend arrived on my doormat, I used to sit down with a coffee and a snack to enjoy the twice yearly read of her life. Now she doesn’t communicate and I have stopped trying. I miss those days when we seemed to make a greater effort when copy and paste could not be used to standardise our communication. I have even stopped using electronic cards for greetings… They seem rather lazy and impersonal now, but I am constantly on the move, so snail mail is not awfully practical either. The result is that everyone now sends short emails back and forth (or worse, an even shorter text message). I shall have to write a normal letter – perhaps I will see if I can find my old friend again. We knew each other from the age of 10, but I have not heard from her in the last 10 years.

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