Jolly Funday Monday

Huh?  woman-coffeeWhat are you guys doing here … you’re a day early … it’s not Monday yet!  It is?  Whoa … I’ve lost a day … I thought it was still Sunday … where did Sunday go?  Okay, well … give me just a minute … luckily, I did some baking last night, so let me see what I can rustle up …

{Pssst … Jolly!  Run down to Krispy Kreme and get Benjamin’s sprinkled donuts for me … and be quick!}

Okay, well, while I throw a few things together here, tell me all about your weekend!  Mine? One word describes it well:  H-O-T.  I cannot believe it’s August already, though!  The kids here will be going back to school in just 10 days … much as I love seeing all the kids here in da hood out having fun, I’m frankly ready to see them climb back on that big yellow bus, ‘cause they’ve been picking my flowers, and throwing their trash on my patio, and … they just need to get back to school.

Okay, I think we’ve got a few snacks and some fresh coffee now, so grab a bite and let’s find something to start the week off with a smile, okay?

Not in MY freezer …

Remember last week … or was it the week before … when we had ice cream for Jolly Monday … or was it Saturday Surprise?  Anyway … remember when I featured ice cream?  Well, here’s one ice cream you’ll never find in my freezer!  It’s made by Oscar Meyer … yeah, the people who make bologna and hot dogs … and it’s called an Ice Dog Sandwich. Oscar-Meyers-ice-cream-sandwich-includes-bits-of-candied-hot-dog-meatThe sandwich, which features cookies as “buns,” contains bits of candied hot dog meat and spicy mustard ice cream.  The company said its Wienermobile will drive around Manhattan during the week of Aug. 12 to distribute free samples of the unusual dessert.

Oh, and the ‘spicy mustard ice cream’ is a creation of famed mustard-maker French’s, and will be available at select locations during the summer.  To celebrate National Mustard Day last Saturday, the “French’s Mustard Ice Cream Truck” rolled around various hot spots in New York City.  Oh, and French’s also has plans for a ‘pretzel cookie’ to serve with the mustard ice cream. mustard-ice-cream

One word:  blech  🤢

There’s a snake in my bed!

My father-in-law once told me a story.  He said that long ago, back when he and my mother-in-law were young and newly married, they lived in a little house in the mountains of Virginia.  He said that one night he had a dream that a snake had slithered across his body, then went into an open dresser drawer on the other side of the bedroom.  The next morning, he said, they got up and when he looked in that open dresser drawer, there was in fact a snake coiled in the drawer.  Now, I loved both of my in-laws dearly, but Quinter could spin a yarn, so I was never quite sure if I believed him, though he swore it to be the truth.

Last week, Melinda Major of Nashville, Tennessee, was staying overnight at the Hampton Inn Walnut Grove in Memphis, Tennessee, and when she woke on Friday morning, she said she first felt something on her arm and opened her eyes to discover a green snake slithering across her body.  She flipped the snake off of her, jumped out of bed and called the hotel’s front desk. snake-in-bedNow, I’m not sure … I suppose it would be a bit off-putting to wake up to a snake crawling around on you, but … a little green snake is very unlikely to be of a harmful breed, likely just a little garden snake … seems to me she might have over-reacted a bit.  Still, the hotel gave her the night’s stay for free, so I guess she was happy … and they didn’t kill the snake, but led him back out into a grassy area, so the snake is likely happy.

Now that’s a mouthful!!!

I first came across this story on UPI (United Press International), and I thought it to be questionable.  I ran it by daughter Chris, my frequent Jolly Monday editor, and in her professional opinion, she agreed that it seemed a bit far-fetched, so I tabled the story.  But then, it kept popping back up in other places, reputable news outlets such as NPR, CBS News, etc.  So, I share this ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ story.

A 7-year-old boy in India had a very swollen and achy jaw. In fact, his jaw had begun swelling when he was 3 years old, but his parents felt he was too young to visit a dentist at that time.  Four years later, they finally took him to the Saveetha Dental College and Hospital in Chennai, India, where surgeons were amazed at what they found.

The boy’s condition, known as compound odontoma, is not unheard of.  It involves a “bag-like mass” in the mouth that contains teeth … extra teeth.  But what did amaze surgeons was the number of teeth they extracted from the mass … 562!!!  It took the surgeons five hours to remove all the teeth from the mass.  Each tooth, which varied in size from 1 mm to 15 mm, displayed a crown covered by enamel and with a rootlike structure.teeth.jpgNobody has mentioned a Guinness World Record yet, but it is said to be “the first ever case to be documented worldwide, where so many minute teeth were found in a single individual.”

I dropped in over at Phil’s Phun and found a few funny pics ‘n toons …


And of course I must finish with a cute animal video … today’s choice is Polar Bears!!!

And ‘specially for our friend Hugh …

jollyAlright, folks, that wraps up another Jolly Monday.  I hope you all have a wonderful week, and friends … remember it’s hard times these days … share a smile with someone who’s having a hard time right now.  They will feel just a bit happier, and so will you.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa & Jolly!

29 thoughts on “Jolly Funday Monday

    • Yeah, I’m with you on that! I do not wish to find meat in my ice cream. Period. At first, I thought it had to be a joke, but nope … it’s for real, although I looked in my local Kroger today and didn’t find it.

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  1. Namaste, Miss Jill! It’s me, Benjamin again! You look tired in your picture but funny too. I’m glad that Jolly got the special donuts for me. I choose the yellow face one and my juicebox. How does Jolly always forget Gem’s half cream stuff, she only drinks coffee with lots of it? I love hot dogs just plain no mustard or anything. I don’t think they would taste good in ice cream. Well maybe if they taste like candy in vanilla ice cream. Not mustard ice cream, yuck, that’s weird! Nobody wants a snake in their bed, not me! The teensy teeth are yucky and gross. I really like the baby polar bear and his mommy video. More neckbuster hugs and kisses for you and Jolly. Jolly gets two thumbs up and 10 Gold Stars for my donut. Thank you! Bye!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Namaste again, Benjamin!!! I feel so lucky ’cause I heard from you twice in one day! Yes, I was tired, ’cause I stayed up too late the night before! I’m afraid it is my fault about Gem’s half cream, for I keep forgetting to buy it! Please tell Gem I’m really sorry and I will try to remember next week! I don’t think I want hot dogs in my ice cream, and I know I don’t want any spicy mustard ice cream! I bought Klondike ice cream bars with peanut butter at the store today! Do you like peanut butter? It is my most favourite food! Mostly I like snakes. I respect them, and don’t get too close, but I figure they have a right to live just like we do. Yeah, the teeth were pretty yucky, but … what if that kid put all the teeth under his pillow for the tooth fairy? He’d have so much money!!! I loved the polar bear video … it made me laugh! Hugs and kisses to you, Benjamin!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I figured that you would appreciate both after the events of the weekend! So, should I assume you won’t be running out to the grocery in search of the mustard ice cream? You have a great week also, dear friend! Enjoy the Famous Grouse!


  2. In Canada the law states hot dog weiners cannot contain more than 10% mouse, as apparently hot dog meat vats tend to attract mice, and they cannot (will not?) stop mice from falling into the vats. If Canada allows 10%, then the States must allow at least 20%.
    I do hope hot dog ice cream does not attract mice. (Weiner packages do not have to mention this on their list of ingredients. No one would eat them!) Enjoy!
    Family stories include a story about one of my sisters sleeping with garter snakes. She would sneak them into the house in her mouth, and let them out on her bed. She seemed to like the little slimy guys creeping over her body fduring the night. In the morning she would take them out again in her mouth. I’m glad she never went to Thailand!

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  3. Gordon Bennett,, has the US finally gone mad.? It’s now flavouring it’s ice cream with hot dog and with mustard then is using a biscuit as the bread roll and there’s a pretzel flavioured cookie to serve with it. Erm, why not just use a pretzel?
    I feel really sorry for the little boy if he ever got toothache in all those extra teeth.He’s well rid of those.
    Have a nice Monday

    Liked by 2 people

    • I was thinking to ask who Gordon Bennett was, but I Googled and found my answer! Blimey! So, tell me … will you be trying the Ice Dog Sandwich or the Mustard Ice Cream if it comes to your side of the pond? I suspect I know the answer. 😉

      Yes, he’s well rid of all those teeth, but the thought just occurred to me that if he had put them all under his pillow for the tooth fairy … he could be a rich kid!

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  4. I don’t even like real hotdogs, let alone flavouring ice cream with them… Blech 🤮

    There is a little (rather beautiful) green snake in Thailand, that is deadly. I learned not to mention sightings, when after reporting to my host that there was a pretty snake in a nearby bush, which I had actually bent to look at (not a foot from my face). He despatched two men to go and kill it. “Very poisonous, no antidote,” he said to me. I was mortified that I had caused its untimely demise. In my mind, it could have been removed and returned to the forest. There are many poisonous things in Thailand. Avoidance is possible.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m not crazy about hot dogs, but if they are grilled on the charcoal grill, I like them okay. But in ice cream??? No thanks!!!

      Awww … poor snake. But … I’m glad you didn’t get bitten in the face while you were bending over to get a closer look! These days, I’d trust a poisonous snake in the forest more than I trust the ugly snake in the White House.

      Liked by 1 person

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